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#SexyTimeFunFacts: Is a New Dating Site for Single Disney Fans;

1874716-1716576.jpg Is a New Dating Site for Single Disney Fans

Heads-up single Disney devotees! A new dating site just rolled out dedicated to helping you find the Minnie to your Mickey Mouse. If Tinder wasn’t a wild enough experience, has your name all over it. The dating site is serious business stating, “Traditional Internet dating sites don’t understand the passion people have for all things Disney. But we do.” Clearly! The site notes you can search for your fellow Lion King lover locally, or anywhere in the world. According to Los Angeles Magazine, the concept was thought up by Disney fan Dave Tavres. Tavres told the mag, “I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am.” Fair enough! To each his own. That being said, can someone make a dating site for Olive Garden enthusiasts, please?Would you try Let us know in the comments!




A Study Finds the Happiest Relationships Are Attractive Women With Less-Attractive Guys




A new study out of Southern Methodist University in Texas and Florida State University found that relationships are more successful if it’s an attractive woman paired up with a less attractive guy.



The researchers found BOTH people are happier that way.



The women are happier because the uglier guys are more likely than good-looking guys to give gifts, do extra housework, and really give their full effort in the bedroom.



And the men are happier because, you know, they’ve got a hot wife.



The researchers found that when things were the other way around, and there was a husband who was more attractive than his wife, it led to big problems . . . especially for the women.



Those guys were less likely to do them favors, give them gifts . . . AND make them insecure to the point where they were more likely to obsess over exercising and dieting. 



(New York Post)



The Top Four Secret Reasons We Break Up With Someone

But a new survey asked people for the REAL secret reasons they’ve broken up with someone.



And the top four are: 



1.  They weren’t smart enough, 32%.


2.  You were too good for them, 19%.


3.  You were much better looking than them, 18%.


4.  They weren’t funny enough, 16%. 



(PR Newswire)



The Seven Most Adventurous Places People Have Had Sex


The only problem is . . . nine of those 16 aren’t even CLOSE to adventurous.  They’re places like “the backseat of a car” and “the kitchen.”  Oooh, WILD.  I’m surprised they didn’t include “a hotel room” or “our bedroom.”



Anyway, here are the top seven TRULY adventurous places that several couples have gotten-it-on . . .



1.  Up a tree.


2.  Parents’ kitchen table.


3.  Graveyard.


4.  A field full of cows.


5.  On a trampoline.


6.  On the bus.


7.  At an amusement park. 





12% of People Have Been in a Relationship With Someone They Thought Was Ugly

A new survey dug into those typical dating dealbreakers, and found out how many people had relationships where they caved on pretty major issues.  Here are the results.



1.  30% of people have been in a long-term relationship with someone who wasn’t good in bed.


2.  29% have been with someone who wasn’t romantic.


3.  24% with someone who had a low sex drive.


4.  20% with someone who wasn’t their type.


5.  20% with someone who they argued with DAILY.


6.  15% with someone who let their physical appearance go once they got in the relationship.


7.  And 12% have been with someone who they found unattractive.



The survey also found around 3% of people would end a relationship if their significant other started wearing sweatpants in public. 





The Six Unsexy Things People Think About During Sex


Have you ever been getting-it-on when suddenly your significant other asks you if you remembered to call Comcast to have them come out and fix the cable?  What a huge turn-on, right?



A new survey asked people what UNSEXY things they think about . . . or talk about . . . during sex.



And the six most common answers are:  Sports . . . work . . . what’s on TV . . . porn . . . their exes . . . and food. 






The Top Seven Dealbreakers When You’re Dating . . . According to Every Study on Dealbreakers Combined

So a new study looked at the results of seven different scientific studies to find the things that keep coming up.  Yes, it was a study on studies.



These are the seven biggest dealbreakers across ALL the studies.  Which is a good sign that they’re probably pretty accurate. 



1.  Being unattractive.  Which is totally subjective and not specific at all.  I guess that’s what happens when you combine too many studies.


2.  Living an unhealthy lifestyle, like smoking or drinking too much.


3.  Having undesirable personality traits, like being lazy or having a bad sense of humor.


4.  Having different religious beliefs.


5.  Not being the same social status.


6.  Having different attitudes toward having kids.


7.  Having different relationship goals. 



(Daily Mail)


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