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#SexyTimeFunFacts: 12% of People Have Been in a Relationship With Someone They Thought Was Ugly. The Longer You Look at Someone, the More Attractive You Find Them. The Odds of You Dying from a Heart Attack During Sex Are Super Low AND MORE


12% of People Have Been in a Relationship With Someone They Thought Was Ugly


  Would you date someone who you didn’t find attractive?  Who hated sex?  Who totally let themselves go once you got together?



A new survey dug into those typical dating dealbreakers, and found out how many people had relationships where they caved on pretty major issues.  Here are the results.



1.  30% of people have been in a long-term relationship with someone who wasn’t good in bed.


2.  29% have been with someone who wasn’t romantic.


3.  24% with someone who had a low sex drive.


4.  20% with someone who wasn’t their type.


5.  20% with someone who they argued with DAILY.


6.  15% with someone who let their physical appearance go once they got in the relationship.


7.  And 12% have been with someone who they found unattractive.



The survey also found around 3% of people would end a relationship if their significant other started wearing sweatpants in public. 




The Longer You Look at Someone, the More Attractive You Find Them

We have some good news for you.  If you have a thing for someone, but you’re pretty sure they think you’re . . . um . . . not quite ready to quit your job and start MODELING, there’s still hope.  Just keep putting your face in front of them.



A new study out of Harvard University found that the more you look at a face, the more attractive you think it is.



So even if your first impression of a person is that they’re ugly, keep looking at them long enough, and you’ll eventually start to find them kind of attractive.



The researchers got the idea because of an old study that found when people looked at a color for a long time, they thought it looked brighter.



That’s called an “enhancement effect,” and now we know it works for faces too.  So you should REALLY try to take advantage of it. 



(Scientific American)

The Odds of You Dying from a Heart Attack During Sex Are Super Low


 Dying during sex seems like a pretty good way to go.  Although, you know, NOT dying during sex is probably better.



According to a new study, you shouldn’t be fooled by the movie and TV scenes through the years where a character dies from a heart attack during sex.  There’s almost NO CHANCE it’s going to happen to you.



Doctors in Los Angeles studied 4,557 cases of sudden cardiac arrest between 2002 and 2015.  And they found that only 34 of those happened during sex or within an hour afterward.  That’s 0.7%.  And only two of the 4,557 cases were women.



There is one big downside, though.  If you lose that reverse lottery and DO go into cardiac arrest while you’re getting-it-on, the odds of you surviving, even with CPR, are 10% or less. 






(And on a related note:  A study found that women who need CPR are LESS likely to get it from strangers . . . because they don’t want to touch women’s chests.)

The Best and Worst Cities For Single People in America


 We’re entering the time of year where it can be HARD to be single.  So if you’re looking to do something REALLY drastic to get into a relationship . . . maybe you should move. just ranked the 182 biggest cities in the country from the best places to be single to the worst.



The rankings are based on 32 different factors, including the percentage of single people . . . the gender balance . . . cost of restaurants and bars . . . the number of attractions . . . and how many active Tinder users there are.



The 10 best cities for single people are:



San Francisco . . . Atlanta . . . Los Angeles . . . Denver . . . San Diego . . . Seattle . . . Chicago . . . Portland, Oregon . . . Minneapolis . . . and Portland, Maine.



And the 10 worst are:



South Burlington, Vermont . . . Brownsville, Texas . . . Pembroke Pines, Florida . . . Hialeah, Florida . . . Warwick, Rhode Island . . . Yonkers, New York . . . Pearl City, Hawaii . . . Lewiston, Maine . . . Laredo, Texas . . . and Charleston, West Virginia. 






(Here are the rankings for every city.)

Five Random Ways Men and Women Are Different

 Here are five random ways men and women are different . . .



1.  Our heart rates are different.  Men average 70 beats a minute.  Women average about 80.  Women also have smaller arteries, which might be why they’re less likely to survive heart attacks.  Blood clots are more likely to block an entire blood vessel.



2.  Women have a better sense of smell.  Men have about 9 million cells in their olfactory bulb . . . the area of the brain that controls our sense of smell.  Women have about 16 million.  So about 40% more.



3.  Men literally have thicker skin.  It varies depending on what part of the body we’re talking about.  But on the palms of your hands, men’s skin is about 4 millimeters thicker than women’s.



4.  Women blink more.  Men average 11 blinks a minute.  Women average 19.  It’s partly because the extra testosterone helps guys maintain an oily layer on their eyes.



5.  Men digest meals 20% faster than women.  It’s partly because women have smaller stomachs, so they have less stomach acid to break down food.  It’s also why men generally have more BOWEL MOVEMENTS. 



(Daily Mail)


Man who shoved padlock down penis during ‘sex game’ requires emergency surgery

A man was rushed to hospital after pushing a padlock so far down his penis it became wedged in his bladder.

The unnamed 31-year-old said he inserted the small lock into his urethra and then shoved it further down.

He was reportedly ‘playing’ with his private parts in a bid for sexual gratification.

But he was rushed to hospital after the lock travelled into his bladder and became stuck there.

His family accompanied him to the clinic in Fuzhou city, capital city of Fujian province, eastern China, after finding out what happened.

An extraordinary X-ray shows the padlock lodged in his bladder.

Doctors performed various examinations before it was decided they would operate on the man.

They reportedly cut a small hole in his bladder to release the lock.

It is not known what condition the man is currently in or whether he will suffer from lasting damage as a result.

Earlier this year, another man had 15 rusty needles removed from his penis after he inserted them in a bid for ‘excitement’.

The patient, 35, chose to remain anonymous since being forced by his family to seek help at the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region.

Doctor Cao Zhiqiang, who took part in the operation to have the 10-centimetre needles removed, said the patient from the city of Shenyang, capital of north-eastern China’s Liaoning province, was admitted with pain in his private parts.

“Because of the patient’s… hobby, he inserted 15 needles from the tip of his penis into his urethra over the course of a year,” Doctor Cao explained.

He added: “As a result, he suffered from haematuria – blood in the urine – infections and it hurt whenever he urinated.”

Surgery to remove the needles was successful and he is not thought to have suffered any lasting complications.

Doctor Cao added: “Had we waited longer, the needles might have moved further up into his bladder, which would have been very troublesome.”


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