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Send us your PORK STEAK ARMY application!


WEIRDOS of the grill unite!

Join The Rizzuto Show’s PORK STEAK ARMY and demonstrate all your meaty magnificence by applying to join the ranks of the PORK STEAK ARMY!

Print out your application below, fill it out and put it in the mail, and Captain Pork Steak himself, Rafe, will review your merits and decide if you are fit to serve. If you are lucky enough to be approved, we’ll mail back your application with a limited-edition Pork Steak Army sticker and patch!

CLICK HERE to download/print your own Pork Steak Army application. 

Mail to:

KPNT // 105.7 The Point
Attn: Point Promotions Dept.
11647 Olive Blvd
St. Louis, MO  63141