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A Guy Found a Wedding Ring in the Ocean and Tracked Down the Owner . . . But She Told Him to Put It Back?

When someone finds a long-lost ring . . . and tracks down the owner . . . they’re usually THRILLED.  But that isn’t always the case.

A few months ago, a man named Steve Andrews discovered a wedding band in the English Channel.  He was on the banks, and was using a metal detector.  It had the date 1989 on it . . . and so he started trying to track down the owner.

Miraculously, he recently found the woman it belonged to . . . but she did NOT want it back.  It turns out that she went through a “bad divorce” with her ex, and she INTENTIONALLY threw it into the ocean after the split.

Steve said the woman asked him to put it back . . . because she never wanted to see the ring again.  And he will.  He said the next time he’s down in that area, he’ll toss the ring back into the Channel.

Boxed Water Is Now Coming with Built-In Boxed Wine

Boxed water hasn’t really caught on as much as some people hoped . . . but THIS could change that:  Boxed water is now coming with BOXED WINE, built into the same box.

(You could also say that boxed wine is now coming with boxed water . . . helping you stay hydrated while drinking . . . but that’s less fun.)

Essentia Water has teamed up with the boxed wine brand House Wine to sell a HUGE box that combines water and wine . . . both red AND white.

The box has three spouts, which can pour 32 eight-ounce glasses of water . . . which is two gallons.  The second spout can pour the equivalent of four bottles of white wine . . . and the third can pour four bottles of red wine.

The boxes won’t be available in stores.  Instead, “limited quantities” will be released on the Original House Wine website.  They cost $45.99 each, while supplies last.  (You can sign up now to be alerted when they go on sale.)

(Food & Wine)

42% of Us Never Dress Up for Halloween, and More Costume Stats

If you’re an adult and dressing up for Halloween, you’re WEIRD, apparently.  Or at least in the minority . . .

A new poll found more than two-thirds of adults won’t be wearing a costume this year, and 42% say they NEVER dress up for Halloween.

Dressing up stays pretty popular until you hit your 30s.  Then you do it less and less.  Most people under 30 will wear a costume this year.

But 45% of people in their 30s and early 40s WON’T dress up . . . over 80% of people in their 50s and early 60s won’t either . . . and for seniors, 93% won’t bother.  So Halloween is definitely a young person’s game.

Here are a few more quick costume stats . . .

1.  Two-thirds of costumes will include at least one D.I.Y. element.  Only 35% of adults dressing up will wear a completely store-bought costume this year.

2.  The most popular types of costumes for adults are:  A fictional person or character, an animal or creature, and a historical figure.  15% are dressing up as “a concept” . . . 14% are going as an “object” . . . and 11% are dressing up as a person who’s still alive.

3.  The top word people would use to describe their costume this year is “funny.”  The rest of the top five are “simple,” “unique,” “creative,” and “sexy.”  Only 18% of adults are wearing a “scary” costume.

4.  6% of us are coordinating our costume with a coworker.  The most popular people to coordinate with are romantic partners . . . our kids . . . our parents . . . other family members . . . and our friends.  Coworkers are sixth.

5.  One in four Americans still think BLACKFACE make-up is okay for Halloween.  Older people are more likely to say it’s NOT okay than young people.  27% of adults under 30 think it’s fine, compared to 17% of seniors.

6.  Only 27% of us actually enjoy picking out a costume.  11% said it’s more stressful than fun, and 20% said neither.  The remaining 42% are the ones who never dress up.


A Mom Ordered a Halloween Decoration and Got a Sex Doll Instead

If this kid’s dad had opened this up, no problem . . . because hey, two-for-one deal.  But that’s not what happened . . .

A mom in Australia ordered a cheap Halloween decoration from Amazon . . . a fake dead body you cover in black plastic and hang from a tree.

(Careful!)  But when it came in the mail, her 10-year-old son opened it . . . and it was a SEX DOLL.

She posted about it on a Facebook group called “What I Asked For vs. What I Got.”  (You have to join the group to see her post, but here’s a photo.)

According to the seller, it wasn’t actually a mix-up.  They just use inflatable sex dolls, because they’re cheaper.  And you’re covering it in black plastic, so who’s gonna know?  But yes, it’s a sex doll . . . with an Asian woman’s face printed on it.

We found an Amazon listing for a similar decoration, and almost ALL of the reviews say it’s a sex doll.  So she’s not the first person it’s happened to.  One woman said she opened it in front of her five-year-old grandson.

The mom from Facebook says the seller told her to keep it, and offered a 40% refund.  But she wants a full refund, and a public apology.

(Daily Mail / NY Post)


The Kanye West Off My Meds 2022 Tour continues.  Yesterday, Kanye showed up unannounced at Skechers’ corporate headquarters in L.A., and was promptly BOUNCED. Skechers said in a statement that Kanye was engaged in “unauthorized filming,” and was escorted off the premises after a brief conversation.  They also condemned his recent remarks and said they have no intention of working with him . . . which seems to have been his goal in showing up there in the first place. Here’s how bad it’s getting for Kanye:  Even T.J. Maxx wants nothing to do with him.  Their parent company, which also owns Marshall’s and Home Goods, is done carrying his stuff. (Here’s a handy dandy guide (lINK) to everyone who’s cut ties with Kanye since he went “deathcon 3” on the Jews.) 

Someone needs to cuff this man’s genitals:  Nick Cannon might have ANOTHER kid on the way. Alyssa Scott announced yesterday that she’s expecting a child.  She didn’t say Nick’s the dad, but “Entertainment Tonight” is reporting that he is. Nick and Alyssa had a son last year named Zen, but he died in infancy due to brain cancer. This will be Nick’s 11th child . . . that we know of . . . counting Zen.  Which means he will soon have 10 offspring walking . . . and crawling . . . the Earth.

The “People’s Choice Awards” announced their nominees yesterday. The most surprising thing is Taylor Swift’s album “Midnights” is nominated for Album of 2022, and “Anti-Hero” is up for Music Video of 2022.  These came out LESS THAN A WEEK AGO.  Bad Bunny led the music categories with seven nominations, followed by Harry Styles with six.  Both are up for Male Artist, Song, Album, and Music Video of 2022.

And Group of 2022 includes BTSBlackpinkColdplay5 Seconds of SummerManeskin, and Panic! At the Disco. For Movie of 2022, nominees include “Bullet Train”“Elvis”“Nope”“The Batman”“Top Gun: Maverick”, and “Thor: Love and Thunder”. And in TV Show of 2022 includes “Better Call Saul”“House of the Dragon”“Obi-Wan Kenobi”“Stranger Things”, and “This Is Us”. Voting is now open until November 9th at VotePCA.com.  The show airs live on December 6th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on E! and NBC.  Kenan Thompson is hosting.

Matthew Perry obviously doesn’t wanna catch no hands from John Wick, because he just apologized for trashing Keanu Reeves in his new memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing”. He insulted Keanu TWICE in his book, when talking about the deaths of River Phoenix and Chris Farley.  He suggested it was some kind of cosmic injustice that these guys were gone, but Keanu was still here. If it was a joke, it didn’t land.  If he was serious, then it just came off as mean.  And Matthew knows that now. Because he issued a statement saying, quote, “I’m actually a big fan of Keanu.  I just chose a random name, my mistake.  I apologize.  I should have used my own name instead.”

Matthew Perry writes in his forthcoming memoir that his changing appearance throughout 10 seasons of “Friends” serves as a dead giveaway for which drugs he was using at the time. “You can track the trajectory for my addiction if you gauge my weight from season to season,” the actor writes in “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,” out Nov. 1. “When I’m carrying weight, it’s alcohol; when I’m skinny, it’s pills. When I have a goatee, it’s lots of pills.” Perry, 53, shares that by the end of the third season of the hit NBC sitcom, on which he played Chandler Bing, he was trying to obtain 55 Vicodin a day — otherwise he’d get “so sick.” The “Three to Tango” star attributes his extremely thin frame to his opioid addiction, as the drugs suppress appetite and cause vomiting. He writes that his weight varied “between 128 pounds and 225 pounds” over the course of the series.

Maisie Williams sides with the legions of Game of Thrones fans who thought the final season of the popular drama failed to live up to its expectations. Williams, who played the lead character Arya Stark, said during a Twitch stream alongside her brother James, that she recently rewatched Game of Thrones and admitted the final season could have been better. “It definitely fell off at the end,” she said. She also admitted during the stream that the series started very well, stating that she feels proud of her time on Game of Thrones after seeing it as just a viewer. “For the longest time…I could never see it from the outside. So I could never say that and actually understand it. For the first time, it feels good to be proud of it. It was 10 years of my life.”

If the raunchy antics in 2016’s animated food-fest Sausage Party weren’t enough to satisfy you, get ready to go back for seconds: an eight-episode Sausage Party series is in the works for Prime Video. Co-writer and star Seth Rogen first shared the news on Twitter Wednesday, promising that the perverted party will continue in 2024 with an “eight-course television event.” ((PIC: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FgAkjWLUUAAYXX0?format=jpg&name=small))

In honor of “E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial” celebrating its 40th anniversary, the website TollFreeForwarding figured out how much it would cost E.T. to literally “phone home.”  And the answer is:  $76 QUADRILLION.   Here’s how they did the math, using a popular phone companies call data: So E.T. is three million lightyears from his home planet.  That’s 17 quintillion miles away. So at a rate of $0.004 a mile for a 10 minute call from California, that comes out to $76 quadrillion dollars. So how much is $76 quadrillion?  To put it in perspective, it’s the whole world’s total phone bill for 25,000 years.  Or 20 million times the net worth of director Steven Spielberg or 117 trillion brand new iPhones.

Looks like Malcolm in the Middle is the next TV series to get a reboot! Frankie Muniz who played Malcolm revealed that not only is a revival in the works, it’s being led by his sitcom dad Bryan Cranston. “I know Bryan Cranston is really into the idea and he’s kind of heading writing the script and getting everything rolling,” Muniz revealed in an interview. “I would be down 100 percent,” he declared. “But I don’t know — we’ll see what happens.” In the meantime, Frankie Muiz can be seen alongside the likes of Stormy Daniels, Dennis Rodman, and Kim Coles in a new season of VH1’s The Surreal Life.

Ozzfest has taken on several different forms over the years, but for its next incarnation, it’s entering the Metaverse. Ozzy Osbourne has signed on to perform virtually for an “Ozzfest” portion of the second annual Metaverse Music Festival taking place next month. The virtual festival will take place the weekend of Nov. 10-13, hosted in Decentraland. At present, Ozzy is the only confirmed performer for the “Ozzfest” portion of the weekend festivities, but more acts are expected to be named soon. In fact, by the time the festival arrives, over 100 artists are expected to perform virtually on the community curated stages. Presented by digital asset platform Kraken, MVMF is free for all to attend, no VR, ticket or headset required.

Jerry Lee Lewis is very much alive and living in Memphis. On Wednesday afternoon TMZ reported that the rock ‘n” roll legend had died. According to reports, someone claiming to be Lewis’ rep said that he had passed. That turned out not to be the case. His sister, Linda Gail Lewis, posted to Facebook Tuesday: “Please pray for my dear brother, he’s going thru a hard time and needs our prayers and positive thoughts right now. Thank you so much.” The erroneous news of Lewis’ death comes 10 days after he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

If you saw Mötley Crüe’s last tour with Def Leppard, you saw your last chance to see the original Crüe.  Guitarist Mick Mars is 71 and has dealt with health issues throughout his career.  Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard announced this month that they’ll tour Latin America and Europe in 2023.  Their tour was one of the biggest American tours in the past two years. So we think back on what Mötley Crüe said in a 2014 press conference, that if it isn’t the original founding four, they would end it.  Here’s a clip from what they said then.  Think that will happen? We already know they ripped up the contract saying they’d never tour again.

Woodstock ’99 was an awful mess, and Sheryl Crow saw it firsthand. On the “Fly on the Wall” podcast with David Spade and Dana Carvey, she said, quote, “It was debauchery from the beginning, because we were on the first day . . .They were already throwing [poop] from the outhouses that were not set up right, that were leaking.  At one point, some landed on my hand while I was playing bass during ‘My Favorite Mistake’.

That’s when we stopped.  We played about four songs, and I remember saying, ‘Nah, not gonna do it.'” 

Congrats are in order for Red Hot Chili Peppers, as the band has become the first rock band in 17 years to place two No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 Album chart within the same calendar year. The band just scored that feat with their second album of 2022, Return of the Dream Canteen, which has been bolstered by the current single “Tippa My Tongue.” The Chili Peppers also topped the Billboard 200 Album Chart back in April with their Unlimited Love album. In case you’re wondering, the last rock band to previously double down on No. 1’s in the same year was System of a Down, who achieved the feat with their Mezmerize and Hypnotize albums back in 2005. The band recently wrapped their 2022 touring, but will be returning to the road in early 2023. See their scheduled dates listed here.

Someone in another country posted a smart-allecky question on Reddit the other day, asking Americans to name something GOOD about the U.S.A.  One of the top responses with the most likes so far is . . . Dolly Parton. Someone wrote, “Dolly Parton, obviously,” and thousands of people have liked it.  Only a few answers received more upvotes than that.  (Here’s the full thread.) They include America’s 63 National Parks . . . the over 9,000 public libraries we have . . . the diversity of the people, and the scenery . . . and the fact that most restaurants give out free ice water, which isn’t always the case in other countries. It’s a little weird that Dolly is currently trailing ICE WATER by a few thousand votes.  But sure, water’s important, I guess.

Back in July, Derek Berry — this time working with the events platform Bucket Listers — helped launch The Golden Girls Kitchen in the Los Angeles area. Now, that pop-up is slated to start a run in New York City next month.   Billed as a “fully immersive pop-up restaurant” that takes “fans of all ages to 1980s Miami, safely transporting them into the world of their favorite golden gals,” The Golden Girls Kitchen will open on Wednesday, November 16 at Skorpios in Midtown Manhattan. Beyond the new location, the other details are very similar to the pop-up that ran in Beverly Hills. The ticketed fast-casual restaurant will give customers a reserved seat and guaranteed 90-minute window for dining, entree and cheesecake included, all of which Bucket Listers says is “served by a lovable Shady Pines waiter.” Menu options include items like Sophia’s Lasagna Al Forno, The Lanai: A “Miami-Style” Cuban Sandwich, Blanche’s Georgia Style Cookie, and the Bacon Lettuce Potato Sandwich (Say It Fast). Cheesecake varieties include chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin, and Oreo, or you can upgrade to the Sperheoven Krispies which includes cheesecake, strawberries, and chocolate ice cream. And don’t fret: Cocktails and mocktails are also available.

Not all horror sequels are garbage.  In fact, some are AMAZING.  Here’s a list of some of the best:

  1. “The Bride of Frankenstein” (1935)
  1. “Dawn of the Dead” (1978)
  1. “Psycho 2” (1983)
  1. “Aliens” (1986)
  1. “Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives” (1986)
  1. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” (1986)
  1. “Evil Dead 2” (1987)
  1. “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” (1987)
  1. “Hellbound: Hellraiser 2” (1988)
  1. “The Exorcist 3” (1990)
  1.  “Scream 2” (1997)
  1. “A Quiet Place Part 2” (2020)

Check out the rest of the list here.  It does NOT include a single “Halloween” sequel.


                         Alexis Silver

Today’s birthday girl has been in 380 fine films, including:

– 38DD… Do The Math

– 69 Pairs of Battling Boobs

– Anacondas and Lil Mamas 8

– Big Rack Attack 2

– Daddy I’m a Whore 2

– Hot Property For Sale

– Me And My Slutty Friends

– Vicky Vette’s Amateur Ho’s

– And who can forget her role in 2013’s Gimme That Big White Ass 4

Alexis Silver is 43 years old.

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Ya gotta score goals to win Hockey games or so I’ve heard. After a 4-0 loss to Winnipeg on Monday, the Blues fell behind 2-1 6:16 to play in the third period Wednesday against the Oilers. The Blues worked hard, dominated the second period — they even outshot Edmonton 20-6. They had 39 shots on goal, easily a season high and were pressuring the Oilers until Edmonton scored an empty-net goal with 26.7 seconds left. 3-1 Blues lose, dropping their record to 3-2-0 with a second consecutive loss. Blues at Nashville tonight 7pm (LINK)

“I ain’t going out like that.” Were the words of Adam Wainwright to Oli Marmol as they neared the clubhouse minutes after Philadelphia’s sweep in the wild-card series: Wainwright said more about yesterday with this “That would have just left such a bad taste,” “I pitched myself out of being able to compete. And I live to compete. That drives me crazy that I pitched in such a way the last three weeks of the season that I was not thought of (for) pitching one of those first two games. Walking in from the bullpen, I already had it in my mind.” Inspired by his frustration, Wainwright agreed to a one-year extension with the Cardinals that was still being finalized Wednesday. The deal will bring the three-time All-Star and longtime ace back to the team for a 19th season — and what the 41-year-old right-hander says will be his last season in the majors. Here’s a little more from Adam on why he’s coming back…    Wainwright’s contract extension, which will be around the $17.5 million he made in 2022, leaves him as the last active player from the Cardinals’ championship seasons of 2006 and 2011. It also gives the Cardinals a complete rotation for 2023, though John Mozeliak, president of baseball operations, stressed Wednesday that he would shop for more pitching this winter. He sits at 195 wins and he said he’d like to reach 210 career wins and tie for the second-most all time by a Cardinals pitcher behind only legend Bob Gibson and then push it three more in order to tie his friend and Hall of Famer John Smoltz (LINK)

Tickets to Philadelphia Phillies home games in their World Series tilt with the Houston Astros have reached an average cost of more than $3,200, the second-highest total in the history of baseball.

The average cost of tickets is second only to the 2016 Chicago Cubs, and tickets to Phillies home games are more than double the cost of Astros home games, where the average price for a World Series game is around $1,500.

Game 3 has the lowest prices of any Phillies home game, with more than 2,500 tickets available on StubHub starting at $900. Game 4 has been the best-selling home game of the Series, with sales having increased on StubHub by 150% since Monday.

According to StubHub, much of the demand for MLB playoff tickets has been driven by Phillies fans, with the NLCS between the Phillies and San Diego Padres outselling the ALCS between the Astros and New York Yankees by more than 50%. The highest-selling games of the NLCS were Games 4 and 5, both of which were played in Philadelphia. After Houston hosts the first two games of the World Series, the Phillies will host Games 3 and 4 starting on Oct. 31, and will also host Game 5 if necessary.

World series starts tomorrow

Game 1 – Friday, Oct. 28

Phillies at Astros

Game 2 – Saturday, Oct. 29

Phillies at Astros

Game 3 – Monday, Oct. 31

Astros at Phillies

Game 4 – Tuesday, Nov. 1

Astros at Phillies

*Game 5 – Wednesday, Nov. 2

Astros at Phillies

*Game 6 – Friday, Nov. 4

Phillies at Astros

*Game 7 – Saturday, Nov. 5

Phillies at Astros *if necessary

What channel is the World Series on?

Every World Series game will air on FOX.

Thursday Night football hits tonight with Baltimore (4-3) at Tampa Bay (3-4)