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Porch pirate foiled by the most Canadian of anti-theft devices: A snowbank – CBC

A Woman Wins a Golf Cart from a Vodka Company . . . Then Gets a DUI for Crashing It – Villages-News

Hikers get stuck after breaking coronavirus protocols, get penalized by rescuers – FoxNews

A construction worker in Mexico was having an affair with a married woman . . . and he dug a TUNNEL between their homes to make it easier.  It worked until the woman’s husband came home early, caught them in the act . . . and spotted the tunnel.  (Full Story)

A Guy Says His Big Bags of Drugs Are Just Ingredients to Bake a Cake – theSmokingGun

A drug dealer in Australia tried to get some meth to a customer who was quarantining in a hotel by posing as a food delivery guy, and hiding meth and four syringes inside a hamburger and milkshake.  He was caught and arrested.  (Full Story)

Intruder poses as statue in failed attempt to evade police at Adelaide building site – ABC

Two Thieves Are Busted Because of a Dead Car Battery and No One Giving Them a Quick Jump – KOIN

A Wanted Fugitive Mistakenly Thinks a Cop Is Following Him and Starts a High-Speed Chase – KTUL


Cops Find a Drunk Driver “Snoring Loudly” While Parked in a McDonald’s Drive-Thru – TCPalm


The Most Popular Fast Food During the Pandemic Is Fried Chicken –TOPAgency

The 10 Trendiest Delivery Foods of the Year Are Deeply Unhealthy and Delicious – HuffPo

Burger King just announced their new logo, which will replace the one they’ve used since the ’90s.  And it’s . . . basically their old logo from the ’70s and ’80s.  (Full Story)

There’s a new cookbook coming out that’s exclusively made up of recipes that use MOUNTAIN DEW.  It goes on sale next week on Mountain Dew’s website and will cost $30.  (Full Story)

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ELON MUSK is now the richest person in the world, with a fortune of $185 billion.  JEFF BEZOS is second with $184 billion.  BILL GATES is worth $132 billion, which is less than what Musk made in the past year.  (Full Story)

A Dad Is Upset He’s Not Allowed to Legally Change His Son’s Birth Date to Keep Him From Being Associated with 2020 – Mirror

Four Tips to Have a Happier and More Positive Year – BorForbes

The last Civil War widow has passed away in Missouri.  If you’re wondering how that math possibly works, in 1936, she married a 93-year-old Civil War veteran when she was 17.  He died six year later . . . now she’s passed away at age 102.  (Full Story)

The big stories in science this week included a study that found identical twins aren’t 100% identical at birth.  And a new study out yesterday found most people who get COVID have immunity for at least eight months, possibly years.  (Nerd News)

This would be great news if more research can back it up:  A new study out yesterday found most people who get the virus have immunity for at least eight months.  And it could last years.

A professor at Harvard thinks a weird, cigar-shaped object that passed by us in 2017 wasn’t an asteroid . . . and might have actually been an alien probe. It’s the first known object that’s entered our solar system from interstellar space.

President Trump Pulls a 180 . . . Denouncing the Rioters, and Promising a Peaceful Transition – NYMag

Macy’s is closing dozens of stores this year. Here’s the full list – CNBC

A Town in Indiana Has Finally Lifted Its “No Hippies” Ban After 50 Years – Wane

The annual No Pants Subway Ride has been canceled in New York City and everywhere else because of the pandemic.


Marion Ramsey, an actress best known for her portrayal of Officer Laverne Hooks in the Police Academy franchise, has died. She was 73.Ramsey died early Thursday morning in her Los Angeles home. A cause of death was not provided. She played Hooks in the Police Academy franchise through Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989). 

Deezer D, best known for his role as nurse Malik McGrath on “ER” has died. He was 55. The actor, whose real name was Dearon Thompson, was found unresponsive at home Thursday morning in Los Angeles. His brother, Marshawn, tells us the family believes he died of a heart attack, but there is not yet an official cause of death. The actor underwent major heart surgery in 2009 — a 6-hour procedure to replace his aorta and fix a leaky heart valve. Deezer D appeared on almost 200 episodes of ER from 1994 through 2009. Not only was Thompson an actor, but he was also a motivational speaker and a performer in the Christian and underground hip hop communities. Thompson also had a role in ‘Romy and Michele’ and was known for his roles in the films “CB4” and “Fear of a Black Hat.”

Speaking of death. Miley Cyrus shared a song she wrote a few years ago about her dog Mary Jane. Mary Jane passed away. 

Dr. Dre is recovering from a brain aneurysm, but has agreed to pay the ex a one-time payment of $2 million in temporary support to hold her over until their next hearing in April. He was already paying her nearly $300,000 a month. Nicole had requested $2 mil and another $5 million for lawyer fees. She was denied the payment for her attorneys. Dre’s and Young’s lawyers agreed on the settlement. Dre had to sign off on it in the hospital.  

MARGARET QUALLEY has broken up with SHIA LABEOUF. . . and it sounds like it had something to do with the sexual misconduct allegations against him. A source says Qualley dumped him over the weekend, as she was leaving for Canada to film a new project.  She was aware of the backlash against Shia, and she supposedly didn’t want it interfering with her career. Shia hasn’t been charged with any crimes, but his ex-girlfriend FKA TWIGS and another woman recently filed a sexual battery lawsuit against him. Shia denied many of their claims, but even he’s not pretending he was a saint.  He added that he had no excuse for his alcoholism, or some of his actions. Margaret is the daughter of ANDIE MACDOWELL.  She met Shia when they played a couple in one of her sister RAINEY’s music videos. 

DABABY got arrested for gun possession on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills yesterday. Cops stopped his SUV as he and four friends were leaving.  It turns out someone in a store they were in reported that they were packing.  After searching the car, police did find a loaded gun.  DaBaby was the only one arrested.  He was booked on a misdemeanor charge. 

Johnny Depp is accusing Amber Heard of keeping the $7m settlement from their 2016 divorce and repeatedly lying about giving it all to charity. Back in the day she vowed to split the massive payment between two charities. But Depp’s lawyers believe it was a ‘sham’. They spent the past year chasing the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and American Civil Liberties Union to find out how much they actually received from the actress. The ACLU has so far refused to cooperate with multiple subpoenas. But documents produced by the hospital suggest it only received $100,000 – way short of the promised $3.5m ‘gift’. Bosses at the hospital eventually wrote Heard in June 2019 to ask ‘if the pledge will not be fulfilled’. Depp’s lawyers say that proves Heard was lying. Heard’s attorney said she has ‘already been responsible for seven figures in donations to charitable causes and intends to continue to contribute and eventually fulfil her pledge 

After what the storming of the Capitol I don’t recall many if any celebrities going to social media kinda tone deaf. You tell me if this is a big deal because she is getting some heat. Ms. Lovato wrote that her heart was broken it it makes her sad…then said “I’m angry, embarrassed and ashamed. I’m in the studio working on something special after today’s assault on democracy.  

Tonight is a sad television milestone.  Alex Trebek’s last episode as host of “Jeopardy!”  It was originally set to air on Christmas night, but many thought that was too sad for a joyous holiday.  What will he say?  Here’s a tribute to his courageous final year on the show, that he hosted from 1984 until tonight.  (It was taped in October 2020. Alex died of pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2020.) 

One of the longest-lasting couples in all of showbiz has to be . . . PAT SAJAK and VANNA WHITE. Sure, they’ve never SMASHED . . . that we know of . . . but they’ve been doing “Wheel of Fortune” together since 1982 . . . so almost FOUR DECADES.  And Vanna says they “never fight.” Vanna thinks it could be because, quote, “we don’t see each other for two weeks at a time and then we see each other for a couple of days and then we don’t see each other.” Vanna also revealed her motivation for staying fit all these years.  Quote, “I do wardrobe fittings once a month and for 38 years I’ve had to fit into those dresses because they’re sample sizes. “So I’m afraid of getting to the studio one day and not being able to fit in those dresses so it inspires me to work out on a regular basis.”  Vanna is 63. 

Last night on Last Man Standing the episode was called “Dual Time,” Mike Baxter meets Tim Taylor (also played by Allen), a home repairman who could be his twin.  Real cool that they included a mention of Earl Hindman who of course played Wilson the neighbor only seen from mid nose up.  (Wilson was portrayed by Earl Hindman across 202 Home Improvement episodes that aired between 1991 and 1999. The actor died of lung cancer in 2003, at 61.) (Bert Kreishers new show)

Celebrity chef José Andrés was one of the first people to use his restaurants to give out free food when COVID hit.  And after the chaos at the Capitol this week, he stepped up again, handing out a bunch of free food to cops and first responders in D.C.

Back in November, chef DAVID CHANG became the first celebrity to win “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.  Here are all his questions.  Can YOU answer them? 

Comedian/metalhead BRIAN POSEHN released an album last year called “Grandpa Metal”.  And yesterday, he released the video for one of the songs, “New Music Sucks”. The song is actually in the STYLE of new music, except toward the end when it goes all-out metal.  Patrick Stump and Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy are on the track, even though Brian refers to them as, quote, “Mother[effin’] Fall Out Boy.” Patton Oswalt and Weird Al Yankovic make cameos in the video. Brian takes shots at all the big pop stars, including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Drake, Macklemore, Robin Thicke, One Direction, Mumford and Sons, Kesha, Justin Bieber, Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars . . .Halsey, The Chainsmokers, Post Malone, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Lil Yachty, and Ed Sheeran.

You can see Foo Fighters on Austin City Limits this weekend! PBS has taken both the band’s 2009 and 2015 sets for a “best of” performance of songs like “Best of You” and “Pretender”. Austin City Limits: Foo Fighters Rock Austin City Limits premieres at 10:30 central on PBS.

blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has kept busy during the pandemic, producing Machine Gun Kelly’s music and even releasing the tune “Quarantine” with his band. But new blink is on the way, after a fan on Instagram asked “Any new blink-182 albums dropping this year?” Barker replied in all caps “YES”. blink’s drummer also let fans know that his collaboration with Trippie Red, NEON SHARK Vs. Pegasus, will drop “sooner than you think.”

Hipgnosis is (Hipgnosis Songs Fund is a British Guernsey-registered music IP investment and song management company founded by Merck Mercuriadis and co-founded by Nile Rodgers in 2018) bought in two steps, 100% of the Lindsey Buckingham catalog, which includes all of his hit songs recorded with Fleetwood Mac, plus 50% of the artist’s unreleased compositions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Fleetwood Mac classics written or co-written by Buckingham include “Go Your Own Way,” “The Chain,” “Big Love,” “Never Going Back Again” and “Tusk,” among others. Since 1991, the band’s catalog has moved nearly 26 million album consumption units in the U.S., with the vast majority of that number from Buckingham’s time in the band.  Now add 50% stake in the songwriting catalog of Neil Young. They will get about half the copyright and income interests of about 1180 songs. They recently bought up Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks stuff too

Ozzy Osbornes just released an album in February called Ordinary Man. He is set to release more music soon. And now he is in the studio working on another record.  The guy who produced Ordinary Man’s, Andrew Watt, said Ozzy had Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins in the studio to work on some new music, too.  No one in Ozzy’s camp has said anything about longtime Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde returning to the fold, however.

Celebrities Celebrating Birthdays Today 

Miley Cyrus’ sister Noah Cyrus is 21 today.

The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, is 38.

Former baseball player Jason Giambi is 50.

Singer/Creepster, R. Kelly is 54.

Guitarist for the Doors, Robby Krieger, is 75.

Actor Nick Nolte is 80 today.

TV host Bob Eubanks is 83.

David Bowie would have been 74 today.

Stephen Hawking would have been 79 today.

Elvis Presley would have been 86 today.

On Saturday:

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, that’s Prince William’s wife, she’ll be 39 tomorrow.

AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys will be 43.

So will former football player Chad Ochocinco.

Dave Matthews will be 54.

Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin will be 77.


President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner turns 40.

Brent Smith from Shinedown will be 43 on Sunday.

Singer Pat Benatar will be 68.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt will be 71.

Rod Stewart will be 76.

Boxer George Foreman will be 72.


Melissa Hill

Today’s birthday girl has been covered and smothered more times than the hashbrowns at Waffle House in 274 fine films…including:

– After School Sluts

– Booty Camp

– Brassiere To Eternity

– Butt Floss Chronicles

– Eff Me I’m Irish

– Eff Me to Death

– Monsters Of Pants

– And who can forget her unforgettable role in… 2003’s Saturday Night Beaver

Melissa Hill is 51 years old today.

sports_report_1.jpg 134551

  • January is an exciting time for football!
  • Ohio State defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs said the Buckeyes won’t play “scared” when they face Alabama on Monday night, January 11, in the College Football Playoff National Championship game.
  • It’s going to be a battle in this playoff game. Alabama has the Heisman Trophy-winning wide receiver DeVonta Smith, one of the most-explosive players in college football history.
  • 1 Alabama and No. 3 Ohio State remains on schedule for Monday in Miami, though sources have told ESPN there have been discussions about postponing the game because of COVID-19 issues within Ohio State’s program.

As Thursday rolled into the afternoon hours for the Cleveland Browns, the vast deflation of what should have been one of the most exciting weeks in franchise history continued.

The practice facility remained closed. Quarterback Baker Mayfield, who isn’t allowed to practice with his teammates outside of the facility, told reporters he hasn’t thrown a football since the regular-season finale. Cleveland’s Coach of the Year candidate, Kevin Stefanki, continues to ratchet on a game schematic that won’t involve him from the moment the franchise enters Pittsburgh’s stadium Sunday night. And the front office has done everything but taken to lighting prayer candles in hopes of filling the continued holes in the roster being created by COVID-19 on an almost daily basis.

And all the while, the NFL is sitting on its hands because, hey, rules are not made to be bent unless it’s something the league office actually needs.

That’s the worst part about what is going on with this whole situation in Cleveland. A team that just engineered one of the most sellable points about the NFL — that any ass-backward franchise can get itself back on track quickly with just a few good decisions — is getting gradually sucked into a COVID wood-chipper and the league isn’t really saying anything at all. Now what they can or will do is yet to be determined but I’d imagine its not an easy feat once you start changing things and widdling down the time til the scheduled Super Bowl.