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#RizzNews: St. Louis woman stops armed robbery by refusing to hand over bag. Major Case Squad investigating death of WWII vet in Cahokia house fire as homicide AND MORE



St. Louis woman stops armed robbery by refusing to hand over bag

A St. Louis woman held at gunpoint outside her loft building ended the hold up by refusing to cooperate.

At 8:30 p.m. Monday, Missouri state lobbyist Lynne Schlosser stopped at the door of her building on North 13 Street and found herself suddenly facing a teenage gunman pointing a gun at her head.

The teen, accompanied by a small group, demanded her bag.

Schlosser refused.

“I don’t even know why I said no,” she said. “I’’ve been taught for years that if you’re ever approached you just give them what they want and for some reason, there was something about the situation that seemed weird to me.”

After she refused to hand over her bag, Schlosser said the gunman turned and ran off with his accomplices.

She then called 911, but no one was answering

“I got a recording,” she says. “To be honest I can’t tell you the whole thing. It said something about ‘you can leave a message’ and I hung up and I was incredibly distraught.”

Schlosser said she called four times before getting help.

When officers finally came, they were reluctant to believe her story until they saw the surveillance video. The incident left Schlosser shaken; not only over the robbery, but the experience of failing to get help when she needed it.

“It was very disheartening for me and for me to feel that the police are not going to believe a law abiding citizen that reports a violent crime, then the city has a lot more problems than I thought it did.”

She said police told her they had never heard of a gunman just giving up because the victim simply said no.

Police did later arrest three juveniles in connection with the crime.

As for the 911 calls going unanswered, a city hall spokesman says there is no voice mail in the 911 system but when there are a lot of calls at once, callers can be put on hold.


Major Case Squad investigating death of WWII vet in Cahokia house fire as homicide


The Major Case Squad was activated Thursday afternoon to investigate the murder of an 89-year-old World War II veteran who was found dead early Wednesday morning in a house fire.

Officials aren’t saying how they determined that the death of Howard Sutton, who lived alone at the home in the 1100 block of St. Marcella Drive, was a homicide.

“We’re looking at the cause of death as a homicide and sometimes it takes a little while to get that point in an investigation,” said Belleville Detective Karl Kraft, who is part of the Major Case Squad response.


More than a dozen detectives from area departments that make up the Major Case Squad were still mobilizing at Cahokia police headquarters Thursday afternoon.

St. Clair County Coroner Calvin Dye Sr. said he could not comment Thursday on his findings from the autopsy until toxicology reports come back, which could take weeks.

The fire presented a challenge for firefighters when rounds of ammunition stored inside the home exploded.

Kraft said investigators were able to determine those exploding rounds did not kill Sutton, but did not elaborate.

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Suspect burglarized 2 churches, 1 school in 5 days

Police are searching for a suspect they say is connected to three burglaries in five days of a pair of churches and a religious school. 

Sullivan Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the male suspect. The suspect is accused of burglarizing the First Assembly of God, Temple Baptist, and St. Anthony School in Sullivan, Missouri. 

During one of the burglaries, the suspect was seen wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt and carried a flashlight. He used a rock to get into one of the buildings, according to surveillance video. 

At this time, the contents of what was taken is not known at this time. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sullivan Police Department at 573-468-8001. 

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Shots fired on Cardinal Glennon Hospital campus

 St. Louis police responded to SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital after reports of shots being fired on the campus.


The shots were fired in the hospital parking lot, prompting Gardinal Glennon and the neighboring Saint Louis University Hospital to go on a brief lockdown.

People at both hospitals were encouraged to shelter inside the SLU building.

“One of the nurses came into my room and said, ‘We need you to stay in your room’ …  but there are shots fired in the parking lot,” said Shannon Mason, a hospital visitor.

A tweet from Saint Louis University later confirmed police had secured the scene and the suspected shooter left in a vehicle.

Cardinal Glennon contradicted an earlier report that the shots had been fired in the emergency room. A spokesperson said the hospital was cooperating with police on the investigation.

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Warm Winter Forecast For the U.S.


Much of the U.S. should expect another warm winter, but not quite as toasty as the last two years, forecasters said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday forecast a warmer winter from California through the Midwest to Maine. A colder than normal winter is predicted for southern Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and the Northern Tier states. Normal temperatures are forecast for a thin swath of states from Indiana to Idaho.

The big driver in the forecast is a La Nina weather event that is likely to develop next month. La Nina, the flip side of El Nino, is the periodic cooling of the central Pacific Ocean that affects weather patterns around the globe.

There was a La Nina for the early part of last winter. The 2015-2016 winter was record warm, about 4.55 degrees hotter than normal.

Mike Halpert, deputy director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, said it would be surprising if this winter is as warm.

Halpert said the southern U.S. is likely to be drier than normal, while the north from eastern Washington through the Great Lakes to update New York is likely to be wetter.

NOAA’s winter outlook doesn’t forecast snow or specific storms, but La Ninas tend to favor more storms coming from the west and north than from the Gulf of Mexico or the East Coast, he said.

The private weather firm AccuWeather — whose chief executive officer was just nominated to head NOAA — forecasts a quite colder, wilder winter. The company predicts a chilly winter with snow and ice from the Northeast to the Great Lakes with “Arctic cold blasts” in the Great Plains. It also predicts a milder and drier winter than last year for the Southern Plains, Southwest and California.

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