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#RizzNews: Should Adults Dress Up For Halloween? Can I Park Here? A Truck crashes into living room of Arnold town home. Four Key Updates on the Las Vegas Shooting


Truck crashes into living room of Arnold town home

via kmov.com

A Jefferson County woman said angels were watching over her after a truck slammed in her living room.

Rita Lyons went to bed Monday night, moments later she heard a large crash.

“As soon as I got up there and laid down, boom kaboom,” said Lyons.

She heard her neighbor screaming for her. A pick up truck driving down Lonedell Road veered off the road and smashed into the side of the townhome. It went through her neighbor’s living room as well.

“It pushed her couch with her on it, some of my stuff is in her place,” said Lyons.

Both women were uninjured. Lyons said it’s not the first time they had crashes along their street in Arnold.

“This curve is so bad cars usually end up in her yard, this time it was my yard,” she said as she pointed to her neighbor’s yard.

“We get one every two months,” said Sally Flynn Malir.

Flynn Malir has lived in her home on the 2400 block of Lonedell for 17 years. She’s had countless cars end up in her yard. She said the problem has lessened ever since the road department raised the road. But she wants more done.

“There used to be a stop sign there but they took it out I don’t know why, I’d like to see it back,” she said.

Lyons said she’d like to see a guard rail put up where the sharp curve passes by her home.

The Rock Community Fire District said the crash was an accident, saying alcohol was not involved.

Lyons and her neighbor will now need to stay elsewhere as their homes are condemned because of the damage. Lyons surveyed the damage to her home, porcelain dolls smashed on the floor. But a few things are still standing, a cross and her angels.

“It could have been my life, it could have been her life, our God above is our savior and He saved me. I had angels all around,” said Lyons.

Four Key Updates on the Las Vegas Shooting


  Here’s the latest on the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas . . .



1.  Everyone’s still trying to figure out what motivated the shooter to murder so many innocent people . . . and we still don’t have any answers.



Some photos were released yesterday of his hotel room, showing his guns spread ALL over the room. 



We also learned he filmed himself during the shooting, and he rigged cameras in the hallways to alert himself when the cops were closing in.  There’s no word on whether the FBI has the footage or not.



Oh . . . and we found out that he’d been accumulating his massive arsenal of guns for over 20 years.  So far, the authorities have found 47 firearms between the shooter’s hotel room and his two homes.



2.  The shooter’s 62-year-old girlfriend Marilou Danley was in the Philippines during the shooting and was initially cleared . . . but the FBI says she’s still a person of interest and they’ll be interviewing her now that she’s back in the country.  She arrived in Los Angeles last night.



And it makes sense that she’s a person of interest . . . after all, he had several dozen guns in their house, plus explosives.  She HAD to know something was off, right?



The FBI also says that the shooter wired $100,000 to the Philippines last week . . . it’s not clear if that money was for her or WHO it was for.  Hopefully one of these things will help authorities get some understanding behind his motive.



3.  If you’ve been feeling SUPER depressed over this shooting, you’re not alone.  An app that measures the sentiment in people’s tweets found that Monday was the saddest day in Twitter HISTORY.



4.  It can be hard to find any hope after a mass shooting, but the stories of heroism that are emerging might be a start.  One that stands out is about a 29-year-old Marine veteran named Taylor Winston who was at the concert.



He ran when the shooting started . . . then stole a TRUCK that was parked nearby and had the keys in it and used it to drive almost 30 victims to the hospital.  And he made the first two trips with critically-injured victims before ambulances could even arrive.



(AOL / Daily Mail / CNN / USA Today)  

Should Adults Dress Up For Halloween?


  Halloween is basically as big for ADULTS as it is for kids these days.  But is that a bad thing?



The “New York Post” staff just published an editorial saying that adults need to STOP wearing costumes on Halloween.



Quote, “We’re not saying you can’t get into the spirit . . . dress up your house, concoct a Halloween-themed dessert, or buy a pumpkin.  Then stop.  Give it a break.  Give the holiday back to the children.  Grow up.”



I’m not sure if their message is going to land, though . . . about HALF of adults say they’re planning on dressing up this year. 



(New York Post)