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#RizzNews! Santa Tried to Skydive and Crashed Hard Into a Tree. St. Louis comptroller delivers Scottrade Center financing agreement.


Arnold officer shot by suspect in patrol vehicle out of surgery

An Arnold police officer sustained life-threatening injuries after being shot by a suspect he was transporting to booking Tuesday, according to police.

Authorities said Officer Ryan O’Connor was transporting suspect Chad Klahs, in custody for an alleged burglary, when Klahs shot him inside his patrol SUV. 

Arnold Police responded to a burglary on Bramtonn Place around 12:45 p.m. Police said Klahs stole a gun before he made his way across Jeffco Boulevard.

Matt Saller said he came face-to-face with Klahs in the Fox Pointe neighborhood in his backyard.

“He was off. You could tell he wasn’t all there and he was scuffled and that’s what worried me,” Saller said.

Saller said he told Klahs to leave.

“He tripped over one of my lawn chairs as he was going out,” Saller said.

Saller said he then watched Klahs wander onto his neighbor’s property before he darted into the woods.

While searching for the suspect, officers reported hearing gunshots in the woods nearby. At that point, it wasn’t clear if they were being fired upon, but they called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to assist. 

Shortly after making that call, the 29-year-old Klahs was found behind Zingers Mart on Jeffco Boulevard and arrested. Police searched him and recovered a weapon, but police now believe he had a second gun on him that went undiscovered.

O’Connor had Klahs in his vehicle when he headed back to the police station around 2 p.m. There was a cage separating the O’Connor from Klahs in the SUV, but there was enough space for a bullet to get through. 

The shooting happened in the parking lot behind the Arnold Police Department and police realized something was wrong when the O’Connor never made it to the sally port. 

“There was a delay. The cameras show the car going by the booking sally port behind the building,” said Captain Gary Higginbotham with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. “And there was about a 45-second delay from what we understand, and they checked on the status and found the vehicle where it was.”

Responding officers discovered both men inside the vehicle. O’Connor was shot once in the head. Klahs was also found suffering from a gunshot wound, which police believe was self-inflicted.

O’Connor and Klahs were taken to St. Anthony’s Medical Center, and O’Connor was out of surgery and stable as of 6:30 p.m., though his condition was not known, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities announced Klahs died from his wounds sometime before 5 p.m.

O’Connor, 44, has been in law enforcement for 20 years and has previously worked for the St. Louis County and Ferguson police departments. He has worked in Arnold for around three years. 

Klahs had an extensive criminal record. According to the Missouri Department of Corrections, he was in prison four times; most recently released in March of this year.

He had previously pleaded guilty to burglary and threatening a witness to his crime. That witness reported receiving several threatening phone calls from Klahs, every day, three and four times an hour. Klahs reportedly threatened to “kill him” and “shoot up his house.” 

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is handling the investigation.

BackStoppers announced they have donated $5,000 to O’Connor’s family. A GoFundMe page has also been set up for O’Connor. 

via KMOV


A Hazelwood dispatcher raised money in the name of a paralyzed officer. On Monday, she was arrested.

 A police dispatcher celebrated for her efforts to raise money for an officer paralyzed in the line of duty was led out of police headquarters in handcuffs Monday amid an investigation into whether she pocketed some of the funds.

April Briscuso, 40, was arrested on suspicion of stealing more than $750 meant for former Hazelwood Officer Craig Tudor, but she has not been charged. She was released Monday afternoon from the St. Louis County Justice Center.

 Paralyzed: Two St. Louis area officers embark together on recovery
Paralyzed: Two St. Louis area officers embark together on recovery
Michael Flamion and Craig Tudor have been on similar, yet separate, journeys to recovery from spinal cord injuries at Craig Hospital in Colorado.  

Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall said he could not comment on the specifics of the ongoing investigation, so it’s unclear how much money police believe the Tudor family has not received. The arrest was on suspicion of a class D felony, meaning at least $750 taken. The next most serious charge would be a class C felony, a theft of $25,000 or more.

In a Facebook message to a reporter, Briscuso said she had raised more than $75,000 on Tudor’s behalf, but the injured officer said his family has received nowhere near that amount.

It’s also unclear whether Briscuso will ultimately be charged, or if the matter will be resolved through restitution.

Hall said he asked St. Louis County police to handle the investigation. Hazelwood police officers also are conducting an internal affairs investigation. “This is not a resolved set of circumstances yet,” Hall said.

Briscuso, who has been a dispatcher in Hazelwood for 11 years, was put on leave, though Hall would not say whether it is paid or unpaid.

via STLToday.com

St. Louis comptroller delivers Scottrade Center financing agreement


St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green followed court orders Tuesday and turned over her signed copy of a $64 million stadium financing agreement, ending a contentious 24 hours in which Blues owners accused her of being in contempt of court.

The Blues filed a motion in St. Louis Circuit Court Tuesday morning saying Green violated Judge Joan Moriarty’s order from Nov. 27 to sign the agreement. On Monday, Green announced she had signed the agreement per the order, but was withholding it until she had time to appeal.

Late Tuesday afternoon, after a last-minute hearing in front of Moriarty that ended without a ruling, Green’s spokesman Tyson Pruitt said she had delivered the signed document.

“The Comptroller does not comply with this finance agreement voluntarily,” Pruitt said in an email. “As she has stated, this financing agreement is not in the best interest of city taxpayers; it draws upon the city’s general fund for repayment and may harm the city’s credit.”

A Blues spokesman said attorneys withdrew the contempt of court motion against Green after receiving the documents Tuesday.

As written, Moriarty’s order didn’t explicitly say Green had to distribute a signed copy of the document, only that Green had to sign it within five days, a deadline that passed Monday. But the Blues said it amounted to not signing the agreement if Green’s actions continue to prevent it from going into effect.

The Blues had requested Green be fined $1,000 for every day she refused to hand over the financing agreement, but that issue has been resolved without any fines assessed.

A brief hearing on the motion was held Tuesday in St. Louis Circuit Court, as well as discussion of a motion by Green’s attorney, Elkin Kistner, asking Moriarty to change her order because it was “fatally injected with legal error.” Moriarty did not immediately issue a ruling.

via STLToday.com

Woman charged for ramming Webster Groves street worker

A woman is accused of ramming into a highway flag man in Webster Groves. Police say she did it on purpose.

The worker is not seriously hurt.  But, he was off the job site Tuesday after witnesses say a driver just seemed to snap Monday morning.

Drivers admit it’s been a testy work zone.  The water main repair on Edgar road near Jackson can back up cars more than a dozen deep. There are waits of  five minutes or more to get through.

Police say that was too much for Kelly Bienvenue, 54, of Affton. She’s charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly ramming a flag-man

The worker was directing traffic with drivers taking turns going through the zone. Jodie Allen was taking her kids to school.

“He told her to stop, to back up. She sort of jolted forward a little bit, like testing him sort of. He kind of banged on her hood and said, ‘hey, you have to stop`. She just plowed right into him. My kids screamed,” said Jodie Allen. “He fell back and landed on his hip really hard. His hardhat fell off. She swerved around him and then up Edgar Road.”

Police say Bienvenue was trying to leave but the injured man’s co-workers stopped her.  They used cones to help block her in.

“It was really shocking. It took me a second to register that she just actually knocked a person over with her car. You just don`t expect to see that ever. It’s not how you expect your Monday morning, your week to start,” said Jodie Allen.

Workers say Bienvenue was irate with police as well. She faces up to a year in jail and $2,000 fine if convicted.

via FOX2 News


What Beer Are People Searching For the Most in Every State?

Craft beer is HUGE, and a new study proves that it’s taken over the entire country.  Well . . . almost the entire country.  Missouri is keepin’ it SUPER real.
A website called Business Broker Network analyzed Google searches to figure out what beer people in every state are searching for more than people anywhere else.
And in 49 states, the top search was for a craft beer or brewery.
In Missouri?  Their top search was for BUSCH.
Other states had top searches like Stone Brewing in California . . . Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Florida . . . Abita in Louisiana . . . and Deschutes in Oregon. 


A Guy Stabs His Roommate For Not Bringing Beer to His Party

I can’t advocate STABBING someone because they’re freeloading . . . but I CAN say that I understand.
A 61-year-old guy named Don Little from Honolulu was having a party on Sunday.  And his roommate came home to join in . . . but he didn’t bring any beer.
Don was so upset that he STABBED his roommate in the knee.
The guy was hospitalized with a 12-INCH stab wound on his leg . . . and Don was arrested for attempted murder. 


Santa Tried to Skydive Into a Charity Event in Florida . . . and Crashed Hard Into a Tree

See, THIS is why Santa needs to stick to traveling by sleigh.  Because as soon as he tries to get creative or EXTREME, little kids wind up TRAUMATIZED.
Santa tried to SKYDIVE into a charity volleyball tournament in Tampa over the weekend to deliver toys.  But he didn’t plan his trajectory quite right . . . and he crashed HARD into a tree on the way down.  (The guy’s real name is George Krokus.)
Fortunately, he survived . . . or else the kids who saw him would’ve REALLY needed therapy.
But he didn’t exactly walk away from the crash, either . . . he’s already had two leg surgeries for his injuries.  On the bright side, he should make a full recovery. 


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