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#RizzNews: Fire destroys Bogey Hills Country Club in St. Charles; Grocery delivery service brings in more personal shoppers due to high volume of orders; AND MORE


Fire destroys Bogey Hills Country Club in St. Charles

An overnight fire destroyed the Bogey Hills Country Club in St. Charles early Friday morning.

According to the Central County Fire Chief, they fire started around midnight in the back of the building. Crews tried to save as much merchandise as they could, but firefighters said the flames spread too quickly. Fire crews contained the fire around 1:30 a.m. Friday.

The family business is a complete loss. General Manager Angel Walter Liken's family has owned the club for three generations.

"You know our lives' work, dedication," Likens said. "A lot of hard work, sweat tears going into this place and just can't believe it's actually happening."

She said the family will try to rebuild.

This is a developing story. Stay with Five on Your Side for updates.

via KSDK

Grocery delivery service brings in more personal shoppers due to high volume of orders

Several stores launched grocery delivery services today in St. Louis, including Schnucks.

You order from Instacart online, then the food is delivered to your door.

You must be home to get the delivery, and there's a delivery charge depending on how much you buy.

Other stores launching the service include Straub's, Shop 'n Save, Whole Foods, PetCo, and Costco.

So many people took advantage of the new grocery service earlier today, Instacart temporarily put deliveries on hold.

Company reps say they had to bring in more personal shoppers to help with the volume. And while some of their delivery windows are sold out, you can still place orders.


De Soto man arrested after allegedly using stolen debit, rewards cards

A 25-year-old De Soto man received his just rewards after allegedly using a stolen debit card and rewards card to buy items at the Auto Zone in De Soto on Saturday (Feb. 11), said Capt. Mike McMunn of the De Soto Police Department.

The incident began at 2:45 p.m. that day when a woman called De Soto Police to see if anyone had turned in her missing wallet, McMunn said.

“She said she lost it in the area of Dollar General. Later she called back and reported the bank called to tell her there was activity on her card at Auto Zone and Dollar General,” McMunn said.

Police went to the Auto Zone at 1889 Rock Road and allegedly learned that the man not only had used a debit card but also a relative’s rewards card to buy items at the store. The relative had the same last name as the suspect and the card provided a contact number, McMunn said.

He said police reviewed surveillance footage from the Auto Zone store and identified the suspect.

“He was a very familiar subject,” McMunn said.

At 8:52 p.m., the suspect was arrested after Auto Zone employees called police to report that the man had returned to the store and was attempting to exchange the items he purchased earlier in the day for cash, McMunn said.

Police arrived and the man was taken into custody, questioned about the incident and allegedly “admitted to using the debit card in two different locations,” McMunn said.

The merchandise he “purchased” from the Dollar General store was worth $164, and the value of merchandise from the Auto Zone was $253, McMunn said.

The suspect already was wanted on outstanding warrants, and today (Feb. 14) he was being held at the De Soto Jail on unrelated warrants. De Soto Police will seek charges against the man through the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for fraudulent use of a credit device. As of today, however, no charges had been filed, McMunn said.

via Leader Publications

Love sick: Pa. woman accused of faking cancer to scam boyfriend for $40,000

A 31-year-old woman in western Pennsylvania is accused of faking terminal cancer and even claiming to be in a coma – all in order to scam her then-boyfriend out of $40,000.

WJAC-TV reports the perfectly healthy suspect, identified as Michelle Zipp of Bedford County, Pa., is now charged with theft by deception. She was briefly jailed before someone made her $50,000 bail.

Zipp allegedly told her then-boyfriend, who is not publicly identified, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and didn't have the money for needed surgeries, WJAC wrote, citing law enforcement.

The lengths she went in order to allegedly scam the boyfriend out of a total of $40,000 included claiming to be treated at a hospital where she was never a patient and faking texts from nurses on her cellphone.

At one point, one of the fake nurse's texts informed the boyfriend that Zipp was in a "medically induced coma." However, the same day, state police have records of making a traffic stop involving Zipp, WJAC reports.

In the end, the only illness was a lovesick boyfriend, Bedford County Bill Higgins told WJAC:

"She basically exploited a romantic relationship with him to the point that they were engaged, or she said they were engaged to be married," Higgins said.

"I guess he's a very good-natured person," Higgins added of the boyfriend. "Wanted to help somebody. Thought he was in love. Thought she was in love with him, and invested an awful lot of money into a fictitious story."

Explained Higgins: "This is sometimes what happens when good people who want to help others fall victim to bad people who want to steal from others. Be careful who you're trusting."

via Penn Live

Jacksonville man arrested for stealing money from Toys for Tots donation jar

A man who admitted to stealing money from a Toys For Tots donation jar at a Jacksonville restaurant in December has been arrested, authorities said.

Officers had been looking for Zachary Allen Shultz, 25, since December and he admitted to stealing money from the donation jar at Flame Broiler, the police report said. Witnesses said Shultz also stole money from a tip jar at a Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

A witness who was working as a cashier during the theft at Flame Broiler identified Shultz as the man who took the money.

Officers arrested Shultz Feb. 10 while answering a call about a theft at Daily's Gas Station on Kings Road.

Shultz said he didn't think it was a big deal since there were a few dollars in the jar, the police report said. He also said that he didn't know that the money was for the Toys for Tots charity.

Shultz was taken to Shands Medical Center and absentee booked.

The police report did not identify the cause of Shultz's severe facial burns in his mugshot. 

via Action News Jax

Customs Agents Catch Two Women Smuggling 13 Pounds of Horse Genitalia Into the U.S.


Well, there's nothing controversial about THIS travel ban:  I'm sorry, but you simply can't bring a suitcase full of overseas wild animal genitalia into this country.



Customs and Border Protection officers at Washington Dulles International Airport were doing a routine agricultural inspection a few weeks ago.



And when they examined a suitcase that two women had brought with them on a flight from Mongolia, they hit the jackpot.



And by "jackpot," I mean the women had 13 pounds of HORSE GENITALIA.



The women claimed it was for medicinal purposes, and that may or may not have been true, but you still aren't allowed to bring it into the country.



The big risk from smuggled horse meat is that it could be contaminated with foot and mouth disease, which could spread to animals here.  So all of those horse genitals were destroyed. 



(ABC 2 – Baltimore)

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