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#RizzNews: Chesterfield residents voice concerns about how Prop P money should be spent. Lucky’s Market Ellisville store to close Aug. 26. Another Carjacking In The Maplewood Area AND MORE


Chesterfield residents voice concerns about how Prop P money should be spent

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CHESTERFIELD, MO – Dozens of Chesterfield residents packed City Hall Monday night to address concerns over how money generated from Proposition P will actually be used.

“We need the services the police provide and you’re taking their money” said Chesterfield resident David Kaplan.

In April, St. Louis County voters approved Proposition P; a sales tax that would generate millions of dollars a year to help improve police and public safety in the county and its municipalities.  A little more than half of the money would be given to St. Louis County and the remaining money would be split among the county’s 89 municipalities.

“To think that our mayor and city council alone without voters input, could take what they intentionally voted for and to change that is not only illegal, but morally wrong” said resident Jami Dolby.

The latest controversy in Chesterfield started after Mayor Bob Nation suggested that he would like to use the city’s cut of Prop P funding for non-police uses like road repairs and snow removal- things he believes still fall under the realm of public safety.

“Public safety is a generic term that is applicable to much of what government does” said Nation.

“They deserve so much more” said Elizabeth Snyder, wife of fallen St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder.  “They put their lives on the line for every single one of these people in this room every single day” she said.

Nation says he supports police but notes that Chesterfield Police are already some of the highest paid in the county, earning a starting salary of just over $54,000 a year.  Supporters of Prop P and people who voted for it to be used for police and public safety, say there’s more to it than police pay.

“When it comes to better training, better armor, two man vehicles, there’s always a need” said Snyder.  “You can always put that money towards something more for our law enforcement officers” she said.

“Great we start out high pay for the police department- that’s great- we should be able to retain those officers” said resident David Kaplan.  “We don’t want to be the place where everyone comes to train and goes somewhere else” he said.

Where Proposition P money goes won’t be known until later this year when the council passes next year’s budget.  Until then, residents are hoping to keep the pressure on their city leaders to do the right thing. ​

“Think about your citizens, think about what your voters have voted for and think about the next election before you make a change” Dolby said.

Lucky’s Market Ellisville store to close Aug. 26

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ELLISVILLE • Lucky’s Market on Monday announced that they would close their Ellisville store on Aug. 26.

In a note posted to the company website, Lucky’s Market Founder and CEO Bo Sharon wrote, “(W)e just did not experience the growth we needed to keep this store open.”


Sharon said the company had “no intention” of closing the two other Missouri locations, in Rock Hill and Columbia, and just announced plans for a new store in Springfield, Mo.

The Colorado-based natural and specialty grocery opened the Ellisville location, at 15830 Fountain Plaza Drive, in 2014. It was expected to employ about 180 people.


Sharon wrote that employees will be paid severance and the company is paying for job placement services.

The Ellisville location had been vacant for years before Lucky’s opened. A Straub’s was there for less than a year, closing on Oct. 31, 2009, amid a troubled economy.

Another Carjacking In The Maplewood Area


Police in Maplewood are searching for three men who carjacked a group of women Sunday night on Southwest Avenue.

It happened around 11:30pm in the 7200 block of Southwest. Police say three men, two of them armed, approached a group of women who were unloading their car after returning from vacation. One of the suspects had a handgun, the other had a shotgun and police say one of the victim’s tried to fight back.

“The guy with the shotgun punched her in the face, she was able to get the shotgun away from him, they hopped in her car and took off,” said Megan Andersen, a neighbor who came outside after the robbery happened.

Police say the woman suffered scrapes and cuts.

Investigators could be seen leaving the scene with an evidence box that appeared to hold the shotgun. They also say a stolen car was left behind at the scene. Right now there is no surveillance that police made available.

This is the latest in a rash of carjackings in Maplewood.

In June, there were two carjackings and three attempted carjackings. Charles Ackerman was charged in four of the incidents.

Neighbors like Andersen feel on edge following the carjacking.

“It could have been me.”

A Former WASH U Dean In Trouble Over Child Porn Charges

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ST. LOUIS • A former Washington University official pleaded guilty Monday to a federal child pornography charge and could face up to 20 years in prison for the crime.

Justin X. Carroll, a former dean of students and interim athletic director over his 36-year tenure at Washington University, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Rodney Sippel to a count of access with intent to view child pornography. Carroll was indicted in January.

Federal agents tracking a group of people sharing child pornography online identified Carroll as one of the participants by tracing internet protocol addresses to computers at Washington University and Carroll’s home in University City, prosecutors have said. The indictment covers activity between November 2015 and December 2016.

Carroll admitted viewing more than 15 child porn videos and more than 600 images of children engaged in sex acts using a laptop, a smartphone and a desktop computer.

The indictment lists an alias of “MOperv” for Carroll, and says that he was caught with videos that featured prepubescent boys.

Carroll, 67, of the 500 block of North and South Road, appeared before a federal judge Monday with his lawyer. Carroll’s lawyer, Paul D’Agrosa, declined to comment after the hearing.

Washington University officials said in January that Carroll was retiring for personal reasons. A spokeswoman said Monday that Carroll was placed on leave Jan. 5 and formally retired from the university Feb. 1.In addition to a possible 20-year sentence, he could be ordered to pay up to $250,000 fine. Sentencing is set for Oct. 26.

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