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#RizzList: Six Key Updates on the Las Vegas Shooting…A Unique Costume Is More Likely to Get You a Date Than a Sexy One, Plus Three More Halloween Stats..


Six Key Updates on the Las Vegas Shooting




1.  The shooter’s girlfriend got back into the country from the Philippines Tuesday night and the FBI immediately met her at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.


They’re hoping she has some answers as to his motive, but it’s not looking good . . . in a statement from her attorney, she said she never saw ANY indication that he’d do anything like this.



2.  Other details are coming out about the shooter as well, but it’s too early to see any of them as a definitive answer.  We’ve learned that he’d been on an anti-anxiety medication that can cause aggression since June.



And employees at the Starbucks in his hometown of Mesquite, Nevada say he was verbally abusive to his girlfriend.  Her family also believes he surprised her with this trip she went on to the Philippines so she wouldn’t get in the way of his plan.



3.  There’s also a chance he initially planned on shooting at a DIFFERENT festival.  It turns out he booked hotel rooms overlooking the Life Is Beautiful festival the previous weekend in Las Vegas that featured Lorde, Chance the Rapper, and many more.



4.  And it turns out the casualties could have been MUCH greater on Sunday if the shooter’s full plan had been realized.



He tried to create a HUGE explosion by firing several shots at two large tanks filled with jet fuel about 2,000 feet away from his hotel room, and about 900 feet beyond the country music concert.  According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, at least one bullet actually penetrated one of the tanks, and construction crews have since repaired two holes in it.



5.  The GoFundMe for the survivors of the shooting and the victims’ families just passed the $9 million mark in less than two days.  More than 73,000 people have contributed.



6.  A new hero’s name emerged yesterday.  A Mandalay Bay security guard named Jesus Campos found the shooter’s room during the massacre.  He was unarmed, but he drew fire away from the festival when the shooter shot at him through the door.



He was shot in the leg, but he radioed his location in, which helped the police find the correct room.  And he helped evacuate people out of rooms on the floor until the cops ordered him to go get treatment for his wound.



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A Unique Costume Is More Likely to Get You a Date Than a Sexy One, Plus Three More Halloween Stats



A new survey asked people if they’re planning to dress up this year, and it’s basically a 50/50 split.  Here are four stats from the survey . . .


1.  51% of us are interested in wearing a costume this year.  So almost half of us AREN’T.  16% are also planning to put their PET in a costume.



2.  40% of people who are dressing up will start pulling their costume together by next week at the latest.  Almost half of those people said they’ve already started.



3.  The three most popular themes this year are funny costumes, unique costumes, and sexy costumes.  Yes, funny costumes are the most popular.



4.  But if you’re trying to HOOK UP on Halloween, a UNIQUE costume might be better than a sexy one.  27% of people said a one-of-a-kind costume would make the best impression.  Sexy costumes and funny costumes each got 20% of the vote. 





The 10 Best Types of Donuts




1.  Glazed.


2.  Chocolate frosted.


3.  Boston cream.


4.  Chocolate with sprinkles.


5.  Maple.


6.  Cinnamon.


7.  Jelly.


8.  Powdered.


9.  Double chocolate . . . that’s a chocolate donut with chocolate frosting.


10.  Custard filled. 






(And on a related note, a donut shop in Australia just started selling GLOW IN THE DARK donuts.  They’re iced with a Japanese fruit called yuzu that contains enough vitamin B to glow in the dark.)