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A DoorDash Driver Delivered Food to a Radio DJ, Then Defecated in a Lobby Trash Can – LINK

Center of population stays in Missouri, moves west by 11.8 miles – LINK

Fans demand justice after popular Missouri dog killed in crash – LINK

Jeff Bezos Made an Audience Groan with a $500,000 Donation – LINK


Hear this cover Taylor Swift’s Never? So Swift’s newly re recorded Red album came out on vinyl recently. Young Swifties went out and bought the crap out of it. Many bought from Target and then left 1 star reviews!!! What!! One said, quote, “Some man is on [the album] singing every song, not Taylor Swift!  Please help.” Another said, quote, “It’s like Taylor’s voice from beyond the grave.  Is this a disgusting joke about Halloween?  Not sure.” The vinyl version was pressed at 45 RPM, instead of the standard 33 RPM. Several people have now left reviews just to inform others that you have to play the records at 45 RPM.  The same thing is happening at Amazon. 

NETFLIX released a list of its most popular TV shows and movies by the amount of hours they were viewed.  

Here are their top shows (LINK):

  1. “Squid Game”. . . 1.6 billion. 
  1. “Bridgerton”. . . 625 million. 
  1. “Money Heist: Part 4”. . . 619 million. 
  1. “Stranger Things 3”. . . 582 million. 
  1. “The Witcher”. . . 541 million. 
  1. “13 Reasons Why: Season 2”. . . 496 million. 
  1. “13 Reasons Why: Season 1”. . . 476 million. 
  1. “Maid”. . . 469 million. 
  1. “You: Season 3”. . . 468 million. 
  1. “You: Season 2”. . . 457 million.


Top movies 

  1. “Bird Box”. . . 282 million. 
  1. “Extraction”. . . 231 million. 
  1. “The Irishman”. . . 215 million. 
  1. “The Kissing Booth 2”. . . 209 million. 
  1. “6 Underground”. . . 205 million. 
  1. “Spenser Confidential”. . . 197 million. 
  1. “Enola Holmes”. . . 190 million. 
  1. “Army of the Dead”. . . 187 million. 
  1. “The Old Guard”. . . 186 million. 
  1. “Murder Mystery”. . . 170 million. 


In related news, Netflix announced yesterday that they’ll release weekly lists ranking shows and movies by their total hours viewed on Top10Netflix.com (LINK). 

The big “Harry Potter” reunion special is indeed happening, and it’s happening soon.  It’ll start streaming on HBO Max on January 1st, and there’s already a teaser for it, although it doesn’t show any new footage.  All the actors seem to be around for this.  The teaser promises “many more” guests . . .  but one name that’s been GLARINGLY omitted is J.K. ROWLING. So-called “sources” close to the project say she’ll be featured in archival footage, but will NOT make a new appearance in the special. It’s not clear if she’s been asked, or if she’s even WANTED.  She sparked some backlash last year with comments about trans people, and how they should be defined by their biological sex – LINK 

After all of the drama with “Jeopardy!” for Levar Burton, he was the fans choice, he said it was the only gig he really ever wanted, his week was very well received…yet he didn’t get the gig. Another dude is name then controversy and he is removed. I am glad to announce Levar Burton has officially been named the host of Trivial Pursuit. He’ll also be an executive producer. It’s probably worth mentioning that it hasn’t been picked up by a network yet. “Trivial Pursuit” has been a show before back in 1993 with Wink Martindale hosting and 2008 with Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) hosting – LINK    

The trailer is here for Spider-Man: No Way Home! You’ve got Alfred Molina as Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Jamie Foxx as Electro popping into this Universe looking for Spider-Man. Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, is also sporting a darker Spider suit while trying to recruit Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange to make everyone forget he is Spider-Man. Despite all the rumors, this Phase 4 trailer didn’t give us Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield back in their Spider-Man roles. Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.

The NFL and Bud Light have announced their lineup for The Super Bowl Music Fest beginning February 10th! Machine Gun Kelly will perform Thursday night and Green Day and Miley Cyrus will take over Saturday night. The Super Bowl Music Fest will have surprise appearances by celebrities and athletes as well.  Grab ticket details at Ticketmaster.com.

Peloton has featured workout sessions with Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Red Hot Chili Peppers in the past. And with today being Wednesdave Peloton have Foo Fighters for their Artist Series workouts starting with a Peloton Warm-Up Run at 9 am and a ride at 10 am. There’s also a 30-minute Foo Fighters yoga session at 5 pm, a 30-minute run at 6 pm, and a full-body strength session at 6:30 pm.

Amazon and Netflix offer content in the R and MA rated arena. Disney does not. Disney CEO Bob Chapek says they had “disappointing subscription growth in the fourth quarter” and they need to add more adult aimed content to keep up. Former CEO Bob Iger disagrees. Current Bob also is discussing bringing ads to Disney Plus to bring in some cash. Disney Execs Reportedly In Heated Debate over Adult Content 

Science has apparently determined  the ultimate all-around song. What does that mean exactly?  Stay with me here. Researchers at a university in Denmark set out to determine if there’s a pattern to the music we listen to throughout the day.  They broke the day into five blocks:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, and Late Night / Early Morning. They found that we DO prefer different types of music at different times of day . . . like “slow but energetic” songs in the morning, “Louder, faster” music in the afternoon, “danceable” songs in the evening, and so on. But this song has musical qualities that allow it to drift through all five blocks. One of the researchers says, quote, “It’s a very in-the-middle type of song.  It’s a medium tempo.  It’s a bit groovy, but not too much groovy.  It doesn’t have any loud surprises.  And it’s all over just a very pleasant, perhaps even a bit bland song.”

KRISTEN STEWART is developing a GAY ghost hunting reality series with a friend. She said the series will be, quote, “a paranormal romp in a queer space.” It’s still in the development stages, but Kristen already has a few ideas on her laptop to pitch.  Quote, “Gay people love pretty things . . . so we are aiming for a richness.”

Celebrating a Birthday today:

Isaac Hanson is 41. The eldest Hanson.

Rachel McAdams is 43

Daisy Fuentes is 55. MTV’s first Latin VJ.

Guns N Roses guitarist and St. Louis’ own Richard Fortus is 55

RuPaul is 61.

Actor Stephen Root is 70.

Danny DeVito is 77

SNL’s Lorne Michaels is 77

Director Martin Scorsese is 79.

Singer Gordon Lightfoot is 83.


Amber Michaels

Today’s birthday girl has been in 426 fine films, including:

  • 69th and Anal Street
  • The Best Of Flesh Peddlers
  • Confessions of a Bondage Lover
  • The Four Finger Club 1 & 19
  • Frosty The Snow Ho
  • Grand Theft Orgy 2
  • Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo 8
  • And who can forget her role in 2005’s Packed!

Amber Michaels is 53 years old.

Sports Report 1

The Blues got goals from Jordan Kyrou and Tory Krug had the Blues tied up at 2 until about 13 minutes into the 3rd when the Coyotes scored and took the lead for good.  It was the Coyotes 2nd win of the season.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Win #2 for the Coyotes.  The Blues look to rebound tomorrow night against the Sharks.

We now have our answers as to who will get Manager of the Year honors in baseball.  The Giants Gabe Kapler got the honors in the NHL.  He lead the Giants to a franchise-record 107 wins last season.  Former Cardinals manager Mike Schildt finished 3rd in the voting.  Over on the AL side of things – Kevin Cash was named the AL Manager of the Year for the second year in a row.  The only other manager to win two years in a row? Former Braves manager Bobby Cox.

Next year – Thursday Night Football is heading exclusively to Amazon.  And who will be calling the games?  As of right now – we don’t have an answer.  However – if Amazon has their way – it’ll be what they are calling a DREAM TEAM.  They are currently looking at Al Michaels (who’s contract with NBC runs out in 2022) and Troy Aikman – who currently is working for Fox.  It’s unclear if the two will continue to work for their networks or if they would exclusively work with Amazon.  Amazon is paying $1 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR from 2022 to 2032 to stream Thursday Night games.  People are saying Al Michaels is almost a 90% in while Aikman is up in the air.  Other names being tossed around – Cris Collinsworth and Drew Brees.

After operating under the same name for over two decades, the Staples Center will soon be known by another name. The home of the Lakers, Clippers, Sparks and Kings will reportedly be renamed for new sponsor Crypto.com as part of a multi-year deal. The agreement is believed to be the largest naming rights deal in the U.S. and will take effect on Dec. 25. Crypto.com is believed to have paid over $700 million for the naming rights. Founded in 2016, the website bills itself as the “world’s fastest growing crypto app,” and offers products such as NFTs and metal Visa cards.

The Fenway Sports Group, whose portfolio includes the Red Sox, is expected to buy the Penguins. The two sides are near an agreement and the FSG board will vote to approve the deal on Thursday. If the two sides can come to an agreement, the NHL board of governors will need to approve the deal.  FSG is backed by billionaire John Henry while Ron Burkle and Mario Lemieux have been the Penguins’ majority owners since 1999. Lemieux, Pittsburgh’s all-time leading scorer who won two Stanley Cups as a player in 1991 and 1992, would still maintain a minority stake in the team if the deal goes through.

Two HUGE upsets yesterday in the world of college basketball.  First off – the big one – the 4th ranked team in the country – the Michigan Wolverines, lost last night to unranked Seton Hall 67-65.  Also getting upset last night, the Oregon Beavers lost to unranked BYU.  And by a bunch.  Final score was 81-49.  One upset that DIDN’T happen – SLU was unable to beat Memphis as they picked up the 90-74 win.  The Billikens next game is Saturday when they host Mercer.

Speaking of colleges – the College Football Playoff Rankings for Week 12 were released yesterday.  Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, and Ohio State all still sit as your top 4.  Oklahoma had the biggest drop as they went from 8th to 13th after losing to Baylor – LINK

Yesterday a goal from Timothy Weah (WAY) gave the U.S that 1-1 tie against Jamaica in World Cup Qualifiers.  The US – who beat Mexico 2-0 on Friday – are now in 2nd place after Canada beat Mexico last night 2-1.  Up next, another qualifier against Bosnia on the 18th of December.

And finally — The International Olympic Committee will allow federations to make their own eligibility criteria on transgender and intersex athletes rather than adopt one that is for everyone. The IOC made its announcement (LINK) yesterday. According to a new framework, the IOC calls on federations to focus on inclusion, prevention of harm, non-discrimination, fairness, no presumption of advantage, evidence-based approach, right to privacy and periodic reviews in their determinations regarding the athletes’ participation. The IOC has had a policy on transgender and intersex athletes in place since 2004. The initial policy required gender reassignment surgery for an athlete to compete in their chosen gender. That policy was changed in 2015, but the IOC still required athletes to meet a certain testosterone threshold to compete