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Paprika Will Stop The Bleeding

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A New Study Found Daylight Saving Time Is Harder on Night Owls

It’s weird to put this study out four months AFTER we shifted the clocks.  But a new study at the University of Michigan found moving to Daylight Saving Time in March was probably a lot harder if you’re a NIGHT OWL.

Researchers looked at how long it took different people to adjust to waking up an hour earlier.  Half were night owls, and half were early birds.  And they found it takes significantly longer for night owls to adjust.

Morning people were back to normal in about three days . . . while night owls took over a week to feel right again.  But when we “fall back” in November, they say it won’t matter what you are.  Morning people and night owls adjust at about the same rate.

The Dumbest Things Doctors Have Heard from Patients

Who do you trust more?  Your doctor . . . or whatever Google spits out when you type, “My toe hurts.  Am I DYING?”  Someone on Reddit asked doctors to name the dumbest things they’ve heard from patients who decided to be their OWN doctor.  Here are a few highlights . . .

1.  A guy showed up to the E.R. with a minor cut, and there was red powder all over his hand.  It turned out he put paprika on it to “stop the bleeding.”

2.  A lady called her doctor to ask if her hemorrhoid cream would still work on vacation . . . because she read you’re only supposed to apply it “locally.”

3.  Someone had a cut that was seriously infected.  It turned out they’d rubbed dirt in it, because they heard it would stimulate their immune response.

4.  A doctor mentioned that his back was hurting . . . and the person he was talking to immediately diagnosed HIM with “spine cancer.”  They were wrong.

5.  (Careful)  A woman read that drinking your own PEE was a good idea . . . then ONLY drank that, and ended up in the hospital with kidney issues.

6.  A baby had really bad diaper rash, because the mom had been pouring water into new diapers before putting them on.  She said she thought you were supposed to . . . because diaper ads always show people pouring liquids in them.


2% of People Think the Summer Olympics Should Add . . . Quidditch? – (YouGov)


A Man Got a DUI for Driving a Drone Under the Influence (SoraNews24 / TellerReport)

Woman Arrested For Beating Herself Up  – https://www.wfxb.com/2021/07/23/woman-arrested-for-beating-herself-up/

A Man Shows Up at the Wrong House for a Party and Gets Busted for Drunk Driving (The Recorder / News10)

Drunk Guy Accidentally Takes $1,200 Uber From Kid Rock’s Bar In Nashville All The Way Back Home To Alabama https://www.whiskeyriff.com/2021/07/20/drunk-guy-accidentally-takes-1200-uber-from-kid-rocks-bar-in-nashville-all-the-way-back-home-to-alabama/


A Guy Standing Next to a Miniature Horse with His Pants Down Claimed, “It’s Not What It Looks Like” – (Ottawa Citizen)



Yesterday I mentioned 56 year old Dr. Dre will be paying more than $3.5 million a year in spousal support to his ex-wife 51 year old Nicole Young.  Along with the $293,306 each month in spousal support, he will cover the expenses of their Malibu and Pacific Palisades homes, along with taking care of Nicole’s health insurance. The agreement, which is consistent with the couple’s prenuptial agreement, will be set in place until Nicole remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership, either of them dies or “until further order of the Court.” Nicole and her lawyers were trying for $2 million a month.

Country singer LUKE COMBS paid the funeral expenses of the three men who died from carbon monoxide poisoning at last weekend’s Faster Horses festival in Michigan.  Luke was Friday’s headliner, and that was the last show they saw before they died.  The other two men are still in critical condition.


Live Nation is offering flat $20 concert tickets. Almost 1,000 shows to choose from, at Live Nation venues.  Tickets on sale to the public on Wednesday at LiveNation.com. If you have T-Mobile or Sprint, you will have the chance to score them a day before through the “T-Mobile Tuesdays” app. Here are of some of the artists that will be participating: Jonas Brothers, Alice Cooper, The Doobie Brothers, The Black Crowes, Maroon 5, KISS, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Alanis Morissette, 311, Luke Bryan, Pitbull, Lil Baby, Trippie Redd, Kings of Leon, Lady A

WHITNEY HOUSTON is doing a residency at Harrah’s casino in Las Vegas this fall called “An Evening with Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Concert”. Holo-Whitney will sing in the real Whitney’s actual voice, accompanied by a LIVE four-piece band, back-up singers, AND dancers. While this seems like a cash grab from her estate, Whitney’s former manager and CEO of her estate, Pat Houston, claims they talked about the concept of her as a hologram before she passed away. She added, quote, “‘An Evening With Whitney’ is another chance for us to relive and celebrate the talent that we were so lucky to receive for more than three decades.” You can get tickets today at Ticketmaster or WhitneyVegas.com.  It opens on October 26th at the Harrah’s casino.

 SEAN PENN is doing a limited series for Starz called “Gaslit” . . . it’s about the Watergate scandal.  But he’s reportedly holding out because not everyone on the crew is vaccinated. The company that’s producing the show only mandates that the cast and everyone who comes in close contact with the cast be vaccinated . . . but he wants everyone involved in the production to get a vaccine. He’s even offering to give them out free through his non-profit organization.

 Timothée Chalamet stars in Dune  with Zendaya I have a link on the blog for the new trailer.  Along with the film, Dune is being spun off as a TV show. Dune will debut in theaters and on HBO Max on Oct. 22.

Joe Rogan accused Saturday Night Live of stealing jokes during an interview on his podcast with fired cast member Shane Gillis. Gillis is the guy they hired then let him go after some old podcast audio and video of him came out. 

HBO announced that Curb Your Enthusiasm would be getting an eleventh season in late June 2020. David’s response? “Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are. One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve.” According to David’s Curb co-star Jeff Garlin, fans shouldn’t expect too many more seasons of the largely improvised comedy. In June, Garlin predicted that, “We could maybe do one more [season], maybe. You know, Larry is in his 70s.” Curb Your Enthusiasm’s 11th season will debut by the end of the year.

What is the OG celebrity reality show? It’s been almost 20 years since “The Surreal Life” premiered, jamming random collections of B-list and lower celebrities into a house to see what kind of insanity would ensue. Over the years we were rewarded with such classic moments as a drunk and naked Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer peeing in the corner of a room . . . MC Hammer officiating Vince Neil’s wedding . . . Vanilla Ice infuriating Gary Coleman by lifting him up . . .And, of course, Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen fornicating. The show ran for six seasons, until 2006.  And now it’s BACK.  A seventh season is coming this fall, and the cast has already been announced: We’ve got Dennis Rodman. . . our last president’s favorite porn star Stormy Daniels. . . rapper August Alsina. . . actress Kim Coles. . . YouTuber Manny MUA . . . Tamar Braxton . . . former WWE star C.J. “Lana” Perry . . . and Frankie Muniz from “Malcolm in the Middle”. There’s no word on an exact premiere date. 

 The game show version of Frogger will be hosted by Damon Wayans Jr. Frogger will have its players dodging cars and jumping over alligators and hippos for a $100,000 prize. The series is based on the long-lived Konami video game, which has spawned more than 30 titles since its introduction in 1981 as an arcade console.










               Brandi Edwards

Today’s birthday girl has been in 133 fine films, including:

– Big Sausage Pizza 18

– Carpet Layer

– I Scored a Soccer Mom 3

– The Mayshag Man

– Mrs. Bitch 3

– Plunder The Booty

– White Girls in the Hood

– And who can forget her role in 2007’s Juice On The Loose


Brandi Edwards is 41 years old.


On his birthday he picked up 7 strikeouts and he also got some help while some records were being set.  Dylan Carlson hit THREE extra base hits (a homer and two doubles) becoming the youngest Cardinal to do so since Albert Pujols did it in 2000.  Oh, and for the cherry on top?  The Cards picked up the 3-2 win over the Cubs.  Tonight the team is in Cinci to take on the Reds.  Wade LeBlanc is scheduled to get the start.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:10PM.

The St. Louis Blues will open their 82-game regular season schedule on Saturday, Oct. 16 with a first-round playoff rematch against the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena. That game will kick off a three-game season opening-road trip for the Blues, who will return to St. Louis for the 2021-22 home opener on Saturday, Oct. 23 vs. the Los Angeles Kings. The regular-season schedule will feature 26 meetings with division rivals – four each against Arizona, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville and Winnipeg, and three each against Colorado and Minnesota. The remaining games will include 24 matchups against Pacific Division teams and 32 games (one home, one away) against all Eastern Conference opponents. Game times will be released at a later date.


One day after announcing he was stepping away from baseball, Yermín Mercedes was back with the Chicago White Sox’s Triple-A affiliate yesterday. The White Sox confirmed Thursday that Mercedes, the surprising rookie who carried the team with his booming bat early in the season and then got sent to the minors after a prolonged slump, was in uniform for the Charlotte Knights’ 5-3 loss to the Durham Bulls. Mercedes, who did not play Thursday, also apologized in an Instagram post. HE WROTE: “I’m never going to give up. I spent 10 years in the minor league and I have always understood that this is a big and long process but the talent that I have shown speaks for itself. I owe myself to my family, my organization and my fans. I asked again for forgiveness if I have failed them. Baseball is in my blood … and I thank God for guiding me to the right path and to make the correct decision. I love everyone. I’m back.”


Nelson Cruz packed up his big bat and joined a contender. The Tampa Bay Rays acquired Cruz, one of baseball’s most proven sluggers, in a four-player trade with the Minnesota Twins on Thursday night. Moments before opening a four-game series at Cleveland, the Rays, who entered the night just one game behind first-place Boston in the American League East, announced they got Cruz and a minor leaguer from Minnesota in exchange for 2 minor league right-handers.  Cruz, 41, is a seven-time All-Star with 436 career homers and 1,202 RBIs. He’ll bring some needed pop to Tampa Bay’s lineup and should help the Rays against left-handers.



Not all Olympians are wide-eyed kids with a dream.  Some of them are seasoned professional athletes . . . and already incredibly wealthy.  Here are the nine highest-paid Olympians of the Summer Games, and what they made over the past year:


  1. Kevin Durant, USA.  Basketball.  $75 million.  He’s on the Brooklyn Nets.
  2.  Naomi Osaka, Japan.  Tennis.  $60 million.
  3. Damian Lillard, USA.  Basketball.  $40.5 million.  He’s on the Portland Trailblazers.
  4. Novak Djokovic, Serbia.  Tennis.  $34.5 million.
  5. Rory McIlroy, Northern Ireland.  Golf.  $32 million.
  6. (tie)  Kei Nishikori, Japan.  Tennis.  $30.5 million.
  7. (tie)  Devin Booker, USA.  Basketball.  $30.5 million.  He’s on the Phoenix Suns, who just lost the NBA Championship to the Milwaukee Bucks.
  8. Khris Middleton, USA.  Basketball.  $27 million.  He just WON an NBA Championship with the Milwaukee Bucks.
  9. Jrue Holiday, USA.  Basketball.  $23 million.  He’s also on the Bucks.


Austin FC’s Q2 Stadium just opened last month but it’s already on its way to becoming a U.S. soccer fixture. The women’s national team played a pre-Olympic friendly there, it’ll host a Gold Cup semifinal next week and then on Oct. 7, it’ll be the site of the World Cup qualifier between the U.S. men and Jamaica. The USMNT-Jamaica match will be the fourth of 14 that each team must play in World Cup qualifying, which will send the top three finishers to next year’s tournament in Qatar and the fourth-place side to an intercontinental playoff.

The NFL announced Thursday it will not allow games to be rescheduled in 2021 in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. The league’s new policy was announced in a memo sent to all 32 teams. If a team is forced to cancel a game due to COVID-19 infections among its non-vaccinated players, said the team will likely have to forfeit the contest. Organizations that cause cancelations in 2021 could also face discipline from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. COVID-19 forced a number of postponements during the 2020 season, though all teams played the entire 16-game schedule. There were no postponements in the playoffs, and Super Bowl was held as scheduled on Feb. 7. The 2021 season is slated to begin on Thursday, Sept. 9 when the Buccaneers host the Cowboys.

Jets assistant coach Greg Knapp has died from the injuries sustained in a bicycle accident over the weekend.  A friend broke the new yesterday and the Jets confirmed the passing later on Thursday night.  Knapp was hospitalized in critical condition earlier in the week after he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle.  The team posted and said….”[Greg] was rendered unconscious immediately.  Greg never regained consciousness. He was surrounded by his mom, wife, 3 daughters and brother.”