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A Guy Who Keeps Trying to Run Across the Ocean in a Hamster Wheel Failed Again – LINK

Brackenridge robber deposits $50, then steals $100k from his own credit union – LINK

An Armed Thief Tries to Rob a Sex Shop and Gets Beaten with an X-Rated Toy – DailyMail

A Guy’s Family Size Box of Frosted Flakes Was Actually Full of Heroin – WPRI

‘Pretending to be a badass’: Florida man shoots himself while showing off gun – FoxNews

Cape Town Cops Arrested for Kidnapping Innocent Stranger to Replace Escapee – LINK

Footprints mystery solved – LINK


Today is National Father-in-Law Day.  No need to call, just an FYI.  (Full Story)


Marilyn Manson has filed to have Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco’s sexual assault lawsuit dismissed.  Bianco says Manson sexually assaulted her, tied her down, whipped, cut, and electrocuted her. Manson’s team says the claims are past the statute of limitations. The lawyers on HIS side also says she has “spent months plotting, workshopping, and fine-tuning” her “twisted tale” to monetize and exploit the #MeToo movement.

Scarlett Johansson has sued Disney over lost money from Black Widow. Scarlett wants back-end compensation after Disney decided to release the movie on streaming at the same time as it was in theaters. She was to earn certain bonuses based on the box office numbers. Disney says first of all she has already earned $20 million for her work in the movie. And …“There is no merit whatsoever to this filing,” Disney said… “The lawsuit is especially sad and distressing in its callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Disney did not provide any information about whether or not Johansson’s pact was renegotiated so that she could share in streaming rental revenue. 

Have you heard the trailer for the original “Star Wars” that someone made to sound like a love story between Luke and Leia?… (AUDIO)   It wasn’t until “Return of the Jedi” in 1983 that we found out they were SIBLINGS.  The original trailer concentrates SOLELY on the supposed budding “love affair” between them. So the question is, did George Lucas even KNOW Luke and Leia were going to be brother and sister when he made “Star Wars”?  Or was it just the marketing department that was in the dark? Maybe the ad was meant to make the reveal even that more surprising?  That would have been weird . . . but kind of brilliant.  

If you’ve seen a recent episode of “Jeopardy”, you’ve likely seen the latest champion, Matt from Connecticut. Viewers are calling him the “most annoying” contestant ever . . . and with reason. Basically no matter what the question is, he answers “What”, even if it’s in response to a person. . . which he SHOULD then be answering “Who”. For instance, when the answer to a clue was “Jim Parsons”, he said, “What’s Parsons?” He’s clearly a smart guy, so I’m not quite understanding why he doesn’t get it.

Arnold Movie Quote Quiz…

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS singer ANTHONY KIEDIS is selling his Hawaiian home for about $10 million.  It’s on the North Shore of Kauai . . . and built near ANCIENT BURIAL GROUNDS. Anthony actually bought the undeveloped land from SYLVESTER STALLONE in 2005 for $2.6 million.  Of course there were roadblocks when archaeologists discovered an ancient burial ground on his neighbor’s property during an excavation in 2007. Anthony eventually got the green light to build after it was deemed “body-free”, but protestors argued that he was desecrating the burial ground. 

Here is a list of wild purchases made by celebrities: 

  1.  Justin Bieber. . . He bought a Cadillac CTS-V and had it transformed into a Batmobile worth about a quarter million . . . He’s also spent $5K on a custom gold grill for a Halloween costume and $15K on a custom ROSE gold grill. 
  1. Kanye Westand Kim Kardashian . . . They furnished their Bel Air mansion with FOUR gold-plated toilets for $750,000. 
  1. Nicolas Cage. . . Spent almost $300K on a dinosaur skull before returning it to Mongolia because it turned out to be stolen. He also bought the most haunted house in the country, the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans . . . and a castle in Germany.  Oh and as everyone knows, he’s a HUGE Superman fan, so he also spent $150,000 on a copy of the FIRST Superman comic.   
  1. Oprah. . . Bought a marble and onyx bathtub that is molded to the shape of her body. 
  1. Mike Tyson. . . Bought a $2 million 24K gold bathtub for his wife at the time. 
  1. Paris Hilton. . . Had a $325,000 doghouse built that’s modeled after her mansion. 
  1. Kim Basinger. . . Bought a WHOLE Georgia town in 1989 for $20 million with the intention of making it a tourist destination. 
  1. Miley Cyrus. . . Bought a Range Rover just to take her dogs in, since they weren’t allowed in her other cars. 
  1. Tyrese Gibson. . . Bought a private island for his daughter who was only 8-years-old at the time.  

New music out today 

  • Happier Than Ever (LINK), Billie Eilish.  This is her second album.  Earlier this week it broke Apple Music’s record for “Most Pre-Saved Album” with over one million pre-adds.  There will be an accompanying concert film on Disney+ on September 3rd.  


  • Welcome 2 America (LINK), Prince.  It is the first complete, previously unreleased album to come out since his passing in 2016.  Prince recorded it in 2010, but abandoned it for some reason.  It features a cover of Soul Asylum’s”Stand Up and B Strong”. 

Check out the trailer for “House of Gucci”, starring LADY GAGA, ADAM DRIVER, and JARED LETO.

Celebrating a Birthday today:

Soccer’s Hope Solo is 40.

Hilary Swank is 47.

The former Mrs. Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor is 50.

Tom Green is 50.

Director Christopher Nolan is 51.

Terry Crews is 53.

Vivica A. Fox is 57.

Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from Friends is 58.

Celebrity chef Alton Brown is 59.

Laurence Fishburne is 60.

Singer Kate Bush is 63.

Sylvester Stallone’s brother Frank Stallone is 70.

William Atherton is 74.  Character actor known for playing EPA inspector Walter Peck in “Ghostbusters”, and reporter Richard Thornburg in “Die Hard”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is 74.

Singer/songwriter Paul Anka is 80.

On Saturday

Rico Rodriguez II is 23.  Manny Delgado on “Modern Family”.

  1. Shadows is 40.  Avenged Sevenfold singer.

B.J. Novak is 42.  Ryan on “The Office” . . . and writer extraordinaire.  He went from being Michael’s intern to being his boss . . . then back to being a temp.

Zac Brown is 43.  Country superstar.

J.K. Rowling is 56.  Brilliant British writer who gave us “Harry Potter” . . . and who is now richer than the Queen of England.

Wesley Snipes is 59.  “Blade” and “Expendables 3” star and noted tax cheat.

Mark Cuban is 63.  Dallas Mavericks owner.  He’s one of the few people who became billionaires off the FIRST dot-com boom.  He sold Broadcast.com for $5.9 billion in Yahoo stock . . . then quickly cashed out.

And on Sunday

Jason Momoa is 42.  Aquaman in “Justice League”

Tempestt Bledsoe is 48.  Vanessa Huxtable on “The Cosby Show”.

Adam Duritz is 57.  Lead singer of Counting Crows.

Coolio is 58.  Rap legend.  “Gangsta’s Paradise”.

Chuck D is 61.  Public Enemy

Joe Elliott is 62.  Def Leppard’s singer.

Porn B

                         Tamara Lee 

Today’s birthday girl has been in 70 fine films, including:

– Big Guns

– Big Melons 26 & 35

– Born For Porn

– Cat On A Hot Sin Roof

– One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Breast

– Return To Bazooka County

– And who can forget her role in 1990’s National Poontang’s Sex Vacation

Tamara Lee is 52 years old.

Sports Report 1

Yesterday – the Blues signed someone they have had their eyes on for the entire off season.  Yesterday, the team and Brandon Saad agreed to a five-year, $22.5 million contract. Saad has been in the League for 10 years – seven of which were played with the division rival Chicago Blackhawks. He spent two seasons with the Blue Jackets, and most recently with the Colorado Avalanche, where he posted seven goals in 10 playoff games this season. Overall, Saad has posted 184 goals and 187 assists and a plus-52 rating in his career. He won two Stanley Cups as a member of the Blackhawks (2013, 2015) and appeared in the 2016 NHL All-Star Game.

The other big trade yesterday – the New York Rangers got Ryan Reaves from the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for a third round pick.

Before we talk trades, lets talk Cardinals.  They’ve remained pretty quiet thus far…but it’s all good.  Maybe they are just focused on kicking the crap out of the Twins this weekend at Busch.  First pitch for tonight is scheduled ofr 7:15PM.  Wade LeBlanc gets the start.

After earlier reports had him heading to San Diego, Nationals ace Max Scherzer is reportedly being traded to the Dodgers. He won’t be going alone, as All-Star shortstop Trea Turner will head to Los Angeles as well. Washington will receive four minor leaguers in return. Scherzer, 37, was the top pitcher available on the trade market before Friday’s deadline. He is an eight-time All-Star and three-time Cy Young winner. This season, Scherzer is 8–4 with a 2.76 ERA and 147 strikeouts in 111 innings. He will be a free agent this offseason. Turner, 28, made his first career All-Star team this season and is batting .322 with 18 home runs and 21 stolen bases. He led the majors in hits last season and will not hit free agency until after the 2022 season.

Hours after shipping Max Scherzer and Trea Turner to Los Angeles, the Nationals are parting ways with another All-Star. Washington is sending outfielder Kyle Schwarber to the Red Sox. Schwarber, 28, has enjoyed a comeback year in Washington after signing with the Nationals on a one-year, $10 million deal this offseason. In 72 games, Schwarber is batting .253 with 25 home runs and 53 RBIs.

The Yankees are finalizing a deal that would send first baseman Anthony Rizzo from the Cubs to the Bronx. The team confirmed the transaction with an official announcement late Thursday night.  Rizzo, 31, is a three-time All-Star, hitting .269 over his 11-year career. Entering Thursday, Rizzo has a slash line of .248 with 14 homers, 41 runs scored and 40 RBI.

Russell Westbrook has found a new home with his hometown Lakers. The point guard, a 2024 second-round pick and a 2028 second-round pick were traded in exchange for Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, KCP and the Lakers No. 22 draft pick.  This marks Westbrook’s third trade in as many seasons after spending 2019-20 in Houston, who traded him to Washington for the 2020-21 season. Prior to that, he spent 11 seasons with Oklahoma City after the franchise selected him as the No. 4 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft less than a week before they relocated from Seattle.

Olympic swimmer Michael Andrew “violated” COVID-19 protocols by not wearing a mask in the mixed zone at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre.  The IOC is reviewing the matter with USA Swimming and “will take action as needed.” The statement read: “Not wearing a mask is a violation of the covid protocols put in place by both the USOPC and the Tokyo Olympic organizers – protocols we have been adamant in following as a delegation. We are currently reviewing this matter with the National Governing Body and will take action as needed.”  The swimmer is the most well-known unvaccinated athlete on Team USA, and while all of his teammates have worn masks in the mixed zone, he elected not to, citing health concerns.

The SEC has accepted Texas and Oklahoma into the conference following a vote on Thursday. The invitation—for now—is to allow Texas and Oklahoma to begin play in 2025 after they fulfill their contractual requirements with the Big 12. Thursday’s vote comes one week after reports emerged regarding Texas and Oklahoma’s potential exodus from the Big 12. The two schools sent formal applications to the SEC on Tuesday, further accelerating their conference move. A rep from the SEC said” “Today’s vote is both a testament to the SEC’s longstanding spirit of unity and mutual cooperation, as well as a recognition of the outstanding legacies of academic and athletic excellence established by the Universities of Oklahoma and Texas.”

Simone Biles sat out the women’s gymnastics all-around, but the U.S. STILL brought home the gold medal. 18-year-old Suni Lee won it, and Simone cheered her on from the stands.  She ended up winning by less than two-tenths of a point.  It’s her first Olympics, and her first Olympic gold.  She also won silver in the team event.  The U.S. also added some medals in swimming as Lilly King and Annie Lazor took home the silver and bronze in the 200-meter breaststroke . . . and Ryan Murphy scored a silver in the 200-meter backstroke.

Here’s the medal count as of last night.

  1. USA:  41. . . 14 gold, 16 silver, 11 bronze.
  2. China:  36 . . . 17 gold, 8 silver, 11 bronze.
  3. Russia:  31. . . 10 gold, 12 silver, 9 bronze.
  4. Japan:  26. . . 15 gold, 4 silver, 7 bronze.
  5. Great Britain:  24. . . 6 gold, 9 silver, 9 bronze.