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Apple releases the iPhone update that Facebook has been worried about for months – CNBC

Vehicle vandal caught on camera smashing windows, scratching cars – Fox2Now

The U.S. Census Bureau just released its first results from 2020.  The population is now 331,449,281, up 7.4% from 2010 . . . which is the second-slowest decade for population growth in the country ever.  (Full Story)

The oldest known whiskey is soon to be up for auction – CNN

A Kindergarten Teacher Is Arrested for Doing Cocaine at Work – WRIC

Las Vegas strip clubs given OK to reopen May 1 – KRON4

Here’s a random side effect of everyone being at home so much AND paying more attention than ever to personal hygiene:  More clogged pipes (link) from people flushing wipes

The world’s most elite SEX CLUB is opening again (link).  It’s called Snctm and it’s in New York City . . . they’re holding their first big event since the pandemic on May 15th.  If you’re interested, their memberships can cost around $80,000-a-year.

The Running of the Bulls in Spain has been canceled (link) for the second straight year because of the pandemic.

Life’s Big Questions Answered: How Would Clifford the Big Red Dog’s Owner Handle His Poop? – MentalFloss



Sunday’s “Oscars” were the lowest-rated of all time, with a mere 9.85 million viewers, which is down 58% from last year’s 23.64 million.  It’s also the first time the show has scored less than 10 million. It’s been steadily dropping for years, but this is by far the biggest dip. Check this out…2014: 43.7 million 2015: 37.3 million 2016: 34.4 million 2017: 32.9 million 2018: 26.5 million 2019: 29.6 million 2020: 23.6 million 2021: 9.8 million Still, Sunday’s show was the most-watched award show of the year. Speaking of the “Oscars” . . . CHADWICK BOSEMAN’s family does NOT feel that he was snubbed, and they’re not mad at ANTHONY HOPKINS for winning Best Actor.  They say EVERY nominated actor deserved it. Also, it’s not Anthony’s fault that the show ended without an acceptance speech from him.  Sources say his reps PLEADED with the producers to let him “attend” over Zoom, but they refused.

Maybe the Razzies would get more people to watch…This year’s Worst Picture award went to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s election fraud film Absolute Proof, which allegedly cost only $25,000 to make, and lost its maker about $65 million in cancelled business.” Lindell also won Worst Actor, while the Worst Actress Razzie went to Kate Hudson for her role in Sia’s heavily criticized Music,  the movie about a teen girl on the autism spectrum also earned Sia a Razzie for Worst Director and a Worst Supporting Actress award for Maddie Ziegler.  Rudy Giuliani was awarded two Razzies for the Borat movie. Worst Supporting Actor Razzie and The Worst Screen Combo Award went to “Rudy Giuliani & His Pants Zipper.” Dolittle and 365 Days had six nominations apiece but each picture only won one Razzie: Worst Screenplay for 365 Days and Worst Remake, Ripoff, or Sequel for Dolittle.  

Remember the auction of that pair of Kanye West shoes the prototype Nike Air Yeezy 1 he wore during his performance at the 2008 Grammys.  They went for  $1.8 million in a recent private sale, according to Sotheby’s, which brokered the deal. The $1.8 million sale price completely shatters the record for the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold … it’s the first pair to sell for over $1 million, nearly tripling the previous high of $615k for a pair of 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1s Michael Jordan wore when he broke a backboard during a preseason game in Italy. Sotheby’s says the buyer is RARES, a sneaker investment marketplace … so, chances are these shoes will sell again at some point. Start saving up!

Speaking of collectables…  EMINEM is a serious collector.  And one of the stranger things he collects is rap albums ON CASSETTE. One of the more elusive ones was “Illmatic” by NAS.  But he finally DID find one, STILL SEALED.  And he paid between $500 and $600 for it. He says, quote, “I think it’s backstock from what records stores had in the back storage.  The tapes that never sold and they just kept them.  That’s the only thing I can think of.   “‘Cause nobody’s going to have [an effing] ‘Illmatic’ tape and not open it.” 

Caitlyn Jenner is running for Governor of California.  Word is her sons didn’t want her to run, and they’re embarrassed she is. The Jenner bros — BrodyBrandon and Burt — don’t feel she’s qualified for the position. Caitlyn’s not doing much better with the Kardashians, including Kendall and Kylie, as they won’t be hitting the campaign trail for her, and Kim is upset over prison reform stances .  

The creators of “Framing Britney Spears” have announced their next documentary.  It’ll be about the JANET JACKSON “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl. It’ll be interesting to see how they treat JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s role in this.  After the Britney documentary, Justin got dragged enough that he issued an apology to both her AND Janet for “failing” them in the past. Justin saw almost ZERO repercussions for exposing Janet’s bejeweled right nipple during the Big Game . . . even though one of her stylists recently claimed it was his idea. There’s no word if either Janet or Justin will take part in the movie.

Michael Jackson’s estate has again convinced an L.A. judge that his businesses can’t be sued by Wade Robson over alleged childhood sexual abuse. He will appeal. Robson sued in 2013 claiming Jackson sexually abused him for nearly a decade and his companies MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures facilitated the conduct. The judge agreed with the estate that it had no relationship with Robson that would create a legal duty for it to protect him from the alleged molestation. 

Billie Eilish teased a new song called “Happier Than Ever”. 

If you were conscious during the ’80s, chances are the “ch-ch-ch-chia!” jingle has been stuck in your head more times than you’d like to admit. And now, you can fully embrace the nostalgia of the decade with Chia Pets modeled after Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff and Sweatin’ to the Oldies mainstay Richard Simmons. Yes, the classic Chia Pet, which is more of a planter really, is back in business. This terra cotta planter is sculpted to resemble 2 icons from the 80’s…both male.  You can choose from “The Hoff,” who comes rocking his trademark smirk, leather jacket, and a collared shirt (unbuttoned, of course). The seeds spread on his head, so he’ll grow what looks like a green helmet over his luscious locks. This one is available right now via Entertainment Earth and Amazon for $20. But keep in mind you’ll have to wait a bit for him to arrive if you order from Entertainment Earth, since shipping isn’t until sometime in May 2021. If you’re more partial to workout legends, you might want this uncanny Richard Simmons Chia Pet. His mouth is agape in the type of joy that could only come from doing squats.” More than his big goofy hairstyle, you also get to grow his chest hair.  Richard Simmons is available right now for $19 via Amazon

Someone put together a list famous TV characters who were ALMOST played by different actors.  Some of them you might have heard about before . . . and others may be new to you.  

Elizabeth Olsen auditioned to play Daenerys Targaryen on “Game of Thrones”, but Emilia Clarke ended up getting cast. 

Whitney Houston was cast as Sondra, the oldest daughter on “The Cosby Show”, but she didn’t end up signing the contract because she wanted to pursue a singing career.  The role went to Sabrina Le Beauf. 

A 16-year-old Jennifer Lawrence really wanted to play Serena Van Der Woodsen on “Gossip Girl”.  And Rumer Willis was also considered.  But the part ended up going to Blake Lively. 

Chris Rock was once in talks to play George Costanza on “Seinfeld”.  Obviously, the role went to Jason Alexander. 

Wesley Snipes was originally approached to play Lucious Lyon on “Empire”, but Taraji P. Henson said she’d only do it if Terrence Howard was cast instead. 

Matt LeBlanc was offered the role of Phil Dunphy on “Modern Family”, but he felt like he wasn’t the best fit.  The role went to Ty Burell instead. 

Macaulay Culkin was pursued several times to play a role on “The Big Bang Theory”, but he couldn’t see himself starring on a sitcom. 

Lucy Hale actually auditioned for Hannah Montana when she was 15 and still lived in Tennessee, which was years before Miley Cyrus eventually got cast.

And finally, Courteney Cox was originally offered the role of Rachel on Friends, but she turned it down because she felt like she related to Monica more.


Lizzo is 33. 

Patrick Stump is 37. Fall Out Boy lead singer and guitarist. 

Travis Meeks is 42. Lead singer for Days of the New. 

Sally Hawkins is 45. Oscar nominee for “The Shape of Water”. 

Sheena Easton is 62. One of her big hits was a song Prince wrote for her called “Sugar Walls”. She also sang with him on his hit “U Got the Look” . . . and did the theme to the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only”. 

Kevin McNally is 65. Mr. Gibbs in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. 

Ace Frehley is 70. KISS guitar legend and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer 

Kate Pierson is 73. The B-52’s. “Love Shack”, “Roam”, and “Rock Lobster”. 

Si Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” is 73. 

Casey Kasem (1932 – 2014) Radio legend . . . the voice of Shaggy on “Scooby Doo” . . . and Robin the Boy Wonder on “Superfriends”.

Would have been 89 today.



Today’s birthday girl has been in 121 fine films including:

  • 4 Crazy Bitches Who Are Down for a Gangbang
  • Big Giant Boobies
  • The Fetish Factory
  • Anal Assault
  • Teenage Anal Princess
  • Racked & Stacked
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in….Yes. I Am Just A Giant Whore

Roxy Rush is 34 years old.

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The Blues have back to back wins against Colorado and it couldn’t come at a better time as the team is looking for the final playoff spot.  Vladi Tarasenko, Brayden Schenn, David Perron, and Robert Thomas all scored for the Blues as they win with a final of 4-1.  The team is off today but takes on the Wild in Minnesota tomorrow at 6PM.

Adam Wainwright had a HELL of a game last night.  He went the full 9 innings…struck out 8….walked NO body…but still picked up the 2-1 loss.  The Cards were down 2-0 going into the bottom of the 9th but unfortunately…an RBI groundout from Dylan Carlson.  Up next? The two teams meet again at Busch tonight.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:45PM…Carlos Martinez gets the start.

Steph Curry’s record-setting month of April rolled on Sunday night against the Sacramento Kings, as he hit seven 3-pointers in a 117-113 Golden State Warriors victory to set a new NBA record for most 3s in a calendar month with 85 — and counting. The previous record was held by the Brooklyn Nets’ James Harden, who hit 82 in November 2019 while a member of the Rockets. For Curry, who is averaging 38.2 points per game this month, the shots are falling easier than ever in part because his mind is at ease. Asked what is going through his head when he is on this type of shooting streak, Curry replied: “When you’re in this type of rhythm, nothing.”

Orlando Magic coach Steve Clifford has tested positive for the coronavirus and will miss multiple games while going through the NBA’s health and safety protocols. Clifford already expected to miss Sunday because of two positive tests in a three-day span, and subsequent testing confirmed that he has the virus. Typically, those in the league who have tested positive have missed at least 10 days before being cleared to resume work. That would mean Clifford could miss much of the remainder of the season. Clifford has received both doses of the Moderna vaccine, getting the second one on Thursday. He is not yet considered “fully vaccinated” by the CDC protocols, since two weeks have not passed since his final dose. He said he has experienced no side effects from the vaccine.

A 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection RPA (rookie patch autograph) LeBron James card, numbered out of 23, was sold privately for $5.2 million. The Beckett Grading Services-graded 9 card (with a perfect 10 signature) claims the throne for most expensive basketball card.  The sale ties the all-time record for any card with the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card purchased by Rob Gough this past January. In February 2020 and then in July 2020, respectively, more than one James card held the record for most expensive basketball card: first a James/Michael Jordan dual Logoman ($900,000) and then another version of the same record-breaking James card– albeit with a 9.5 BGS grade — both from the 2003-04 Exquisite Collection.

SEAN CULKIN is a 27-year-old football player who’s trying to make the Kansas City Chiefs as a back-up tight end.  And if he makes the roster, he plans to convert 100% of his $920,000 salary into Bitcoin. He says he has a passion for finance, and adds, quote, “I fully believe Bitcoin is the future of finance and I wanted to prove that I have real skin in the game . . . not just trying to make a quick buck.”  Sean isn’t the only NFL player into crpyto. Carolina Panthers tackle RUSSELL OKUNG converts 50% of his paychecks into Bitcoin the minute they hit his bank.  He started doing it when 1 Bitcoin was $27,000.  Now each one is worth more than $53,000.

The Indianapolis 500 is set to be the largest sporting event in the world since the start of the pandemic, with 135,000 spectators permitted to attend “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” next month. The 2021 running of the race will roughly have 40 percent of IMS’s full 400,000-person capacity, and would make this year’s Indy 500 the largest sporting event by audience size since the pandemic began. Guests will be required to wear face coverings, and temperatures will be checked before entry. A vast majority of the people working in the IndyCar world have already been vaccinated.

Central Michigan quarterback John Keller and another CMU were victims of a Saturday morning shooting. Keller is in serious condition and the other student is in stable condition.  The incident occurred at an off-campus apartment complex. Cops were dispatched to shots fired around 1 a.m. Deputies found two men in their early 20s suffering from gunshot wounds with one in stable condition and the other in “serious condition” but said both were recovering.  Keller was reportedly shot in the chest.  Apparently the shooting happened after a fight broke out.