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Remember “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin and her “missing” husband Don Lewis?  Some people think Carole murdered him and fed him to her tigers. Well, it turns out he might still be alive.  But the source is Carole herself, so take it with a grain of salt.  What’s crazy is that Carole herself made this claim in 2021, and somehow, everybody in the media missed it. On a British talk show, Carole claimed that Homeland Security got in touch with her and told her that Don was alive and well in Costa Rica.  (???) She added, quote, “I didn’t think he was capable of supporting himself.  He took about a million dollars down to Costa Rica, I had agreed to let him do that so he could prove to himself that he could make a living.” For the record, there’s no proof whatsoever that any of this is true (Cosmopolitan)

Stephen A. Smith is speaking out and apologizing after he made comments about Rihanna‘s upcoming performance at the Super Bowl. During an appearance on Sherri, the ESPN commentator was asked by host Sherri Shepherd about the upcoming halftime performance and if he was excited by Rihanna being the headliner. THIS IS WHAT HE SAID: “I don’t want to say I’m not excited, she’s fantastic, that’s not where I’m going with this,” he started out, before adding, “Ladies and gentlemen, she’s a lot of things, she’s spectacular actually — and congratulations on the new mama hood — there’s one thing she’s not, she ain’t Beyoncé.”

His comments have obviously caught heat with Rihanna‘s fans, and they proceeded to call him out about them on social media. Following his appearance, more social media comments came in and prompted Stephen to issue an apology over what he said. “I’m gonna own it. I know what y’all trying to do, but I’m gonna own it because I get paid to speak for a living, so I need to be more careful,” he shared in a video apology on Twitter. “I want Rihanna to know, you’re a superstar, you’re sensational, you’re spectacular, you’re no joke and you are a worthy person to be doing the Super Bowl halftime show.”

Billie Eilish is reportedly seeking protection from a man who has allegedly broken into her family’s home multiple times. The Grammy winner, 21, has filed for a temporary restraining order against Christopher Anderson, 39, TMZ reported . According to the outlet, Eilish’s father, Patrick O’Connell, claims Anderson has shown up to his Los Angeles residence on numerous occasions since late December to profess his love for the singer and ask to meet her. Eilish claims she and her family have called the police five times and filed several reports, per TMZ. Billie reportedly wrote in her request that Anderson’s alleged behavior has caused her “substantial anxiety, fear and emotional distress” for her own safety as well as that of her family, adding that she doesn’t feel comfortable visiting them anymore. Eilish is reportedly asking that her brother, 25-year-old Finneas, and her parents, including mother Maggie Baird, be protected as well.

Actor Julian Sands was reported missing Friday after going hiking in California’s San Gabriel Mountains earlier that day.  He still hasn’t been found.  He’s 65 years old. A ground search was organized, but eventually called off Saturday night due to avalanche risks, snow and ice.  Helicopters and drones continued to do as much as they could, given the weather. Police say conditions have led to 14 rescue missions and two deaths in the area in the past four weeks. Sands’ films include the horror movies “Gothic”“Warlock”, and “Arachnophobia”. . . as well as “The Killing Fields”“Leaving Las Vegas”“Boxing Helena”, and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Hollywood Reporter)

Sarah Michelle Gellar said she and Freddie Prinze Jr. have a rule in place that their 13-year-old daughter cannot act until she’s graduated from high school. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said, quote, “[My daughter] says to me, ‘That’s unfair.  You were a child actor.’  Yes, I was.  But I was not the child of two famous parents . . . “I’ll never stop her from being on a set.  But she’s just not going on camera while she’s living under our roof.  There’ll be different expectations for her, so she needs to learn everything there is first.” Sarah Michelle and Freddie also share a 10-year-old son (People)

Flo Rida came into some serious money yesterday.  A Florida jury awarded him $82.6 MILLION in his lawsuit against Celsius energy drinks. He signed an endorsement deal with Celsius in 2014, but in 2021 he sued them, claiming he wasn’t given stock options and other bonuses they promised him. He also said the contract was purposely vague so that Celsius could avoid paying him those bonuses. The jury found that Celsius breached the 2014 deal, and fraudulently concealed information from Flo Rida (Forbes)

Are the characters in “SpongeBob SquarePants” just cartoon characters . . . or do they represent something deeper?  A woman on TikTok suggested that they represent different disorders. Here’s what she thinks: SpongeBob himself is ADHD . . . Patrick is Down syndrome . . . Squidward is depression . . . Mr. Krabs is narcissistic personality disorder . . . and Plankton represents bipolar disorder.  (Here’s the video.)  But in a similar video, she said the characters represent the Seven Deadly Sins.  Although she only listed the same five.  She said that SpongeBob represents Lust . . . Patrick is Sloth . . . Squidward is Wrath . . . Mr. Krabs is Greed . . . and Plankton is Envy.

Director David Fincher will return to screens this year with The Killer, a neo-noir action thriller led by Academy Award nominee and X-Men: Days of Future Past star Michael Fassbender. While details of The Killer have largely remained a mystery, Netflix has now released our first look at the movie and confirmed that The Killer will debut on the platform later this year on Nov. 10, 2023. Check out the trailer on the blog. Looks pretty cool

Speaking of sweet trailers: Harrison Ford is going from the homestead to the therapist’s chair. The 1923 star co-headlines Apple TV+’s upcoming comedy, Shrinking, opposite Jason Segel, who plays Jimmy Laird, a grieving therapist who suddenly breaks all the rules and tells his clients what he really thinks about their respective situations — prompting them to make big changes to their lives, as well as his own. In the new three-minute trailer released Wednesday, Ford portrays Dr. Paul Rhodes, a mentor figure who expresses concern over Jimmy’s well-being following the death of his wife. As Jimmy struggles to come to terms with his wife’s death, Dr. Rhodes tells him he’s been “numbing” himself over his loss.  But at some point during his grieving process, Jimmy reaches a boiling point and breaks during a therapy session with a client, who’s stunned by his sudden outburst after he tells her that any kind of hope she has over her “emotionally abusive” husband intending on improving himself is a sham. “He’s not working on it. He doesn’t intend to. Just leave him,” Jimmy blurts out. When she responds with a simple, “OK,” it gives him the clarity to move forward in this new, as he calls it, “dirtier” direction of hard-hitting truths.

Shrinking premieres with its first two episodes Friday, Jan. 27 on Apple TV+.

Craig Ferguson is making his way back to late night! The 60-year-old comedian and Sony Pictures Television have plans to launch a 30-minute syndicated talk show this fall called Channel Surf With Craig Ferguson. So far, no network or premiere date for the show has been announced, as it is still being shopped around.  The Scottish comedian filmed a pilot for Channel Surf in the United Kingdom, which will go out to potential buyers in Los Angeles this week.   According to a press release, Channel Surf will feature Ferguson and his friends reviewing shocking, hilarious and surprising moments from weekly television programs. “With Ferguson’s unmatched comedic talent, his take on the nation’s greatest TV shows will have viewers laughing, crying and probably throwing a remote at their own televisions,” the release states.   As for why Ferguson wants to return to TV, he says in a statement, “I wanted to do Channel Surf because I think television is ready for the return of the silly, funny, occasional lip-synching puppet format. Also, it’s a TV show which contains clips of questionable moments from other TV shows thus creating a spectacular visual turducken of stupid.”

In music news: Gloria EstefanSnoop DoggSade, Jeff Lynne, Liz Rose, Glen Ballard and Teddy Riley will all be inducted into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame during a gala in June. Snoop, 51, is a pioneer of the West Coast hip-hop scene who’s given the world hits like “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Gin & Juice.” Estefan, 65, started her career with the Miami Sound Machine, and is known for hits like “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.” She’s also penned tracks for other stars, like the 1999 Jennifer Lopez hit “Let’s Get Loud.”

Korn‘s beloved third studio album Follow the Leader will celebrate its 25th anniversary later this year, and in commemoration of the milestone, the band has released a special HipDot makeup palette that looks like a CD case.

The packaging for the makeup palette is a jewel case that has the Follow the Leader album art on it, along with HipDot’s logo. The makeup pigments are located inside the case where the actual disc would be and positioned around a circle like a wheel. Most of the shades are dark and earthy, but some have a matte finish while others are shimmery. Each color is named after a different song on the album — “Seed,” “My Gift to You,” “Dead Bodies Everywhere,” “Pretty,” “Freak on a Leash,” “Got the Life,” “Children of the Korn” and “It’s On!”. It’s 22 bucks and already SOLD OUT Read More: Korn Release Makeup Palette for ‘Follow the Leader’ Anniversary |

Jane’s Addiction is going on tour in March.  Tickets go on sale Friday.

Bret Michaels’ has a new single that came to him when he was talking about tiktok during an interview with KSHE95 a couple months ago! Song is called “Back in the Day”.

Fallout Boy released a new single called Love from the Other Side.  Also, guitarist Joe Trohman is taking a mental health leave of absence