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A Guy Is Busted Driving with a .404 Blood-Alcohol Level, Doing 100 Miles-Per-Hour, with His Airbags Deployed – CarsonNow



A Man Is Upset His Fiancée Refuses to Let Him Have the “Star Wars” Wedding of His Dreams – FoxNews

Comedian Explains How He Tricked VICE Into Running A Fake Story About Having His Family Jewels Locked In A Cage – BroBible

A Guy Sent His New Girlfriend an Itemized Spreadsheet for Their First Romantic Weekend Away . . . Is That a Red Flag? – BroBible

IDOT spent $6.1 million on highway litter clean up in 2020 – Fox2Now

Land secured for new Costco in University City – STLToday

If You Have an iPhone or iPad, You Need to Do This Immediately – MSN

Pet food sold nationwide recalled due to salmonella risk – 10TV

A Guy Looked at His Neighbor’s Real Estate Photos and Found Out His Cat Was Living a Double Life – Metro

Nerf Is Hiring a “Chief TikTok Officer” – Hasbro

Winery offers 6-figure salary, free rent and 30 cases of wine in dream job opportunity – R

How Long Did It Take You to Find “Your Drink” . . . and What Age Were You When You Could Appreciate Good Booze? – Yahoo




Alabama Shakes drummer Steven William Johnson is being held in jail for child abuse charges. He was arrested Wednesday and indicted on charges of wilfull torture, willful abuse and cruelly beating or otherwise willfully maltreating a child under the age of 18. Johnson plead guilty last month for violating a domestic violence protection order.  That got him a suspended one year sentence in jail and 24 months probation. Bond has been set at $21,500.  The band’s manager hasn’t commented on Williams’ arrest at this time.

Lady Gaga‘s dog walker,  Ryan Fischer, has finally been released from the hospital … a little over a month after he was shot while being dog robbed. After doing well at first he got an infection and one of his lungs kept collapsing. So he was re admitted for some surgery. He out now. 

In her new book “The Beauty of Living Twice, SHARON STONE says she got breast implants in 2001 . . . without her consent.  If you’re wondering how that happened, Sharon says she had “gigantic” benign tumors removed from her chest, and during the reconstruction process, the doctor decided she needed bigger boobs. She says, quote, “When I was unbandaged, I discovered that I had a full cup-size bigger breasts, ones that he said ‘go better with your hip size.’  He had changed my body without my knowledge or consent.” The doctor also told her that he thought she would, quote, “look better with bigger, ‘better’ boobs.”

And now, cancel culture has come for “SpongeBob SquarePants”.  In a manner of speaking.  It’s not clear if anyone asked for this, but Nickelodeon decided to remove two episodes due to non-kid-friendly content. One is “Mid-Life Crustacean” from Season 3, where SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs go on a PANTY RAID at a woman’s house, not realizing they’re at the home of Mr. Krabs’ MOTHER.  This one has actually been out of the rotation since 2018. The other episode is “Kwarantined Krab” from Season 12.  In this one, the Krusty Krab is placed in emergency quarantine, after a virus called the Clam Flu starts spreading. They pulled that one over, quote, “sensitivities surrounding the global, real-world pandemic.” 

Yesterday I mentioned Sharon Osbourne has left The Talk over I don’t really care why. Remember when that happened? CBS says she quit. She will most probably tell HER side too. Apparently she is getting a buy out in the 5 to 10 million dollar range AND is free to discuss what happened. 

LIL NAS X says all 666 pairs of his new “Satan shoes” sold out in under a minute . . . at a cost of $1,018. The price is an ode to the bible scripture emblazoned on the side, Luke 10:18, which references Satan’s banishment from heaven. The shoes are actually Nike Air Max 97s, customized with a pentagram and . . . supposedly . . . a drop of blood mixed into the ink. Nike had nothing to do with the shoes, though, and they’re not happy about it.  In fact, they’re suing MSCHF . . . the company that customized them. Lil Nas X is NOT named in the lawsuit, but they are claiming it looks like they were involved. BUT he IS getting full support from…David Harris, magister for the Church of Satan, the shoes, which feature an inverted cross, bronze pentagram and a drop of human blood, are getting a ton … embrace the essence of Satanism. Satanists do not actually worship Satan, nor do they believe in God or the Devil. They are opposed to all spirituality and anything supernatural, and with no belief in the afterlife, Satanists emphasize being your true self, living life to the fullest and personal achievement … values it says LNX is following with his new kicks. 

Here is your #1 song in the country. “Peaches” by Justin Bieber is the #1 song in the country, making Justin the first solo male sorry male solo artist to debut at #1 on the Hot 100 and the Billboard 200 albums chart simultaneously.  

A couple weeks ago, the Academy told Oscar nominees that they won’t be able to “Zoom” into the show next month, so if they want to be a part of it, they’ll have to attend IN-PERSON. There will be strict covid protocols in place and everyone will be fine. If you are not going to be here in the flesh you will not be a part of it at all. Now the Academy wanted to say what had happened was we MEANT to say let’s have a Zoom meeting and talk about the best way to handle this for everyone K? K!  Remember:  There are a lot of international guests, and COVID-19 variants are currently surging in Europe and in other places.  And even if they did want to come, they’re facing travel restrictions and strict quarantine requirements on BOTH ends of the trip. So, the Academy is backing off that demand a bit. The “Hollywood Reporter” says that ALL the nominees have been invited to a meeting with producers over Zoom TODAY . . . and they’ll be given “updates about the show,” including options to participate remotely. No specifics have been announced.

Russell Crowe has joined the cast of Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, joining Chris Hemsworth, as the God of Thunder; Natalie Portman; and Christian Bale, who will be playing the villain. It was supposed to be a secret but I guess Crowe was seen hanging out with the cast all over Australia, Deadline has confirmed he is in the movie. Matt Damon is in it too. And even more of a surprise St Louis’ own and former Cardinal outfielder Bernard Gilkey.

According to some Hollywood writer Ryan Reynolds wants to play a Mandalorian in Star Wars. The writer didn’t mention if it would be the series The Mandalorian or an upcoming Star Wars film. It wouldn’t be completely crazy if Reynolds did show up in the Star Wars universe, though.  Marvel boss Kevin Fiege is attached to at least one Star Wars project, so maybe Reynolds could cross over, too. Reynold’s next big film is Free Guy, which is set to premiere this August.

Dire Straits song Sultans of Swing who is are were the sultans and why were they swinging all the time?  Mark Knopfler has finally explained. (He talked about it on “Brian Johnson: A Life on the Road”.)

“Ultimate Guitar” surveyed readers, and did a list-25 Best Albums of the ’80s.  Naturally, it skews heavily toward ROCK. 

  1. “Master of Puppets”, Metallica, 1986 
  1. “Appetite for Destruction”, Guns N’ Roses, 1987 
  1. “Back in Black”, AC/DC, 1980 
  1. “The Number of the Beast”, Iron Maiden, 1982 
  1. “Moving Pictures”, Rush, 1981 
  1. “Blizzard of Ozz”, Ozzy Osbourne, 1981 
  1. “Thriller”, Michael Jackson, 1982 
  1. “Purple Rain”, Prince, 1984 
  1. “Brothers in Arms”, Dire Straits, 1985 
  1. “1984”, Van Halen, 1984 
  1. “Peace Sells . . . But Who’s Buying?”, Megadeth, 1986
  2. “Ace of Spades”, Motorhead, 1980 
  1. “Reign in Blood”, Slayer, 1986 
  1. “Heaven and Hell”, Black Sabbath, 1980 
  1. “Texas Flood”, Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1983 
  1. “The Real Thing”, Faith No More, 1989 
  1. “Synchronicity”, The Police, 1983 
  1. “Screaming for Vengeance”, Judas Priest, 1982 
  1. “Operation: Mindcrime”, Queensryche, 1988 
  1. “Bleach”, Nirvana, 1989 
  1. “Fire of Unknown Origin”, Blue Oyster Cult, 1981 
  1. “Discipline”, King Crimson, 1981 
  1. “Pretty Hate Machine”, Nine Inch Nails, 1989 
  1. “Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 2”, Helloween, 1988 
  1. “So”, Peter Gabriel, 1986




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Hope was awaiting for the Cardinals when they arrived in Cincinnati last night. The Cardinals are optimistic they will have doses of the Johnson & Johnson one-shot COVID-19 vaccine available for members of their traveling party who want it in Ohio, where eligibility for vaccination dropped to ages 16 and over starting Monday. As for the players in Minor League camp, Mozeliak said the club is trying to secure vaccinations through the state of Florida before the players head to their respective Minor League cities by the scheduled starts. If not, the club is optimistic about Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s announcement that vaccines will be available to all adults in the state by April 9.

Three more civil lawsuits were filed early yesterday morning against Deshaun Watson, alleging sexual harassment and assault, including one that claims the Texans’ quarterback is deleting Instagram messages and contacting people who’ve provided massages to him. Watson is now facing 19 lawsuits, all filed in the past two weeks, about sexual misconduct.  Among the three new lawsuits is an incident from October 2020. The lawsuit says Watson assaulted and harassed a massage therapist by “exposing himself to her and touching her with his penis.”  That lawsuit also claims that “as a result of the repeated lawsuits against him, Watson is deleting Instagram messages and contacting those who formally provided him massages, in an attempt to settle.” Watson’s attorney said that Watson has not deleted any Instagram messages over the last two weeks and “categorically” denied that his client contacted any of the women directly.

The Men’s Elite Eight are now down to the Sensational Six.  As both Baylor and Houston advanced last night and will now meet each other in the Final Four.  Tonight, the other two teams move on as USC takes on Gonzaga and UCLA plays Michigan.

Over on the Women’s side…South Carolina will take on Texas and Louisville will play Stanford to see who moves on to the Elite 8.  Last night Arizona and Connecticut both got wins to advance to the Final Four.

Following Baylor’s loss to Connecticut in the Elite Eight of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament, Lady Bears head coach Kim Mulkey advocated for the NCAA to stop COVID-19 testing once the Final Four fields are set. Mulkey told reporters the organization “need[s] to dump the COVID testing.” “Wouldn’t it be a shame to keep COVID testing and then you got kids that end up testing positive or something, and then they don’t get to play in the Final Four?” she said. “So, you need to just forget the COVID test and let the four teams that are playing in each Final Four go battle it out.”

UFC President Dana White said Saturday he wanted a third fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier to take place in July, and it looks like he’s close to getting his wish. Apparently, McGregor-Poirier III is “close to being finalized” as the main event for UFC 264 in July. The deal could be made as soon as this week. McGregor and Poirier have both expressed a desire to work on a rematch to their bout from January, which saw Poirier earn a second-round TKO victory to put himself in lightweight championship contention.

Joey Logano held off Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Denny Hamlin in overtime to win the Food City Dirt Race at Bristol Motor Speedway last night. Inclement weather forced officials to postpone the race—the first NASCAR Cup event on dirt since 1970—by one day, but conditions couldn’t have been much better in Bristol yesterday. That isn’t to say the event was totally drama-free as 10 cautions were called over the 250 laps.And finally – the Blues are off til Friday but there is still some NHL news.  Yesterday Jeff mentioned how the Sabres hadn’t won an NHL game in their last 17 games.  Going into yesterday they were 0-15-2.  Well, yesterday, in the 3rd period…the Sabres were up 3-0.  And then…they Buffaloed.  The gave up 3 unanswered goals to the Flyers…then the game went into overtime….annnnnd….the Buffalo Sabres are 0-15-3 in their last 18 games.  It’s now the longest winless streak since 03-04 when the Penguins did it.  The longest streak ever is 30 games set by the Jets in 1980-81 season.