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Man arrested for running from Pasco deputies, hiding heroin in rectum – WFLA

A Hernando Beach man is facing several charges after deputies say he ran from them during a traffic stop and was later found with heroin in his rectum.

A Pasco County deputy started following 27-year-old Timothy Davis early Saturday morning on US-19 near Windsor Mill Road in Hudson. According to an arrest report, the deputy witnessed a white Kia Soul switch lanes without a turn signal, then nearly cause a crash by making a left-hand turn without yielding to traffic.

The deputy activated lights and sirens in an attempt to pull the car over, but the arrest report says Davis drove off through a parking lot. Deputies say he then got back onto US-19 and started driving the wrong way.

Davis went over the concrete median of US-19 and drove across the southbound lanes before hitting a fence on the side of the road, the arrest report says. At that point, deputies say Davis got out of the car through the window and started running into a wooded area, ignoring the deputy’s order to stop.

Deputies chased Davis and were eventually able to take him into custody. After he was captured, the car Davis had been driving was searched. The arrest report says deputies found heroin, meth and several drug paraphernalia items that Davis later admitted he owned.

The Area 51 Raid Has Led to a Surge in Popularity for Alien Porn – Mashable

55% of Men Are Ashamed of Their Body Hair – NYPost

A Wife’s Chore Sticker Chart for Her Husband, Rewarding Him With Beer and Sex – NYPost

A Sex Tip Called “Spell Coconut” Is Going Viral – Buzzfeed

A New Type of Dating Event Has People Present PowerPoints About Why You Should Go Out With Their Friend – NYPost

Four Loko and Fleshlight Have Created a New Sex Toy: A Can of Four Loko with Lady Parts – MensHealth

Some HUGE records were broken at the box office this weekend. For starters, “Avengers: Endgame” passed “Avatar” to become the highest grossing movie of ALL TIME worldwide.  “Endgame” has made $2.79 billion globally, surpassing the $2.7897 billion that “Avatar” made 10 years ago. (That’s with the numbers NOT adjusted for inflation . . . and it also needed a little boost.  In late June, “Endgame” was re-released with six minutes of new footage . . . probably in a bid to help it pass “Avatar”.  That’s the GLOBAL #1.  “Endgame” will finish a distant second domestically . . . behind “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.  “Endgame” has made $854.2 million in the U.S., while “The Force Awakens” is at $936.7 million.) As for this past weekend, the new “Lion King” movie was a MASSIVE success.  It made $185 million in its first weekend out . . . and $531 million worldwide.  And here are some of the records it set:

1.  Biggest Domestic Opening of All Time for a Disney Remake

2.  Biggest Disney Opening of All Time Outside of Marvel and LucasFilm

3.  Biggest Domestic Launch Ever for a PG Movie, Animated or Otherwise

4.  Biggest July Opening of All Time

5.  Ninth-Biggest Domestic Opening of All Time

Here’s this weekend’s Top 10 at the box office:

1.  NEW:  “The Lion King”, $185 million

2.  “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, $21 million.  Up to $319.7 in its 3rd week. 

3.  “Toy Story 4”, $14.6 million.  Up to $375.5 million in its 5th week. 

4.  “Crawl”, $6 million.  Up to $23.8 in its 2nd week. 

5.  “Yesterday”, $5.1 million.  Up to $57.6 million in its 4th week.

6.  “Stuber”, $4 million.  Up to $16.1 in its 2nd week.

7.  “Aladdin”, $3.8 million.  Up to $340 million in its 9th week.

8.  “Annabelle Comes Home”, $2.7 million.  Up to $66.6 million in its 4th week.

9.  “Midsommar”, $1.6 million.  Up to $22.5 million in its 3rd week.

10.  “The Secret Life of Pets 2”, $1.5 million.  Up to $151.6 million in its 7th week.

Marvel dropped a TON of new information at Comic-Con this weekend . . . but let’s start with what caused the biggest stir:  You are getting yourself a female Thor. Who is playing Ms. Thor? The movie is called “Thor: Love and Thunder”, and it’s due out in November of 2021. (Natalie’s character, Jane Foster, became a female Thor in the comics, so they’re just borrowing that storyline for the movie.) Natalie said, quote, “I’ve always had hammer envy.” TESSA THOMPSON will also return as Valkyrie.  At the end of “Avengers: Endgame”, Thor crowned her ruler of the New Asgard.  And at Comic-Con, Tessa said that Valkyrie’s first order of business will be to, quote, “find her queen.”  Which would appear to confirm that she’s gay.

Marvel also released a timeline for the next few years, and it does NOT include a new “Avengers” movie.  It’s not clear if there’ll ever be another one, but obviously, the team will look a lot different if there is. Here’s what’s coming:

May 1st, 2020:  “Black Widow”.  It could be a prequel given where things stood with her character after “Endgame”.

November 6th, 2020:  “The Eternals”, starring Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek. There’s also an LGBT character in this one.

February 2021:  “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”.

May 7th, 2021:  “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” . . . also starring Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch.

November 5th, 2021:  “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Marvel also announced several projects that don’t have release dates yet, including sequels to “Black Panther”, “Captain Marvel”, and “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

And how about this:  They’re bringing back “Blade” . . . but with Mahershala Ali taking over for Wesley Snipes . . . and since they acquired the rights when they bought Fox, they’re taking yet another crack at “The Fantastic Four”.

“X-Men” and “Deadpool” also came with that purchase, but nothing specific was announced this weekend.  The head of Marvel did suggest that there’ll be more “X-Men“, though . . . and the creator of “Deadpool” says a third movie will happen soon.

Marvel also has four new series headed to the Disney+ streaming service:  “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “Loki”,”WandaVision”, and the animated show “What If . . . ?”

Trailers unleashed at Comic-Con over the weekend included: all on the blog

“Harley Quinn”.  This is an animated series for the DC Universe streaming service, and it’s NOT for kids.  Oh, and it looks hilarious

Southwest plane bound for St. Louis in collision at Nashville airport – Fox2NOw

Angry man shoots naked bicyclists with paintball gun – KSDK

‘Every tweet is a lie’: Birds Aren’t Real campaign spreads message with new Memphis billboard – WREG

One in Five People Believe the Moon Landing Was Faked – YouGov

Wedding photographer begs guests to put down their phones in viral post about ruined shot – USAToday

911 operator tells victim ‘stop yelling at me,’ later hangs up on her – Fox6Now

 “Star Trek: Picard“.  Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard gets yanked out of retirement

“Watchmen”.  This HBO series appears to pick up after the original story left off. .

“The Walking Dead” MOVIE.  This was nothing but a 25-second teaser promising the return of Rick Grimes . . . IN THEATERS ONLY.  AMC also busted out a trailer for Season 10 of the series. 

It sounds like we won’t have to wait as long for season 4 of Stranger Things.  Nothing officially announced but it is inevitable. I have seen (in something called Production Weekly) that Netflix is gearing up to begin filming on Stranger Things 4 in October, meaning the new season could premiere as early as 2020.

I mentioned last week EDDIE MURPHY is in talks to do a series of stand-up specials for Netflix, and that the deal could be worth as much as $70 MILLION.  Not sure how many he’d be doing, but you’d THINK $70 mil should buy quite a few. But that’s not necessarily the case.  DAVE CHAPPELLE got $60 million for three Netflix specials back in 2017 . . . and CHRIS ROCK got $40 million for two specials the year before. Eddie has been in pseudo-retirement from stand-up for YEARS, but he’s been itching to get back.  In the new episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, Eddie told Jerry Seinfeld he wanted to do it again. Here is Eddie and Jerry talking about Bubbles Michael Jacksons Chimp. ALSO,while it has been speculated for I know  can confirm that Arsenio Hall has officially signed his deal to be in Coming to America 2. (Semmi, the best friend and trusted aide to Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem). In the sequel, Akeem learns about a long-lost son and must return to America to meet the unlikely heir to the throne of Zamunda. has released its annual list of the world’s “most admired” men and women . . . and thankfully, it isn’t silly stuff like  the Kardashians, and Korean boy bands.It’s mostly world leaders, innovators, influential thinkers, plus a few superstar athletes and entertainers.  To come up with the list, they talked to more than 42,000 people in 41 countries.  Here are the World’s 10 Most Admired Men:

1.  Bill Gates

2.  Barack Obama

3.  Jackie Chan

4.  Chinese leader Xi Jinping

5.  Chinese businessman Jack Ma

6.  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

7.  Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo

8.  The Dalai Lama

9.  Soccer Star Lionel Messi

10.  Russian leader Vladimir Putin

Others include:  Warren Buffett at #11, Elon Musk at #13, Donald Trump at #14, and Pope Francis at #15.

The World’s 10 Most Admired Women are:

1.  Michelle Obama

2.  Oprah

3.  Angelina Jolie

4.  Queen Elizabeth the Second

5.  Emma Watson

6.  Education activist Malala Yousafzai

7.  Chinese singer Peng Liyuan

8.  Hillary Clinton

9.  Chinese chemist Tu Youyou, who discovered drugs used to treat malaria.

10.  Taylor Swift

Others include:  Madonna at #11, (Nick Jonas’ wife) Priyanka Chopra at #14, Ellen DeGeneres at #15, and Melania Trump at #19.

In America alone, the Top Five men are:  Obama, Trump, Clint Eastwood, Bill Gates, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Top Five women for Americans are:  Michelle Obama, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Melania Trump, Ellen, and Queen Elizabeth, which is weird.  Why does she matter that much to Americans?

Saturday marked two anniversaries.  On July 20th, 2017, LINKIN PARK singer CHESTER BENNINGTON took his life. July 20th was also the birthday of CHRIS CORNELL, who ended HIS life in May of 2017.

Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus announced on Good Morning America on Friday that the band will release their eighth studio album this fall. “New music–September 20 is the release date of the album,” Hoppus revealed during their performance. In addition to making the big announcement, the group performed “Blame It On My Youth” and a few other tracks Blink-182 are currently on tour with Lil Wayne.

When you buy concert tickets for inflated prices on the secondary market, you never know who’s pocketing the profit.  But as it turns out, it might be the BAND. “Billboard” has discovered that METALLICA and other artists have actually conspired with Live Nation to sell some tickets directly on resale sites like StubHub without giving fans a chance to buy them at face value. Basically, they’re scalping THEIR OWN tickets, which increases their profits and cuts the actual scalpers out of the equation.  And there’s actually nothing illegal about it.  The problem is, it feels shady, and it’s not a good look for an artist or their brand. Live Nation has admitted to doing it, but only at the request of the artists involved.  So far, Metallica is the only band that’s been singled out. Live Nation also says this happens a lot less now, because artists use things like dynamic pricing, platinum seating, and VIP packages to, quote, “recapture value previously lost to the secondary market.”


Selena Gomez is 27.

Shawn Michaels is 54.  The Heartbreak Kid.  Former WWE superstar. 

David Spade is 55

John Leguizamo is 55

Willem Dafoe is 64

Don Henley is 72.  The Eagles

Albert Brooks is 72

Danny Glover is 73

George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic is 78.  

Alex Trebek is 79

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…he’s a WW2 hero…and a retired US Senator/Congressman…he ran for President against Bill Clinton in 1996….then he started pimpin erectile disfunction drugs…Bob Dole is 96 years young today…




Today’s birthday girl’s lady parts have been busier than Hurricane Harbor during the summer in 392 fine films including:

  • Bathroom Ballers
  • Innocent Until Proven Filthy
  • Broke Down Bitches Volume 5
  • Tiger’s Got Wood
  • OMG STOP Tickling Me
  • Checks and Thong Up In Stroke
  • Whitezilla Is A Mother Effer
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Say My Name Bitch!


The St. Louis Blues signed two players over the weekend.  Up first, Oskar Sundqvist has signed a four year deal that will earn him $2.75 million per year.   Sundqvist scored 14 goals and 17 assists in the regular season.  Also – the Blues have agreed to a one year, two-way contract with Ville Husso.

Yesterday the Cards and Reds wrapped up their series and the Cards took 3 of 4 after their 3-1 win yesterday.  After Thursday’s win, the Cards came back after being down by 7 on Friday night to get the 12-11 win.  Then after a 3-2 loss on Saturday, they rebounded yesterday.  Yairo Munoz went deep in the win.  Cards are back in action tonight as they take on the Pirates.  Daniel Ponce De Leon gets the start for the Cardinals.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:05PM.

Yesterday, six players were enshrined forever in Cooperstown.  Harold Baines, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina, Mariano Rivera, Lee Smith, and the late Roy Hallady were all officially inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.  Lee Smith – a former Cardinal – went in as a Cub but did mention his time here in St. Louis.  We’ll put a link on the blog so you can see some highlights from the other inductees speeches. (LINK –

Two baseball videos to check out on the blog….Over the weekend, two baseball videos went viral.  On Saturday, Yankees first baseman and STL native LUKE VOIT took a 91-mile-per-hour fastball TO THE FACE.  It clipped his shoulder, and then hit him in the chin and lower lip. But incredibly, he stayed in the game and scored a run later in the inning as if nothing had happened.  He was then taken out of the game as a precaution, but he did pass the concussion test. Also on Saturday, Rays reliever OLIVER DRAKE ended the eighth inning with a strikeout, using one of the most bizarre pitches you’ll see.  He threw the ball in one direction and it made a sharp turn to the other.     

Ireland’s Shane Lowry won the British Open on Sunday to get his first championship in a major. The 32-year-old did it at Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland, where the British Open was held this weekend for the first time in 68 years. Lowry won by six shots over England’s Tommy Fleetwood, finishing at 15-under.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao stepped back into the ring over the weekend.  And as he did, he added another impressive notch to his belt by beating the previously undefeated Keith Thurman and becoming the SUPER welterweight champion of the world. While the verdict was a split decision after 12 rounds, the 40-year-old “Pacman” was the clear winner. He sent Thurman to the canvas in the first round, controlled the first half of the fight, and then, with Thurman sneaking back into the bout, he hurt Thurman with a shot to the body in the 10th. Then he did enough in the late stages to hold off Thurman’s rally and pick up the win.

The Miami Dolphins have waived defensive tackle Kendrick Norton, who had his left arm amputated following a car crash near Miami earlier this month, with a non-football injury designation. By placing Norton on the reserve/non-football injury list, the team is able to pay the 22-year-old his full salary. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Norton’s Ford F-250 crashed into a concrete barrier on State Road 836 in the early hours of July 4. The University of Miami product underwent at least six surgeries before he was released from the hospital last week. The hope is that Norton will be able to get a prosthetic arm as he transitions to life after football. He confirmed last week that his playing career is over after the accident. Norton was cited as at fault for the July 4 accident with an improper lane change, due to his pulling in front of another vehicle and making slight contact with it before crashing into a concrete barrier.

And finally – Kevin Harvick picked up the win at the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 this weekend from New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Denny Hamlin, Erik Jones, Ryan Blaney and Matt Debenedetto rounded out the top 5. 

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