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#RizzRecap: Kansas Tailpipe Tryst, black eye from flying wiener and more.


Woman drinks her dog’s URINE in a horrifying video, while claiming that it completely cleared up her acne – and can also ‘help cure cancer’ – DailyMail

Kansas Man, 23, Charged For Lewd Tailpipe Tryst
via theSmokingGun: A Kansas man was charged today with lewd and lascivious behavior for his repeated attempts to have sex with the tailpipe of a parked automobile, according to court records.

Ryan Malek, 23, was named in a Municipal Court complaint accusing him of exposing himself with the intent of arousing or gratifying “sexual desires.” Malek has been summoned to appear in court on July 19 to answer the criminal charge.

Pictured above, Malek, cops say, was intoxicated when he sought to tryst with a vehicle on May 1 in Newton, a city 25 miles north of Wichita.

Local cops responding to a 911 call about a man beneath a vehicle discovered Malek endeavoring to place his penis into the tailpipe of a car parked outside an apartment complex. Malek, a Newton resident, was “oblivious” when initially contacted by police…

St. Louis Co. police asking for help to find the ‘dancing thief’ – KMOV

Suspect in custody after Jefferson Co. deputy’s squad car stolen at gas station – KMOV
Man frustrated with potholes leaves threatening voicemail for police – FOX2Now
Police investigating car break-ins in St. Louis Hills neighborhood – Fox2Now
‘They tased him’; man describes seeing arrest of suspect in string of CWE robberies – KMOV
West Nile virus found in St. Clair County – BND
No experience needed: Parkway School District looking to hire bus drivers – KMOV
Instagram, in challenge to YouTube, unveils new IGTV video app – SFChronicle
Thief tried paying waitress with her own stolen card – NYPost
Could Millennials Kill Tipping? Two-Thirds Always Tip Less Than 20% – USAToday
A Phillies Fan Was Injured By a Flying Hot Dog – 6ABC


Eva Longoria was married to soap opera actor Tyler Christopher from 2002 to 2004, and NBA star Tony Parker from 2007 to 2011. Up unitl now she had kept her uterus to herself. But congrats to her and her husband Jose Baston as they welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday in LA. They have been married since 2016. He is the president of Latin American media company Televisa. Its her third marriage and his 4th kid.

Pete Davidson was on Fallon last night and talked about being engaged to Ariana Grande

Who broke Taylor Swift’s single day streaming record on Spotify on Tuesday? XXXTENTACION broke the single-day streaming record on Spotify on Tuesday, the day after his death. His song “SAD!”racked up 10.4 million streams, which surpasses the record that TAYLOR SWIFT set last year, when “Look What You Made Me Do” got 10.1 million streams. Speaking of XXXTentacion, it sounds like he was shot in the neck and died immediately, and the authorities believe it was a RANDOM attack.
Also, there was a candlelight vigil on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, but things got out of hand, and it turned into a riot. Police had to use tear gas on the crowd. And his ex-girlfriend says she was kicked out of a memorial in Florida.

ABC is bringing back “Lost” . . . as a REALITY SHOW. It actually sounds like a cross between “Lost” and “Survivor”. It’s called “Castaway”, and here’s how it works: 12 contestants will be dropped ALONE on a string of small islands in Indonesia. And they’ll have to survive on washed-up luggage, scattered resources, and abandoned structures, as if they survived some kind of disaster. But they won’t know at first that they’re not the only ones playing. Over the course of the show, they’ll come to learn there are OTHERS . . . remember that word from “Lost”? But they won’t know where or how many there are. Also, the action will be mixed with documentary-style FLASHBACKS of the contestants’ lives before they left for the show . . . you know, like “Lost”. The only way off the island is to make it to an unknown end date or QUIT. It’s not clear if there’s any money involved. The show has apparently already been shot, because it premieres on Tuesday, August 7th.
AMC Theatres is doing a discounted movie ticket program, AMC Stubs A-List, where members can see up to three regular movies a week for $19.95 a month and receive discounts on concessions and other benefits. This is obviously in response to MoviePass and Cinemark Movie Club. AMC Stubs A-List starts June 26, after the opening weekend for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Members can see available movies at any U.S.-based AMC location, and in any format, including Imax, Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D, Prime and my favorite…BigD.
There have been about 6 total. Paramount has made two of them. The first movie, released in 2014, grossed $493 million worldwide, while 2016’s installment, subtitled Out of the Shadows, showed the limits of the franchise with $245 million. Neither was a hit with critics. But they are going at it again with another Ninja Turtles movie. Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will produce. No word on release date yet.

We’re constantly complaining that nothing original comes out of Hollywood anymore. Well, if you feel that way too, then I’d BETTER see you at the movies when STEVE CARELL’s new flick comes out in November. It’s called “Welcome to Marwen”, and from the trailer, it looks like a pretty unique story. Steve plays Mark Hogancamp, a man who barely survives being beaten by a gang of neo-Nazi thugs. He copes by making a World War 2 doll village called Marwen. It includes a doll soldier based on HIM . . . and he’s protected by the village’s bad-ass women. All the dolls are based on real people he knows, including his attackers . . . and the movie contains CGI scenes of them in battle. The most interesting thing about this story is that it’s REAL. Or, I should say it’s BASED ON reality. There really IS a Mark Hogancamp who was beaten by Nazis and created a World War 2 doll village populated by the people around him. There’s even a documentary about him called “Marwencol”, which is the actual name of the village.

A gay writer at did the next best gay thing. He watched all 18 movies from the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, so sorry Deadpool, and ranked them all by their homoeroticism, best outfits, and other “gay intangibles.”

1. “Thor: Ragnarok”. Scored gay points for Chris Hemsworth shirtless, Thor’s haircut, and a Hulk nude scene.
2. “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Gay points for the “found family” concept and the villain being defeated by the power of friendship.
3. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Gay points for the “homoerotic arc” between Cap and Bucky . . . and Bucky looking like Norman Reedus if he SHOWERED.
4. “Captain America: Civil War”. Gay points for Vision, quote, “standing in his kitchen, queening out about paprika.”
5. “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2”. Gay points for a gold-painted Elizabeth Debicki running an evil space gym.
6. “Black Panther”. Gay points for Winston Duke choking Chadwick Boseman with his thighs, and for having more shirtless wrestling than “Riverdale”.
7. “Dr. Strange”. Gay points for Dr. Strange bailing on Rachel McAdams to worship Tilda Swinton, and for the breakout character being a “fancy cloak.”
8. “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Gay points for featuring TWO “gay” robots: Ultron and Vision.
9. “Thor”. Gay points for not only having a rainbow bridge, but naming it the BI-frost.
10. “Captain America: The First Avenger”. Gay points for being the first MCU film to feature a cast member from “The Devil Wears Prada”. (Stanley Tucci)

I only gave you a SAMPLE of what made these movies gay. You can read the rest . . . and check out numbers 11 through 18 on the blog.

Divorce is expensive for Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams. A judge has ruled that Williams must pay ex Aryn Drake-Lee $50,000 per month in spousal and child support, adding up to $100,000 per month. The judge cited Williams’ extraordinarily high monthly salary of $521,000 as a reason, per TMZ. Williams filed for divorce from Drake-Lee in April of 2017 after five years of marriage. They share two children: Maceo and Sadie.

During a recent episode of her Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith boasted about the benefits of undergoing vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Great for you but it’s HOW she said it Vaginal rejuvenation is also recommended for issues like dryness and pain during sex. It can also alter the outside appearance of the vagina by stimulating cellular turnover.

A new trailer for the next season of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” which has Dave Chappelle, Zach Galifianakis, Kate McKinnon, Ellen Degeneres, and a whole bunch of other people. It hits Netflix on July 6th with 12 episodes. The complete list of guests appearing this season are Neal Brennan, Dana Carvey, Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Zach Galifinakis, Jerry Lewis, Kate McKinnon, Hasan Minhaj,(menage)Tracy Morgan and John Mulaney, plus return appearances by Alec Baldwin and Brian Regan.

Classic rock group Foreigner has announced a special reunion concert, taking place at Sturgis Buffalo Chip in South Dakota on Aug. 4. Original band members Lou Gramm, Dennis Elliott, Al Greenwood, Ian McDonald and Rick Wills will join Mick Jones, Kelly Hansen and the other current members to rock through classics like “Feels Like the First Time” and “I Want to Know What Love Is,” which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985. The performance is being billed as the “first-ever ticketed reunion concert featuring all the original members. The one missing member from the initial lineup will be original bassist Ed Gagliardi, who died in 2014.

Bad Wolves have presented a check for $250,000 to the family of late Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan. The band scored a massive hit with its cover of the Cranberries hit “Zombie,” for which O’Riordan was slated to record vocals on the day that she died in a London hotel this past January. The band decided to release the song in her honor with all proceeds going to her children

Late Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni has officially released their duet of the Prince classic “Nothing Compares to U” with proceeds going to charity. Toni shared the track via social media on Father’s Day and has now released it to digital retailers and streaming services. She will donate proceeds to the International Rescue Committee, saying, “My father taught me to be a voice for others who don’t have one. Especially with the tragic events happening today, where children are being separated from their parents at the border, it is not okay. Please help us keep the promise (on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children) for my father.”

Since we decided for sure that Moon is a Millennial check this out. #MillennialClassicRock . . . where people change the titles of rock songs to rip on MILLENNIALS.

Here are 20 of the best ones, along with the actual titles . . .

1. “Smoke on the Water” . . . ‘No Smoking on the Water’

2. “We Are the Champions” . . . ‘We Aren’t the Champions, But We Still Deserve a Trophy’

3. “We Will Rock You” . . . ‘We Will Hack You’

4. “Every Breath You Take” . . . ‘Every Click You Make’

5. “Cold As Ice” . . . ‘Cold AF’

6. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” . . . ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfactory Living Wage’

7. “Sweet Emotion” . . . ‘Sweet Emoji’

8. “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” . . . ‘Vapin’ in the Boys’ Room’

9. “Rock You Like a Hurricane” . . . ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane Relief Fund’

10. “Strawberry Fields Forever” . . . ‘Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Organic, Strawberry Fields Forever’

11. “Hotel California” . . . ‘AirBNB California’

12. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” . . . ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I Googled For’

13. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” . . . ‘Pour Some Organic Agave Sweetener on Me’

14. “Free Bird” . . . ‘Gluten Free Bird’

15. “Stairway to Heaven” . . . ‘Stairway to Can’t Even’

16. “Never Gonna Give You Up” . . . ‘Never Gonna .Gif You Up’

17. “Take on Me” . . . ‘Take on Meh’

18. “Sexual Healing” . . . ‘Metro Sexual Healing’

19. “Super Freak” . . . ‘Uber Freak’

20. “Money for Nothing” . . . ‘Money for Nothing’.


Chris Pratt is 39. “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Jurassic World” and “LEGO” superstar

Rebecca Black is 21.

Prince William is 36

Brandon Flowers is 37. The Killers

Juliette Lewis is 45.

Kip Winger is 57.

Ray Davies is 74. Leader of The Kinks.

And today’s BURTON BIRTHDAYS of the DAY….She played the mom on Family Ties…and he played the DAD on Family Ties. It just so happens that they turn the same age on the exact same day….Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross both turn 71 years old today.



Today’s birthday girl has had more balls in her hands then a bowling alley employee in 537 fine films including:

• Lesbians Aged to Perfection
• My Mom & My Aunt’s Lesbian Adventure
• Meatless In Seattle
• Enema Fitness Clinic
• Hostess With The Moistest
• Jiggly Queens Volume 4
• And who could forget…her unforgettable role in… Dr. Trashy’s Sweaty Situations


The Cardinals ended a three-game set against the Phillies with a loss last night on the road 4 to 3. All three were one point games, with the Cards taking the second of three. St. Louis will be in Milwaukee through the weekend and start a four-game set against the Brewers tonight. Carlos Martinez gets the 7:10PM first pitch start.

This afternoon at 4-30 we’ll get the full St. Louis Blues schedule for the upcoming season. The first match-up of the 20-18/20-19 season was announced yesterday though. The Blues will take on Winnipeg at the newly-named Enterprise Center for the season’s inaugural game on Thursday, October 4th.

The New Jersey Devils’ Taylor Hall won the Hart Trophy last night (June 20th), taking the NHL’s MVP award in a close win over Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche. Hall received the trophy at hockey’s post-season awards show in Las Vegas. Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers won the Ted Lindsay Award, given to the league’s most outstanding performer as voted by his fellow players, and picked up the Art Ross Trophy as the NHL scoring champion, winning both for the second year in a row. Among the night’s other awards:

• Alex Ovechkin of the Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals won the Richard Trophy as the NHL’s top goal-scorer.
• Mathew Barzal of the New York Islanders won the Calder Trophy as the season’s top rookie.
• Gerard Gallant of the Vegas Golden Knights won the Jack Adams Award as the top coach.

Yesterday Portugal beat Morocco, Uruguay beat Saudi Arabia, and Spain beat Iran all 1-0 final scores during the World Cup. Today, Denmark takes on Australia, France plays Peru, and Argentina will take on Croatia.

Phil Mickelson apologized yesterday – four days after hitting a moving ball at the U.S. Open, intentionally violating golf’s rules. Mickelson said in a statement: “I know this should’ve come sooner, but it’s taken me a few days to calm down. My anger and frustration got the best of me last weekend. I’m embarrassed and disappointed by my actions. It was clearly not my finest moment and I’m sorry.” Mickelson was struggling in the third round of the major when a putt he hit at the 13th hole passed the cup and was headed down a slope and he went over and swatted the ball back towards the hole while it was still moving. He was given a two-stroke penalty, and acknowledged later that he’d done it on purpose, saying, “It’s meant to take advantage of the rules as best as you can. In that situation, I was just going back and forth. I would gladly take the two shots over continuing that display.” Some people were suggesting he should be disqualified, but the USGA said what he did didn’t merit it.

Baseball players are notorious for suffering strange injuries. Just this year alone, players have gone on the shelf for injuries sustained while carrying a suitcase, stepping off a bus, falling down the dugout stairs . . .Walking in the backyard, throwing their glove in the dugout, punching a door, being bit by a spider, and a vague, quote, “incident with a bull.” But now, we have a new frontrunner for “Injury of the Year.” Chicago Cubs closer BRANDON MORROW hurt himself taking off his PANTS. He said, quote, “[I was] just undressing at my house. Taking my pants off yesterday morning after we got back in at like 3:00 A.M. Just in the closet, got my right leg off. Left one, just felt like a spasm in my back.” Morrow is headed to the Disabled List, but he isn’t sure how long he’ll be sidelined. He said, quote, “It’s frustrating any time you can’t get out there, and especially when you can’t go because it’s something like taking your pants off.”

Then NBA draft is tonight. You can watch it all on ESPN. It gets going at 6PM where the Phoenix Suns are most likely going to pick Deandre Ayton or Marvin Bagley III. Michael Porter Jr, who missed most of his time at Mizzou last year is also expected to go in the TOP 10 if not the TOP 5. Again, you can watch the draft on ESPN at 6PM.

And finally…pro wrestling legend…11 time world champion….Leon White…or you may know him as Vader has died. His family posted on social media that he died from complications related to pneumonia and a weakened heart from years of health problems. Back in 2016, Vader said that his doctor told him he only had 2 years to live. He had heart surgery to try and fight that but, unfortunately, his doctor was correct. He was 63 years old.

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