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#RizzRecap: I’m The Highway Hero


Man steals $300 worth of deodorant from grocery store

via CBC – Halton police say a man went into a grocery store Monday in Burlington and took $300 worth of Axe deodorants.

Police say it happened shortly after 8 p.m. at a Metro located on Appleby Line in Burlington.

According to police, the man was near the razor blades before he took two shelves worth of Axe deodorant and put it into his shoulder bag without attempting to pay.

The man then made his getaway as a passenger in an older Hyundai Sonata that was waiting for him just outside of the store.

The offence is theft under $5,000.



It’s possible to watch everything new on Netflix in a year – DailyMail

Hard Rock Cafe closing its doors at Union Station Wednesday – KSDK

Need a job? Macy’s hosts hiring event Thursday – Fox2Now

Mayor to colleague: You make your money from sphincter-bleaching – Sun-Sentinel

2 kids, 1 adult taken to hospital after school bus crash in O’Fallon, Mo. – KMOV
Truck fire closes I-70 in Montgomery County, Mo. – KMOV
Report of armed man at Festus hospital was diversion by suspect in chase – KMOV
Woman carjacked outside church, police searching for two teenage suspects – KMOV
St. Louis couple charged in drug overdose death of baby – APNews
Thieves breaking into cars in West County town – KMOV
Feds charge 9 in alleged smuggling bust along I-44 in Eureka – KMOV
Police looking for man who exposed self to 10-year-old at South City bus stop – KMOV
Lincoln County man arrested for child pornography – Fox2Now
The Company Behind Corona Beer Is Investing Nearly $4 Billion in Legal Pot – Time
A Dad Suffered a Penile Fracture When His Kid Jumped Up on the Bed to Wake Him Up – NYPost
Doctors remove 87 nails, 7 push pins after man eats them – USAToday
Nope, You Can’t Learn a Foreign Language in Your Sleep – Nature
Doctors Found a Woman’s Contact Lens Lodged Above Her Eye 28 Years After She Lost It – LiveScience
doctors The New York Subway System Responded to a Woman’s Tweet That Offered Sex for Faster Service – HuffPo

Last night Harrison Bader had three hits, an RBI, scored a run, and had a spectacular diving catch…and with the added help of a Marcell Ozuna home run…the Cardinals won their 8th game in a row.  Austin Gomber picked up the win over the Nationals.  With that win…the Cardinals are now just one game back from the Wild Card spot in the NL and 4.0 back of the Central leading Cubs.  They are currently THE hottest team in baseball without a doubt.  Tonight they wrap up their series with the Nationals.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:15PM….Luke Weaver gets the start.


Former PITTSBURGH PENGUINS and ARIZONA COYOTES center JOE VITALE has been named the new radio analyst for the BLUES. VITALE replaces KELLY CHASE, who exited after last season, alongside play-by-play voice CHRIS KERBER.  VITALE, a ST. LOUIS native and CBC graduate, will also be working with the BLUES’ video and digital staffs on production of content for the team’s website and app, and will also be doing community work for the club, including charity fundraising


Benches cleared twice at the start of the game between the Atlanta Braves and the Miami Marlins last night after the Miami pitcher hit Braves rookie outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. in the elbow with a fastball on the first pitch of the game, after Acuna had hit a leadoff home run in the last three games, all of them against the Marlins. The pitcher and Braves manager Brian Snitker, who led his team out of their dugout onto the field, were ejected. Acuna stayed in the game, but came out in the next inning. X-rays on Acuna’s elbow were negative, with more test results to be announced today. The Braves went on to win the game 5-2 to complete a four-game sweep of the Marlins. Snitker said after the game, “I’ll be honest with you. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt like that in a baseball uniform. That was just my emotion. That kid didn’t deserve that.”


ESPN took the current $177 million dollar salary cap and attempted to build the best NFL team out there.  The rules were simple, must have at least one player from every team, and couldn’t pick up more than 3 from a single team.  Here are the starters/highlights from who they chose.  Their QB: Carson Wentz.  At running back, David Johnson.  Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon were the notable names as far as wide receivers were concerned.  Gronk at tight end.  On defense they picked up Von Miller at tight end…Aaron Donald at tackle…and…Johnny Hekker was selected as their punter.  See the full roster on today’s blog at  ((ROSTER:


When it comes to NFL players…do you like what other players have to say about their competitiors?  Basically…do you like the smack talk?  I find it fascinating and Jacksonville Jaguar Jalen Ramsey, who is suspended until Monday, has been doing a lot of talking about some players around the league.  Here is a highlight reel of what he says about other players.


Allen ‘He’s trash’

Flacco ‘He sucks’

Rodgers Doesn’t suck

Brady Doesn’t suck

Garoppolo ‘Guess’ he’s good

Prescott ‘He’s okay’

Roethlisberger ‘Decent at best’

Manning Odell makes him

Bortles ‘Blake do what he gotta do’

Foles Good enough to win SB

Brees ‘Really good’

Luck ‘Don’t think he’s good’

Stafford ‘He’s straight’

Tannehill Haven’t heard good things

Ryan ‘Overrated’


An investment made by Kobe Bryant has yielded more than 30 times its money in fewer than four-and-a-half years. On Tuesday, Coca-Cola announced it purchased a minority stake in sports drink BodyArmor. Bryant made his first investment in the brand, for roughly 10 percent of the company, in March 2014, putting in a total of roughly $6 million over time. Based on the valuation of the Coca-Cola deal, his stake is now worth approximately $200 million.  Bryant is now the fourth-largest investor in the brand, marketed as a healthier competitor to Gatorade, behind the brand’s co-founder Mike Repole, Coca-Cola and Keurig Dr Pepper. When Bryant invested in BodyArmor, the brand had just come off a year of $10 million in sales. BodyArmor is projected to top $400 million in sales in 2018.


This is not the first time that we are talking about Donny Aaron.  He is a coach and husband of UFC fighter Andrea Lee.  Back in June, he was seen in a photo where he was rocking a massive swastika on his arm.  His wife stood by his side and said that he made mistakes in his past.  She said he’s a different person.  And then…today.  Where police say that Donny assaulted his wife and now is on the run.   According to cops, the two were watching a UFC PPV and the couple started arguing.  A witness said they saw the husband try and put a cigarette out on the wife.  She took off and went to a hotel.  When cops were called, Donny took off.  And now, they are trying to find him.  Whenever Donny is found, he’ll face potential charges of false imprisonment and domestic abuse battery. As a reminder….he is a former policeman who was found guilty of negligent homicide in 2009 and went to prison after shooting an unarmed man seven times in 2005. While awaiting trial, he was jailed for allegedly beating up his ex-wife’s fiancé. When he received criticism for his Nazi tattoo, which he received in prison, he apologized but said he didn’t want to cover it up so he could remember his past. His wife also came to his defense, twice.


More than a year after former NASCAR driver Greg Biffle’s ex-wife and former mother-in-law filed a lawsuit against him alleging that he ran secret cameras in their bedrooms and master bathroom, a North Carolina jury found him guilty of invasion of privacy on Monday. The jury ordered that Biffle pay them $1.  Reports say that Nicole Biffle’s lawyer said Monday night that the jury awarded her $1 after finding Greg Biffle guilty of recording her in the bedroom and bathroom for two years, and that the jury found it to be “an unlawful invasion of privacy.” The trial went on for nearly two weeks and Greg Biffle denied on the stand doing anything inappropriate. Nicole Biffle says in the lawsuit that she “has suffered loss of appetite, loss of sleep, pain in her abdomen, emotional distress, worry, humiliation, fear … and other anxiety-related conditions” as a result of the alleged secret filming. Her mother suffered similar health problems, according to the lawsuit, “and was prescribed a drug for anxiety and tension in January 2016 as a result of the stress from being filmed.” The lawsuit sought at least $100,000 in damages. The figure was closer to $9 million.  The wife’s lawyer said this “has never been about money for Ms. Biffle” and has instead been about “holding Mr. Biffle accountable for the complete violation of her dignity and right to privacy that should be afforded all persons.”


I don’t know if any of you guys watch the big hit show Riverdale or not. One of the actresses from the show is named Lili Reinhart. She announced that her Twitter account was hacked into recently. Then right after that a nude picture of her surfaced on the web. Producers have said relax everyone it isn’t her. It’s an old picture from some pron site in 2012.


Mrs. Garrett has only been dead for a week, and TODD BRIDGES from “Diff’rent Strokes” has already found himself in some serious trouble.  Todd’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany Wolf got a restraining order against him, because he has threatened her several times with a crossbow and a taser. So now he’s not allowed to go within 100 yards of her or her pets. Wolf says she met Todd on a dating site, and that during their second date, he, quote, “took out a taser and zapped it several times inches from my face.” Apparently, she was okay with that at the time, because she kept seeing him . . . and eventually it escalated to where he pointed a crossbow at her, and pulled a gun on a dog who he thought was an intruder.  Eventually, she ended it. But she claims Todd keeps harassing her on Twitter.  Todd hasn’t commented . . . but a “source” says he thinks Wolf is working with another one of his exes to harass HIM.  And he DOES have a crossbow, but denies threatening Wolf with it.


 Two decades ago, JIM CARREY was a sensation, and was commanding $20 million paychecks.  But in recent years, he hasn’t done much at all. In an interview with the “Hollywood Reporter”, Jim said it was a conscious decision. Quote “I didn’t like what was happening, the corporations taking over and all that. “And maybe it’s because I felt pulled toward a different type of creative outlet . . . and I really liked the control of painting . . . of not having a committee in the way telling me what the idea must be to appeal to a four-quadrant whatever.” He’s talking about the paintings he’s posting on Twitter, which are often social and political commentaries. But he also has a new show coming to Showtime next month called “Kidding”, which is a comedy-slash-drama where he plays the host of a children’s show, whose real life is unraveling. Now that he’s back, Jim says it’s on his terms.  Quote, “I don’t feel I’m little Jim trying to hang on to a place in the stratosphere anymore.  I don’t feel like I’m trying to hold on to anything.”


There’s a new movie in the works called “2nd Born”, and it’ll star . . . A ROBOT WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.  The director is TONY KAYE.  He’s mostly known for “American History X”, but he also directed videos by Johnny Cash, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soul Asylum, and Roger Waters. The robot is going to be “trained” in various acting methods and techniques, and Kaye hopes it’ll be recognized by the Screen Actors Guild, and maybe even be considered come award season. And it sounds like the robot will just be treated like a regular person, because this ISN’T a science fiction movie. “2nd Born” is the sequel to a movie that hasn’t even come out yet, called “1st Born“.  It’s a comedy about a young couple who have a complicated pregnancy that forces their extended families to come together.  For what it’s worth, it’s supposedly the first-ever American-Iranian co-production. 


It seems like we got past the whole “Oscar So White” thing a few years ago.  So now we have to tackle the diversity problem at the PORNO Oscars . . . better known as the AVN Awards. Apparently, this year’s awards were almost a complete white wash . . . except for a “film” called “Jews Love Black [Wiener]”, which won Best Comedy. On a recent podcast, black male superstar NAT TURNHER admitted he hasn’t won an AVN over his 16 years in the business.  But he seems resigned to it. Quote, “That shouldn’t be a surprise, there’s racism in everything.  Name something that there’s no racism in.” When the host suggested that black people should at least be able to win the BIG BUTT categories, Nat said that cosmetic procedures have leveled that playing field . . . quote, “not after the inventation of ass shots.”  Luckily, there IS an alternative.  The “Urban X Awards” go down on Sunday in L.A. 


Topher Grace reached out to police after getting a threatening phone call about his role in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansmanTMZ reports. In the film, Grace plays former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke. He said the caller referred to him using a gay slur and then warned him that taking on the role would “ruin race relations in America.” He reportedly described the caller as “aggressive” and “angry”. The film follows the true story of Ron Stallworth (played by Denzel’s son John David Washington), a black detective who infiltrates a local KKK chapter in Colorado Springs in the 1970s. Grace, who has received largely positive review for the role, previously told IndieWire that playing such an epic racist has taken an emotional toll on him. BlacKkKlansman opened last weekend, and delivered Lee’s best opening weekend in a decade ($11M). 


If you had to name the 21st century’s most “influential” musician, who would you go with?  Judging by the most popular music over the past 18 years, it’s probably either got to be a pop artist or a rapper. Well, NPR says it’s RIHANNA.  Which, like it or not, is probably a good choice . . . considering all the success she’s had over her 12-year career. They say, quote, “Rihanna shaped the texture and taste of the air by consistently doing what pop, at its very best, is supposed to do:  Combining genres:  Rock, EDM, dancehall, trap and even dubstep . . . and turning them into something that makes sense to us, to everyone. “If she’s not seen as taking musical risks, it’s only because so many of them PAID OFF.  Rihanna is the most important pop artist of the century because of these contributions to music . . . and her music is beloved.”  

Aerosmith is about to do a residency in Vegas.  They announced it yesterday on the “Today”show. Now on the way in or out of the Today show studios a fan jumped in front of lead singer Steven Tyler and wrapped his arm around him for a selfie. Tyler fairly gently pushed him away. He got crap in a posting saying apparently he has a no selfie policy. Video on the blog to judge for yourself.


Paul McCartney just released a new song. It sounds like he is saying something you aren’t supposed to say on the radio but it isn’t what you think. It’s  called “Fuh You”. The line in the chorus is “I just want it fuh you” . . . as in “for you.”  But you’re kind of supposed to misunderstand it.


A Trump supporter named Tim Hildebrand claims he was beaten up at a SOCIAL DISTORTION concert . . . by MIKE NESS himself.  The show went down on July 19th in Sacramento. Hildebrand says Mike started going off on Trump, so he protested by holding up his middle finger for two songs.  So Ness invited him to the front of the crowd.  They exchanged some words before Ness jumped off the stage and whaled on him. Hildebrand claims the assault left him with two black eyes, a busted lip, a concussion, and a loose tooth.  He says, quote, “If he wants to have a talk someday, man to man, I would love that but he would have to not be a child about it.” 


 John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman is up for parole for the 10th time. The AP reports that 63-year-old Chapman is scheduled to go before New York’s parole board next week. Chapman is currently serving 20-years-to-life in the Wende Correctional Facility in western New York after fatally shooting the former Beatle outside his Manhattan apartment on December 8, 1980. The state Board of Parole last denied parole to Chapman two years ago, saying at the time that he should remain behind bars because of the premeditated and “celebrity-seeking” nature of his crime.


Michael Caine has finally explained the ending of the 2010 film Inception, which left viewers wondering whether Leonardo DiCaprio’s character made it back to reality or was still stuck in a dream when he reunited with his family. “When I got the script of Inception, I was a bit puzzled by it, and I said to him, ‘I don’t understand where the dream is,'” Caine recalled at a recent screening of the film in London. “[Director Christopiher Nolan] said, ‘Well, when YOU’RE in a scene, it’s reality.’ So, get that—if I’m in it, it’s reality. If I’m not in it, it’s a dream.” Fans will remember that Caine, who plays DiCaprio’s mentor in the movie, was present at the end. That means DiCaprio’s character really did make it back to his kids.


In a new interview with The New York Times, Jerry Seinfeld is asked to pick one joke “to represent comedy to the aliens.” In reply, the comedian selected the following Rodney Dangerfield gem, which he calls “as perfect a joke as I can imagine”: “I was making love with my wife, and she had a faraway look in her eyes, and I said, ‘Darling, is there someone else?’ and she said, ‘There must be.’”


Ariana Grande’s impression game was strong last night during “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden.  She does a pretty unbelievable version of Celine Dion. 


Could the beloved ‘90s show “Saved by the Bell” one day return to our television screens? Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris is open to the idea of doing a reboot. He said, “I’d like to see a version that was worth everyone’s time,” It last aired in 1993. He was only 15 when the show started. He does like what the Karate Kid reboot Cobra Kai is doing.


DEF LEPPARD‘s current North American co-headlining tour with JOURNEY has already surpassed $50 million in sales, based on box office totals from 33 shows. More than half a million fans have seen them play so far on the 58-city tour, which started in May. They played to a sold out crowd at Coors Field in Denver. 44,928. $3.8 million in ticket sales.   


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard‘s divorce was finalized a year and a half ago,  but we’re still getting ugly stories from things that went down during their two-year marriage. The UK’s The Mirror says Heard allegedly pooped in their bed as revenge when Depp showed up late for her 30th birthday party in LA in April of 2016. And they say there is photo proof. They say that’s what pushed them towards a divorce filing a month later. They also say that another fight over the poo in May of 2016 is what caused the alleged phone throwing incident by Johnny that left Amber with facial bruises, in which police were called to their downtown LA penthouse to investigate possible domestic violence. Amber said it was her dog who soiled the sheets. The publication said the evidence shows the poo is not consistent with that of a Yorkie.


Kelsey Grammer has an innovative tactic for preventing adultery. The Frasier star told Conan O’Brien that he got his wife’s name tattooed on his crotch to discourage cheating. “It was more of sort of an ownership thing,” he said. “My wife said, ‘Why don’t you get a tattoo?’ I guess maybe it was based on the idea that if ever I thought maybe a peccadillo outside the marriage was a good idea, that whoever might be, you know, would read this particular piece of equipment was already signed and owned by someone named Kayte.” Grammer, 63, began dating Kayte Walsh, 39, while he was still married to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer. Their split was documented on the Bravo show. He and Walsh married in 2011 two weeks after the divorce became official.


The comedian Ellen DeGeneres is launching a clothing line based on her casual personal style for Walmart. In 2014, DeGeneres founded luxe lifestyle company ED, which offers clothing, home goods and pet products. She also teamed up with the Gap to release a clothing line. EV1 stands for “everyone” and will hit Walmart shelves September 10th. Each of the 60 clothing styles cost $30 or less. 


Scottie Pippen‘s 9-year-old daughter is already cashin’ HUGE checks — for “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors”.  Sophia Pippen has already signed her contract to compete against stars like Honey Boo Boo and Miles Brown from “Black-ish” — and if she wins the whole thing, she takes home $130,000!! Just like Boo Boo, Pippen will get $50k just for showing up — and she gets more cash the further she advances in the competition. 

– $5,000 per episode for episodes 2 & 3. 

– $7,500 per episode for episodes 4 & 5.

– $10,000 per episode for episodes 6 & 7.

– $15,000 for episode 8.

– $20,000 for the finale.

FYI, Scottie reportedly made around $110 MILLION during his NBA career.




Rumer Willis is 30.  

Vanessa Carlton is 38.  Biggest Hit:  A Thousand Miles. 

Jase Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” is 49.

Steve Carell is 56.

Angela Bassett is 60.

Madonna is 60.

James Cameron is 64.  Writer and director of “Avatar”“Titanic”“Terminator” and “The Abyss”.  He also created “Dark Angel”.

Kathie Lee Gifford is 65. 

And today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….He was Sergeant Al Powell in the first two Die Hard movies….and he was Carl Winslow in Family Matters…he’s the best….Reginald VelJohnson is 66 years young today.

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