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#RizzRecap: Do The No Pants Dance


‘Who steals a cheese grater?’: KY man tries to burgle cousin at gunpoint

via WMCActionNews5 –  In an incident that a Kentucky man blames on methamphetamine, the man’s cousin allegedly tried to steal seemingly random items, including a cheese grater, an empty bottle of Lysol and soap.

Neighbors informed Mason Tackett that his cousin Phillip Hagans had been seen carrying items out of his house, but the items weren’t the typical targets of a would-be burglar.

“Who steals a cheese grater? He’s got the works. Lysol – he stole the empty bottle of spray. What got me the most was my soap. He stole my soap. Who steals soap?” Tackett said.

After his neighbors’ warnings, Tackett headed home to confront his cousin.

“When I finally got down there to the house to look and see what happened, the door was standing wide open. It looked like he was packing up for a yard sale when he come out,” he said.

The confrontation took a dangerous turn once Tackett found items belonging to him.

“He was lying, throwing his hands, saying stuff like, ‘I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it.’ You know, how rogues do and blame it on everybody else,” Tackett said. “He did pull a gun on me when I got back around the house because I guess he thought I was upset with him.”

Carjacking suspect critically injured in officer-involved shooting – KMOV

Woman says she was fired for protecting herself from co-worker, fiance who assaulted her – KMOV

Investigation underway after retired priest found with suspected child porn – KMOV

Fatal fungus? Pet owners take precautions after mushroom abundance – KMOV

Shooting Suspect Was Twice Hospitalized for Mental Illness – USNews

New law cracks down on legal age to marry in Missouri – Fox2Now

Voters to face 2 ballot measures in November to ban smoking in St. Charles County –Fox2Now

One in seven U.S. adults used marijuana in 2017 – Reuters

Sex boxes make legal prostitution safe Switzerland – USAToday

Want to Ditch Your Car and Just Use Uber? You’ll Wind Up Spending Twice as Much – AAA

There Are Four Numbers That No One Has Worn in Baseball History – USAToday

Gas prices could jump ahead of Labor Day  – UPI

77% of People Have a Travel Bucket List . . . But Only 3% Have Completed It – PRNewswire

An Emotional Support Animal on United Recently Had Its Own Support Animal – Inc

Having the Eighth Pick in Your Fantasy Football Draft Gives You the Best Chance of Winning – BroBible

A Bride Calls Off Her Wedding Because Her Friends and Family Wouldn’t Contribute $60,000 – Reddit

A Woman Spent $4.5 Million on Her Wedding to Make Her Ex Jealous . . . and It Worked, Now They’re Back Together – NYPost

The States That Love Dogs the Most . . . Plus the One and Only State Where the Majority of People Don’t Like Dogs – NationalToday


Cardinals are back on the field tonight as they take on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  First pitch is scheduled for 7:15PM and Jack Flaherty gets the start.  As of this morning, the Cardinals sit in the first place Wild Card spot and the Brewers are just a ½ game behind them.  The Cubs picked up the win last night and now are 4.5 games ahead of the Cardinals in the Central.


Future Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur has stepped down from his role as assistant general manager of the St. Louis Blues, according to The Athletic. The 46-year-old has spent four years working for GM Doug Armstrong, but his contract ran out in June.  Brodeur won three Stanley Cups with the Devils, is also a four-time top goalie winner and he won two Olympic gold medals with Canada. Brodeur was the co-GM of Team Canada for the world championships last May.


San Antonio Spurs star Manu Ginobili announced yesterday that he’s retiring, ending a 16-year NBA career that he spent entirely with the Spurs, helping them to win four championships. The 41-year-old forward from Argentina tweeted, “Today, with a wide range of feelings, I’m announcing my retirement from basketball. IMMENSE GRATITUDE to everyone involved in my life in the last 23 years. It’s been a fabulous journey. Way beyond my wildest dreams.”

There was a big upset on the first day of the U.S. Open yesterday as top-ranked Simona Halep lost her first-round match, falling to 44th-ranked Kaia Kanepi becoming the first Number 1-seeded woman to lose her opening match at the U.S. Open in the professional era. Among those winning their matches on opening day were defending champions Sloane Stephens and Rafael Nadal, Serena and Venus WilliamsAndy Murray and Stan Wawrinka.

J.J. Watt’s foundation raised $41.6 million for those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston last year, making it the largest crowd-sourced fundraiser in history. The NFL star set up the online fundraiser with and reached the $200,000 in the first two hours. “Every time that I am fortunate enough to witness someone step back into their home for the first time or a child run around a playground again, I am reminded of the generosity of strangers,” Watt said in a statement.


Odell Beckham Jr. has agreed to a five-year extension with the New York Giants that makes him the highest-paid wide receiver in football. The three-time Pro Bowler can receive a maximum $95 million over the course of the deal, with $65 million in guaranteed money, a source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. The deal eclipses Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown‘s $17 million per year average and tops Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout Mike Evans‘ $55 million in total guarantees.


This…is…crazy.  Baylor University officials placed a mole within several support groups for sexual assault survivors as a way to control their messaging and keep the university from looking bad. Baylor currently faces a Title IX lawsuit from 10 anonymous former students for their alleged serial mishandling of sexual assault cases over the past decade, and Baylor football players have been accused of committing 52 rapes over four years. The school attempted to control or limit the voices of sexual assault survivors by embedding an insider (identified as Matt Burchett, director of student activities at Baylor) into survivor groups and getting them to soften their stances. Burchett reportedly used his role as the school’s chief event planner and student life liaison to gain the trust of the groups. He would pretend to help them organize activities, all while siphoning information back to Baylor officials. When these groups organized on campus to comfort each other and demand action from thier former chancellor, “[Burchett] would coordinate with them, befriend them, and pretend he was helping them organize vigils and demonstrations [about] sexual assault.  He then would pass on what he learned to school officials, and the communications department. A Baylor spokesperson said Burchett never lied to anyone, and that all information he shared with school higher-ups was purely for logistical reasons. This season marks the 20th anniversary of the yellow first-down line, televised football’s single greatest innovation since instant replay. The yellow line has become invaluable, and more than that, has become a friend. And now apparently it’s not good enough anymore…. Last night on Sunday Night Football, NBC debuted the “Green Zone,” which on third downs digitally turns the field a slightly darker shade of green between the line of scrimmage and where they need to reach to gain a first down. So … it shows you the same thing the yellow line does, which is itself the same thing the first-down marker does, but is, apparently, perfect for viewers who found both of those just too confusing.



Rose McGowan is talking about Asia Argento. Lengthy statement folks but here is the run down… “Many people believe that because we have been close in each other’s lives over the past year that perhaps I am affiliated with this incident or being complicit. I am not.” She goes on to say she only got to know Argento thru the Harvey Weinstein shared trauma. She says Argento mentioned the extortion by the Bennet kid over a “provocative image”.  According to McGowan she told a mutual friend she DID sleep with Jimmy Bennet. Argento also allegedly said Bennet sent “unsolicited nudes…since he had been 12 and  Argento never said to stop or never told parents or anyone about them. The mutual friend went to cops and that’s when the texts hit the press.  Finally she talked directly to Argento…”Anyone can be be better- I hope you can be, too. Do the right thing. Be honest. Be fair. Let justice stay its course. Be the person you wish Harvey could have been…”  

Also, Argento has officially been fired as a judge on X Factor Italy. She will be seen in the first handful of episodes though which were already shot earlier this summer, beginning Sept 6. The episodes include initial auditions to narrow down competitors for the 12 final spots. The live portion of the show will officially begin with a new judge and the main cast from Oct. 25. Sources say that Sky Italia does not want to penalize the 40,000 people who initially attended the casting for one of the final 12 coveted spots on the show. The process would have to be scrapped and started anew if the show cut Argento completely to start casting from scratch.


In an unsealed deposition, Katy Perry denies that Dr. Luke ever raped her–despite Kesha’s text to Lady Gaga claiming otherwise. Perry also says she was never involved in a sexual or romantic relationship with Luke and never told anyone–even jokingly–that he raped her. Perry’s testimony was taken as part of a defamation lawsuit filed against Kesha by Luke, in response to her claiming her former producer sexually assaulted her. 


MATT LAUER is either optimistic about a career resurgence . . . or he’s delusional.  The “New York Post” says he ran into some fans  Donohue’s Steak House in New York, and he told them that he’ll be back soon. A so-called source said, quote, “A group of older ladies came over to [him], saying, ‘We miss you!’ . . . and he said, ‘I’ve been busy being a dad.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back on TV.'”  Naturally, there are no details about what he’d be doing on TV . . . since he clearly won’t be coming back to the “Today” show. But apparently there have been reports that earlier this summer, Lauer was seen having lunch with a former TODAY senior producer.


Don’t call it a comeback. Comedian Louis C.K. performed a surprise stand-up set on Monday at New York’s Comedy Cellar. It was his first live comedic performance since admitting to sexual misconduct last November. The club owner told The New York Times that the Louie star’s set was “typical Louis C.K. stuff,” but that the comedian made no mention of the scandal. According to ET, the crowd gave C.K. a warm reception and the club owner received just one complaint. 


JOHN GOODMAN may have said how Roseanne’s absence will be dealt with on The Conners. :  In a new interview, he said she’s DEAD. He was asked about his character’s future, and he said, quote, “It’s an unknown.  I guess he’ll be mopey and sad because his wife’s dead.” This was basically the most likely solution . . . in the last couple episodes of “Roseanne”, she was dealing with a secret addiction to prescription painkillers . . . and heading for knee surgery. So there’s two ways she can die right there.  Also, John said he hasn’t been in touch with Roseanne recently.  He did send her a thank you e-mail when she signed away her rights to the show, but he didn’t hear back from her. He said, quote, “She was going through hell at the time.” He was “surprised” by the cancellation and the fall-out, but added, quote, “I know for a fact that she’s not a racist.” He also said that he was “brokenhearted” and even went through a period of depression after ABC fired her. “The Conners” premieres on October 16th.


The Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix has now added Alec Baldwin to the cast. He will play Bruce Wayne’s Dad Thomas.  Shooting is scheduled to begin shooting in two weeks. Robert De Niro, Deadpool 2 breakout Zazie Beetz and  Marc Maron are in it too. Im not sure I love this though really will I see it anytime soon?  But sources say the script paints Thomas Wayne as a cheesy and tanned businessman who is more in the mold of a 1980s Donald Trump.


Netflix has 130 million streaming subscribers around the world.  I don’t know if that number amazes you, but this one might:  3 million people still get DVDs in the mail from them. And they’re all in the U.S. So why doesn’t Netflix shut down the DVD end of its business?  Because the profit margin per DVD subscriber is still really high.  In the most recent quarter, those 3 million people delivered $53 MILLION in straight-up profit. But it won’t last.  Netflix has been losing about 190,000 DVD subscribers per quarter for the past two years.  At that rate, they’ll all be gone by 2022.


A new social media meme says that your RAP NAME is ‘Young’ PLUS the last thing you spent money on.  In some cases, it might actually work . . . in others it sounds ridiculous . . . but either way it’s amusing. And the best part is that some celebrities got in on the action.  Here are a few: 

Sarah Silverman:  “Young Lyft”, which is pretty good. 

Alec Baldwin:  “Young Tennis Shorts” 

Billy Eichner:  “Young Smoothie” 

Zach Braff:  “Young Pillow Case” 

Kathy Griffin:  “Young Penne Vodka” 

Busy Phillips:  “Young Gogo In-flight Internet”


Some non-celebrity highlights include:  “Young Comprehensive Insurance Plan,” “Young Back to School Supplies,” “Young Gas,” “Young Personal Pizza,” “Young Tesla Model 3,” and “Young Terrible’s Stampede,” which is apparently a car wash.


In June it was the 14 year celebration of the Olsen twins NOT doing a nude scene as soon as they turned 18. It’s unfortunate that MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN spend most of their time out of the spotlight, because I think we all want to know if they’re as weird as we assume they must be. Sadly, they seem relatively normal in a new interview with the “Wall Street Journal”.  If you can believe it, they’re 32 years old already, and they still do everything together. As Mary-Kate puts it, quote, “We came out of the womb doing that.” They also describe their relationship as, quote, “a marriage and a partnership” that has its “ups and downs.”  Ashley adds, quote, “It’s been 32 years of learning how to communicate.” As for their relative media silence, Ashley says, quote, “I don’t know if it’s because of the way we grew up . . . we just don’t like talking about ourselves or talking about what we’re doing . . . It’s not really our approach.” 


DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON is one of the coolest celebrities ever . . . and it’s because he’s always doing things like this . . .A 19-year-old man named Angelo Pizarro lost his mom and his sister in a car crash, and his mom was a huge fan of The Rock.  So the guy started a social media campaign to get The Rock to give her a shout-out for the funeral . . . and he came through. He said, quote, “I’m sending you so much love and light and strength your way from my family to yours . . . I’m so sorry to hear about your sister and your mom . . . Stay strong.” Angelo replied, quote, “I can’t stop smiling knowing she’s smiling so much.  Just, thank you.”


Netflix has unveiled new images for House of Cards showing some new cast mates.  Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear. They play  brother sister combo Annette and Bill Shepherd, leaders of an industrial conglomerate. 


61-year-old Melanie Griffith posted a makeup free selfie showed the last stages of her journey with skin cancer. “Bandaged again after having dermabrasion.  “If any of you have it, get it fixed. If you lay in the sun, are exposed to lots of sun, be CAREFUL. Use sun screen. Get checked out by your Dermatologist. If you don’t have one, get one, or go to your nearest clinic and ask to be tested for it. More info to come!”


I would imagine even if you jump on stage at a major artist show you are handled cautiously because we are indeed a litigious society. But damn…As BEYONCÉ and JAY-Z were leaving the stage at the end of their show in Atlanta on Saturday night, a 26-year-old guy jumped onstage and tried to follow them. The situation was handled pretty quickly by the backup dancers, although he DID make some kind of “contact” with Jay before he was yanked away. A statement issued by tour staff said the guy was drunk.  They added, quote, “We had a controlled evacuation of all crew on the stage in order to safely diffuse the situation. “We are happy to confirm that nobody was hurt during the incident, and Mr. and Mrs. Carter are choosing not to press charges against the individual.” 


ARIANA GRANDE played an intimate show for 1,600 fans in Los Angeles on Saturday night.  It was pretty informal.  So much so that she stopped mid-song why? A) because she forgot the lyrics to a new song? 2) her mic failed or C) because someone in the crowd wasn’t ready? She was singing the song Raindrops.


Spotify released its list of the most-streamed songs of the summer


Here’s the U.S. Top 10 . . . 

  1. “In My Feelings”,  Drake (393 plus million streams)  
  1. “Lucid Dreams”,  Juice WRLD  
  1. “SAD!”,  XXXTentacion 
  1. “I Like It”,  Cardi Bfeaturing Bad Bunny and J Balvin 
  1. “Nice For What”,  Drake 
  1. “Better Now”,  Post Malone 
  1. “Taste”,  Tygafeaturing Offset 
  1.  “Moonlight”,  XXXTentacion 
  1. “Nonstop”,  Drake 
  1. “Yes Indeed”, Lil Babyand Drake


Drake has a total of EIGHT tracks in the U.S. Top 20, including four in the Top 10.  On the global list, he has five.  Drake also made the list with “I’m Upset” (#12), “God’s Plan” (#13), “Don’t Matter to Me” featuring Michael Jackson (#17), and “Look Alive” (#19) . . . a track by BlocBoy JB that he’s featured on. On the Global list, “In My Feelings” is followed by “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 with Cardi B 



Alana Thompson from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is 13.

Armie Hammer is 32Winklevoss twins in “The Social Network”,

Leann Rimes is 36.

Jack Black is 49.  

Jason Priestley is 49.   “Beverly Hills 90210”. 

Shania Twain is 53.

Jennifer Coolidge is 57.

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….He’s from some legit classics like City Slickers, Home Alone 1 & 2, he’s the adult voice of Kevin from Wonder Years…and he’s in the SUPER UNDRATED film Very Bad Things. …Daniel Stern is 61 years young.


Porn B




Today’s birthday girl has been pounded more than Veal scaloppini in  447 fine films including….:

  • Hey, Are We In Love?
  • Those Are Bad Dads
  • Defiled In Style
  • Get Cha Freak On
  • My Sisters Got A Real Hot Friend
  • Do The No Pants Dance
  • Lez-ervoir Doggs
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in….Wow…What An Incredible Ass You Have.



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