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#RizzNews: SLMPD officer shot, taken to hospital; Senator McCaskill pushes for Busch Stadium be approved for SAFETY Act Certification Wedding dress and gifts stolen from newlywed’s vehicle


Parents Lose Their Three-Year-Old in a Corn Maze . . . But Don’t Realize It Until the Next Morning?

A family went to a corn maze in West Jordan, Utah on Monday night, and the parents lost track of their three-year-old son.



But somehow, they didn’t realize it until the NEXT MORNING, when they called the cops and told them their son might still be in the maze.



Fortunately, someone else found the kid on Monday night.  But he couldn’t tell them enough about himself for them to find his family, so he wound up with child protective services.



So far, no charges have been filed, but the police are investigating how it POSSIBLY took the parents so long to call them.



For what it’s worth, the cops say the parents showed up at their station with TEN other kids, so maybe they just can’t keep track of all of them?  Obviously, though, that’s not a good enough excuse. 



(CBS News)


Senator McCaskill pushes for Busch Stadium be approved for SAFETY Act Certification

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri is pushing for new legal protection for Busch Stadium, in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

The St. Louis Cardinals have drawn national acclaim for security measures in recent years, including their purchase of “vapor wake” police dogs which can sniff out threats by the vapors they in their wake, like airborne traces of explosives.

“Instead of just sniffing stationary points when you clear a facility, they’re actually walking around in a crowd,” said Cardinals Team President, Bill DeWitt III.  “Once they hit on a vapor of somebody that might have had something on them, they follow the vapor until the find the source of that threat.”

The Cardinals donated the dogs for police use beyond the ballpark.

The team has spent millions on security innovations seen and unseen and on the cumbersome application process for a SAFETY Act (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies) designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

McCaskill, the ranking member of the senate committee that oversees homeland security, decided to publicly praise the Cardinals and push the department to grant the designation.

“Staying safe in large public spaces is on the minds of many Americans right now.  I’m proud of the St. Louis Cardinals for being so proactive in protecting their employees and fans,” McCaskill in a video statement.

“There’s really no category of security we haven’t taken to another level in the last couple of years,” DeWitt said.  “When you think about every type of threat that may be out there that obviously read about in the news recently, our security team is thinking about those, and working with authorities to be at the cutting edge.”

The designation sets a liability cap against the team for damages in the event of an attack but the Cardinals insist that’s not the primary motive and the cap hardly makes all the security advancements worth the investment.

“More importantly we wanted to do this for our fans, the safety of our fans,” DeWitt said.

The Safety Act was passed in 2002 in the wake of the 911 Attacks but applying it to stadiums is relatively new.  NFL teams including the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans have gotten five-year designations.  The Cardinals would be the first Major League Baseball team in the Midwest to get it.  DeWitt hopes to do so by the start of next season.



Wedding dress and gifts stolen from newlywed’s vehicle

They were married one day, and crime victims the next.

A St. Louis couple lost thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts, cash, and even a wedding dress after somebody broke into their vehicle Sunday night.

Newlyweds Alana and Ivan Malpica celebrated their marriage with family and friends from around the country with a ceremony in St. Charles this weekend.

“It was hands down the best day of our lives,” Alana said.

The next day, Ivan left the couple’s hotel and picked up gifts and personal belongings from family members. He and Alana went downtown for one last meal with out of town guests. Ivan parked his truck in an open, well-lit lot near Spruce Street and 9th Street. When they returned to the vehicle a few hours later, they were met with an unwelcome surprise.

“We first saw the window shattered, and I initially didn’t know everything was in there,” Alana said.

“I was really angry,” Ivan added. “She kept asking me what all was in there. I kept saying — everything. Everything.”

Inside the truck were thousands of dollars worth of gifts, cash, and clothes. Many of the items were sentimental, like Alana’s wedding dress.

“I think I’m just as sad about all of the cards and all of the thoughtful things that people said that I’ll never be able to read or I’ll never be able to see,” she said.

“I always felt safe in this city,” Ivan added. “And it’s just like — now we don’t.”

The Malpica’s reported the theft to city police, who are now investigating.

Friends of the couple also started a GoFundMe account, to help raise money for the lost items and cover the deductible on insurance.

The newlyweds credit a strong support system of friends and family for helping them through this unexpected loss. While saddened by what happened, they are trying to remember the best parts of an otherwise joyous weekend.

“It was all material things,” Alana said. “And as sad as it was, it made us realize how much we care about each other and we’re not going to let something like that affect, or ruin, the best day of our life.”



Police discover loads of stolen pink lingerie, loungewear in man’s vehicle

Charges are expected against a man accused of stealing more than $2,300 worth of apparel from a west St. Louis County Victoria’s Secret store.

Police report a man and woman were seen at the store at West County Center May 31st.

“They entered their store with their own, large, empty shopping bags. And filled them up quite quickly,” Des Peres Department of Public Safety Detective Marshall Broughton said.

The theft was not discovered until after the pair left the store, police said. A sales clerk saw that several items were missing, and then checked surveillance video to confirm.

Another local police department said the man was spotted stealing from the Victoria’s Secret store at the Galleria.

A description of the man and his vehicle matched what detectives reported in Richmond Heights.

Days later, the same man was arrested at the West County store. An officer made contact with him, and made an arrest following a search of the man’s car, police said.

“With his consent, [they] recovered a majority of the merchandise,” Det. Broughton said. “Along with security tags, and security features used to remove those security tags.”

The identity of the woman seen on surveillance May 31st is unclear, police said. The two were seen arriving and leaving together in the same car. The case against the man has been forwarded to the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office for review.



SLMPD officer shot, taken to hospital

St. Louis police are investigating the shooting of an officer early Thursday morning.

The shooting happened around 1:30 a.m. near the intersection of Jefferson and Cherokee. Police Chief Lawrence O’Toole said in a brief statement to the media early Thursday that the officer shot is a detective with 25 years’ experience on the force. He was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder and is in stable condition.

O’Toole said the 54-year-old officer was part of a stolen car investigation in the area. He said a suspect fired upon the officer while he was in his department vehicle.

“He [the officer] did not fire any shots. He did not shoot his weapon at all,” said O’Toole.

No suspect information has been provided.

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