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#RizzNews: Free Fries at McDonald’s Today If You Use Apple Pay. Teach Alexa to Dish Out Insults. Airmen fired.


via NewsWeek: A woman returning to her home in Monroe, Louisiana, was confronted with an intruder taking a bath in the house while eating her Cheetos.

The 29-year-old intruder, identified as Evelyn Washington, was arrested Tuesday by Monroe Police Department officers. A probable cause affidavit by the Monroe Police revealed that the unidentified homeowner found Washington naked with a plate full of food on the toilet as she took a bath and ate the crunchy cheese snacks.

Officer Meagn Meador wrote in the affidavit that “a tall ice chest” was found under a broken window on the east side of the home.

“I observed the bathtub located on the west side of the residence to be full of water and a plate of food along with half-eaten Cheetos belonging to the victim on the toilet next to the tub,” Meador added.

Police said Washington claimed that an unknown man told her to break into the home. The homeowner and the suspect told authorities they did not know each other…



You Can Get Free Fries at McDonald’s Today If You Use Apple Pay

This is great for all those STONERS out there celebrating 420 today.  But can they follow this many directions?  It’s only three, but that still might be too many.

You can get a free order of medium fries at McDonald’s today with any purchase that’s at least $1.  But first you have to download the McDonald’s app . . . order through it . . . and then pay for your order using Apple Pay.

Just to be clear, this isn’t actually a 420 promo.  They’re doing it next Friday too.  And it looks like they’ve been running the same promotion EVERY Friday this month, but just didn’t promote it enough.  So no one knew about it until now.


You Can Now Teach Alexa to Dish Out Insults to Your Friends and Family

Amazon added a new feature to Alexa yesterday called Skill Blueprints that lets you create custom quizzes, and do things like pre-load answers to questions your babysitter might ask.  But here’s how people will ACTUALLY use it . . .

You can now add custom questions and answers.  Which means you can PRANK people by asking things like, “Who’s the ugliest person in the world?” . . . and having her say your HUSBAND’S name. 

You can also create a “Burn” list of random insults.  Then if you say, “open my burns,” she’ll immediately start ripping on you. 



Airmen fired, demoted over dinosaur puppet video

via CNNThe US Air Force is making it clear that dinosaur puppets have no place in its “time-honored” military traditions — levying tough punishments against three members of the Tennessee Air National Guard involved in a viral video depicting a reenlistment ceremony.

All three of the individuals involved in the viral video — which showed a female non-commissioned officer taking the reenlistment oath with a dinosaur puppet on her right hand — were removed from their posts, according to an announcement posted on Facebook on Wednesday by Maj Gen. Terry M. Haston, the adjutant general for the Tennessee Guard.

The colonel shown administering the oath “was immediately retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel” and the senior NCO who recorded the event was “removed from his position as a unit First Sergeant” but will be retained in the Air National Guard, the statement said.

The senior NCO featured in the video wearing the puppet was removed from her full-time position with the Tennessee Joint Public Affairs Office and other administrative actions are underway,” Haston’s statement noted.

“The oath of office or enlistment not only signifies our commitment to our nation, but pays respect to our fellow service members and to those who came before us,” Air National Guard Director Lt. Gen Scott Rice said in a statement on Monday. “We as military members answer to a calling of service and represent the Profession of Arms. This action goes against our very foundation.”

Surfacing over the weekend on a Facebook group called Air Force amn/nco/snco, the video has been criticized by those who felt that it disrespected the ceremony…



Opioid prescribing drops largest amount in 25 years

via WashingtonExaminer: The number of opioid painkillers prescribed last year dropped by the largest rates in 25 years, new data show.

IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, a health data firm, released a report that showed an 8.9 percent drop on average in the number of prescription opioids, such as OxyContin or Vicodin, that were filled by retail and mail-order pharmacies.

All states and the District of Columbia were evaluated for the study and had declines of more than 5 percent. Eighteen states had declines above 10 percent, including Pennsylvania and West Virginia, two states that are among the top five in the country with the highest rates of drug overdose deaths.

The prescribing drop was 2 percentage points lower than the drop in 2016 and represented a 7.8 percent decline in new patients receiving prescriptions for opioids.

The data also show that the number of people who were prescribed medication to treat addiction, which helps stave off withdrawal symptoms, rose to 82,000 a month, nearly doubling.

“This suggests that healthcare professionals are prescribing opioids less often for pain treatment, but they are actively prescribing [medication-assisted treatment] to address opioid addiction,” said Murray Aitken, the data firm’s senior vice president…

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