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I’m A Very Gentle Lover


Pensacola man masturbating outside Walmart grabbed deputy’s rear end, ECSO says – PNJ

A Pensacola man who was being arrested for allegedly masturbating in a Pensacola Walmart parking lot is accused of grabbing a deputy’s rear end and saying, “Let me just feel it.” Trenton James Rich, 19, was arrested Saturday and charged with battery of an officer, assault on an officer, resisting an officer and exposure of sexual organs. According to his arrest report, an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded shortly after 4:30 p.m. Saturday to the Walmart at 501 N. Navy Blvd. in response to a report of indecent exposure. The deputy spotted a white man with blond curly hair wearing gray sweatpants and no shirt sitting on top of a picnic table next to the store’s designated pickup area.

Carjacker beaten to death after stealing car with small kids inside – Fox5NY

Man passes out after breaking into bank, officer says – KMOV

Indiana burglary suspect left wallet at crime scene, police say – KFOR

Neighbors Find Chalk Markings on the Sidewalk and Think Burglars Are Casing Their Homes . . . Turns Out a Kid Was Just Drawing Butts – Mirror

Man Named Kevin Bacon Allegedly Hits Cop Car While Looking Up ‘Saved By the Bell’ Episode – Oxygen

Two Hikers Thought a Wild Pig Was Chasing Them, But It Was Just Traffic – HuffPo

Father accused of throwing 5-year-old into Atlantic Ocean, yelling at him to swim – WESH

Go to Grid|Next Story City Workers Hurt in ‘Absolute Embarrassment’ of a Prank – Newser

A Man Was Pulled Over for Speeding . . . and Had 179 Pounds of Marijuana – DailyGazette

A Drug Smuggler Is Busted Hiding Cocaine Under His Ridiculously High Toupee –TheSmokingGun

Large fire burning at Big St. Charles Motorsports – KSDK

Storm Area 51? It’s a Joke, but the Air Force Is Concerned – NYTimes

54% of Americans Believe the Government Is Hiding Info About UFOs – YouGov

Michigan pool pooper caught on camera, banned for summer – MLive

Have You Ever Missed a Life Moment Because You Were Trying to Capture It on Social Media? – PRNewsWire

Here Are the Top Five Jobs Kids Want When They Grow Up . . . and “YouTuber” Is Number One – AreTechnica

An Airline Apologizes for Tweeting Out a Trivia Fact on Surviving Plane Crashes – CNET

Circle K Has Apologized for a Secretary’s Day Sale on Wine and Condoms – BBC

Man watched porn moments before fatal crash in Rogers, Minn. – Fox9

A City Is Banning the Word “Manhole” . . . and Going With the Gender-Neutral Alternative “Maintenance Hole” – NBCNews

Popsicle’s ‘Double Pops’ are apparently coming back . . . thanks to JUSTIN BIEBER.  Back in May, Justin Tweeted, quote, “We just realized we can’t find double stick popsicles!!  This is crazy.  @Popsicle we need those back!” And then yesterday, Popsicle Tweeted, quote, “Hey @JustinBieber, you asked where are the Double Pops?  Well, you better ‘belieb’ we made a special batch just for you!  They’re coming in hot . . . well, cold actually.” But Justin isn’t the only one they’re giving them to.  Popsicle said that they’d go ahead and make them available again for EVERYBODY, if they can get 100,000 Re-Tweets by Tuesday.  Last we checked, they had more than 44,000.

QUENTIN TARANTINO’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” will probably revive interest in the Charles Manson murders, so morbidly, the timing on this couldn’t be better. One of the homes where Manson’s followers carried out the 1969 killings is for sale.  The asking price is $1.98 million. This isn’t the house where SHARON TATE and four of her friends were murdered.  This was the home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.  They were murdered the following night. The movie opens July 26th.

Wednesday Netflix announced they added 2.7 million subscribers. They had forecast adding about 5 million soooo yea that’s not good. Update…Yesterday Netflix lost about $17 billion in value. So Netflix lost U.S. subscribers for the first time since launching its streaming product, meaning that all of its gain came from international territories. The stock closed Thursday at $325.15, down $37.29 for the day. This is concerning considering the losses came BEFORE the competition from Disney and other streamers that haven’t even launched yet.

Disney is all in for live-action versions of all their animated movies . . . and some are better than others. There have been 13 live-action movies so far, including “The Lion King”, which is in theaters this weekend.  Here’s the complete ranking, along with their critic score from

1.  “The Jungle Book”, 2016, 94% . . . Audience Score:  86%

2.  “Cinderella”, 2015, 84% . . . Audience Score:  78%

3.  “Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book”, 1994, 79% . . . Audience Score:  55%

4.  “Christopher Robin”, 2018, 72% . . . Audience Score:  83%

5.  “Beauty and the Beast”, 2017, 71% . . . Audience Score:  80%

6.  “Aladdin”, 2019, 56% . . . Audience Score:  94%, which is the best.

7.  “The Lion King”, 2019, 56% . . . It’s too soon for an Audience Score.

8.  “Maleficent”, 2014, 54% . . . Audience Score:  70%

9.  “Alice in Wonderland”, 2010, 51% . . . Audience Score:  55%

10.  “Dumbo”, 2019, 46% . . . Audience Score:  51%

11.  “101 Dalmatians”, 1996, 39% . . . Audience Score:  40%

12.  “102 Dalmatians”, 2000, 31% . . . Audience Score:  32%

13.  “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, 2016, 29% . . . Audience Score:  48%

More are coming too,  there’s “Lady and the Tramp” in November . . . then next year they’re putting out “Mulan” and “Cruella”, which is a movie about the villain from “101 Dalmatians”. Plus, “Peter Pan”, “Tink”, “The Sword and the Stone”, “Pinocchio”, “Red Rose” from “Snow White”, “Prince Charming” from “Cinderella”, and “The Little Mermaid”. Plus, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Lilo & Stitch”, and a “Jungle Book” sequel  

The first trailer for the movie version of “Cats” came out yesterday, with TAYLOR SWIFT, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, James Corden, and Judi Dench.  Some people thought it looked awesome . . . others were so distracted by the skin-tight cat fur CGI that they didn’t know what to think . . . and others outright ROASTED it. In any event, the trailer doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that isn’t a big surprise, since the musical itself doesn’t really make a lick of sense.  It’s just about a bunch of cats running around, trying to decide which one of them is worthy of being reborn. “Cats” is in theaters December 20th . . . the same day as “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”, which means it COULD be set up to be a colossal failure.  FYI, Margot Robbie admitted in an interview that she has never seen any of the “Star Wars” movies. 

Comic Con kicked off with its first full day yesterday, and Tom Cruise showed up to debut the trailer for “Top Gun: Maverick”.  It hits theaters in June of next year.  Tom said, quote, “For 34 years you guys have been very patient with me and I felt it was my responsibility for me to deliver for you.” Trailer on the blog. Tom Cruise was on Conan last night and was asked which of his iconic lines he hears the most from fans. Also,  Kevin Smith released the first trailer for “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”.  The movie hits theaters on October 15th. It’s on the blog.

Somebody realized no one has rebooted “Nash Bridges” so that is coming back with original star DON JOHNSON.  There’ll be a two-hour special on the USA Network, and if it does well enough, a series will follow.  The original ran on CBS for six seasons, from 1996 to 2001. In case you’re wondering, Nash is still running San Francisco’s Special Investigation Unit . . . but while the world has changed, he hasn’t.  There’s no word if CHEECH MARIN or anyone else from the original cast is coming back

Ted Danson’s latest TV gig on The Good Place is ending, but NBC loves them some Ted Danson. He will be in a new TV series that doesn’t have a name yet. Here is the premise… Ted Danson as a wealthy businessman who is unexpectedly elected mayor of Los Angeles. Now he has to figure out what he stands for, gain the respect of his staff, and connect with his teenage daughter, all while controlling the coyote population.” Tina Fey is one of the creators. No time frame on it but it IS a go.

Facebook has been in the news a lot over the last handful of years… the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, arguments about all the fake news playing a role in the 2016 presidential election, backlash over Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress last April, not to mention questions about privacy issues. All this stuff sure would make a great movie…sequel. The Social Network came out 9 years ago. So yes with all this a sequel has been talked about a bit. Alan Sorkin did the screenplay and he said he is down. That ray of sunshine Jesse Eisenberg, who played Mark Zuckerberg, said no one has contacted him or talked with him about it but he is down.  “Because I don’t Google my name, this the only way I hear about my future projects.” Also he said… “But I am not aware of either the project, or even the current controversy of the company.” (Eisenberg has obsessive–compulsive disorder and is open about it. He said of his condition: “I touch the tips of my fingers in a weird way; I don’t step on cracks; if I’m going onto a new surface – be it carpet to concrete, or concrete to wood, or wood to concrete, any new surface – I have to make sure all parts of my feet touch the ground equally before I touch that new thing. So I’ll often hesitate before walking into a new room.”[123] He has also spoken about going to therapy to manage his anxieties – OCD, separation anxietysocial anxiety – and depression, the latter of which he struggled with a lot when he was younger, as well as how acting helped him better cope)

Everybody knows someone who never outgrew Legos.  Well, you can stop feeling sorry for those folks, because it’s their time to SHINE.  Or at least BUILD. Fox is working on a new competition series called “Lego Master”, where 12 teams of two face off in building challenges, with one team being eliminated each week. There’s no word yet when it’ll air.

Heres a preview for “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” where I will play you definitive proof that Eddie Murphy says he plans to do stand-up comedy again. Full season hits Netflix today.

While doing a photo shoot for the cover of Billboard, Billy Joel took a quick break and played “Fishing for Answers“.  It’s a game where a celebrity answers questions that they’ve pulled from a fishbowl. 

As of this week who is the first band to see every song on two albums go Gold or Platinum after all tracks from both the band’s 2013 and 2015 finally hit Gold. Twenty One Pilots. (Vessel 2013 and Blurryface 2015)     Yesterday was Kristen Bell’s birthday and she posted a video where she asks her 4 and 6-year-old kids how old she’ll be.  They guess 63 and 89.  Her husband, Dax Shepard, split the numbers and went with 71.


 Jon “Bones” Jones is 32.  

Benedict Cumberbatch is 43.  

Nancy Walls is 53.  Steve Carell’s wife.  She was a correspondent on “The Daily Show” . . .

Anthony Edwards is 57

Brian May is 72.  Queen’s lead guitarist. 

Judy Greer is 44.  Paul Rudd’s ex-wife Maggie in “Ant-Man”

Rory Culkin is 30.  Macaulay’s more-talented younger brother.  He was Mel Gibson’s son in “Signs”,

Josh Hartnett is 41.  

Justin Bartha is 41.  Doug in the “Hangover” movies

Ali Landry is 46.  Miss USA 1996 and star of the old Doritos commercials.  

Brandi Chastain is 51.  Became famous when she ripped off her shirt after scoring the winning goal in the 1999 women’s soccer World Cup. 

Jon Lovitz is 62.  Comedic Genius.

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY of the DAY…he’s is the man behind one of Rizz’s all time favorite songs.  And – he’s still rockin after all these years.    Carlos Santana is 72 years young. 




Today’s birthday girl has been around more sweaty men than a summer job site in 98 fine films including:

  • BoobTown Betties
  • JawBreakers
  • Hot Chicks Little Bits
  • Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Girls
  • Ripe
  • Shrink Wrapped
  • Rookie Cookies
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in….Still Crazy After All These Whores


Tommy Edman had himself a night last night.  With Matt Carpenter on the IL, he’s had a chance to get some time in at third.  And, last night, he made the most of it.  In the 6th, he hit a grand slam that helped the Cards on their way to a 7-4 win against the Reds.  Paul DeJong also went deep in the win.  Tonight the two teams are back in action.  Adam Wainwright has the first pitch scheduled at 6:10PM.

The Stanley Cup is coming back to town and will arrive just after 9 a.m. today for a three-day stay. The keeper of the Cup, Phil Pritchard will chaparone the trophy as it spends Friday through Sunday with one of the St. Louis Blues coaches, a team trainer and forward Pat Maroon. The 33-year-old Oakville native, Maroon will have his day with the Cup on Saturday. Pritchard tells KMOX that what impressed him the most about when the Blues returned to St. Louis after the Game 7 win is the relationship between the players and the fans.

 MLS4TheLou has announced that the proceeds from their apparel sales will now go to Ray Leisure Park Soccer Complex. The new complex project will be led by the team of LifeWise STL and the Gateway Welcome Project. LifeWise STL is a St. Louis-based nonprofit organization which helps economically disadvantaged individuals and families. The Gateway Welcome Project previously constructed a soccer field for the Nahed Chapman New American Academy, an SLPS transitional school for newcomer refugee and immigrant students. As part of the new donation towards Ray Leisure Soccer Park Complex, MLS4TheLou will begin selling new apparel, including three new t-shirts and a koozie, as part of a collaboration with Series Six Company.

It’s a pretty well known thing.  Pitchers don’t hit.  But, if you are St. Louis native and Washington National pitcher Stephen Strasburg…he myth busted that fact on Thursday.  Dude went 3 for 3 at the plate…and had 5 RBI.  He even had a single and a 420 foot home run in the same inning.   The Nationals went on to win 13-4.

Lots of trades and movement happening in the NBA this offseason.  And it hasn’t been great for everybody.  Including the GM of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Oklahoma City police are reportedly investigating a situation in which a man allegedly made death threats against the general manager Sam Presti and coach Billy Donovan via phone. He was reportedly angry about the Paul George trade that sent the six-time All-Star to Los Angeles to play with Kawhi Leonard. A search warrant filed earlier this week reveals that the man, who said he was from Virginia, left two voicemails threatening Oklahoma City employees. “Y’all traded Paul George but kept Raymond Felton. You kept Andre Roberson. Do y’all not love Russell Westbrook? I hope he kill everybody. I want to kill everybody.” He also made a bomb reference and said he would “blow things up” if he ever went to Oklahoma after insulting Donovan and threatening to “beat everyone who works for the Thunder.”

It’s not too early to be talking about the NFL.  And – Sports Illustrated just made their predictions for every teams record and who will make the playoffs.  So – they have the Eagles winning the NFC East at 11-5.  The Vikings win the North at 11-5.  The Falcons take the south at 11-5 and the Saints get in at 10-6 as well.  In the West the Rams are predicted to go 13-3 with the Seahawks also getting in at 11-5.  Over in the AFC, the Patriots take the East at 12-4.  The Steelers take the North at 10-6 (they have the Browns finishing at 9-7).  The Colts are in at 12-4 with the Texans also making it from the South at 9-7.  And from the AFC East they have both the Chiefs (13-3) and the Chargers (10-6) making it to the playoffs. 

The British Open is currently happening in Portrush, Ireland.  As of this morning, J.B Holmes is your current leader with a 6 under par.  Some notable names near the top…Sergio Garcia, Rory MacIntyre, Brooks Koepka, and Jordan Spieth are all tied at 6th.  Tiger Woods currently sits at 144th at 7 over par. 

And finally – were back to Sunday racing as the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 happens on Sunday.  The race will be at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and things get started at 2PM.  You can watch the race on NBC Sports Network. 

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