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I Kissed A Dog And I Liked It

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Man Burned In Domestic Pizza Battery – TheSmokingGun

There has been another pizza battery, Florida cops report.

According to police, an evening of “verbal altercations” culminated early yesterday in a physical confrontation that left a 37-year-old man with a minor burn on his hand and his ex-girlfriend in handcuffs.

There’s a New Fragrance Developed by NASA That Smells Like Outer Space – CNN

CVS Is Officially Selling “Makeup for Men” – Bloomberg

South Florida Man exposes himself at gift shop after being asked to put on face mask – WCJB

The coronavirus treatment drug Remdesivir by Gilead Sciences is going to cost $3,120 for people with health insurance.  Gilead will make all the profit on the drug even though it was developed with at least $70 million in taxpayer money.

One in 14 people say they’d still go in to work even if they had clear coronavirus symptoms, according to a new survey.

People are finally allowed to kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland again.  The kissing tradition had been shut down since March 13th because of the pandemic.

With public bathrooms closed across most of Scotland, lots of people have been pooping outside of Queen Elizabeth’s vacation home there as they hike past it.

Pediatricians in the U.S. have put out a statement that’s strongly in favor of getting kids back in schools this fall.

Three people in New Mexico have died from drinking hand sanitizer with methanol . . . one is now blind . . . and three others are in critical condition.

Pakistan now says the outbreak is partly to blame for the plane crash that killed 97 people there last month.  It turns out the pilots got distracted and forgot to lower the landing gear while they were talking about the virus.

People are microwaving library books to kill the virus.  Casinos in Vegas are giving people $20 in gambling credit if they wear a mask.  And a woman in California was caught on video intentionally coughing in a baby’s face.  (Full Story)

Some of the casinos in Las Vegas have been offering people $20 in gambling credit if they wear a mask.

A city in Thailand has had to start sterilizing monkeys, because they’re terrorizing the locals now that tourists aren’t there to feed them.

Sausage smackdown! Man beaten with a huge piece of meat – NYPost

Centre County man’s driver’s license suspended for 56 years – WJACKTV

Over 350,000 people were at the drive-in watching GARTH BROOKS’ live stream simulcast concert on Saturday.  That was enough to make it the largest one-night show ever at outdoor theaters in North America. All the drive-ins followed the local CDC guidelines that included staff wearing personal protective equipment . . . vehicles parked six feet away from each other . . . and limited capacity in restrooms. 

Dr. Dre’s wife of 24 years, Nicole Young, has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Sources tell TMZ that Young and the hip-hop mogul, who’s worth an estimated $800 million, have no prenup, and that she’s seeking spousal support. (The couple’s two children are adults, so child support isn’t a consideration.) Prior to walking down the aisle with Dre, Young, an attorney, was married to the NBA player Sedale Threatt. 

Celebrities:  Is there ANYTHING we can’t learn from them?  They tell us how to think, what to buy, who to vote for.  How would we survive without their wise counsel? Luckily, we don’t have to.  And now, there’s a show coming out where they give us PERSONAL advice. It’s called “Celebrity Call Center”, and the premise is simple:  You call in with your problem, and a celebrity will help you figure it out.  NICK CANNON will be a regular, and other “experts” will include your basic C-listers and reality TV rejects like: Brie and Nikki Bella, Todd Chrisley, Nene Leakes, Alyssa Milano, Kelly Osbourne, and Kandi Burruss.

As people get sick and or die from COVID 19 ive battled being happy about sports returning. But the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS?  The “2020 MTV Video Music Awards” ARE happening, on August 30th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. So how does New York Governor ANDREW CUOMO feel about this?  Heck, he ANNOUNCED IT yesterday. But he said, quote, “The event will follow all safety guidance, including limited or no audience.”

The original video has almost 6 BILLION views, and now there’s a TV show. (AUDIO) “Baby Shark’s Big Show” is coming to Nickelodeon, starting with a holiday special in December. Nick says it’s excited to, quote, “dive deeper into this incredible world.”

“With zero revenues since the forced closure of all of our shows due to COVID-19, management had to act decisively to protect the Company’s future,” That’s the CEO of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group saying the company. The filing comes three months after Cirque du Soleil temporarily suspended its shows around the world, including six in Las Vegas and 10 others, including O, Michael Jackson One, and The Beatles LOVE, which were on tour. They also announced that the approximately 3,480 employees who were furloughed in March would now be terminated from their employment.

Some people are calling for “The Star-Spangled Banner” to be dumped as our National Anthem . . . because it’s tainted with racism. Among other things, composer Francis Scott Key was a known slaveholder who once said that African Americans were, quote, “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.” One suggestion is to replace the song with “Imagine” by John Lennon. Why “Imagine”?  One person says, quote, “[It’s] the most beautiful, unifying, all-people, all-backgrounds-together kind of song you could have.”  Lennon didn’t have slaves, of course . . . but he wasn’t a saint either. Others say we could swap it out for “America the Beautiful” . . . which is more aspirational and unifying . . . and less militaristic . . . than the “Star-Spangled Banner”.  An online petition for that has been signed by more than 3,000 people. Maybe Fergies rendition? 

Director Christopher Nolan doesn’t allow chairs on set because he thinks if cast and crew are sitting, “they’re not working,” This according to  actress Anne Hathaway, who worked with Nolan on the film Les Miserables.

AMC Theatres announced that they’re pushing back the opening of their theaters to July 30 if not later. About 450 of their theaters will open on July 30 and the last 150 theaters will open one week later. The initial plan had been to open sooner, but big releases Mulan and Tenet were moved to August. It’s uncertain if the plan will hold, as COVID-19 numbers go up in different states. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal reports that independent films are getting to shine at drive-in theaters, which are open across the country. “This would never have happened if things were normal,”  says one writer-director, Drew Pierce whose film The Wretched sat atop the box office returns for five weeks.

Ringer’s 10 best TV shows of 2020 so far:

  1. Better Call Saul.While some complained that earlier seasons of Saul were too much of “a really slow burn,” “Season 5 was a masterclass in every respect: of writing, direction, performance.” 
  2. America.Cate Blanchett’s take on conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly contains “no anti-heroes,” only “deeply flawed heroines, and villains all the more terrifying for how human they are from the start.”
  3. Normal People.This tale of Irish teens in love shows “two people on opposite sides of a class divide negotiating the transition from small-town West Ireland to university in Dublin in the late 2010s.”
  4. What We Do in the Shadows. The sequel to the 2104 mockumentary “excels at comedy as escapism—and as a perfectly silly slice of eternal life.”
  5. I May Destroy You.The 12-part HBO series is a “horrifying personal experience with drugging and sexual assault by a stranger.”
  6. ZeroZeroZero. The crime series on Amazon “is an uncompromisingly brutal tale of greed, power, and those willing to maintain their status at any personal cost.”
  7. The New Pope. The sequel to The Young Pope is “a feast for the eyes and the rare sequel to an HBO miniseries that lives up to the hype.”
  8. The Last Dance. The Michael Jordan documentary was a “balm for content-starved” sports fans.
  9. Love Is Blind. Netflix’s wild dating show “found a way to out-Bachelorthe actual Bachelor.”
  10. Devs. This sci-fi “corporate thriller” is a philosophical statement on current tech with “a convincing heel turn from Nick Offerman, and some spirited dunking on the modern tech industry.”

Id like to fastforward to the end of the virus like all of you. So theres this, “Rolling Stone” decided to publish a list of the 20 best time travel movies.  Here’s how they rank them . . .

  1. “Groundhog Day”, 1993
  1. A French short film called “La Jetée”, 1962.  “12 Monkeys”was a full-length version of the story. 
  1. “Terminator 2:  Judgement Day”, 1991 
  1. “Back to the Future”, 1985 
  1. “Primer”, 2004 
  1.  “Looper”, 2012 
  1. “Hot Tub Time Machine”, 2010 
  1. “Run Lola Run”, 1998 
  1. “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”, 1986 
  1. “Time Bandits”, 1981 
  1. “Planet of the Apes”, 1968 
  1. “Galaxy Quest”, 1999 
  1. “Safety Not Guaranteed”, 2012 
  1. “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, 1989 
  1. “Peggy Sue Got Married”, 1986 
  1. “The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey”, 1988 
  1. “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”, 1999 
  1. “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, 2004 
  1. “The Lake House”, 2006 
  1. “Donnie Darko”, 2001


Michael Phelps is 35.

AEW Wrestler Cody Rhodes is 35 

Matisyahu is 41.

Phil Anselmo is 52.  Singer for Pantera

Mike Tyson is 54. 

Vincent D’Onofrio is 61.   Private Pyle in “Full Metal Jacket”, the head of security in the last “Jurassic World” movie, and Detective Goren on “Law & Order:  Criminal Intent”.

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….you may remember him as Karate Man, sidekick to Blankman, and of course Antoine Merriweather….plus MANY other classic characters on In Living Color….David Alan Grier is 64 years young today.



MLB will allow teams to schedule up to three exhibition games as part of their preparations for the 2020 season.  If a club is not located near any potential opponents, it can schedule games against its initial regular-season opponent in days leading to Opening Day. With team owners and the MLB Players Association unable to reach a deal, commissioner Rob Manfred mandated a 60-game regular season. This year will also feature a universal designated hitter, and games in extra innings will start each half-inning with a runner on second base.

The Mets have yet to rule out Tim Tebow for their 60-player roster pool ahead of the 2020 MLB season. “We do still have 10 spots that we haven’t made final determinations on who we will be bringing. Tebow was in camp with us early on in camp last spring. He was sent out to minor league camp a couple weeks into it. But he, like many of the other players that were in spring training for us, will be in considerations to bring back. But we haven’t made those final decisions.” Teams are allowed to make up to 60 players available for the upcoming season, which was shortened to 60 games because of the COVID-19 pandemic and a subsequent labor dispute between MLB and the MLBPA. Thirty players will fill out Opening Day rosters with the remaining 30 eligible as replacements.

One of the primary questions surrounding the NBA’s plan to resume the season at Disney World in Orlando has been the integrity of the bubble it plans to set up. How will players be protected from the virus? How will unauthorized personnel be kept out?  The NBA will use local, state and federal law enforcement as added security at Disney. They will join typical venue and team security staff in Orlando, and there will not be law enforcement on the campus itself. Their role will include, but not be limited to:

  • Florida Highway Patrol officers will escort team buses to and from arenas.
  • Orange and Osceola County sheriff’s offices will have a presence at team hotels and arenas.
  • The Department of Homeland Security, in addition to Disney and the NBA itself, will monitor social media for threats.

Security will also be responsible for maintaining a closed perimeter around the campus. However, it is unclear whether those responsibilities will fall to team personnel or law enforcement.

Brooklyn Nets forward Wilson Chandler has opted out of playing in the NBA’s restarted season in Orlando. He said: “As difficult as it will be to not be with my teammates, the health and well-being of my family has to come first. Thank you to the Nets organization for understanding and supporting me in this decision, and I will be watching and rooting for our team in Orlando.” The league is set to resume its season on July 30 with 22 teams competing in eight seeding games before the start of the playoffs. Players are also given the option of choosing not to compete, although some will lose a portion of their game checks.

LeBron James’ interest in the Knicks spans more than a decade. In 2010, the Knicks had their best chance to acquire him. Unfortunately for the Knicks, that summer will forever go down as one of the biggest disappointments in franchise history after blowing their meeting with James despite being considered the “favorites” in league circles. The meeting went so poorly that James did not grant the Knicks a second chance to sit down before signing with the Miami Heat. While the Knicks went all-in on glitz in their presentation—even hiring James Gandolfini and Edie Falco to reprise their roles as Tony and Carmela Soprano—their pitch was completely lacking in long-term vision on the court. “Dolan was Dolan. they didn’t have anything prepared. It just couldn’t have gone worse by all accounts. It was a disaster. At that point, combined with the decade the Knicks just had, I think those guys were just like ‘f–k it.'”

Cam Newton will get a fresh start after reportedly agreeing to a deal with the New England Patriots. Newton and New England settled on a “one-year, incentive-laden” contract. The Carolina Panthers previously released the quarterback after nine seasons. Shoulder and foot injuries have limited the 31-year-old over the past year, holding him to only two starts in the Panthers’ last 18 games. However, he has been a difference-maker when healthy with at least 3,000 passing yards and 300 rushing yards each season from 2011 to 2018. He won the NFL MVP award in 2015 when he threw a career-high 35 touchdown passes while leading the Panthers to a 15-1 record and a trip to the Super Bowl.

The NFL announced that they’ve concluded their investigation into the New England Patriots inappropriately filming the sidelines of a game between the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals last December. The league fined the Patriots $1.1 million for the incident, took away a 3rd round draft pick in 2021, barred the team’s television production crews from shooting any games in 2020, and banned their camera operator. The team admitted that their crew inappropriately filmed the field and sideline during the game, and said they will not contest the punishment.

The NFL has given its teams approval to tarp over the first six to eight rows of seats in each stadium and use the area to sell camera-visible advertisements. The decision mirrors what the English Premier League has done with its lower level seats as the league restarted over the summer. However, the league is not allowing fans as it completes its 2019-20 campaign. The plan would help clubs recoup lost revenue from gate receipts this year as well as helping keep fans and players socially distanced this season. The move is not expected to affect seating arrangements in 2021.

Mike Tyson might have missed out on the modern-day equivalent of a nine-figure sum during his rematch with Evander Holyfield in June 1997. Tyson was disqualified after the third round for biting Holyfield’s ear. On the 23rd anniversary of the bout, boxing analysts estimated the disqualification and its fallout cost Iron Mike around $100 million or more. Tyson had to forfeit $3 million from his $30 million purse and received an 18-month ban. The projection comes from the money the Hall of Famer could’ve pulled in from two marquee fights. While it’s impossible to verify that number, Tyson possessed the kind of drawing power few others in boxing did. Even in 2002, when Tyson was well past his prime, he and Lennox Lewis combined to garner 1.95 million pay-per-view buys for their long-awaited encounter. That meant just under $107 million in PPV revenue alone.

Major League Soccer announced Sunday 18 players and six staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus.   The league has conducted a total of 668 tests of players dating back to early June. Players have been tested every other day since training began as clubs prepare to travel to Orlando, Florida, for the MLS is Back tournament that starts July 8.  The league is mandating that any individual who tests positive while in Orlando must participate in a “clinical assessment by a healthcare provider.” Those infected will be moved to an isolation area of their team hotel until they have been medically cleared to leave. The league is not expected to disclose which players or staffers have previously tested positive to the public.

FIFA voted Thursday to award the 2023 Women’s World Cup to Australia and New Zealand, topping a bid from Colombia to host the tournament. The 2023 event will expand to 32 teams, following the record-breaking interest in the 2019 World Cup that was held in France. The U.S. team defeated the Netherlands 2-0 to win, and it was the most watched Women’s World Cup match of all time. This will be the first time either country has hosted a World Cup.