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Man Shoves Beef Brisket, Propane Bottles Down Pants At Walmart – CBSLocal

 A Nashville man who was allegedly caught shoving beef brisket and propane bottles into his pants at a Walmart store was also charged with assaulting a police officer.

Officers said they were at the Walmart store on Dickerson Pike north of Nashville on unrelated call when they observed John Allen Honaker shoplifting on a security cameras.

When police and the store’s loss prevention employee detained Honaker, they allegedly discovered he had placed two propane bottles in his pants, along with sliced beef brisket. The total value of the items found in Honaker’s pants was approximately $35.00, WSMV reported.

A Dad Uses the Doorbell Cam to Interrogate His Daughter’s First Date –

Shooting victim seeks help at Pear Tree Inn near Union Station – Fox2Now

A Girl Messes With a Ghost Crab and Swiped – DIGG

An Old AOL Commercial Predicts the Dangers of the Internet

Man attempts to rob Rally’s in south St. Louis before fleeing on foot – Fox2Now

Ex-Community College Executive Embezzled $7.5 Million – USNews

Jeffrey Epstein’s Neck Broken In Multiple Places, Autopsy Says – HollywoodReporter

Microsoft warns Windows 10 users to update immediately – CNN

A Guy Was Caught Playing “Pokemon Go” on Eight Phones Simultaneously in His Car – theSmokingGun

A Teen Starts Tweeting From Her Smart Fridge After Her Phone Gets Taken Away – TheGuardian

Chip implanted in obese people’s brains will zap them when they think about food – Mirror

California man dies after taco-eating contest at minor league baseball game – FoxNews

Dude was arrested on that attack on Andy Dick outside a New Orleans nightclub where he had performed.  46-year-old David Hale was arrested early Wednesday and booked into jail on suspicion of second-degree battery and simple battery. Andy told the cops he was out cold for 15 minutes after the hit. One of the things he is known for is is known for his role on the 1990s NBC sitcom NewsRadio. And I guess NBC is looking to the 1980s for its next big thing. They are making a modern remake of 1985’s St. Elmo’s Fire. The potential series is described as a modern adaptation of the movie about a group of close friends struggling with career, commitment and the responsibilities of adulthood.

Reality-TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley surrendered to authorities in Georgia on Wednesday, one day after being indicated on tax evasion and fraud charges, CNN reports. The Chrisley Knows Best stars stand accused of committing bank and wire fraud, charges Todd denied in an Instagram post on Tuesday. Instead, he claims it was an employee who perpetrated these crimes, which include fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars in loans and dodging federal taxes.

Bam Margera was arrested for trespassing early Wednesday after he started “talking trash to hotel patrons” at a Hollywood hotel bar and then refused to leave, TMZ reports. Prior to being arrested, however, Margera was caught sitting down on the floor of said hotel lobby and getting into it with a police officer. Margera was also claiming that a woman had hired him to try and catch her husband in the act of cheating, which is why he was there in the first place. He bailed out shortly after noon.

Danny Masterson, who played Hyde on That 70’s Show, is being sued by 4 women who accused him of rape. They now claim they’ve been crazy stalked by the Church of Scientology in an effort to keep them quiet. It’s pretty brutal. For instance, one woman says in the suit … her dog mysteriously died after she came forward with the rape claims — and she says an autopsy revealed it died from unexplained traumatic injuries to its trachea and esophagus. She claims she’s been run off the road by a vehicle that had been following her back in June — and that same month a friend of Masterson’s allegedly threatened to release nude photos of her when she was underage. Another woman says she’s since been surveilled and followed since filing a lawsuit.   She says neighbors saw a man snapping pictures from her driveway, and then later that night someone broke a window at her home. The 2 other alleged victims, who are suing as Jane Does, make very similar claim. The women are suing Masterson, the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige. Danny himself says it’s all false and he WILL be suing them after he proves HIS innocence.

Patricia Heaton is attached to produce a project based on Perversion of Justice, a series of articles in the Miami Herald that exposed Jeffrey Epstein—who has a network of powerful friends in Hollywood, D.C., and Wall Street—as a serial sexual predator. News of the series came three days after Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell, by an apparent suicide. 

John Mayer was granted a temporary restraining order Wednesday against a man he says has been leaving him harassing messages referencing famous serial killers, Entertainment Tonight reports. In court documents reviewed by The Blast, Mayer says the man referenced both Ted Bundy and Mark David Chapman in both public and private messages. Some of the messages from the man include: “You step from me again and I will kill you,” “All ya had to do was be my pal,” and “I’ve put many a jew in the hospital.” The creepy messages “have put me in fear for myself and caused me substantial emotional distress,” Mayer told the court, adding that he believes the man has, “an unhealthy obsession with me.” Mayer said the harassment has been going on since March, and that the alleged stalker showed up at an event in North Carolina, but was stopped from entering by security. 

In an upcoming documentary on PATRICK SWAYZE, Patrick’s widow Lisa Niemi says Patrick was physically abused . . . by his MOTHER, Patsy. She was a choreographer and founder of the Houston Jazz Ballet Company, not to mention a perfectionist.  And she could be brutal. So brutal, in fact, that on Patrick’s 18th birthday, his father actually threatened to DIVORCE her if she didn’t stop hitting him.  And that’s where the abuse ended. But Lisa also says Patrick credited his mother with his intense work ethic.  Quote, “If somebody pushes you that hard, like his mom did, it could make some people cave, but it made him fight harder.” She added that their relationship improved over the years, and he was very close to her right up until his death in 2009.  She says, quote, “Patrick absolutely loved and respected her.”  Patsy died four years later, in 2013. The documentary is called “I Am Patrick Swayze”, and it airs on the Paramount Network this Sunday, which would have been Patrick’s 67th birthday.

ADAM DURITZ from COUNTING CROWS shaved his dreadlocks.

There was a time when the cast of “Beverly Hills, 90210” might have gotten BANK to reunite for a revival series. But apparently, that time has passed, because they didn’t get THAT much to do “BH90210”. The “Hollywood Reporter” says original stars Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Gabrielle Carteris, Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green, and Ian Ziering are making $70,000 per episode. They did six episodes, so that’s $420,000. Jennie and Tori also get an additional $15,000 per-episode fee for co-creating the new show.  And Jason gets an extra $46,000 for directing one of the episodes. That may seem like plenty . . . but for comparison, the original stars of “Will & Grace” were paid $250,000 per episode for the first season of their revival, and they got bumps to $350,000 for Seasons Two and Three. There’s no word yet if “BH90210” will get another season.

Netflix is expanding its reach literally. From Toronto to Mumbai, London to Seoul, the streamer is building movie studios and shooting facilities, according to The Hollywood ReporterNetflix has committed to shell out $379 million in Canada over five years, and is taking over one 250,000 square foot studio in Toronto, and a 435,000 square foot space in London. In Mexico, Netflix plans to produce 50 TV series and projects. Do you think Netflix can keep up with its expanding footprint?

ALEX BORSTEIN (Lois Griffin)( Susie Myerson)pretty much wears the same bulky outfit in every episode of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.  And with the show filming in Florida this season, she’s become intimately familiar with SWAMP ASS. I think we all know what that is, but here’s how she explained it to the “New York Post” . . . quote, “Swamp ass happens when you are in wool pants that have a lining, a leather jacket, leather boots, a full shirt and a hat in Miami heat. “That’s when swamp ass happens.  It’s when a lot moisture gathers in your nether-region.” FYI- Her school bus driver was John Malkovich.

In celebration of the album’s 20th anniversary, Creed will reissue their 2-LP set, Human Clay, this fall. This will mark the first vinyl availability of the album since a limited edition pressing in 1999. The album sold over 20 million units worldwide and includes hits – “Higher”, “What If”, “Are You Ready?” and the Grammy Award-winning single “With Arms Wide Open”. Human Clay is the album credited for launching the band as mainstream stars and will be available in stores on October 11.

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. has “re-cast” the original Woodstock lineup with 2019 artists.

Miguel for Richie Havens . . . Quote, “Miguel is as reliable, crowd-pleasing, and eclectic a festival act as there is today, and would certainly kick things off, as Richie did, with a bang, [and] keep the party rolling.”

Jaden Smith for Arlo Guthrie . . . “Jaden is one of the premier free-spirits of the Gen-Z era, a perfect modern analog for the hippie movement that birthed Arlo.”

Kacey Musgraves for Joan Baez . . . “She’s a roots-based artist with a pen as incisive as her voice is lithe, who’s also totally unafraid to speak truth to power when the occasion calls for it.”

Vampire Weekend for The Grateful Dead . . . “They have drawn quite a few comparisons to the Grateful Dead . . . [and do] lengthy jams while onstage.”

Ariana Grande for Creedence Clearwater Revival . . . “Creedence were arguably the most impactful band in America when they played Woodstock . . . the same could be said for Grande now.”

Miley Cyrus for Janis Joplin . . . She’s a “powerhouse vocalist,” who also “perfectly inhabits the free-love, happy hippie, won’t-take-anyone’s [nonsense] aesthetic.”

Janelle Monáe for Sly and the Family Stone . . . “No one can match Sly’s exuberant intensity, joyful funk vibes, or clear-eyed political consciousness as well as Janelle.”

Travis Scott for The Who . . . “The Who were the very, very loud theatrical quartet who were more than willing to get physical onstage.  Scott has consistently made the same mark during his own live performances.”

Chris Stapleton for Joe Cocker . . . “From one husky-throated crooner to another, this just makes way too much sense.”

Arcade Fire for The Band . . . “Both groups have a knack for crafting precisely-constructed, sweeping anthems.”

Migos for Blood, Sweat & Tears . . . “Just like Blood, Sweat & Tears brought the hits during their time at Woodstock around 1:00 am, Migos could easily keep the party going for hours on end.”

Jack White for Paul Butterfield Blues Band . . . “The reliable, veteran presence whose music harkens back to an earlier, allegedly more authentic time.”

Greta Van Fleet for Sha Na Na . . . Greta Van Fleet would take over Sha Na Na’s role as the show’s THROWBACK band.

Kendrick Lamar for Jimi Hendrix . . . “Kendrick has as good a chance as anyone [at] creating a moment that speaks to the times as effectively as Hendrix did with his now-iconic rendition of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’.”

The best movies of 1999 – Ranker

1 Fight Club

2 The Matrix

3 The Sixth Sense

4 The Green Mile

5 Toy Story 2

6 American Beauty

7 Office Space Jennifer Aniston, John C. McGinley, Mike Judge

8 Being John Malkovich

9 Sleepy HollowJohnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Christopher Walken

10 The Iron GiantJennifer Aniston, Vin Diesel, Cloris Leachman

The Iron Giant is a 1999 American animated science fiction comedy-drama film using both traditional animation and computer animation

11 The Mummy

12 American Pie

13 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

14 The Talented Mr. Ripley

15 10 Things I Hate About You

16 Magnolia

17 Eyes Wide Shut

18 Dogma

19 Three Kings

20 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut


Chief Keef
is 24

Jennifer Lawrence is 29.  

Joe Jonas is 30

Ben Affleck is 47.  

Anthony Anderson is 49.  

Debra Messing is 51.  

Tom Colicchio is 57.  judge on “Top Chef”.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…her love of French cooking swept America from the 60s into the mid 70s….she also is the author of the cookbook: Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Meryl Streep actually portrayed her in the 2009 film Julie & Julia….Julia Childs…WOULD have been  107 years old today. 




Today’s birthday girl has been filthier than the conditions of some of the flood waters that have ripped through the area this year in 155 fine films including:

  • Anacondas & Lil Mamas Volume 4
  • Big Boobs In Sports
  • It’s Cool..She’s My Stepdaughter
  • Liquid Gold
  • My Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Lil Ho
  • TM-Sleaze
  • And who could forget….her unforgettable role in…I’ve Died And Gone To Ass Heaven


The Cardinals continue their win streak as they picked up a 6-0 win over the Royals in KC last night.  Paul DeJong went deep for the Cardinals and Dakota Hudson picked up his 11th win of the year after allowing zero runs and only 5 hits through 6 innings.  With the win, and a Cubs loss yesterday, the Cards and Cubs are now once again tied for 1st in the NL Central.  Tonight, the Cards take on the Reds in Cinci.  Michael Wacha is scheduled to get the start.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:10PM.

Major League Soccer plans to announce next week that St. Louis has secured an expansion team, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the league’s expansion timeline. Sources spoke on condition of anonymity, as the St. Louis ownership group and MLS have not publicized the announcement. Plans have been made for an event Tuesday in St. Louis. MLS leaders declined comment Wednesday. The ownership group released a statement: “Major League Soccer is responsible for the timing of any announcements around League expansion, but we remain confident St. Louis has made a strong case for a team.

It looks like the World Cup-winning U.S. women’s soccer team’s fight for equal pay with the men’s national team is heading to court, after mediation talks between the women’s team and the U.S. Soccer Federation broke down Wednesday after several days. The two sides had agreed to mediation before the end of the 2019 Women’s World Cup tournament earlier this summer.

A familiar face is back in Kirkwood. Retired NFL player, Jeremy Maclin, joined the Kirkwood High School football coaching staff. Maclin announced he was retiring from the NFL back in March. He was drafted No. 19 by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2009 draft.  Maclin retired with 6835 career receiving yards and 49 touchdowns in the NFL. “I’ve always wanted to coach, I’ve always wanted to give back the knowledge that I know to the kids that are up and coming and no better way to start than where it all started,” Maclin said. Maclin’s cousin Jay is a star wide-receiver on the team.

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is facing a civil lawsuit that alleges he stiffed a chef’s bill of nearly $40,000 during Pro Bowl festivities in 2018. Stefano Tedeschi — who goes by the name “The Sports Chef” — filed suit in Florida County on July 30, claiming that Brown’s balance of $38,521.20 remains unpaid. Brown rented an Orlando-area mansion and hired the chef to prepare food for multiple days, a culinary show and other services for nearly 50 Pro Bowl teammates and many other party guests. Brown wrongfully terminated the agreement and did not allow Tedeschi to retrieve his equipment and food from the premises, the lawsuit states. A Brown associate told Tedeschi not to make eye contact with Brown on his way out. Tedeschi added that he never got an official reason for the lack of payment. He paid staff members out of pocket for their work and forwent other work opportunities by committing to Brown. Brown’s lawyers said they will let this all play out in court.

Former Cardinals and current Los Angeles Angels slugger Albert Pujols doesn’t want to talk about his growing list of accomplishments until his career comes to an end.  But, he keeps setting records.  Pujols had two hits and three RBIs on Wednesday and set the major league record for hits by a foreign-born player. Pujols had an RBI single in the fourth inning. His 3,167th hit moved him past fellow Dominican Republic native Adrian Beltre and into sole possession of 15th place for career hits.

Ohio State University is seeking to trademark the word “The” when used on items marketed for sale, according to a trademark application filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The filing, made on Aug. 8, seeks to protect the school’s formal name — The Ohio State University — from being used without permission on clothing and hats. Ohio State has indeed been vigorous in its efforts to protect trademarks that hold unique value to the Buckeyes, filing trademarks for phrases like “The Shoe” and the names and likenesses of former coaches Urban Meyer and Woody Hayes. In 2017, the aggressive efforts nearly hit a roadblock when the attempt to file a trademark for the use of “OSU” on clothing and apparel was formally opposed by Oklahoma State. Eventually, the two schools came to an agreement that allowed both OSUs to benefit financially from their acronyms. 

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