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All Of Them Big Time Losers

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Florida man, 21, ‘recorded himself dressed in a black and white dog costume having sex with his pet husky before posting the videos online’ – DailyMail

A Florida man is accused of dressing in a black and white dog costume while having sex with his Siberian husky before posting the disturbing videos online. Christian Steward Oscar Nichols, 21, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty after police say he filmed himself molesting his pet. In the clip the dog is said to be in distress and tried to run away before its owner is then said to have hit it with a sex toy…

2 dead, 1 injured after kidnapping, shooting in Jefferson City leads to bi-state police chase – KMOV

Nurse carjacked at gunpoint in Richmond Heights – Fox2Now

Steak ‘n Shake executive explains St. Louis area restaurant closures – Fox2Now

The crime journal logs a thief’s crimes, cops say. Missouri police got the last entry – Ledger-Inquirer

Does Chuck E. Cheese Reuse Uneaten Pizza? A Conspiracy Theory Says Yes – theVerge

Are Cartoons Like “Peppa Pig” Making American Kids Develop British Accents? – ITV

Lufthansa sues passenger who skipped his flight – CNN

Record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on car payments, a red flag for economy – STLToday

Crystal Meth Is North Korea’s Trendiest Lunar New Year’s Gift – NYTimes

Westminster Dog Show: King Continues Reign of Terriers – NYTimes

AZIZ ANSARI addressed his #MeToo scandal during a show Monday night at the Village Underground club in New York City.  And he did a WAY better job than LOUIS C.K. has done so far. Aziz still says the sexual encounter with his accuser was consensual, but he added, quote, “There were times I felt really upset and humiliated and embarrassed, and ultimately I just felt terrible this person felt this way. “But you know, after a year, how I feel about it is, I hope it was a step forward.  “It made me think about a lot, and I hope I’ve become a better person.” He added, quote, “If that has made not just me but other guys think about this, and just be more thoughtful and aware and willing to go that extra mile, and make sure someone else is comfortable in that moment, that’s a good thing.” He said he waited this long to address it because, quote, “it’s a terrifying thing to talk about.”

BILL COSBY is 81 and going blind, so you’d THINK he’d be MISERABLE in a maximum security prison . . . but you’d be WRONG.  Turns out, he’s having an “AMAZING” time. Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt has been visiting him, and he says its all good  

Katy Perry has apologized for two pairs of shoes in her fashion line that critics said featured designs resembling blackface. “The Rue and The Ora were part of a collection that was released last summer in 9 different colorways (black, blue, gold, graphite, lead, nude, pink, red, silver) and envisioned as a nod to modern art and surrealism,” Perry said in a statement. “I was saddened when it was brought to my attention that it was being compared to painful images reminiscent of blackface. Our intention was never to inflict any pain. We have immediately removed them from”  

We know that Hulu paid Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland for their documentary. Now we learn that Netflix TRIED to pay him to appear in their film. The creators of Fyre had arranged for McFarland to appear onscreen in exchange for “12 percent of the film’s backend revenue to pay back ticket-holders,” but he failed to show up for the planned shoot. According to SPIN, director Chris Smith had initially told Vanity Fair that they decided to not feature McFarland because he was asking for $250,000 to appear onscreen. 

NBC says CARSON DALY has chosen to end “Last Call”, which has been airing for 17 years now.  He’s got a lot going on these days, and wants to have more time to spend with his family. Carson will continue to host “The Voice” for NBC, in addition to his work on the “Today” show.  There’s no finale date set but by the time it’s done, it will have surpassed 2,000 episodes. NBC says they will develop a replacement show . . . possibility  hosted by CHELSEA HANDLER, since she has a deal with NBC Universal, but that’s just a rumor at this point.

We talked recently about Ozzy Osbourne being in hospital and in bad shape. On “The Talk” yesterday, SHARON OSBOURNE said that OZZY is OUT of ICU and doing better

Ariana Grande has surpassed Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to be the most-subscribed female artist on YouTube. She now has more than 32.5 million subscribers, compared to Swift’s 32.28 million and Perry’s 32.24 million. Her music videos are also breaking records on the video-sharing site. “7 Rings” was the biggest debut of 2019, with 23.6 million views in its first 24 hours. Her newest hit video, “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” had the second-largest premiere of the year with 21.9 million views in 24 hours. Grande released her new album, Thank U, Next, last week and is on track to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. “7 Rings” is spending its third week atop the Billboard Hot 100.

5 Seconds of Summer did a song with The Chainsmokers and it came out last week. Its called Who Do You Love. Yesterday it came out that the acts will tour together this fall.  5 Seconds of Summer fans took to Twitter in droves on Tuesday to express their disgust with the pairing, with one writing, “I love the boys with all my heart, but I hate the fact that they’re working w/TCS. 5sos is bigger than TCS, even if they don’t get as much radio play. They should’ve just went on another tour on their own or with a better band w/better morals.” Another user wrote, “I can already see the arena half empty after 5sos opens.

Weezer released the video for their cover of “Take On Me” by a-ha, and it features Finn Wolfhard . . . aka Mike from “Stranger Things” and Richie from “It”.  He plays a young version of Rivers Cuomo, playing in a band with his friends in the 80’s.  And the friends are played by Finn’s real life band Calpurnia.

She released a new song called “Dumb Blonde” yesterday, featuring Nicki Minaj.  It’ll be on her album “Head Above Water”, which comes out Friday. Check out a trailer for “The Hustle” . . . it’s a remake of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, with ANNE HATHAWAYin the Michael Caine role, and REBEL WILSON playing Steve Martin’s part.  It’s out May 10th

Reports say that the staff of Wendy Williams’ TV show doesn’t want her to come back — and actually feel relieved without her there. She has taken time off to deal with Graves Disease. According to RadarOnline, a source said that employees from the show hope that the TV host and her husband Kevin Hunter never return because work is much better when the couple isn’t around. The source explained, “It has been like a vacation having guest hosts. Everyone is laughing and smiling and working together. We all had gotten so used to walking on eggshells around Wendy and Kevin, we forgot what a fun work environment was.” The source continued, “At first the staff was worried about losing their jobs. Now it looks like the show can survive without Wendy, and a lot of people don’t want her to return.” Meanwhile, the source added that Williams’ diva behavior dragged down her employees. The source explained, “There was so many unwritten rules with working with Wendy. You couldn’t contact her directly. Only certain staff members could talk with her.” According to the source, Hunter was the source of a lot of drama on the set. The source said, “No one was allowed to disagree with him. It was a nightmare work environment. You never knew what mood Wendy or Kevin were going to be in.”

According to People, Justin Bieber is currently in counseling for depression–but it apparently has nothing to do with his recent marriage to Hailey Baldwin. “It has nothing to do with Hailey—he is very happy being married to her,” a source says. “It’s just something else that he struggles with mentally. He has good help around him and is receiving some treatment. He seems confident he will feel better soon.” Additional sources tell the magazine that “Justin seems down and tired” and “struggles a lot with the idea of fame.”

“MacGruber” wasn’t the biggest hit when it came out in 2010 . . . but it gained a cult following on home video.  And that might be enough to turn it into a TV show. After several days pitching an eight- to 10-episode series the director hasn’t heard anything back, but it’s hard to believe there won’t be interest, because he’s got the original cast on board. That includes Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Maya Rudolph, and even Val Kilmer, who was BLOWN UP in the movie.

Believe it or not, it might be time to start talking about a possible “Harry Potter” reboot. Nothing is in the works yet . . . but DANIEL RADCLIFFE was asked about the possibility, and he expects it to happen at some point.  He said, quote, “I’m sure there will be some other version of it . . .”I know I’m not the last Harry Potter I’m gonna see in my lifetime . . . we’ve already got a few more.”  He’s talking about Jamie Parker and Gareth Reeves having done the role in the stage play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. He added, quote, “The shine [of the original movies] will wear off at some point . . . it’ll be interesting [to see] if they reboot them and just do the movies again, or do a series.  I’m fascinated to watch.” It’s been 18 years since the first movie premiered, but it’s only been eight years since the final movie.  And with the “Fantastic Beasts” spin-off franchise still in production, it feels like we haven’t left the Harry Potter cinematic universe. But reboots, revivals, and ‘reimaginations’ are circling around FAST these days.  Amazon has a “Lord of the Rings” show in the works . . . they only waited four years to reboot “Batman” . . . and two to reboot “Spider-Man”. One would hope they wouldn’t mess with “Harry Potter” for at least a few decades, but give it enough time and here’s a casting prediction for you. When a reboot DOES happen, just bring Radcliffe back as the new Voldemort.  How awesome would that be?

Disney’s REALLY digging into this whole “live-action remake” thing . . . to the point that they’re now thinking about giving the treatment to “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Which I don’t get, because I’m not really sure what characters in that movie could be converted to live-action.  The best they can do is probably motion-capture.  And if that’s your angle, can you really call it live-action? Disney already has a potential nightmare on its hands with its live-action “Aladdin” remake.  The first look at WILL SMITH in full Genie mode did NOT get a good reaction when the latest trailer came out this week. 

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are getting together on a series for Hulu. Its based on a book from 2003 about possibly the first serial killer on record in America. The books title was The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America. They will both executive produce. DiCaprio was originally going to star as well but that and a production date have yet to be announced.   

At 85 years old Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG, still pounds the gavel and at 90 years of age Dr Ruth is still pounding out the sex advice.  There’s a new documentary about her called “Ask Dr. Ruth”, and it’s hitting Hulu on May 10th.  In the doc, she admits she scarred one of her grandchildren for life. She says, quote, “In the film you will see my grandson Ari say that I came to his classroom in the fourth grade in New York and did a sex talk and he says . . . now he’s 27 . . . he hasn’t recovered since.” It sounds bizarre, but Dr. Ruth also reveals that she didn’t have the sex talk with her own kids.  She says, quote, “But I did do this one thing with my children, and then my children did with their children, left books about sex around.”

Believe it or not, “America’s Got Talent” will launch its 14th season this summer, and there will be some changes again. TERRY CREWS will replace TYRA BANKS as the host . . . and there will be two new judges:  GABRIELLE UNION and JULIANNE HOUGH.  They’re taking over for MEL B and HEIDI KLUM.  The other two judges, SIMON COWELL and HOWIE MANDEL, will be back.  There’s no premiere date yet. Terry Crews is now hosting “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”If you love coffee, and you have $36 burning a hole in your pocket, grab WILLIE NELSON Willie’s Remedy Coffee, and it’s infused with hemp oil but no THC, the stuff that gets you high. It’s a medium-dark, whole-bean blend that’s sourced from three different Colombian beans.  Willie says if you buy some you’ll be helping the farmers. Quote, “Hemp production in America was stifled for so long, but it could now make all the difference for small independent farmers.  Hemp isn’t just good for our farmers and our economy, it’s good for our soil, our environment – and our health.” The coffee is part of a line of health and wellness products called Willie’s Brand that his wife Annie is overseeing.  Here’s her pitch:  “It’s not about getting high, but it’s still all about Willie and the benefits we believe cannabis has to offer.” If you’re ready to buy, hit up


Prince Michael Jackson, Jr. is 22.  

Mena Suvari is 40

Randy Moss is 42

Henry Rollins is 58

Coachis 72.  Legendary Duke University basketball coach.

Jerry Springer is 75

And today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…he is the ORIGINATOR of this exclusive Rizz Show Club.  Shock the Monkey, In Your Eyes, and of course, Sledge-Mother Effin-Hammer.  Peter MOTHER EFFIN Gabriel is 69 years young. 




If today’s birthday gal had to give a Valentine to every guy she’s been with, let’s just say she’d wipe out a rainforest.  And she’s proven her work in 78 fine films including :

  • Anal Bombshell
  • Donkey Punch
  • Grin and Bareback It
  • I Really Need Some Alone Time
  • With Daddy’s Permission
  • Straight To The A’s
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Tromboned Volume 1


Well, looks like the Blues are not to be taken lightly any more.  The New Jersey Devils were in town and dear lord…8-3 final…Blues win.  2 goals from Alex Pietrangelo, 2 goals from Ivan Barbashev, and goals from Jaden Schwartz, Ryan O’Reilly, Mackenzie MacEachern, and Tyler Bozak led the Blues on their way to their 7th straight win.  So the Blues still hold the top Wild Card spot and are actually not 2 points ahead of the Wild.  And, they are actually creeping behind Dallas for 3rd in the Central.  The Stars won last night too so no movement there but the Blues are just 2 points behind with a game in hand.  The team is on a road trip for a week and take on the Coyotes in Arizona tomorrow night at 8PM.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown said goodbye to Pittsburgh fans in a Twitter video Tuesday. Brown has not been traded or released but has officially requested a trade from the Steelers.  The 30-year-old Brown has been the subject of trade rumors after missing the regular season finale against the Bengals. Brown opted to sit out of practice during the week and there was a reported dispute with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The two embrace at the end of the video Brown tweeted out Tuesday. He wrote, “Thank you SteelerNation for a big 9 years…time to move on and forward.” Brown has been with the Steelers since he was drafted by the team in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL draft. He finished this season with 104 catches for 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns in as many games.

The Missouri football team has been banned by the NCAA from playing in any bowl games in 2019. And because of some new rules permitting seniors to transfer without sitting out if their school has been penalized in such a way, Tigers coach Barry Odom says he’s having to recruit his seniors all over again as the rest of the SEC — mainly Tennessee — slides into his players’ DMs. Odum said: “Everybody is going to have a bad day. You combine that with somebody that — who’d we beat 51-17 this year? Tennessee? Yeah, those guys. They are non-stop reaching out daily [saying], ‘Hey, come here.’ The grass is not always greener somewhere else.” Tennessee did not have a comment when contacted by CBS Sports about Odom’s stance. Missouri hasn’t yet lost any transfers, but to hear Odom tell it, it’s a feeding frenzy out there, and he plans to light up the rest of the league’s coaches when they get together for the SEC coaches’ meeting today. The coach said that he has “made a number of calls” to conference peers pursuing his players. “I haven’t gotten return phone calls. I know there is a handful of guys who are talking daily to my players,” he added. “That’s going to be a fun luncheon tomorrow.”

Speaking of Mizzou, last night the Tigers edge out a close one beating the Razorbacks 79-78.  Their next game is Saturday on the road against Mississippi.   SLU is on the road tonight against George Washington…tip off is scheduled for 5:30PM.  And Illini is on the court tomorrow night against Ohio State on the road.

Nebraska running back Maurice Washington is being charged under California’s “revenge porn” law for keeping a 2016 video on his phone of a then-15-year-old classmate being sexually assaulted, and sending the video to the victim along with the message, “Remember this hoe.”  The video was made when two 17-year-old students at The King’s Academy High School in California, drove a 15-year-old classmate to a secluded park and allegedly raped her. The video was reportedly distributed by one of the two alleged assailants, and it “spread like wildfire” among the teens’ classmates. Washington, who graduated from King’s Academy in 2018 and was a top recruit at Nebraska, reportedly dated the victim when they were both freshmen at the high school. Though he is not in the video and did not participate in the making of the video, he apparently is among those who received it, and appears to have held onto it on his phone for some time. In early 2018, Taylor said she noticed Washington was on his way to a Division 1 football scholarship, and reached out on social media to congratulate him. Taylor said she’s not exactly sure why, but days later, on the morning of March 2, she received a text message from Washington’s phone containing the 2016 video, along with a message, saying, “Remember this hoe [sic].” Taylor said she suspects Washington may still harbor ill feelings towards her for breaking up with him freshman year, and said Washington had tried on previous occasions during high school to shame her and get her to watch the video.  Nebraska was reportedly “made aware of the allegations against Washington” during the fall of 2018.

Two years after Kansas City pitcher Yordano Ventura died in a car crash, the remaining $20.25 million on his contract has still not been paid to his estate. The fatal single-car crash occurred in Juan Adrian, a town in his native Dominican Republic, in January of 2017. Ventura was 25. At the time of his death, Ventura had three years and $20.25 million left on a five-year contract he’d signed with the Royals before the 2015 season.  Ventura’s five-year-old daughter is listed as the sole heir to the 2015 World Series champion’s estate. Her mother, who serves as the estate’s executor, has hired attorneys to pursue the remaining money. The matter is currently being negotiated between the MLB and the Players’ Association, but the grievance process is confidential. Ventura is believed to be the first MLB player with a multi-year guaranteed contract to have died before the deal expired. The lack of precedent could be contributing to the delay in payment to his estate.

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