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A Guy Showed Up at a Police Station to Pick Up His Lost Wallet with Drugs in It – WSAZrizz_news_1.jpg 134544

The original “Jake from State Farm” who starred in the famous commercial in 2011 was an actual State Farm employee named Jake Stone. The new Jake from State Farm who took over the role last year is an actor named Kevin Mimms – Gossip Cop

Miller Lite was originally called Gablinger’s Diet Beer when it was developed in 1967 – Wikipedia

The estimated real estate value of the land in Central Park in New York is over $500 billion – NYMag

The very last line of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” . . . which you can barely hear as the song fades out . . . is “Please don’t procrastinate, it’s not good to masturbate” – AZLyrics

There’s a pro wrestling move called the chokeslam where the wrestler lifts his opponent up by his throat and slams him to the ground.  It was invented during an amateur wrestling match . . . by Abraham Lincoln – Mental Floss

The Top Things That Cause Arguments in the Car Include Tailgating, Speeding, and Sudden Braking – TheSun

First Krispy Kreme offers free daily donuts to people who get vaccinated, and now this? There are three strip clubs in Nashville . . . two female, one male . . . and they’re offering lifetime VIP memberships worth more than $3,500 to anyone who gets vaccinated.  That gets you free admission for LIFE.

People are selling Covid vaccines on the dark web.  You can get one overnighted for $500 . . . of course, there’s no guarantee you’re getting the real thing.

Do you feel strange about hanging out with people again after this past year?  39% of people say they do have some uneasy feelings.  55% say they don’t.

If you want to turn your camera off during Zooms, here’s a great reason:  It’s good for the environment.  Video conferencing uses a LOT of energy . . . and a new study found turning off your camera can reduce the amount of energy you use by 96%.

Seriously, not this again.  We could be looking at another toilet paper shortage sometime later this year because of how much the pandemic messed up the shipping and storage industry.

Heinz Can’t Stop Releasing Condiment Mashups . . . Here Are Two More – Delish



JESSICA WALTER passed away in her sleep yesterday at the age of 80.  There’s no word on a cause of death. She had a near 60-year career . . . beginning with movies in the ’60s and ’70s like “Grand Prix”, “The Group”, and Clint Eastwood’s “Play Misty for Me”. She won an Emmy for her starring role in the ’70s miniseries “Amy Prentiss” . . . and also voiced Fran Sinclair on the “Dinosaurs” show in the early ’90s. She had a career resurgence in her 60s, when she landed the role of the matriarch Lucille Bluth on “Arrested Development”.  That led to a gig voicing Malory Archer on “Archer”.Her “Arrested Development” co-star TONY HALE said, quote, “She was a force, and her talent and timing were unmatched.  Rest In Peace Mama Bluth.”  

Most of us know MILANA VAYNTRUB as Lily Adams, the saleswoman from the AT&T commercials. Although it’s not something that’s emphasized in those ads, Milana has a rather voluptuous figure in real life.  And over the summer, she got fed up with all the sexually inappropriate comments she was getting from online pervs. Well, Milana is getting more flack now thanks to a series of March Madness commercials that have Lily standing behind a desk.  The drooling morons want to know why her body is being hidden like that. And she says, quote, “I direct the ads.  I place myself like that.  And it’s because of the thousands of unwelcome comments I receive about my body. “You’ve lost the privilege of looking at it until I feel safe again.” 

A couple were getting their wedding photos taken at Central Park in New York City yesterday, when DENZEL WASHINGTON happened to stroll by.  He was actually filming a movie called “Journals for Jordan” in the park. So he stopped to chat with them . . . and pose for a picture. If any celebrity’s gonna bring luck to a pair of newlyweds, it’s Denzel.  He and his wife Pauletta have been married for 37 years, and have four kids.

Ja Rule got in a bit of hot water over the Fyre Festival fire in a dumpster. I think he skated free while McFarland got 6 years behind bars. Now mr rule is banking about $122,000 from some painting he commissioned after selling it  as a non-fungible token (NFT) — meaning the buyer just gets a one-of-a-kind digital code linked to the image. Ja originally wanted at least $600k for the physical painting, but a note Ja wrote — and included in the sale — shows his true feelings about the piece … “F*** this painting.”  The image is 48″ x 60″ and was commissioned by Ja himself and created by Tripp Derrick Barnes. It once hung in the company’s HQs in NYC before it was later moved to Ja’s man cave at his NJ home. The buyer is remaining anonymous, for now, but can also get Ja Rule’s signature with the purchase.

Have you ever made the intercourse while listening to Lionel Ritchie? Are you an All Night Long person or My Love person? What music do you if any like in the room? Has Lionel Ritchie ever listened to his own music while doing the thing in bed? “Not that I can recall,” with an infectious laugh. Richie did, however, go on to say that he got some of the inspiration for his sensual lyrics from his time in the bedroom. “I probably got my lyrics a lot from that,” he said. We couldn’t help but be reminded of the lyrics to his first solo hit, Truly. “Let me hold you, I need to have you near me, And I feel with you in my arms, This love will last forever” That is a classic!


The NBA TRADE DEADLINE was yesterday and there was a good amount of movement  (45 players were traded. That’s an all-time trade deadline record)  including Rajon Rondo being traded from The Atlanta Hawks to the Los Angeles Clippers so get this…. Imagine being such a fan of a basketball player that you carry their collector card in your wallet since middle school.  Then you end up on an NBA team WITH him.  That’s what happened with Terance Mann, who’s in his second year with the Clippers.  His idol, Rajon Rondo, just got picked up by the Clippers in a trade.  Here’s Terance showing the card to “SportsCenter”. 

More news on the trade stuff brought this to my attention. All Gary’s have got to go. All of them yes …. Every active player named Gary was traded.

Gary Trent Jr. of the Portland Trailblazers was traded to the Toronto Raptors.

Gary Harris of the Denver Nuggets was traded to the Orlando Magic.

But don’t worry, the Nuggets got another Gary back in the SAME deal . . .

Gary Clark of the Magic is headed over to the Nuggets.

If this isn’t weird enough for you, check this out:

Gary Trent Jr. had just played the 41st game of his THIRD season when he was traded from the Trailblazers to the Raptors.

In 1998, his dad, Gary Trent Sr. was also traded from the Trailblazers to the Raptors . . . ALSO just after playing the 41st game of his THIRD season.  No joke.

There is another Gary in the G-League . . . the NBA’s minor league . . . who WASN’T traded.

It’s Gary Payton Jr., who’s with the Raptors’ affiliate.  He’s the son of the NBA’s most famous Gary, GARY PAYTON, who played from 1990 to 2007.

And Gary Jr. is also the brother of . . .  Gary Payton Jr., who doesn’t play professional basketball.  Yes, Gary Payton Sr. named TWO of his sons “Gary.”  They’re just four months apart, and have different mothers.

Baseball is on the verge of policing one of its oldest unwritten rules, fighting technology with technology in an effort to cut down on a perceived rise in pitchers using foreign substances to increase spin rate and dominate hitters.  Major League Baseball has distributed a memo outlining its intention to crack down on the use of foreign substances on baseballs, a multi-pronged attack that will include repossessing game-used baseballs to test for foreign substances, charting sudden rises in spin rates among pitchers and assigning monitors to patrol dugouts, clubhouses and other areas of potential tomfoolery (usayesterday)

New England Patriots offensive lineman Justin Herron is a hero.  He helped rescue a 71-year-old woman, who was about to be sexually assaulted.

It happened in broad daylight at a park in Arizona.  The police say a 30-year-old suspect pushed the woman to the ground, and tried to remove her pants.  Justin heard her scream . . . so he and another man intervened.

The police said, quote, “If not for [their] swift actions, this vicious attack could’ve been much worse.”  The woman called them her “angels.”

There are hundreds of thousands of words in Merriam-Webster’s hardcover dictionary, plus an infinite number of expressions like team names and admired athletes that aren’t in the massive book.

Yet, with so many options at his disposal, the head football coach at Duxbury High in Massachusetts reportedly went with “Auschwitz,” “Hitler” and “Holocaust” for some of his audible calls.

He has been fired after his team allegedly used anti-Semitic language to call plays during a recent game. Coach Dave Maimaron of Duxbury High School was removed from the team after players from a rival school informed their coaches that Duxbury purportedly used anti-Semitic terms during their game on March 12. During the game, Duxbury players reportedly also shouted “rabbi” and “dreidel” as audible play calls.

It did not take long for the Chicago Bears to tap Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback. One week after signing the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback to a one-year, $10 million deal, the team tweeted a concise announcement Wednesday that Dalton had been named QB1: The announcement quickly puts to bed any idea of a quarterback competition in Chicago between Dalton and Nick Foles. Dalton had actually revealed the Bears told him he would be the starter if he signed, which might explain why he picked the team.

Bears training camp is scheduled to begin in roughly four months.

I don’t know how much you’ve been following the NHL this season but one team has been on a really bad slide lately and it’s getting to be pretty sad. That team I’m talking about is the Buffalo Sabres, who lost to the Penguins, 4-0, in Pittsburgh on Thursday to extend their losing streak to an incredibly sad 16 games. The Sabres have only won six games this season. Last week they fired their head coach and then last night their GM, Kevyn Adams, had to jump in behind the bench and coach the team after interim coach Don Granato and assistant Matt Ellis were ruled out due to the NHL’s COVID-19 protocols. The Sabres have been outscored 67-30 during this losing streak. They’ve been shutout six times. They’ve scored two goals or less in 13 of those games. They lost one game in a shootout and one game in overtime. The rest have been just straight losses, which isn’t great at all.

With Bobby Plager on their minds and in their hearts, the Blues were unable to get a victory for No. 5 to end this long, draining five-game road trip. Despite controlling play and outshooting Minnesota by an astounding 37-11, the Blues were shut out 2-0 Thursday at Xcel Energy Center. ANAHEIM DUCKS AND BLUES TONIGHT HERE IN ST. LOUIS TONIGHT AT 7PM