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CONGRATULATIONS FOR WINNING!!! – Alleged Peeping Tom suspect placed hidden cameras in co-worker’s Virginia home – WSET

Grubhub says food delivery driver who stole $4,000 puppy from Jacksonville Beach couple not authorized by them – FirstCoastNews

A guy in New York attacked a bodega owner with a “wet floor” sign because he was upset the lottery ticket machine was broken.  (Full Story)


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Why Was “My Hole” Trending After WWE’s “Monday Night Raw”?

MLB Is Stuck with Four Million Unused Bobbleheads from Last Season – ESPN

The “Super Bowl Streaker” Bet on Himself and Won $374,000 – Twitter

Roman Atwood explains stalker situation that ‘forced him off YouTube’ – Dexerto

10 things kids who grew up in 2000s in St. Louis will remember – Fox2Now


Remember Shia LaBeouf was accused by his ex FKA Twigs of physical abuse? Since then he has been accused of emotional abuse by multiple women. He now has left his talnet agency CAA on his own saying he is taking a break from acting and has enter rehab. Live in. He apparently has been in for about 5 weeks although there isn’t a report of what he is rehabbing. Not too long ago he admitted to alcoholism and aggression. His release will depend on his recovery.

A lot of people are on the hot seat for how they treated BRITNEY SPEARS over the years.  But one person is getting a BOOST from it.  CRAIG FERGUSON basically reached HERO STATUS yesterday, after a clip of him REFUSING to make fun of Britney went viral. It’s from when he hosted the “Late Late Show”, right after Britney had that meltdown and shaved her head in 2007. He told his audience, quote, “Comedy should have a certain amount of joy in it.  It should be about us attacking the powerful people, attacking the politicians and the Trumps and the blowhards, going after them.  We shouldn’t be attacking the vulnerable people. “I think my aim’s been off a bit recently.  I want to change it a bit.” As for Britney, he said, quote, “This woman has two kids, she’s 25 years old, she’s a baby herself.  She’s a baby.”  As a former alcoholic, Ferguson realized that Britney needed HELP, not ridicule.  And he talked a lot about his own struggles, too.  It’s actually a pretty powerful 12 minutes. 

After all of this transpired, Britney Tweeted a video of herself performing “Toxic” three years ago, and captioned it, quote, “I’ll always love being on stage . . . but I am taking the time to learn and be a normal person . . . “I love simply enjoying the basics of everyday life!!!” In a follow-up Tweet she said, “Each person has their story and their take on other people’s stories!!!!  We all have so many different bright beautiful lives!!!!  Remember, no matter what we think we know about a person’s life it is nothing compared to the actual person living behind the lens.” 

Sarah Silverman had to explain herself  because at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 2007 after Spears opened the show with “Gimme More.” She was dealing with recently finalizing her divorce from Kevin Federline,

At the awards show, Silverman told the audience that Spears, then 25, had already “accomplished everything she’s ever going to accomplish in her life” as the cameras cut to celebrities including Adam Levine and Jamie Foxx laughing in their seats. “She’s a mother. “It’s weird to think that just a few years ago on this very show she was this, like, sweet, innocent, little girl in slutty clothes riding around with a python.” Silverman went on to call the “Toxic” singer’s children “the most adorable mistakes you will ever see” before making an NSFW comment about Spears’ private parts. Her response… “I was known then 4 roasts. MTV asked me to mini-roast Britney after her big performance,” she tweeted on Sunday, February 7. “While she was performing I was having diarrhea & going over my jokes. Had no idea she didn’t kill. Unfortunate. Art changes over yrs as we know more & the world changes.” 

BTS will be doing an “MTV Unplugged” special on February 23rd. MTV says the special will give fans, quote, “a front-row seat to never-before-seen versions of the group’s most career-defining hits and songs from their latest album “Be”, in intimate settings.” “Unplugged” debuted in 1989, and has featured some legendary sets over the years from artists including Nirvana, LL Cool J, Aerosmith, and Tony Bennett.  One of the best examples is Eric Clapton.  His unplugged album won SIX Grammys, including Album of the Year in 1993.  It became the best-selling live album of all time, and is Clapton’s biggest selling.  

A King Scott favorite Nirvana’s “Unplugged in New York” MTV special has gone eight-times platinum.  Here’s a clip from their show they recorded in November of 1993.  Even though it aired on MTV, it wouldn’t be released for an entire year.

Back in 1995, KISS performed on MTV Unplugged.  It marked the first time the four original members had played together since 1979.  Here’s a clip of “Rock and Roll All Nite” with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss on vocals. 

Miley Cyrus talked about her “Aunt Dolly”, meaning Dolly Parton, and sang her song “Jolene”.  Here’s a clip.  (From “MTV’s Unplugged on Wednesday, January 29, 2014) 

Mine is LIVE I Alone

Rizz Alice in Chains No Excuses

Tony Dashboard Confessional The Sharp Hint of New Tears 

While Lars Ulrich has said the new Metallica album is moving at “glacial” speeds, the drummer’s 92 year old Dad  has released his first commercial album. It’s called Oakland Moments: Cello, Voice, Reuniting (Rejoicing) a collection of “his rice-paper paintings” and “elements of athleticism, philosophy and mysticism”, according to the press release. Elder Ulrich collaborated with American cellist Lori Goldston for the album. Ulrich, proud of his dad, wrote on Instagram “This is my dad. At 92 years old and just getting started.  Today, as one does at his age, he’s putting out a record. Definitely something to aspire to. #HeavyMetalGandalf

Offspring have promised us a new album this year! Band members Dexter and Noodles made the announcement on some show here are the boys talking about it. All those promises and still the band didn’t give a release date for this elusive new album.  They have to get the green light from the record label before they talk about a drop date. 

Members of Faith No MoreStone SourLagwagon, and Trash N’ Privilege have started a quarantine band called Dirty O’Keeffe, introducing themselves with the single “Brick or Bullet”. This needs to be on your im being active now playlist.

The group features bassist Billy Gould (Faith No More), Christian Martucci (guitarist for Stone Sour and Corey Taylor’s solo band), drummer Dave Raun (Lagwagon), and guitarist Steve Shephard (Trash N’ Privilege).   

Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia became world famous last year . . . but probably not the way its owners had hoped. It became a punch line after DONALD TRUMP’s lawyer RUDY GIULIANI held a press conference there.  A lot of people think the Trump campaign meant to book the Four Seasons HOTEL, but messed up. Accident or not, there’s now a documentary in the works called “Four Seasons Total Documentary”.  And yes, the owner of the company is participating. A press release says the film will, quote, “give a firsthand account of the roller-coaster journey that one well-meaning small business in Philadelphia went through when they agreed to host a political press conference in the midst of the most hard-fought American election in recent history.

The mansion that the Rose family gets kicked out of at the beginning of “Schitt’s Creek” is for sale and it could be yours . . . if you’ve got an extra $15 million kicking around. The place has a name . . . as $15 million mansions often do.  It’s called La Belle Maison, and it’s in Ontario, Canada. It’s 24,000 square feet, with 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a home theater, a wine cellar, a billiard room, a fitness gym, and indoor AND outdoor swimming pools.  To name just a few of its amenities. 

The clothes that ALEX TREBEK wore on “Jeopardy” will be donated to a charity that provides clothes to homeless people for job interviews. The organization is called The Doe Fund, and the wardrobe will go to its “Ready, Willing and Able” re-entry program, which helps get people back on their feet. The final inventory that was donated includes:  58 dress shirts, 14 suits, 300 neckties, 25 polo shirts, 14 sweaters, nine sports coats, nine pairs of dress shoes, 15 belts, two parkas, and three pairs of dress slacks. The Doe Fund sent a thank you, saying, quote, “The men in our career training programs are always in need of professional attire, so they can shine in their job interviews and work with confidence once they’re hired. “This donation alleviates the obstacle of not having appropriate clothing.”  Alex passed away from pancreatic cancer on November 8th 

A lot of people consider “The Wizard of Oz” one of those movies that you just shouldn’t touch.  Well, consider it touched.  There’s a remake in the works.  But they’re calling it a “fresh take.” Nicole Kassell of “Watchmen” fame is directing, and she says, quote, “I am exhilarated and humbled by the responsibility of re-imagining such a legendary tale. “These are profoundly iconic shoes to fill, and I am eager to dance alongside these heroes of my childhood as we pave a newly minted yellow brick road!” 

It’s amazing how many movies make it to the screen with obvious mistakes in them.  A British website put together a list of what it claims are the 29 worst.  Here are 10 of them: 

  1. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019):  Leonardo DiCaprio’s character takes a ride on a 747.  But the movie is set in 1969, a year before those planes went into service.  In ’69, he would have been on a 707. 
  1. “North by Northwest” (1959):  At the Mount Rushmore cafeteria, you can see a kid cover his ears right BEFORE Eva Marie Saint fires a gun. 
  1. “Pulp Fiction” (1994):  When John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson get into a shootout with some kids in an apartment, there are bullet holes in the wall before a shot is fired. 
  1. “The Wizard of Oz” (1939):  In the scene where the trees throw apples at Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Dorothy is wearing black shoes, not the ruby slippers. 
  1. “The Fast and the Furious” (2001):  In the scene where Jesse and Tran race, Tran is wearing shirt with sleeves at first . . . but then it magically transforms into a tank top. 
  1. “Star Wars” (1977):  As a group of stormtroopers enter a room, one of them bangs his head on the top of the doorway. 
  1. “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” (2003):  A crew member in a cowboy hat can be seen behind Johnny Depp on the ship. 
  1. “Braveheart” (1995):  There’s a car visible in the background of a battle scene. 
  1. “Halloween” (1978):  It’s supposed to be set in Illinois, but the cars have California license plates. 
  1. “Titanic” (1997):  During the nude painting scene, Leonardo DiCaprio tells Kate Winslet to go over to the bed . . . then he says he meant the COUCH.  That was a flub by Leo, but the director left it in because he thought it was funny.


Actress Chloe Grace Moretz is 24.

Former porn actress turned sportscaster Mia Khalifa is 27.

Actress Emma Roberts is 30.

Actress and director Elizabeth Banks is 47.

Actress Laura Dern is 54.

Creator of Breaking Bad Vince Gilligan is 54.

Former Met and Philly, Lenny Dykstra, is 58.

TV guy George Stephanopoulos is 60.

Golfer Greg the Shark Norman is 66.

Host of Mad Money on CNBC, Jim Cramer is 66.

Olympic gold medalist Mark Spitz is 71.

Actor Robert Wagner is 91.

Porn B

Cecilia Vega


Today’s birthday girl doin’ it and doin’ it in 93 fine films…including:


– Anal Cavity Search 7

– Ass Traffic 5

– Fist Flush 3

– Gangbang Squad 18

– Innocent Until Proven Filthy 9

– Slutty and Sluttier 9

– And who could forget her role in 2010’s Tunnel Butts 4




Cecilia Vega is 44 years old today.


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The April 15 game between the St. Louis Blues and Arizona Coyotes has been rescheduled for this Friday, at 8 p.m. The Blues’ upcoming road trip, which was originally supposed to include two games against the Minnesota Wild and two against the Coyotes, will now feature three games against the Coyotes.

Feb. 12 at Coyotes – 8 p.m. CT
Feb. 13 at Coyotes – 7 p.m. CT
Feb. 15 at Coyotes – 3 p.m. CT

Major League Baseball players, on-field staff and non-playing personnel who require access to them at ballparks must wear electronic tracing wristbands from the start of spring training and face discipline for violations. Players will be encouraged to get vaccines but are not required to get them. That was part of upgraded health protocols agreed to by Major League Baseball and the players’ association to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The manual states violations of the MLB or club codes of conduct or of spring training home quarantine “are subject to potential discipline, including but not limited to suspension or forfeiture of salary for days spent away from the club while in mandatory self-isolation or quarantine resulting from the violation.”

Mark Cuban decided before the start of the NBA season that the national anthem would not be played before Dallas Mavericks games.  So far, it has not been played before the franchise’s 13 preseason and regular season home games. This is believed to be the first instance of a professional team getting rid of the U.S. national anthem from the pre-game. Major League Soccer did not play the anthem during a tournament in 2020 in Orlando that did not have fans present, but teams have since started playing it prior to their home games. The franchise did not publicize this move but an NBA spokesperson said that “under the unique circumstances of this season, teams are permitted to run their pregame operations as they see fit.”

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley was sentenced to 120 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse with work release or on home monitoring for angrily aiming a rifle at a couple and their teenage daughter in an SUV last fall. Beasley will serve the 120 days after the NBA season is over. A local judge also sentenced Beasley to three years on probation that includes no alcohol or illicit drug use and a lifetime ban on possessing firearms.

About two hours before the scheduled tipoff, Monday night’s men’s basketball game between Miami and North Carolina in Chapel Hill was postponed. The decision came hours after The Daily Tar Heel, North Carolina’s student newspaper, posted a Snapchat video that shows UNC standouts Day’Ron Sharpe and Armando Bacot partying without masks on. A source said that the video and the league’s decision to postpone the game are connected. A league spokesman, referred to the ACC’s statement when asked whether the video influenced the decision. He also said the ACC doesn’t “have any further information to provide.” In the brief video, Sharpe and Bacot, who combined to score 27 points on Saturday, are shown hanging out with multiple people in a room as music plays in the background.

Mizzou basketball has finally cracked the TOP 10 and will be taking on Ole Miss tonight on the road.  The 10th ranked Tigers are coming off a big win against 8th ranked Alabama over the weekend.  Tip off is at 8PM.  SLU looks to win back to back games as they host Rhode Island tonight.  Tip off is also at 8PM.  And Illinois is off until Friday.