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A Woman Threw Tacos at Her Mom’s Head and Got Arrested for Battery – LINK

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Mom With Mic Embarrasses Son at School – VIDEO

Kraft starts mac and cheese club so fans can test new items before public – LINK

500 pounds of meth; 11 St. Louisians arrested in massive drug trafficking ring – LINK

Driver accused of ramming carriage, horse in downtown St. Louis – LINK

A Guy Found a Loophole in an Amusement Park’s Annual Pass, and Got Free Meals Every Day for a Year – LINK

2021’s “Rattiest Cities” . . . Chicago Is #1 for the Seventh Year in a Row – LINK

An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school – LINK

Police Arrested a Woman Who Stole a Service Dog at a Walmart – LINK


Rust obviously stopped production on the movie until police investigations are completed into the fatal on-set shooting incident involving star and producer Alec Baldwin, which killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza, They MAY restart production after as this may be a“pause rather than an end”.  Complicating that? Warrants issued Friday by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, for physical evidence such as cameras, camera equipment, tapes, hard drives, memory cards, computer hardware, firearms, ammunition and all paperwork related to firearms as well as clothing, including costumes. The movie’s assistant director Dave Halls grabbed one of three prop guns laid out by the production’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed. Halls then took the gun to Baldwin, who was in full old Western costume inside the church set, and “yelled, ‘Cold Gun,’ indicating the prop gun did not have any live rounds. Alec was sitting in a pew practicing a cross draw. Joel said he was looking over the shoulder of [Halyna], when he heard what sounded like a whip and then loud pop,” the statement reads (LINK)

Gene Simmons took up painting during the pandemic. He is a money making machine. He says once you get to his income level making money is like an Olympic sports. has so much money that getting more has become like an Olympic sport. He is  making upwards of $245,000   In Las Vegas last week (Oct. 21), Simmons exhibited around 50 of his paintings at the Gene Simmons ArtWorks showing at the Venetian’s Animazing Gallery (LINK)

How much would you pay for an ANDY WARHOL artwork?  If you said $250, we have GREAT news for you . . . if you’re willing to play it fast and loose with AUTHENTICITY.  An art collective in New York recently bought an original Andy Warhol drawing for $20,000.  And now, they’re going to sell it to one lucky person for $250. But there’s a BIG catch.  They’re offering it alongside 999 other works, which are high-quality FORGERIES.  Each of them were “drawn” with a robotic arm, and put through a process to artificially age the paper. The fakes are so good that even their creators can’t tell them apart.  Seriously.  They’ve mixed them together . . . and now NO ONE knows which one is real. The original is called “Fairies, and each of the 1,000 “works” they’re selling are called “Possibly Real Copy of ‘Fairies’ by Andy Warhol”.  If they sell all 1,000, that’s $250,000 . . . a massive profit over their $20K investment. They say the stunt isn’t about the money though . . . it’s meant to make a point about valuing authenticity over the art itself (LINK)

Another person wants a piece of DMX. Raven Barmer-Simmons claims she is one of X’s kids. That would bring the total to 15.  On Friday, a judge appointed X’s sons with Tashera Simmons,  Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean Simmons, as the temporary administrators of the estate.  All of the children will take DNA tests to prove they are X’s kids. 

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors is producing a holiday movie for Amazon called “12 Days of Christmas”, and it has a very strange premise about Nick, “a career-driven, self-absorbed man who never wants to have children.” But 12 days before Christmas he wakes up and finds a KID in his home.  He thinks it’s a bad dream, until the next morning, when there’s now a SECOND kid.  You can see where this is going . . . Each day Nick’s “family” grows larger as he moves closer to Christmas Day and he can’t make it stop.  It’s a family comedy . . . so Nick slowly finds himself discovering the joys of being a parent to . . . a TON of random kids.  It’s unclear if the movie will premiere in time for THIS holiday season. It is from a script written in part by Kevin Heffernan  (LINK) 

Do you have a tradition of watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” every year?  Well, here are some iinteresting facts that you might not know: 

  1. It featured the first time in animation that Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown.  
  1. The Great Pumpkin is satire for Santa Claus. 
  1. Charles Schulz’soffice was overloaded with candy sent by fans for Charlie Brown . . . they were angry that he kept getting rocks when trick-or-treating. 
  1. Some scholars thought the Great Pumpkin was a real legend. 
  1. The young girl who voiced Sally had to rush to record her lines because she had a loose tooth.  The producers were worried a lisp would ruin her voiceover work . . . her tooth fell out right after recording. 

The jazzy scores of the early Peanuts specials were the work of composer Vince Guaraldi. When he was busy putting together “The Great Pumpkin Waltz” for the show, he decided to break for a shower. When he came out, he thought he heard noises outside and went to investigate, naked, and locked himself out in the process. Keyless, Guaraldi tried climbing a ladder to a second-floor window when cops spotted him. “Don’t shoot,” he said. “I’m the Great Pumpkin.” Police, who were many months away from getting the joke, let him back inside. 

After asking fans if Limp Bizkit should release a new single or just drop an entire album last week, frontman Fred Durst has shared part of the album’s art and has hinted that the album may drop on Halloween. Durst wrote on Instagram over the weekend that “All [pumpkins emojis] will drop on Halloween” over an image of the album’s artwork. After teasing the song for months, Limp Bizkit finally released “Dad Vibes”, their first new single in seven years last month. 

Don’t bother asking PAUL MCCARTNEY for an autograph . . . because you won’t get one.  INSTEAD, he said, quote, “Let’s chat, let’s exchange stories.” Paul said, quote, “It always struck me as a bit strange . . . [like] ‘Here, can I write your name down on the back of this receipt, please?’ . . . Why?  We both know who I am.” He’s also done with selfies, too.  Quote, “What you’ve usually got is a ropey photo with a poor backdrop and me looking a bit miserable.” So, now there’s basically ZERO chance to get a fresh autograph from a living BEATLE. Back in 2008, RINGO STARR declared he was done signing autographs.  He said he was tired of seeing people use them to make money.  He WILL still sign things for charity, though. 

People online have been taking band names, and “ruining them” by mashing them up with a FOOD.  

  1. Fleetwood Mac & Cheese 
  1.  Simply Bread 
  1. The Rolling Scones 
  1. The Chip Shop Boys 
  1. Disturniped 
  1. Snow Cone Patrol 
  1. Hall and Oatmeal 
  1. KFC and the Sunshine Band 
  1. Red Hot Chili Dogs 
  1. Nine Inch Subs 
  1. New Kids on the Block of Cheese 
  1. Linkin Pork 
  1. Tofu Fighters 

14.  Ragu Against the Machine

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

Wrestler and MMA guy CM Punk is 43.

He was Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder is 44.

The man behind Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane is 48.

Country singer Keith Urban is 54.

Singer Natalie Merchant is 58.

He was the lead in Robin Hood Men in Tights and Wesley in The Princess Bride, Cary Elwes is 59.

Actor Dylan McDermott is 60.

Rita Wilson is 65. She and Tom Hanks are married.

Bootsy Collins from Parliament Funkadelic is 70.

Hill-dog, Hillary Clinton is 74.

Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak is 75.

Porn B

Karen Fisher

Today’s birthday girl has been in 301 fine films, including:

2 Chicks Same Time 16

  • Ass Parade 39
  • Cougar Sex Club 4 & 5
  • Double Air Bags 9 & 12
  • Fem-Dommy Mommy
  • It’s Okay She’s My Mother in Law 9
  • Mean Amazon Bitches 6
  • And who can forget her role in 2012’s White Booty Clappin’ Super Freaks 1

Karen Fisher is 45 years old.

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Last night the Blues were back in action against the Kings at Enterprise Center…and Vladi Tarasenko…he looks like the old Vladi right now and it’s really nice.  He scored a real nice goal to give the Blues a 1-0 lead in the 3rd and then followed that up with another with about 4 mins left.  David Perron added some insurance with an empty netter.  The Blues are now 5-0 and start their season that way for the first time in team history.  They are joined by Florida, Edmonton, and Carolina as the only 4 teams that have yet to lose.  Their next game is Thursday against Colorado back at Enterprise Center.

The Cardinals did announce Oli Marmol yesterday as their new manager.  He’s the 51st manager of the team and after spending 3 years as the bench coach he will take over for Mike Shildt who was fired a few weeks back.  He is the youngest current manager in the majors and because the first manager of color to lead the Cardinals.  As far as the coaching staff, at least for the first year, it looks like it will remain the same.  Silver Slugger finalists were announced last night too.  Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado, and Tyler O’Neill were all nominated from the Cardinals.  The winners will be announced on November 11th.

The World Series kicks off tonight.  The Houston Astros host the Atlanta Braves in Game 1.  First pitch is scheduled for 7:09PM.  Charlie Morton gets the start for the Braves and Framber Valdez gets the start for the Astros.

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association may be mere weeks away from hitting a major issue. Reports are coming out that a work stoppage is “almost certain to start Dec. 2.” Negotiations have been taking place since last spring, and each side thinks the other has not made proposals that will lead toward an agreement replacing the five-year contract that expires at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 1. This wouldn’t necessarily be a shocking development. When negotiations about a shortened 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic broke down, it caused some tension between players and owners. Some one spoke to a longtime official and they expressed optimism that MLB and the MLBPA can work things out before jeopardizing any portion of the 2022 schedule. But negotiations could significantly impact any offseason business even if an agreement is struck before Opening Day.

Last night the New Orleans Saints beat the Seattle Seahawks 13-10 in a rain soaked mess of a game.  The Seahawks kicker missed two field goals, the offense wasn’t really over there.  One major highlight from the game was DK Metcalf catching and running for an 84 yard touchdown.

On Sunday – the GOAT – Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown pass.  It was a pass to Mike Evans.  Evans took the ball – and without thinking – chucked it into the crowd.  Of course – someone from the Bucs had an “Oh Ish” moment and went to get it.  They found the guy who caught the ball – and now that dude is getting HOOKED UP.  He gave the ball back to the Bucs and in return he will receive…two signed Brady jerseys, a Bucs Helmet, Mike Evans signed jersey and game worn cleats…..AND….a pair of season tickets to the rest of the year….season tickets for all of next year…a $1000 to the team store…and Tom Brady himself gave this dude 1 BitCoin.  You may sit there and go, “One BitCoin?! What does that do?”  Well…1 BitCoin is worth $63,000.  He made out OK.

Other NFL news from around the league the Jets have traded to get former QB Joe Flacco back on their roster. With Zach Wilson out, Mike White will start on Sunday, but Joe Flacco is there for insurance and may start the following week.

Former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher is among the candidates in USC’s coaching search following the firing of Clay Helton. Fisher, an alumn of USC, compiled a 173-165-1 record in 22 seasons with the Titans and Rams. Former Trojans star Carson Palmer inadvertently spilled the beans on whom his alma mater is targeting. He cited the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin as a possibility and alluded to Penn State’s James Franklin, Iowa State’s Matt Campbell and Cincinnati’s Luke Fickell. Fisher, meanwhile, will turn 64 in February, and the extent of his college coaching experience is working as an advisor for Tennessee State this season.

The New York Times says FIFA is ending its partnership with EA Sports after nearly 30 years. Negotiations broke down after FIFA allegedly wanted EA to double its licensing fee of $150 million per year to $1 billion every four years. EA Sports has already trademarked “EA Sports FC” or “EA Sports Football Club” while the company’s President released a statement saying “As we look ahead, we’re also exploring the idea of renaming our global EA SPORTS football games.”