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Lots of people who didn’t get away with murder didn’t get the vaccine shot but O.J. SIMPSON did in his home state of Nevada. O.J. posted a picture of himself getting the jab, with the caption, “Get your shot.  I got mine!!!”  In a follow-up video, he said he suffered no ill effects. See, he’s eligible, because he’s 73 . . . and Nevada is vaccinating people 65 and over.  But that didn’t stop Twitter from doing what it does. One person responded, quote, “It’s nice to see OJ is the one getting stabbed for a change.” 

The voice of Disney’s “Pocahontas” was arrested twice last November in Ohio, and from newly-released police bodycam footage, you can see that alcohol was definitely a factor. IRENE BEDARD was first arrested over Thanksgiving weekend at the home of her ex-husband . . . apparently because she was fighting with her 17-year-old son. Irene yelled, screamed, and jumped around like she was possessed . . . and repeatedly pointed out that the cops were WHITE MEN.  Then she resisted when they tried to cuff her. The second arrest occurred days later, at a hotel where she reportedly harassed an employee.  Once again, she got belligerent and resisted. Irene is 53, by the way. 

An Amber Alert was issued Friday for a boy named “Glen”.  He was described as 5 years old, 2-foot-3, and SIX POUNDS. The suspect in his disappearance was a 28-year-old man named “Chucky”.  He was described as being 3-foot-1 and 16 pounds, and carrying a “huge kitchen knife.”  His race?  DOLL. If you haven’t figured this out yet, the suspect was actually Chucky the killer doll from the “Child’s Play” movies.  And the “missing child” was his son Glen, who made his first appearance in the fourth installment, “Bride of Chucky”, in 1998. And yes, pictures of the dolls accompanied their descriptions in the alert. Obviously, this wasn’t supposed to happen.  The Texas Department of Safety said, quote, “This alert is a result of a test malfunction.  We apologize for the confusion this may have caused and are diligently working to ensure this does not happen again.” 

Pretend hippies and tik tok are in serious trouble because Coachella has officially been canceled again. Obviously, it’s because of the pandemic and it isn’t a surprise, because the festival was scheduled for April, which is just two months away.  And even though it’s outdoors, there are places were restaurants can’t even have outdoor dining. The STAGECOACH country music festival, which happens at the same location, has also been canceled.  It’s unclear if they’ll try to reschedule for later this year, or just wait until 2022.  Both festivals also didn’t happen last year.

Not sure if someone said something at recess or what but 50 Cent would like to fight Floyd Mayweather.  He continued to point out flaws in his plan, saying: “I don’t think I could make weight though. … Or he’d just have to let me not get down to 150. I tried I looked like a homeless person. I could make it down to probably, like 180.”

Wayne and Garth from “Wayne’s World” are back for an Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial.

On “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, John Krasinski kissed . . . Pete Davidson.  (During the monologue, John was taking audience questions – which all turned out to be about “The Office” – when it was Kenan Thompson’s turn, he said, “kiss Pam.”  Pete stepped in as Pam, and they kissed. 

“Sesame Street” has been such an institution for so long, we forget that it was pretty revolutionary when it debuted back in 1969. And here’s something you probably didn’t know about it:  It was inspired by BEER COMMERCIALS.  That’s according to a documentary called “Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street”.  It’s coming to HBO later this year. A producer named Joan Ganz Cooney says, quote, “Every child in America was singing beer commercials.  Now where did they learn beer commercials?  “Kids adored [television], so why not see if it could educate them?” She added, quote, “If these kids are going to watch that much television, why not find out what it is that they like to watch, then what is good for them to watch, and put the two things together?”

Someone went through “Google Trends” data to put together a list of each state’s favorite TV show and for 12 states, above anything else, they’d apparently prefer to watch old episodes of “Friends”.  They are:  California, Idaho, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. The top show in four states is “The Umbrella Academy”, which is actually a CURRENT show.  It’s #1 in Washington, Oregon, Delaware, and Maryland.  And “WandaVision” is #1 in Alaska, despite it only being FOUR EPISODES in. The rest of the results were varied, but some highlights include:  Montana being VERY on-brand with loving the show “Yellowstone” . . . New Jersey also being on-brand with “The Sopranos” . . . New Mexico really liking “Better Call Saul”, which is set in that state . . . and “Stranger Things” the winner in Georgia.   Missouri is Ozark.

I found a list of tv characters that left shows with really no or not much explanation

Coco, The Golden Girls 

Did you know that Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia had a flamboyant live-in housekeeper named Coco, played by Charles Levin, in the pilot. (Sept 14th 1985)It would’ve been groundbreaking to have a gay character as part of the main cast, but Estelle Getty’s Sophia turned out to be such a breakout character — she was only meant to be recurring — that she bumped Coco out, and we never heard from him or his enchiladas again after the premiere. 

Chuck Cunningham, Happy Days 

The poster child for TV’s Suddenly Missing Characters, Richie and Joanie’s older brother was played in Season 1 by Gavan O’Herlihy, though recast Randolph Roberts was on hand for Chuck’s final appearance in the Season 2 premiere. Though the show established he was off to college, Chuck was never heard from again. In fact, the Season 11 episode featuring Joanie’s wedding to Chachi saw Howard noting in his toast, “Both of our children are married now,” effectively erasing the existence of his and Marion’s eldest.

Ben Geller, Friends

 We saw Ross’ son enter the world as a baby in Season 1 and watched him grow into an inquisitive tyke played by future Riverdale star Cole Sprouse. But he was mystifyingly written out of the show as soon as Rachel gave birth to Ross’ daughter Emma — to the point that Ross’ father claimed that Emma was his first grandchild! Rude!  

Billie Young, Night Court 

We remember Markie Post as public defender Christine Sullivan. But before Post joined the cast full-time in Season 3, Billie Young (played by Ellen Foley) was the show’s main defense attorney — and love interest for Harry Anderson’s Judge Harry Stone. Producers found their chemistry lacking, though, and when Post became available after her contract with The Fall Guy ended, Billie’s stint on Night Court was summarily dismissed. 

Tina Pinciotti, That ’70s Show 

You may have entirely forgotten that in just one single episode, Donna Pinciotti had a younger sister. Tina’s sole appearance was in the Season 1 episode “Eric’s Burger Job,” but her intended recurring role was permanently deleted afterward. No explanation was given — as evidenced by Kitty referring to Donna as Bob and Midge’s only child in Season 7.

Maggie, A Different World

 The Cosby Show spinoff got completely revamped after its freshman season, with star Lisa Bonet leaving after she became pregnant and eventually returning to Cosby. Dwayne Wayne and Whitley survived the purge, but lost in the shuffle was Denise’s friend and roommate Maggie, played by future Oscar winner Marisa Tomei. Let’s just hope she got her diploma from Hillman at some point. 

Jerry and Andy, Roseanne/The Conners 

Roseanne and Dan’s fourth child was said to be on a cargo boat in Alaska when Roseanne was revived in 2018, but didn’t return when Mom died in The Conners . Meanwhile, the powers that be made the “conscious decision” that Jackie’s son Andy never actually existed, and was “part of the dream that was revealed at the end of the original Roseanne,” even if that makes little to no sense.

Billy, Who’s the Boss? 

Like many an ’80s sitcom, Who’s the Boss? brought in a cute kid late in its run to up the “aw” factor, and so five-year-old munchkin Billy came to live with the Bowers in Season 7 when Tony’s grandma left the boy in Tony’s care. The cuteness wore off quickly, though: Billy didn’t return for Season 8, with the show explaining that he went back to live with Tony’s grandma. 

Roscoe Baxter and Candace, Mom 

When we last saw Christy’s son, he was 12 years old and already experimenting with drugs. It’s unclear whether  Christy’s ex Baxter and his fiancé Candace — who also vanished — nipped that in the bud, or whether Christy — who’s now off at law school — continued to play an active role in her son’s life. 

Richie Iannucci, The King of Queens 

Richie was one of Doug’s three best friends — and perhaps his oldest friend, having attended the same high school and shared an apartment before either of them was married. But come Season 3, portrayer Larry Romano was offered a bigger role on another sitcom — NBC’s short-lived Kristin Chenoweth vehicle Kristin — and he took it. Richie vanished, and Doug was never called “Moose” again.


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The St Louis Blues had back to back games against the Ducks this weekend and for the first time all year, the swept the two game series.  And they did so in pretty awesome fashion.  On Saturday the team stomped them 6-1.  Yesterday, with Ville Husso in the net, another big win as the team won 4-1.  Up next for the Blues is a game against Arizona on Tuesday at Enterprise Center.  Puck drops at 7PM.

The Cardinals have done some work this weekend.  So, first, they signed Adam Wainwright to that one year deal.  That got the wheels moving and reports came out that Yadi is planning on signing a one year deal any day now.  And then, as almost a shock to a lot of people, the Cardinals pulled off a trade with the Rockies to get Nolan Arenado from the Rockies.  The Rockies will be sending some cash with him too.  Somewhere around $50 million dollars in cash.  As far as who we have to send to Colorado?  Reports are that the deal MAY include….pitcher Austin Gomber, 1st basemen Luken Baker, OF Jhon Torres and also might include pitchers Jake Woodford or Angel Rondon.  Again, nothing is official yet so we don’t know the full details.

Major League Baseball has proposed a one-month delay in starting spring training due to the coronavirus pandemic and pushing back opening day to April 28. Under the plan presented to the players’ union on Friday, the regular season would be cut from 162 games to 154. Also, the playoffs would be expanded from 10 teams to 14, the designated hitter would extend to the National League for the second straight season and MLB would keep the experimental rules for seven-inning doubleheaders and beginning extra innings with a runner on second base. All players would report for spring training on March 22. Opening day would be pushed back 27 days from its currently scheduled April 1 and the regular season would end Oct. 10 instead of Oct. 3. The postseason would extend into November.

The NFC came away with a 32-12 win over the AFC in the 2021 Pro Bowl on Sunday in what was perhaps the most unique edition of the annual showcase. The NFL announced in October it was canceling the Pro Bowl game itself amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the event would be reimagined and played on Madden NFL 21 using the respective Pro Bowl rosters. Each conference also had a prominent name take charge of the team for each quarter. Deshaun Watson, Keyshawn Johnson, Derrick Henry and Snoop Dogg represented the AFC, with Kyler Murray, Bubba Wallace, Jamal Adams and Marshawn Lynch guiding the NFC. Murray was crowned the MVP, at times assuming the dual roles of player and coach for the NFC.

The Rams completed a trade with the Lions to acquire quarterback Matthew Stafford on Saturday sending Jared Goff to the Lions. Stafford and the Lions had mutually agreed to part ways earlier in the week and head coach Dan Campbell. Stafford heads to a ready-made contender in the Rams, who have had one of the NFL’s best defenses for several seasons and had previously been one of the league’s most explosive offenses before Goff’s backslide over the past two years.  The Rams signed Goff to a four-year, $130 million contract extension after his third NFL season, and will take a significant dead-money hit onto their books after making this deal. Goff will count for $22.2 million on LA’s books in 2021 while he is playing for Detroit, while the Rams inherit the two years and $43 million remaining on Stafford’s contract. One additional note to add about Stafford’s contract with the Rams came from NFL…The expectation is that Stafford will not require a contract extension as part of this deal. He will play out the remaining two years for $34 million on his contract with the Rams.

If you had to guess, what percentage of Americans would you say are planning to watch Super Bowl 55? According to a new survey of 2,200 adults, 61% say they plan to tune in, with 40% saying they’re “very likely” to watch, and 21% saying they’re “somewhat likely.” That 61% is down from the 64% who said they planned to watch in 2020, and the 69% who said they planned to watch in 2019. That MIGHT suggest that the ratings could be in for another dip.  The past two Super Bowls have averaged close to 100 million viewers, which sounds like a lot, but they were the lowest-rated Super Bowls since 2009.    As for the match-up, 38% are rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs to repeat as champs, and 41% expect them to win.  27% are rooting for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but only 24% expect them to win.  The Chiefs are the favorites, but only by 3 points.  Vegas also expects the Super Bowl to be high-scoring, with an over/under at 56.5 points total.

Mizzou beat TCU in a close one that took a period of overtime as they picked up the 102-98 win.  Their next game is tomorrow night against Kentucky.  Illinois beat Iowa 80-75 on Friday and will play Indiana tomorrow night at 6PM.  And SLU is on the court on Wednesday as they travel and take on La Salle.