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Gamers & Geeks: A Gold PS5, the Next Xbox, and Ninja’s New Home


It’s time for “Gamers & Geeks,” covering the least important distractions from your IRL responsibilities.  Here’s our quick rundown of this week in video game nonsense . . .

1.  How ridiculous is this?  A British company called Truly Exquisite is releasing a 24k Gold limited edition of the PlayStation 5.  It will set you back more than $10,250 for the console and another $1,344 for the gold-plated controller and headset.  (Video)

2.  Xbox has revealed the release date and pricing for their next-gen consoles.  They’ll be out November 10th.   The Xbox Series X will set you back $499.  Its little brother only costs $299.  It’s half the size, has no disc drive, and is called the Xbox Series S.  Check out CNET’s comparison video for the details and their recommendation.

3.  Did you know there’s a dating app just for gamers?  It’s called Kippo, and it pairs you up with people to game with as your first date.  A guy named David Park is one of the creators.  He talks about the app, and how he met his own girlfriend on it, here.

4.  Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is one of the biggest streamers in the world.  So for the past two months his fans were frantically wondering where he’d end up after Mixer blindsided everyone with an abrupt shut down in July.

Well, it’s official, Ninja returned to Twitch yesterday with his 15 million followers.

FYI:  In streaming, the three main platforms are owned by Amazon, Google, and Facebook.  Amazon owns Twitch, Google owns YouTube, and Facebook acquired Microsoft’s Mixer this summer to merge it with Facebook Gaming.

5.  What are the best houseplants for irresponsible gamers?  Well, they say the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is fairly unkillable.  It doesn’t need much light and can survive for WEEKS if you forget to water it.  The English Ivy and a plant called Pothos would also do well in the low light of your man cave.  (Video)


This past spring, when Eminem personally confronted a stranger in the living room of his gated-community home, it was reported that the intruder was just looking for some face time with the famous rapper. Nope… 26-year-old Matthew David Hughes actually planned to murder Marshall Mathers. Here is the quote from the police. “When Mr. Mathers asked him why he was there, he was told by Mr. Hughes that he was there to kill him,”   Hughes has been charged with two felonies for malicious destruction of a building and first-degree home invasion. Hughes is now set to be arraigned on September 28.

I don’t know why, but apparently, there are people out there who call Dr. Phil “Daddy”.  If you’re one of them, he’d like you to stop. 


I think we all know that if CHUCK NORRIS took a Viagra, the pill would get stiff.  In other words, Chuck doesn’t need erectile dysfunction drugs, and it would be ludicrous for him to promote them. That’s why Chuck is suing the company that makes an E.D. drug called Provitra for using him in an online ad that’s designed to look like a Fox News article about his supposed “issues”. Chuck says it’s all baloney . . . including the claim that he revealed his erectile dysfunction on “Dr. Phil”.  He’s suing for damages, and he also wants them to stop using his name and likeness.


Book publisher HarperCollins is suing Lindsay Lohan, claiming she took a $365,000 advance to write a book for them in 2014, but then never turned in a draft. The publisher is suing for breach of contract. Lohan had originally said she’d have the book done by May 2015, but never turned in a draft. They then revised the deadline until March 2017, but again, never got a draft despite the six-figure advance. They then told Lohan that the deal was off in 2018 and wanted the advance back, but did not receive it. They are suing for the full amount back plus interest and legal fees. 

Shaun Weiss — famous for playing Goldberg in “The Mighty Ducks” back then and infamously now has been thru the drug and broke and homeless ringer hard is doing well. 260 days sober and new teeth–  Shaun’s sober living facility in Woodland Hills changed his life, and he’s staying clean and attending outpatient meetings 5 days a week.  


The cast of Saturday Night Live will return to their studio at Rockefeller Center for the show’s October 3 season premiere. It will be the first in-studio performance for the cast since Daniel Craig hosted the March 7 show. After coronavirus made in-studio filming an impossibility, they did three shows from their homes to close out the spring season. It’s not yet clear whether there will be any sort of studio audience for the October 3 premiere, and hosts and musical guests have yet to be announced.

Looks like Pete Davidson will return to the cast of Saturday Night Live when the show resumes on October 3. His return will happen despite reported conflicts between the comedian and other members of the cast. Davidson himself even said in an interview in February that it may be time for him to leave the show, and that the cast makes fun of him. “They think I’m f**king dumb,” he said at the time. Sources tell the outlet that cast members are currently wrapping up their deals, and it appears Davidson will be among those returning.


Last year, ADAM SANDLER threatened that if he didn’t win an Oscar for “Uncut Gems”, he would make a movie that’s quote, “so bad on purpose just to make you all pay.” Well, Adam didn’t even get a nomination, and now we have the trailer for his new Netflix movie “Hubie Halloween”, and it looks like he made good on that threat.  Adam plays a dimwitted resident of Salem, Massachusetts who notices that strange things are happening in the lead-up to his favorite holiday.  But he can’t get anyone to believe him because he’s the town idiot.  It hits Netflix on October 7th.


People are canceling their Netflix subscriptions . . . and calling for EVERYONE to follow suit . . . over a French movie called “Cuties”. The movie is about a group of 11-year-old girls in a sexually suggestive dance troupe.  And a video of their routine from the end of the film is going viral this week, because it’s REALLY, REALLY uncomfortable. Netflix already faced some backlash because people thought a poster they made for the movie was too racy. For what it’s worth, “Cuties” is getting decent reviews, and you’re SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable with the way the girls are dancing.  And the people watching the routine in the movie obviously are. The clip that went viral cuts off before Amy, the main character, is unable to finish the dance, and runs offstage crying.  Still, it’s really shocking to watch that dance.  Even though that’s the point of the scene, should they have gone that far???


Loudwire.com put together a list of 50 Disturbing Songs That People Love.  Here are some highlights:



  1. “Polly”,  Nirvana.  It’s based on an article Kurt Cobain read about a 14-year-old girl who was abducted, tortured and sexually assaulted, but ultimately escaped her captor.



  1. “Black Sabbath”,  Black Sabbath.  An encounter with the Dark One.  Satan, not Dick Cheney.



  1. “Daddy”,  Korn.  Jonathan Davissinging about being molested as a child, and his parents not believing him.



  1. “Closer”,  Nine Inch Nails.  Is this a sexual encounter or a crime?  I can’t tell.



  1. “Black Hole Sun”,  Soundgarden.  Lyrically it’s kind of bleak and depressing, but according to Chris Cornell, there’s no real meaningto be had.



  1. “One”,  Metallica.  A soldier has his arms and legs blown off in the war, and is lying in a hospital bed unable to speak or see . . . and wishing for death.



  1. “Jeremy”,  Pearl Jam.  The true story of a kid who shot himself in class.



  1. “Adam’s Song”,  Blink-182.  Written in the form of a teenager’s suicide note.



  1. “Chop Suey”,  System of a Down.  It’s about the unfairness of judging people by how they died . . . like by suicide or a drug overdose.



  1. “Cold Ethyl”,  Alice Cooper.  Dude keeps his dead wife in the fridge and takes her out for . . . you know.



  1. “Under the Bridge”,  Red Hot Chili Peppers.  It’s about heroin addiction.



  1. “Santa Monica”,  Everclear.  Inspired by the suicide of Art Alexakis’teenage girlfriend, as well as his attempt to end his own life.



  1. “Hey Man Nice Shot”,  Filter.  It’s about real-life Pennsylvania State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer, who shot himself during a live press conference in 1987.



  1. “Rooster”,  Alice in Chains.  Based on the trauma singer Jerry Cantrell’sfather suffered in Vietnam.



  1. “Suicide Solution”,  Ozzy Osbourne.  It’s supposed to be a cautionary tale about suicide, but Ozzy ended up in court after a depressed fan took his own life.



TBS confirmed on Thursday that it’s bringing the game show Wipeout to the network, and that John Cena and Nicole Byer will host, UPI reports. The obstacle course game ran for seven seasons on ABC, between 2008 and 2014. 


Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings will be returning to show for its 37th season this month as a consulting producer on the show. He will ” develop projects and serve as a general ambassador for the show.”  Alex Trebek will also be back, even as he continues to battle pancreatic cancer. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the quiz show will film without a studio audience and with more space between Trebek and contestants. The new season kicks off on September 14.


TOM HANKS is back in Queensland, Australia . . . where he and his wife RITA WILSON were quarantined with COVID-19 earlier this year. Tom was over there shooting an ELVIS movie where he plays Colonel Tom Parker when they got infected.  He’ll resume filming as soon as he finishes a two-week quarantine.

Director Baz Luhrmann says he hopes the film can be, quote, “an example how creativity and productivity can proceed safely and responsibly in a way that protects our team and the community at large.” 


WILL SMITH posted pictures from the upcoming “Fresh Prince” reunion on HBO Max . . . and one of them shows a one-on-one sit-down between Will and the ORIGINAL Aunt Viv, JANET HUBERT.  And it looks like they didn’t try to kill each other. It should air around thanksgiving.


Director Christopher Landon turned “Groundhog Day” into a horror comedy with “Happy Death Day”.  And now he’s doing the same thing with “Freaky Friday”.

In his new movie “Freaky”, a serial killer played by VINCE VAUGHN switches bodies with a high school girl played by KATHRYN NEWTON from “Big Little Lies”.  And she’s got 24 hours to set things right, or the change is permanent. The movie comes out November 13th . . . which is a Friday the 13th. (AUDIO)


Gorillaz teased a new song with Robert Smith of The Cure called Strange Timez.  The full song will be released today.


 This year’s Farm Aid is going virtual, but there will be tons of performers.  Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp will lead the way . . . and guest performers include Chris Stapleton, Jamey Johnson, Brandi Carlile, Margo Price, Jack Johnson, Boz Scaggs, and Bonnie Raitt.  Farm Aid 2020 On the Road is going down September 26th. You can find out more about broadcast and streaming options at FarmAid.org.


Some people think “The Walking Dead” has gone on WAY too long. AMC announced the upcoming 11th season will be the last.  But instead of the usual 16 episodes, it’ll have 24, and it’ll be stretched out over two years.   And we’ll actually get 30 more episodes, because, as previously announced, the show is adding six additional episodes onto the end of Season 10. All told, the show is expected to air new episodes through late 2022. On top of that, there are two more spin-offs in the pipeline:  One will follow Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol).  It’ll launch in 2023. And there’s also a scripted anthology series called “Tales of the Walking Dead”, which will feature “individual episodes or arcs featuring new or existing characters, backstories or other stand-alone stories.” They join “Fear the Walking Dead” and the limited series “The Walking Dead: World Beyond”, which premieres next month.


 Olaf from “Frozen” is getting his own origin story.  It’s called “Once Upon a Snowman” and it hits Disney+ on October 23rd (AUDIO)



Joel McHale was on “The Tonight Show”and was asked if the rumors of a “Community” movie were true.



Ludacris is 43.


Taraji P. Henson is 50.  Cookie on “Empire”.


Harry Connick, Jr. is 53.
Moby is 55.


Tommy Shaw is 67.


Andrew Luck is 31.


Emmy Rossum is 34.   “Shameless”


Yao Ming is 40.


Bizzy Bone is 44.


Louis C.K. is 53.
Ben Folds is 54.


Ben Savage is 40



Fiona Apple is 43.
Tyler Perry is 51.


Jeffrey Ross is 55.


Dave Mustaine is 59.  Megadeth


Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY of the DAY….you may know him from the classic songs like, Hard To Say I’m Sorry, 25 or 6 to 4, Saturday In The Park, You’re The Inspiration, The Glory Of Love…and many more.  He’s one of the guys who started the club….Peter Mother Effin Cetera is 76 years young this weekend.





Today’s birthday girl has given out more ass than “Free Donkey Night” at a minor league ballpark..and she’s shown off her work in 338 fine films including:

  • Ass for Days
  • Ass Like Whoa
  • Ass Angels
  • Ass Almighty Volume 2
  • The Ass Titans
  • Ass Jazz
  • And who could forget..her unforgettable role in…Ass, Ass and More Ass



The Cardinals and Tigers split their double header yesterday at Busch.  In the afternoon game, the Cardinals won big with a 12-2 final.  Jack Flaherty picked up the win.  The second game had the Cardinals losing with the Tigers getting the 6-3 win.   Today, the Cards are at home against the Reds.  It’s a night game.  Adam Wainwright gets the 7:15PM start.

Faced with a defensive he hadn’t seen before from the  Texans, Patrick Mahomes did what he does best. He adjusted. The Texans, who played mostly man-to-man coverage in two games against Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs last season, played a lot of zone and worked to eliminate the big play Thursday. So Mahomes took the underneath passes and did it plenty well. He became the first player to throw three touchdown passes with no interceptions in three consecutive season openers in the Chiefs’ 34-20 victory in the NFL’s season kickoff.  Don’t forget to make your picks by going to 1057thepoint.com/picks.

More drama last night in the NHL as yet another game went to overtime.  The Golden Knights and stars had their conference finals game go into OT when it was the Starts that snuck away with a 3-2 win.  That series is now 2-1 with Dallas in front.  They play Saturday at 7PM.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly says the league’s goal is still for 2020-21 is still for a normal 82-game season. With the 2019-20 season pushed back because of the coronavirus pandemic, how next season will work is still very much up in the air.  It is not yet know if a full season would be possible, but Daly said it is still their intention. Dec. 1 was being thrown around as a possible start date for the season, which typically begins in October. This year, the draft is now planned for October, as the Stanley Cup Finals are set to conclude no later than Oct. 4. Daly said the start for next year could be pushed back even later than Dec. 1.  Now, for another “fall/winter” sport the NBA….Commissioner Adam Silver said that the 20/21 season will not start any time before Christmas.

Speaking of the NBA, the Lakers held off the Rockets for a game 4 win against Houston and now lead that series 3-1.  They can try and close things out on Saturday.  As far as the other games in the series, the Nuggets look to stay alive as they take on the Clippers tonight at 5:30, and game 7 of the Celtics, Raptors series goes down tonight at 8PM.

Josh Bellamy got some bad news earlier this week when the New York Jets announced his release, but now the wide receiver is facing something even more daunting: federal charges. Cut from the Jets’ physically unable to perform list while recovering from a 2019 shoulder injury, the 31-year-old free agent has been charged by U.S. prosecutors for allegedly obtaining more than $1.2 million as part of a COVID-relief fraud scheme. Arrested on Thursday morning, Bellamy is facing charges of wire fraud, bank fraud and conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud as part of the federal criminal complaint. The ninth-year NFL vet allegedly conspired with others to “submit numerous fraudulent” small-business loan applications “in order to receive kickbacks” — or millions of dollars guaranteed by the Small Business Administration under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Bellamy’s scheme allegedly sought more than $24 million in total PPP loan relief.  The Jets say that they were unaware of his arrest before they cut him.


Former and current New England Patriots quarterbacks are owners of the two highest-selling jerseys in the NFL this week. Michael Rubin of Fanatics tweeted that Tom Brady’s No. 12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey leads Cam Newton’s No. 1 Pats jersey by less than 50 sales during NFL Kickoff Week. Brady spent 20 years as the Patriots’ starting quarterback before signing with the Bucs this offseason, and it comes as little surprise that his first jersey with a new team in two decades is selling like hotcakes. Newton is also in his first season with a new team after spending the first nine years of his NFL career with the Carolina Panthers.

Professional golfer John Daly said that he underwent surgery for bladder cancer. Daly said that his urologist said it doesn’t look like any stones are in there. But unfortunately, you have bladder cancer. He said after he did the CT – he was about to take a drink of his soda and the doctor said, ‘Don’t drink anything. We have to get you back in here and get this cancer out of you.'” Daly has suffered from kidney stones and back pain recently and removed himself from the Champions Tour’s  event field at Ozarks National. That tournament took place from Aug. 24-26. Daly has 18 professional wins to his name, including five on the PGA Tour. He is a two-time major winner who took down the 1991 PGA Championship and 1995 Open Championship.


Serena Williams already was struggling to keep up in a fast-paced U.S. Open semifinal when she stopped behind the baseline after a third-set point and leaned over. She held that pose for a bit, then clutched at her lower left leg and asked for a trainer. Bottom of Form

While Williams took a medical timeout for a tape job for what she later said was an Achilles issue, her opponent, Victoria Azarenka, sat in a sideline seat, eyes closed, calm and composed as can be. Azarenka went on to see victory and return to a major championship final for the first time since 2013. The loss left Williams just short of No. 24 yet again.

Last night Miami beat University of Alabama Birmingham as the 2020 College Football season is officially kicking off.  Tomorrow there is a full schedule of games – at least as full as it can be during 2020.   Iowa State, Army, Notre Dame, Florida State, Pitt, Oklahoma, Clemson, Louisville, Texas, Texas Tech, and Kansas are all in action.