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A Guy Pulled a Flamethrower on His Neighbors During a Parking Dispute – LINK

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Single People Are More Interested in Emotional Maturity Than Looks – LINK crap_on_01.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbXJ3_AQE_o&t=2s No big movies out this past weekend so Disney’s Encanto was tops for the second weekend in a row, earning over $12 million between Friday and Sunday. Christmas With the Chosen: The Messengers earned over $4 million, thanks to a large streaming audience. But hang on  you have two massive premieres: Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story hits December 10th while Spider-Man: No Way Home comes to the big screen on December 17th  CNN suspended CHRIS CUOMO last week for using his position to help his brother ANDREW CUOMO deal with sexual harassment claims that came to light when Andrew was governor of New York. But by the end of the week, CNN said kick rocks.  CNN says that during its initial investigation, “additional information” came to light that they will continue to look into.  They didn’t say what that information was. On Saturday, Chris was hit with a sexual misconduct allegation of his own.  The alleged victim is a “former junior colleague at another network.”  There’s no word on her identity or what she’s claiming Chris did to her. This could be the reason CNN decided to fire Chris, but they said they already had enough of a reason to let him go before it came out.  Chris denies the allegation. Back in 2005, Cuomo was accused of inappropriate touching while employed by ABC News.  He apologized, but said the touching was not sexual in nature (LINK) Spotify has removed some of the biggest names in comedy from its stream over royalties and copyright disputes. Spotify has removed the work of Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, John Mulaney, Jim Gaffigan and more. The comedians want to be paid copyright royalties for jokes they’ve written that get played on the radio or streaming platforms. The group of comedians is being led by Spoken Giants, a global rights administrator.  Spoken Giants believes comedians deserve their cut because songwriters are paid for use of their music and lyrics.  Spotify currently only pays comedians as performers. Spoken Giants wrote “Spotify does provide entertainers with exposure and access to large audiences. So having their work taken down is harmful to each individual creator.” Spotify responded, saying it’s paid significant amounts of money for the content in question, and would love to continue to do so.” “Seinfeld”/ Festivus is it real or a made-up holiday? It was something that was actually celebrated in the home of “Seinfeld” writer DAN O’KEEFE, and just like the fictional version that’s depicted on the show, the holiday that Dan grew up with was rooted in family dysfunction. It actually wasn’t Dan’s idea to write Festivus into “Seinfeld”.  Word about it got around and everyone on the show, including Jerry, thought it was hilarious.  Dan tried to resist, but eventually he figured, quote, “If this has to be smeared onto the world, I might as well be the hand doing the smearing.” (LINK) On the morning of Oct. 13, the Blue Origin space shuttle launched from its spaceport with 90 year old William Shatner and others, on board transporting its passengers over 60 miles above the Earth’s surface. It was filmed and is going to be offered for viewing on Amazon. It’s very cleverly titles “Shatner in Space”.  If you are surprised by that developement please unfollow me on all social media platforms. It will be an hour long Amazon special airing Dec. 15. Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin wrapped up The Hannukah Sessions last night, celebrating iconic Jewish musical acts during the festival of lights.   Night Six saw a tribute to Billy Joel with a “Big Shot” cover. Then we  The Clash’s “Train In Vain.” And KISS’ “Rock and Roll All Nite.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6MEwNO01Lw Enough Dave Grohl already… The Foo Fighters have released a hilarious first look at their upcoming horror-comedy, Studio 666, showing rock’s nicest guy, Dave Grohl, becoming demonically possessed. The film follows the band who rent an Encino mansion with a grisly history to record a new album.  While creative-blocked, Dave Grohl becomes possessed.  The creative justices flow while the frontman is possessed – but the blood does, too! Deadline says Studio 666 looks like “Evil Dead if it was set at Sound City Studios.” The film stars the entire band plus Whitney Cummings, Leslie Grossman and Will Forte.  Studio 666 is set for release on February 25th.  Learn more at Studio666Movie.com.  BRET MICHAELS of poisin reached out to invite a POISON cover band to perform with him onstage in the future.  They’re called Shot of Poison and they competed on the E! series “Clash of the Cover Bands”. They didn’t win their round on the show last week, but they still got Bret’s attention. I’m still trying to figure out if Britney Spears is living her best life, or once again spiraling out of control.  Here she is imitating the many therapists she was forced to see during her conservatorship. We all know that WILL FERRELL turned down $29 million to do a sequel to “Elf”.  But GEORGE CLOONEY can do him 6 million better.  George recently turned down $35 million for A SINGLE DAY’S WORK. It was an airline commercial, but he had ethical reasons to think twice. So he talked it over with his wife AMAL, who’s an international human rights attorney, and they decided against it. George says, quote, “It was [associated with] a country that, although it’s an ally, is questionable at times, and so I thought:  ‘Well, if it takes a minute’s sleep away from me, it’s not worth it.'” (LINK)  Some hopefully interesting facts about holiday movies.  BILL MURRAY improvised a lot of his lines in “Scrooged”.  Bill was also in negotiations to play the lead in “Bad Santa”, but due to a scheduling conflict, the role went to BILLY BOB THORNTON.  “The Muppet Christmas Carol” was the first Muppet movie to be made without JIM HENSON.  He passed away in 1990, two years before the movie came out.  TIM BURTON said his storyline for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was inspired by seeing a collision of Halloween and Christmas decorations in stores.  The FBI issues a memo in 1947 about “It’s a Wonderful Life” being a possible infiltration by Communists into the movie industry.  The movie also did terribly at the box office, and put the director $525,000 in debt.  “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was originally supposed to have a laugh track, but Charles Schulz was against it.  “Frosty the Snowman” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” were both songs first before they became children’s specials.  The director of 1966’s animated “How the Grinch Stole Chrismas!” gave the Grinch a green color because he was inspired by an ugly green car he rented.  In “Gremlins”, Gizmo was originally going to turn into Stripe, but STEVEN SPIELBERG ultimately decided to treat them as different characters.  “Mythbusters” proved that just like in “A Christmas Story”, you CAN get your tongue stuck to a piece of cold metal Celebrating a Birthday today: Comedian Donnell Rawlings is 53. Director Judd Apatow is 54. Debbie Rowe is 63. Michael Jackson’s hired uterus. She’s the biological mom of Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson Jr. REM guitarist Peter Buck is 65. Comedian Steven Wright is 66. Tom Hulce is 68. He was Mozart in “Amadeus” . . . and Pinto in “Animal House”. JoBeth Williams is 73. Diane Freeling, the mom in “Poltergeist” Porn B Vanessa Veracruz Today’s birthday girl has been in 300 fine films, including:

  • Angels In The Centerfold
  • Beauties of Bondage
  • Bondage Surprise Party
  • Girls Just Want to Show Soles
  • My Mom Likes Girls 3
  • Wrong Place, Right Time
  • And who can forget her role in 2012’s Cruz’n for An Ooze’n

Vanessa Veracruz is 34 years old Sports Report 1 The Blues over the weekend lost against the Panthers in Florida.  Yet another game that the Blues took to a shootout…unfortunately…it didn’t go their way.  The Panthers won 4-3.  The team is off today but take on the Panthers at Enterprise Center on Tuesday.  Puck drop is at 7PM. The Vancouver Canucks fired coach Travis Green and general manager Jim Benning on Sunday, signaling a wave of change throughout the struggling franchise. With the team stuck in last place in the Pacific Division, Bruce Boudreau was hired to replace Green. Boudreau is the Canucks’ 20th coach. Also fired were assistant GM John Weisbrod and assistant coach Nolan Baumgartner. This season has been abysmal for Vancouver, with the Canucks owning the second-worst record in the Western Conference at 8-15-2. Some local football to chat about….Luthern St Charles picked up the 33-27 win for a state championship on Friday.  St. Mary’s high school DOMINATED and won their state championship game 56-0.  And – a great run from Holt high school out in Wentzville came to an end with a 26-21 loss to Webb City. Lets give ya some highlights.  And possibly the biggest highlight of the weekend was the Detroit Lions having the chance to win the game on the final play.  Could they change their record to 1-10-1? On 4th and 2 with 3 seconds left, Jared Goff tossed a TD to get the win.  After the game, an emotional head coach Dan Campbell dedicated the game ball to the shooting victims at the Michigan high school earlier last week. College football bowl season is almost here. There will be 44 bowl games, including the College Football Playoff and the national championship games, beginning Friday, Dec. 17, and ending on Monday, Jan. 10.  Mizzou will play in the Lockhead Martin Armed Forces Bowl against Army at 7PM on Wednesday, December 22nd.  On Friday, Dec 31st, the first two College Football Playoff Semi Final games take place.  No 1 Alabama will play No 4 Cincinnati at 2:30PM and No. 3 Georgia will take on No. 2 Michigan at 6:30PM. Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables is Oklahoma’s new head football coach. A deal was finalized Sunday night after OU athletic director Joe Castiglione flew to the Clemson, South Carolina, area to meet with Venables, who had emerged as the Sooners’ top target. Venables flew back with the Oklahoma contingent Sunday night and will be formally introduced this morning. Terrible field conditions probably didn’t help, but the SLU Billikens lost their first game of the year and are out of the NCAA tournament.  Washington got the 2-0 win over SLU on Saturday.  The Billikens finish their season at 16-1-4. Buck O’Neil, a champion of Black ballplayers during a monumental, eight-decade career on and off the field, joined Gil Hodges, Minnie Minoso and three others in being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday. Former Minnesota Twins teammates Tony Oliva and Jim Kaat also were chosen along with Bud Fowler by a pair of veterans committees. Longtime slugger Dick Allen, who died last December, fell one vote shy of election. The six newcomers will be enshrined in Cooperstown this summer, along with any new members elected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. First-time candidates David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez join Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling on the ballot, with voting results on Jan. 25. This was the first time O’Neil, Minoso and Fowler had a chance to make the Hall under new rules honoring Negro League contributions. Mizzou basketball lost to Liberty last week and now look to rebound against Eastern Illinois tomorrow in Columbia.  Illinois is scheduled to take on Iowa today on the road at 6PM.  And SLU lost to UAB on Saturday and will play Belmont tomorrow night. The Biden administration is reportedly expected to announce a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics. The move would ensure that no U.S. government officials would attend the Games, while still allowing American athletes to compete.  The announcement is expected to come later this week as a protest to China’s human rights abuses. The last time the U.S. did a complete boycott of the Olympics—including athlete participation—was at the 1980 Moscow Games, where 66 countries did not attend to protest the Soviet-Afghan War. The 2022 Games are slated to begin on Feb. 4.