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Mainlining Cream Corn At The Masonic Lodge



Police in Essex, England broke up what they thought was an illegal rave on Friday when they saw a bunch of people congregating outside a building . . . but it actually turned out to be a bunch of senior citizens waiting to get their vaccine shots.  (Full Story)

Officials: Man set fire to former Piggly Wiggly in attempt to ‘scare away homeless people’ – NewsChannel5

A Guy in a Shirt That Says “Don’t Do Drugs” Is Arrested for Doing Drugs – TheSmokingGun

Report of car renters returning for forgotten drugs leads to arrests, drugs, Albany County Sheriff says – DailyGazette

Man who loses bag with €40,000 of cocaine rings gardaí to report it missing – IrishTimes

A Guy Steals a Truck . . . Then Calls 911 to Complain the Victim Pulled a Gun on Him – CWBChicago

A Fake Cop Was Arrested for Stealing a Donut – KUTV

Suspect hides in Pomona apartment, changes clothes, burns tortillas – DailyBulletin

A Woman Tries to Drive Off in an Ambulance After Stealing Four Rolls of Mentos – LeHighValley


Get paid to eat candy! Company looks to hire taste testers – CBS7

If you constantly crave chocolate, it might mean you’re not getting enough magnesium in your diet.  Dark chocolate is loaded with it, but it’s high in calories.  So some healthier options include fish, nuts, seeds, beans, avocados, and dark leafy greens like spinach.  (Lifestyles)

McDonald’s New Promo Is Offering Menu Items for 25 Cents – EatThis


There’s a Reddit post going viral right now where a woman posted about her husband’s controversial technique to cool off hot pizza:  He runs it under COLD WATER and then eats it.  People are NOT reacting well to this . . . one comment says, quote, “Get out of the house now, your husband is a serial killer.”  (Full Story)

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A Naked Man in Florida Steals a Police Car and Crashes It in the Woods – News4Jax

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What’s the Most Messed-Up Thing You Did as a Kid That You Still Regret? – Buzzfeed

Oklahoma Has a Bill to Create an Official Bigfoot Hunting Season – FoxNews

President Biden’s First Mistake: Removing Trump’s Red Diet Coke Button – Twitter

The Bernie Sanders Meme Is Being Turned Into a Baseball Card – Topps

There’s a new wristband that lets your boss know how you’re feeling.  It has a button you push if you’re happy and one you push if you’re not, so your company can keep an eye on your mental health.  (Full Story)

South Korean firm’s smart dog collar tells owners what’s in a bark – Reuters

Eureka waives liquor license fees, to give refunds to restaurants – KMOV

Here’s another one of those random products that’s selling like crazy during the pandemic:  Snowshoes.  Lots of people are taking up walking in the snow for exercise this winter, so they’re buying up all the snowshoes.

After one year of Covid, there has now been a case of the virus in every single U.S. county.  The final one was Kalawao County, which is a 70-person county on the island of Molokai in Hawaii.

The safest state for Covid is . . . the state with tons of space and very few people.  A new study ranked all 50 states from the safest to least safe place during Covid, and Alaska was ranked safest.  Arizona is the least safe.



Dustin Diamond, most know him as Screech from Saved By the Bell,  has completed his first round of chemo after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Apparently it is stage 4 small cell carcinoma commonly referred to as advanced lung cancer, but in Dustin’s case … we’re told the cancer started elsewhere in his body before the lungs. His next round of chemo is being scheduled soon. His team says he will also begin physical therapy, and adds that Dustin is keeping a positive outlook and is looking forward to spending more time with his girlfriend. We’re told he’s also enjoying playing his bass guitar (learning songs by Tool and Foo Fighters) and video games … and making videos for his fans on social media.

As long as we are getting the darker stuff out of the way first. And yes I didn’t know this was possible, but Chrissy Teigen lost a tooth eating a Fruit Roll-Up. 

Last weekend, DAVE CHAPPELLE photobombed a couple’s wedding photos at a hotel in Austin, Texas.  Well, that couple might want to get tested for COVID-19 . . . because Dave just found out HE has it. Dave is in Austin for a series of socially-distanced standup shows at a place called Stubb’s Amphitheater.  The first one was Wednesday night, and there were supposed to be four more, but they’ve been canceled. Earlier this week, Dave posed for a picture with ELON MUSK, GRIMES, and JOE ROGAN. . . so they might want to get tested, too.  Dave’s rep says he’s quarantining, but he hasn’t shown any symptoms yet.

We all have someone in our life that needs to watch this new HBO documentary called Fake Famous. Its about the world of social media influencers. They take nobodies and make them internet famous. They follow 3 people while they buy fake followers to make them look like a big deal when they are not. The trailer is pretty fascinating. Its basically showing that the more you post a day the more you are desperate for attention. The MORE you post the faker you are. Fake Famous starting Feb 2nd on HBO and HBO MAX 

There was apparently a rumor going around that MEGAN THEE STALLION was dropping the charges against TORY LANEZ for allegedly shooting her. Well, it’s not true.  Megan called it “fake news”.  All that happened was that the first court date got pushed back because of the inauguration. She also blamed Tory for trying to discredit her . . . quote, “That whole team figures out ways to create doubt with my story every week and the media eats it up.” Megan also had some harsh words for Tory . . . quote, “[B-word] you shot me and my story not changing and [B-word] you going to jail.” 

GARTH BROOKS’ performance of “Amazing Grace” at President Biden’s inaugural may go down in history . . . as the day he displayed his brand new hair plugs.  I’m serious.  Google “Garth Brooks hair plugs” and see for yourself. Here are some of the comments on Twitter:  Quote, “They forgot to swear in Garth Brooks’ hair transplant.”  Quote, “Garth Brooks and LeBron James very clearly have the same hair plugs guy.” Quote, “I think Garth Brooks got that Brian Urlacher hair treatment.  I don’t remember him having that much on top.”  Quote, “Can someone bookmark ‘Garth Brooks hair transplant’ so we can address it a more appropriate time?  Thank you.” Quote, “Between Biden and Garth Brooks it’s a huge day in America for hair plugs.”  

Garth hasn’t commented , but the photos are clear as day, so he’ll have to say something eventually, right?  

Weezer  already released 3 singles  from their upcoming  Van Weezer record. But when the heck will they put out another record already? January 29th ok? Itll be called OK Human. First single is coming this Thursday and its called All My Favorite Things. Van Weezer is scheduled for a release May 7th. 

And so it continues . . . Two more major releases have been pushed back again.  The new James Bond movie “No Time to Die” WAS set to open on April 2nd.  Now it’s not coming out until October 8th. And “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” has been pushed from June 11th to November 11th.    

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The Blues are in action tomorrow against the Kings in LA.  The team is looking to rebound from a shootout loss to the Sharks on Wednesday.  Puck drops tomorrow night at 7PM.

It’s championship weekend this weekend and we have two different games on the schedule on Sunday.  First off the Tampa Bay Bucs take on the Packers in Green Bay at 2:05PM.  The late game has the Bills in KC to take on the Chiefs at 5:40PM.

It looks like we have ANOTHER head coaching position filled in the NFL.  The Philadelphia Eagles are rumored to be hiring Colts offensive coordinator Nick Siranni as their next head coach.  Apparently Siranni had an almost two day interview with the Eagles and it came down to him or Josh McDaniels from the Patriots.  But, it looks like Philly has made up their mind and is going with Siranni.

It also looks like former Washington Football Team QB Dwayne Haskins has found a new team.  He has come to terms with the Steelers to be a backup for them.  Haskins was drafted by Washington back in 2019 and finished 3-10 in his two seasons.  He opened this year as the started but was benched in the 5th game as Kyle Allen took over.  He also got caught up in some COVID violations that led to the team releasing him.

So a rumor is coming out from Japan that the government met and is trying to decided if the 2021 Olympic Games will have to be canceled due to COVID.  There are reports that this is all NOT true, but some folks are saying that they are saying that Japan is focused on trying to secure the games for the next available date which is 2032.  However – the official statement from Tokyo is that they are proceeding as normal and the games will be ready to roll in July.  As far as the US squad, they said they have received zero information about the games being postponed or cancelled.

Tomorrow we see Connor McGregor back in the octagon for the first time in over a year.  The last profession fight he had was back in January last year.  Tomorrow he takes on Dustin Poirier.  The last time these two met McGregor got the win in the first round with a TKO.

The Mizzou Tigers are back on the court tomorrow as they take on Tennessee.  Tip off is scheduled for 7:30PM.  Illinois is off until next Friday when they take on Iowa.  SLU is off until Tuesday when they play their first game in a month as they take on Dayton.

The Miami Heat are adding something new to their efforts to ensure the safety of their fans:  COVID-SNIFFING DOGS. In a video on their website, the team explains that fans will be asked to stand in screening areas before being admitted.  The Covid-19 detection dogs will then walk past each person . . . and if the dog doesn’t stop by you, you’re clear. HOWEVER, if the dog signals you by sitting down next to you, you and your group will be removed from the line and denied entry into the arena. Someone working on the plan says, quote, “It turned out that training the dogs is a relatively quick process, and results were surprisingly good and promising.  A dog is capable of detecting the presence of the coronavirus within 10 seconds. Finland’s airport is using the detection dogs, which they say have “an accuracy level of nearly 100% . . . even five days before actual symptoms appear.”