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Evangeline Lilly says Jeremy Renner is still using a wheelchair as he recovers from being run over by a snowplow on New Year’s Day. In an interview promoting her new film Ant–Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the actress opened up about visiting Renner at his home and witnessing his recovery after being asked about their work on the Oscar-winning Hurt Locker. Lilly, who said she was recently at Renner’s home, called him a “boss” and shared that her fellow Marvel actor has “recovered like a mofo” despite his intense injuries, which resulted in him being hospitalized in early January. Renner was admitted to a Reno hospital intensive care unit where he underwent surgery and was released from the hospital a few weeks later. “I was just at Jeremy’s house the other night and he was in a wheelchair,” Lilly shared about the actor. “I walked in his house and … I was like why are you mobile? What is happening? I expected to sit at his bedside and hold his hand while he moaned and groaned in pain and wasn’t able to move. He was wheeling himself around, laughing with his friends.” Lilly went on to describe Renner’s recovery as “a straight-up miracle” and celebrated the actor’s mental and physical fortitude, noting that he’s “incredibly brave and strong.” “He’s made of something really tough, that guy and you’ve always been able to see that in him,” she added. “He had a near death experience that was highly traumatic, and he was awake for the whole thing. It really has stuck with me,” she continued. Evangeline Lilly on Visit With Jeremy Renner After Snowplow Accident – The Hollywood Reporter

In a new interview Harrison Ford was asked what he’d want on his tombstone.
He said, quote, “I wouldn’t want it to be ‘Harrison Ford, blah-blah-blah, actor.’  I’d settle for ‘Was Useful.'” When the interviewer replied that that was a “particularly reductive way to sum up a life,” Harrison said, quote, “Well, there’s not a lot of space on a tombstone.” Ford also talked about “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”, and how the original script had a lot of “old” jokes in it. He said, quote, “We took them all out . . . I’d rather create behavior that is the joke of age rather than talk about it.” (Read the whole thing here.  Ford should really do more interviews like this.  He’s very no-nonsense in a hilarious and not-really-offensive way.)

After posting a shocking full frontal nude photo on social media over the summer, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has shown the world the rest of… himself… by sharing a picture of his testicles and butt on Twitter. Last year’s selfie garnered quite a lot of attention, but it appears the internet is much less amused this time around.

Apparently not keen on restricting this type of imagery to his OnlyFans account, the 60-year-old uploaded the image to Twitter last night (Feb. 7), making a joke about nuts (the food) in relation to the age-old pun about testicles, tagging the all-ages Mr. Peanut brand in the process. “Hey @MrPeanut let’s collab!… I’ll bring the NUTZ!!!!,” Lee wrote, adding a peanut emoji at the end of the caption that hangs above the vertical frame where his distinct thigh tattoo confirms that what we see in the photo is indeed the drummer’s backside and low hanging fruit. To view the NSFW (not safe for work ) photo, click here. Again, this is an uncensored nude photo, so do so at your own discretion. The already viral stunt happens to have come just days before Motley Crue play their first show of the year (and first ever with guitarist John 5 in place of Mick Mars) in Atlantic City, N.J. on Feb. 10, with world tour dates on the books through mid-August.

The comments on Twitter have been considerably less receptive of Lee’s renewed nude antics than when he shared the full frontal selfie in August.
Speaking of drummers. Travis Barker says he injured his hand while rehearsing for Blink-182’s upcoming reunion tour. It started on Tuesday, when Barker sent out the following one-word tweet: “F***”. He followed that up the next day: “I was playing drums at rehearsals yesterday and I smashed my finger so hard I dislocated it and tore the ligaments”.  We don’t know yet how the injury might affect the tour – their first in seven years with Tom DeLonge.  It’s  set to kick off March 11th in Tijuana, Mexico.
A set of handwritten lyrics from David Bowie just sold for more than $55,000. A lyric sheet for Bowie’s 1972 hit “Jean Genie” was auctioned off for £46,000 (about $55,000 USD). The signed-and-dated sheet was originally given to Bowie’s Fan Club founder, Neal Peters. $55K might be a bargain – Bowie’s handwritten lyrics to “Starman” recently sold in Australia for a whopping $245,000.

As you might be aware, Roger Waters doesn’t exactly get along with the rest of Pink Floyd. So he went ahead and re-recorded the band’s most famous album without them. Waters will release a brand new, completely re-recorded version of Dark Side of the Moon this spring, timed with the album’s 50th anniversary. In typical Waters fashion, he lashed out at his former bandmates in an interview with The Telegraph: “I wrote The Dark Side of the Moon… Let’s get rid of all this ‘we’ crap! Of course we were a band, there were four of us, we all contributed – but it’s my project and I wrote it. So… blah!” Waters didn’t stop there: “They can’t write songs, they’ve nothing to say. They are not artists! They have no ideas, not a single one between them.” The new Dark Side will be out this spring.

Rumors are swirling that the Foo Fighters are releasing a surprise album next month – especially after a UK disc jockey appeared to spill the beans earlier this week. On Tuesday, Radio X host Chris Moyles casually mentioned that the Foos have “a new album coming out in March”. (AUDIO ATTACHED) That’s basically it – Moyles didn’t offer any more details, and we’ve gotten nothing official from the band. But If the rumors ARE true, it would be the first Foo Fighters album since the death of Taylor Hawkins one year ago. And we do know that the band will be touring in 2023 – they’ve already been booked on several major festivals.

A new trailer is out for a movie called “Strays”.  You know those heartwarming family films where an animal is separated from its owners and sets off on an adventure-filled journey to reunite with them?  Yeah, this isn’t one of those.  Will Ferrell voices the main dog.  Here’s part of the trailer.  (Out this summer.) The trailer is FILLED with profanity.   Of Note:  Will Forte plays Doug, while Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, and Randall Park voice other dogs. Real dogs, CGI moving mouths.  Rated R.

Disney announced sequels are in the works for “Frozen”, “Toy Story”, and “Zootopia”  (Full Story)

Check out the first trailer for “Paint”, starring Owen Wilson as a Bob Ross-type of artist.  It hits theaters April 7th  (Full Story)

During the filming of “The Wolf of Wall Street”, former drug addict Ethan Suplee had to teach Leonardo DiCaprio how to snort coke off a woman’s no-go hole.  (Full Story)

Check out a new teaser for “Scream 6” (Full Story)

BuzzFeed put together a list of movies that were originally intended to be TV shows and TV shows that were supposed to be movies.  Here are 10:
1.  “Final Destination” was originally going to be an episode of “The X-Files”.
2.  “The Queen’s Gambit” was going to be a film directed by Heath Ledger, but he passed away.  Elliot Page was set to play the lead.
3.  “Clueless” could’ve been a show called “No Worries”.
4.  “Glee” was originally going to be a dark comedy movie.
5.  “The Witcher” was supposed to be a Netflix movie.
6.  “The Sopranos” was pitched as a feature film.
7.  “13 Reasons Why” would’ve been a movie with Selena Gomez as the lead.
8.  “Cruel Intentions 2” was actually the first two episodes of what would’ve been a “Cruel Intentions” prequel series.
9.  “Riverdale” was first conceived as a time-traveling movie with Louis C.K. as Archie.  (???)
10.  “This Is Us” was almost a movie about octuplets.
(You can see more at BuzzFeed.com.)

What was the best Super Bowl national anthem performance of all time?  A group of experts rated the top 5.  Nobody disputes that the best was Whitney Houston in 1991 at Super Bowl 25.  Here it is.  (It features the Florida Orchestra.  This was also so great, it’s included on “Whitney: The Greatest Hits”.)
The rest of the top 5 are:  #2 Jennifer Hudson, Super Bowl 43 (2009)   #3 Beyoncé, Super Bowl 38 (2004).   #4 Opera singer Renee Fleming, Super Bowl 48 (2014).   #5. Faith Hill, Super Bowl 34 (2000).

“People” magazine put together a list of celebrities and who they’ll be rooting for in the Super Bowl:  The Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs.  Here are 10 of them:
1.  Miles Teller:  Eagles
2.  Paul Rudd:  Chiefs
3.  Kevin Hart:  Eagles
4.  Jason Sudeikis:  Chiefs
5.  Pink:  Eagles
6.  Bradley Cooper:  Eagles
7.  Rob Riggle:  Chiefs
8.  Will Smith:  Eagles
9.  Brad Pitt:  Chiefs
10.  Henry Winkler:  Chiefs

Have you ever looked back on a song you used to sing-along to, and realize it’s actually about SEX?  Well, thanks to a thread on Reddit, here’s a list of those types of songs:
1.  “Wannabe”,  Spice Girls:  “Zig-a-zig-ah is an orgasm, apparently.”

2.  “Like a Prayer”,  Madonna:  “I just realized a couple of weeks ago that [it’s] about [oral sex].  Sigh.”

3.  “Get Lucky”,  Daft Punk:  “I thought it was about online gambling.”

4.  “Macarena”,  Los del Rio:  “It’s about a lady getting with, like, a dozen different guys while her boyfriend is off serving in the military.”

5.  “Shut Up and Drive”,  Rihanna:  “Didn’t Disney put this in one of its kids movies?  I really thought it was about cars.”

6.  “Candy Shop”,  50 Cent:  “I just thought [he] really liked sweets.  Then I realized he was talking about a brothel.  And the lollipop he will let them lick doesn’t have sugar in it.”

7.  “Physical”,  Olivia Newton-John:  “It seems no one bothered about the lyrics.  They saw the music video and thought it was about getting into physical exercise.”

8.  “Little Red Corvette”,  Prince:  “I remember thinking, ‘It’d be better if it were about cars.'”

9.  “Cherry Pie”,  Warrant:  “I just thought he and the pretty girl in the video really liked pie.”

10.  “Afternoon Delight”,  Starland Vocal Band:  “There’s a scene in ‘Glee’ where a teacher sings this thinking it’s about having dessert in the afternoon.”
(You can see more at BuzzFeed.com.)