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Doctors stunned to discover steel cup in drunk man’s stomach – LINK

A Woman Was Arrested . . . for Twerking on the Dashboard of a Car – LINK

MPD: Teen charged after trying to drag race with undercover cop – LINK

An Amateur Witch Used Pages from a Spell Book to Set a Car on Fire – LINK

A Drug Suspect Told the Cops to Relax, Because “Meth Is Legal Now” – LINK

Skunk sprays suspected Washington church burglar before deputies make arrest, sheriff says – LINK

A Car Thief Tried to Hide from the Police . . . Inside a Teddy Bear – LINK

Florida man tries to break into 3 sheriff’s vehicles shortly after release from jail, deputies say – LINK

Alabama Woman Facing Meth Charges Busted Wearing Walter White T-Shirt – LINK


Teen Who Sold Brother’s Rare Pokémon Cards Without Giving Him Money Slammed – LINK

New Health Trend: Taping Your Mouth Shut While You Sleep – LINK

The CDC Eased Guidelines and Conceded Covid Is “Here to Stay” – LINK

Teens have abandoned Facebook, Pew study says – LINK

Beachgoer killed after umbrella impales her in the chest in South Carolina – LINK

A Bunch of Port-a-Potties Fell Off a Truck and Got Hit by Cars – LINK


That limited series “Pam & Tommy” reduced Tommy Lee’s wiener to a comedic prop.  Perhaps that’s why Tommy hit up social media yesterday to remind us that his member is NO JOKE. Tommy posted a FULL-FRONTAL pic to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  And yeah, it’s as big as you remember it. The photo was eventually removed from Instagram and Facebook, but as of last night it was still up on Twitter . . . where they allow even hardcore porn. But on Instagram, he also posted a picture of an elephant looking at a naked man and saying, quote, “How do you breathe through that little thing??” No word yet from Tommy why any of this was necessary.

Anne Heche was not under the influence of alcohol when she crashed her car into a home last Friday, but she was under the influence of cocaine … this according to law enforcement sources, and possibly fentanyl as well. LAPD sources tell TMZ … the department has tested the blood they drew after Anne was admitted to the hospital, and in addition to cocaine, they also found fentanyl. Anne’s condition is dire … it has not improved since she was admitted to the hospital. As reported, Anne has been fighting for her life and is in critical condition. We are also seeing some reports that Anne will be taken off of life support and she is “not expected to survive.”

Pretty much every major event that occurs in the world happened, like, 20 years ago on an episode of “The Simpsons”.  And time after time, we’re left to wonder how they do that. Well, the answer is coming this season.  “Simpsons” producer Matt Selman says, quote, “We have another crazy conceptual episode that explains how ‘The Simpsons’ [knows] the future. It’s a conceptual episode with lots of crazy stuff in it, but it does an explanation of how ‘The Simpsons’ can predict the future.”  Season 34 of “The Simpsons” kicks off Sunday, September 25th on Fox.

  • From 2000, when they predicted Trump would be President.
  • In 2010 they predicted the U.S. would win a gold medal in curling, which happened in 2018.
  • And in 2016, the odd coincidence of “G. I. Jane” and “Men in Black” as Broadway musicals, which tied the 2022 Oscars “G. I. Jane” joke to Will Smith.  

Wanda Sykes is hosting a series dedicated to viral videos taken by Ring doorbells and security cameras.  It’s called “Ring Nation”. An example of the types of videos that’ll be shown include people helping their neighbors, military reunions, marriage proposals, and animals. The series comes out September 26th in syndication.

Kate McKinnon is revealing the reason why she won’t be back on Saturday Night Live when it returns in the fall. The 38-year-old comedian and some of her fellow co-stars including Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney and Pete Davidson, have officially exited the show. “Leaving was in the back of my mind for a while, because it’s just a grueling schedule. I could do it for the rest of my life, happily, if the schedule were not so grueling and if I was not naturally a person who liked to wake up at 8 a.m. and go to bed at midnight.”

Timothée Chalamet has just released a new teaser trailer for his upcoming film Bones and All, a cannibalistic love story set to hit theaters on November 23. Chalamet’s new tweet highlights the film’s bloody content. Bones and All is based on a novel. With this short teaser, Chalamet gives us our first look into the twisted new story. The trailer begins with Chalamet’s character Lee holding a female close to his face. It then cuts to a series of close-up shots of Lee, the female, and some very unfortunate others, as well as some truly stunning footage of the beautiful land and eerie setting of the American west. But the new trailer only teases at the real meat of the film, which is that Lee and his partner are cannibals living on the fringes of society and making their way across the country.

The Eagles have announced another brief U.S. leg of their Hotel California Tour for November. The six-date trek kicks off on Nov. 15 in St. Louis and concludes on Nov. 25 in Fort Worth, Texas. Tickets for the new shows go on sale a week from today. Ticketing and tour information is available on the band’s website.

Kevin Federline stepped up his public war with Britney Spears on Wednesday night, by posting videos of Britney fighting with her sons Sean and Jayden. The boys recorded the videos several years ago, when they were 11 and 12, and K-Fed says they decided to post them “as a family” . . . apparently to show WHY the boys don’t want to spend time with her. In one video, it’s bedtime, and Britney is mad at the boys because she wants to put lotion on their “coarse” faces, and they don’t want it. In the other video, Britney and her sons are arguing in a car, because she took Sean’s phone away after he apparently went into a store without any shoes on. In the Instagram post that supposedly started all this, Britney complained that her sons were “rude” and “hateful” . . . and even when they come to her house, they don’t spend any time with her. After Kevin posted the videos, Britney’s lawyer accused him of violating her dignity and privacy . . . not to mention cyber-bullying her and undermining his own children.

Is Rizz a member of The Roots? I only ask because of what we are learning Questlove just did….When the Apocalypse happens, Questlove will be ready.  He recently bought an eight-acre farm where he’s building a warehouse for his records and a safe haven for his family. In an interview, he said he was convinced by his ex to purchase land after being stuck in a penthouse during the pandemic. Quote, “I’m building my version of Noah’s Ark.  My dream place that, in case something happens, then I know to ring the alarm and everyone knows immediately to report to Ahmir’s farm.”

Rage Against the Machine will not be making their way to the U.K. and Europe as planned. The band revealed the cancellation of their forthcoming trek, which had already been put off due to the pandemic. But the reason for the cancellation appears to be the leg injury that occurred to frontman Zack de la Rocha earlier here in the states. Back on July 11, in Chicago, he sustained the injury during a performance of “Bullet in the Head.” de la Rocha was helped to the side of the stage by crew members, only to return later to perform the rest of the set sitting on a stage monitor. Rage’s North American tour has continued, but de la Rocha has been seated at each of the stops so as not to put any pressure on the leg.

Spotify has quietly just launched its own ticket-selling website. The company will let you know when the artists you play on Spotify have a show coming up. Tickets.Spotify.com has only seven artists featured on their page so far as the company’s running it more as a “test site”. The streamer also says you won’t have to close Spotify to buy your tickets from other sites now. See which artists you like have shows coming up in your Spotify’s “My Events” tab.

Weezer has canceled its Broadway residency over “low ticket sales and unbelievably high expenses,” according to the band. The band set a week-long residency at The Broadway Theatre in September to perform cycles of their SZNZ project. Frontman Rivers Cuomo wrote on Discord “I’m very sorry to be telling you this now after we’ve already invested so much time, thought, and emotion. Extra apologies to those of you who cleared schedules and made travel plans to be with us.” Cuomo added that the band hopes to “resurrect the vision” of the show.

Michelle Branch is calling it quits with her husband, Patrick Carney, 3 years of marriage. The singer tells TMZ, “To say that I am totally devastated doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel for myself and for my family. The rug has been completely pulled from underneath me and now I must figure out how to move forward. With such small children, I ask for privacy and kindness.” The news comes on the heels of an ominous tweet Branch posted last night, accusing Patrick, the drummer for The Black Keys of cheating. Patrick was Michelle’s second husband and they share a son Rhys, 4, and daughter, Willie, who was born earlier this year. 

Here is what music is out today…..

  • VibratingCollective Soul.  This is their 11th album.
  • Cheat CodesDanger Mouse and Black Thought.
  • Bigger, MessierDanny Elfman.  This is a remix album of tracks from “Big Mess”, but includes nine new tracks.  His guests are Iggy PopTrent Reznor, and Fever333.

YouTube recently launched a feature where you can view the most-replayed scenes in a music video.  If you’re watching a video, it’s displayed as a grey graph above the red timeline bar.

As you hover over the graph, the highest peak will be labeled “most-replayed”.  So let’s take a look at which scenes of some of the most-viewed rock videos were.

  1. “November Rain”, Guns N’ Roses:  Slash’s guitar solo in the desert.
  1. “Numb”, Linkin Park: The first chorus.
  1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Nirvana:  The janitor’s dance.
  1. “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Queen:  The part that goes “I see a little silhouetto of a man.”
  1. “Do I Wanna Know?”, Arctic Monkeys:  When the riff hits.
  1. “What’s Up”, 4 Non Blondes:  When singer Linda Perryis shown in black-and-white.
  1. “Zombie”, The Cranberries:  When kids are running in black-and-white, right before the pre-chorus.
  1. “Chop Suey!”, System of a Down:  A close-up of singer Serj Tankian’sface.
  1. “It’s My Life”, Bon Jovi:  The first chorus.
  1. “Nothing Else Matters”, Metallica:  James Hetfieldshredding five minutes in.


Model Cara Delevingne is 30.

Boxer Tyson Fury is 34.

Casey Affleck is 47.

Tennis great Pete Sampras is 51.

Sir Mix-A-Lot is 59.

Dire Straits lead singer Mark Knopfler is 73.

Forever tan actor George Hamilton is 83.

On Saturday

The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sebastian Stan is 40

Danny Bonaduce is 63.

And on Sunday

Tim Tebow is 35.

Mila Kunis is 39

Wrestler Kofi Kingston is 41

Halle Berry is 56

Cindy on “The Brady Bunch”, Susan Olsen is 61

Magic Johnson is 63.

Arnold, Missouri’s own, racing legend Rusty Wallace is 66

Steve Martin is 77

David Crosby is 81

Porn B

Lexi Cruz

Today’s birthday girl has been in 91 fine films, including:

  • 3-Way Booty Call
  • All Dat Azz 33
  • Azz and Mo Ass 2 & 6
  • Ba Dunk a Bounce 1
  • Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 2
  • Big Butt Smashdown 1 & 2
  • Cinnamon Bunz
  • Juicy Bubblicious Asses
  • Marcus’ Crazy Ass Movie 1
  • No Boyz In The Hood
  • And who can forget her role in 2012’s Thicka Than A Snicka 11

Lexi Cruz is 38 years old

Sports Report 1

Starter Dakota Hudson walked four, Jordan Hicks walked two more and the first four Rockies to score first reached base on walks. And despite decent hitting from the Cardinals, Colorado took an 8-6 victory and the series win. In the seventh, 2-2 tie, in comes lefty Genesis Cabrera. He faced four batters, and allowed six runs to score on 13 pitches. In a short time the Cardinals were at a six-run deficit after they allowed two runners who walked to score and then homers to consecutive Rockies.

Cardinals VS the Brewers today at 715 from Busch stadium.

Cardinals minor leaguer Chandler Redmond accomplished the rarest of baseball feats on Wednesday night.

The Double A second baseman hit for the home run cycle, clubbing a solo shot, a two-run homer, a three-run homer and a grand slam in the same game.  The 25-year old Redmond tallied 11 RBIs while going 5-for-6 as the Springfield Cardinals romped past the Amarillo Sod Poodles 21–4 in a Texas League game.

The home run cycle has been accomplished only once before in the history of organized professional baseball, also in the Texas League. Tyrone Horne of the Arkansas Travelers was the first to do so in a 1998 game at San Antonio. Coincidentally, the Travelers were a Cardinals affiliate at that time.

No MLB player has ever hit for the home run cycle, although 18 players have hit four home runs in a single major league game. J.D. Martinez was the most recent to do so, in 2017 as a member of the Diamondbacks.

It should be noted that Hodgetown in Amarillo is definitely a hitter’s ballpark. It sits at approximately 3,600 feet above sea level, and the warm Texas weather provides added distance on fly balls. Earlier this season, Sod Poodles first baseman Leandro Cedeno unleashed a mammoth 527-foot homer at the stadium. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/cardinals-prospect-hits-for-extremely-rare-home-run-cycle/ar-AA10yITV

Yasiel Puig is clearly hoping he hasn’t taken his last at-bat in the Major Leagues … the former Dodgers superstar tells TMZ Sports he’d still like to return to the MLB following his current stint in Korea.

The 31-year-old, who hasn’t played in an MLB game since suiting up for Cleveland in 2019, says he’s very happy with how things are going in the KBO League — but he said, candidly, “It’s better to be in Los Angeles or in MLB.”

Puig, though, knows he has to prove some things in Korea before he can get another look with an MLB team — and he seems determined to make that happen.

  • For the fourth straight week, Kurt Busch will be sitting out missing this weekend’s NASCAR Cup Series event at Richmond Raceway, as concussion symptoms still appear to plague him.
  • According to NASCAR, the concussion symptoms still stem from the crash during qualifying a Pocono Raceway on July 23rd.
  • Busch has yet to pass medical clearance to get back on the racetrack for this Sunday’s Federated Auto Parts 400. His team released the following statement on his condition:
  • “Brain injury recovery doesn’t always take a linear path. I’ve been feeling well in my recovery, but this week I pushed to get my heart rate and body in a race simulation type environment, and it’s clear that I’m not ready to be back in the race car,“ he began.
  • “This was by far the hardest week emotionally because I do feel the progression of recovery, but racing requires an extreme physical and mental effort, and my body is not 100% able to sustain the intense race conditions.”
  • “I am making progress and pushing hard each day. I am encouraged by my team of doctors, and we will continue to do everything it takes to get me to 100% to return to the competition. Thanks to everyone for the continued support and best of luck to the 45 team and Ty this weekend in Richmond.”
  • Ty Gibbs from the Xfinity Series will fill in again for Busch in the number 45 Camry. He’s replaced Busch the last three races.

On July 31, Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell passed away, sending the NBA community into a state of sadness. The league has now announced that Russell’s No. 6 will be retired by all 30 teams in his honor and memory.

He wasn’t just one of the game’s greatest players who revolutionized the game and how it was played, but he was also an incredible advocate off the court for equality, fairness and justice.

Even though Russell’s Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers seven times in the NBA Finals, he became a beloved figure in L.A.

But the NBA’s decision won’t affect LeBron James, as he will be allowed to continue to wear No. 6. James, of course, switched to No. 6 just a year ago. He had worn No. 23 for his first three seasons with the Purple and Gold.

Previously, as a member of the Miami Heat from 2010 to 2014, he had donned No. 6. So the guys wearing 6 right now are grandfathered in but NO MORE