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An Econo Lodge Guest Stabbed a Motel 6 Guest After Their Dogs Got into It – LINK


Experts reveal improved survival for patients with two out of three types of advanced breast cancer – LINK

911 call: Missing Asheville teen rescued after using hand gesture she learned on TikTok – LINK

Girl, 4, burns hole in tongue after eating Warheads candy – LINK

Portugal has made it illegal for your boss to text you after work hours – JOE

58% of Employees Avoid Calling Out of Work Because They’re Scared of Their Boss? – LINK

As the holiday season approaches, iPhone 13 availability is expected to improve – LINK

With movie theaters struggling, AMC is getting into the popcorn business – QA

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Paris, Texas, Blue Velvet, Dune (LINK), Married to the Mob The Rainmaker and The Player, Battlestar Galactica; JAG, and most notably Quantum Leap. 85 year old Dean Stockwell passed away at home November 7th. Natural causes is what I saw.  He was in Anchors Aweigh with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, Kim with Errol Flynn.

TRAVIS SCOTT will pay all funeral costs (LINK) for the eight people who died at the Astroworld Festival in Houston on Friday night. He’s also teaming up with an online service called BetterHelp (LINK) to provide free mental health services to those affected. Live Nation is giving out full refunds to all ticketholders . . . those who were at Friday’s show and people who had tickets for Saturday’s events, which were canceled. They’re also setting up a fund to help pay for medical expenses and mental health counseling for those injured. One of the people injured (LINK) on Friday is a 9-year-old boy who’s currently in a medically-induced coma.  He was on his dad’s shoulders when his dad passed out from being crushed in the surge.  They both went down and the boy was trampled. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner says he met with Travis before his headlining set, because he was worried (LINK) the crowd could get out of control.  But it doesn’t sound like he advised Travis to stop the show. Fortnite has removed (LINK) a Travis Scott music emote from its item shop. Several lawsuits have been filed against Travis Scott and the organizers of the Astroworld Festival.  

After the fatal accident involving ALEC BALDWIN and his supposedly unloaded gun, production on “Rust” was shut down.  And even so, another crew member was just injured . . . and he might lose his arm. Jason Miller, a pipe rigger and lamp operator, was helping to break down the set, when he was bitten by a brown recluse spider.  These things are very poisonous, and Miller is in bad shape. A GoFundMe  (LINK) set up by his family says, quote, “In a matter of days he experienced severe symptoms including necrosis of his arm and sepsis. “He has been hospitalized and endured multiple surgeries each day as doctors do their best to stop the infection and try to save his arm from amputation.” 

GEORGE CLOONEY wrote the“Daily Mail” to stop posting pictures of his kids. His wife AMAL is a human rights attorney, which often involves, “confronting and putting on trial terrorist groups.” And George says, “We cannot protect our children if any publication puts their faces on their cover”. We have never sold a picture of our kids, we are not on social media and never post pictures because to do so would put their lives in jeopardy.  Not paranoid jeopardy but real-world issues, with real-world consequences.” 

Weird celebrity couples 

  1. Chelsea Handlerand 50 Cent . . . They dated for a few months in 2010 and Chelsea still calls him her, quote, “favorite ex.” 
  1. Cher and Tom Cruise . . . They had a brief fling in the ’80s, but Cher still says Tom is one of her, quote, “top five favorite lovers ever.” 
  1. Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron . . . Only for two months in 2014. 
  1. Brigitte Nielsenand Flavor Flav . . . They connected in 2004 on “The Surreal Life” then had their spin-off show “Strange Love” in 2005 . . . but it was clearly TOO strange to last longer than that year. 
  1. Madonna and Dennis Rodman . . . They dated for two months in 1994 . . . She later briefly dated Tupac, too. 
  1. Naya Rivera and David Spade . . . They had a brief spring fling in 2017. 
  1. Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles . . . They were first spotted together at the beginning of this year and are still together.  She’s 10 years older than him. 
  1. Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong . . . They dated in 2007, but Lance’s friends encouraged him to end things because of the 15-year age difference. 
  1. Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz . . . Lenny was Nicole’s landlord when they got together in 2002.  They even got engaged, but never married because Nicole wasn’t ready. 
  1. Pink and Joey Fatone . . . They dated in secret in the early 2000s . . . Joey said they were, quote, “cool as heck, but I guess I wasn’t her type. 

SALMA HAYEK’s London house was so haunted, she called a ghostbuster to come check it out. A bodyguard didn’t want to work there anymore because the piano played by itself, lights go on and off, the doors and the windows open and close. Salma saw some of it, and so have others.  Her daughter has even seen the actual ghosts themselves. When the expert arrived, he found 20 ghosts and asked them to leave.  Most of them did except for one whom he said was a nun that was praying.  

DEMI LOVATO is coming out with their own vibrator.  They said (LINK), quote, “I wanted to create my own sex toy to take the stigma away from pleasure, and to take your sexual relationship to the next level.” It’s called the “Demi Wand” and it’s being sold exclusively by Bellesa Boutique (LINK) for $79.  It has eight vibrating modes and if you’re curious . . . the charging case measures five-and-a-half inches.  Oh, and it’s waterproof. Demi also said, quote, “There is nothing more empowering than taking your pleasure into your own hands.  We have spent far too long pretending we are not sexual beings . . . We are all deserving of pleasure.  We are all deserving of orgasms.” 

FOO FIGHTERS secretly shot their own movie, and it’s coming out on February 25th.  It’s a horror comedy and it’s called “Studio 666”. The band will be playing themselves, trying to record their 10th album in a mansion in Encino.  But they end up fighting supernatural forces that are threatening their lives and the completion of the album. DAVE GROHL wrote the story and said it includes quote, “hilarious gore that [effing] rocks.”  It was filmed at the same place where they recorded their last album, “Medicine at Midnight”. Will Forte, Whitney Cummings, Leslie Grossman, and Jeff Garlin are in it, too. 

KENAN THOMPSON is going to host the “People’s Choice Awards” on December 7th. 

Check out the final trailer for “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” . . . it teases (LINK) the return of the O.G.s. The movie opens this Friday.

10 things on Seinfeld that didn’t age well

10 Posing As A Nazi- Jerry and George decide to pose as someone named “O’Brien” in order to get a free limo ride. However, it turns out the man that they are posing as is actually a prominent figure in the neo-Nazi organization.

9 His Insensitive Reaction To The Bubble Boy-Jerry and Elaine meet a man whose son is a fan of Jerry’s comedy. The man explains that his son has a rare medical condition which means he must live in a protective bubble. Though the man and Elaine begin crying at the touching story, Jerry remains totally unmoved. It is a hilariously dark moment but also comes off as quite heartless.

8 Insulting A Mugging Victim-The last episode of Seinfeld Jerry and the gang see a man getting mugged. Instead of helping, they proceed to mock the man for being overweight.

7 Trying To Switch Girlfriends-Jerry tries to concoct a plan so that he can break up with his current girlfriend and start dating the roommate. It comes off as a fairly creepy and sleazy thing to do, especially since his intention is to purposely offend his girlfriend.

6 Making Stereotypical Jokes- After meeting Elaine’s friend and getting a crush on her, Jerry makes a series of offensive Native American jokes, not aware that the woman is Native American.  

5 Dumping A Girl For Her Figure- One of the funniest recurring gags on Seinfeld is how the characters will break up with their partners over the most trivial of things. From failing to use an exclamation point to refusing a bite of pie, there are endless silly reasons. But Jerry goes too far in dumping a girl because she has implants.

4 Using His Deaf Girlfriend-When Jerry is dating a deaf woman, George convinces him to use her ability to read lips as a way of spying on his ex-girlfriend. While the woman is a willing participant, it comes off as quite insensitive.

3 Objectifying A Teenager- Jerry and George are visiting the home of a television executive when his teenage daughter returns home. Jerry makes a gesture about the girl’s looks in a completely inappropriate moment.  But it is made worse because of how the show explicitly mentioned the girl’s young age.

2 Drugging A Woman– When Jerry finds himself dating a woman with an incredible collection of vintage toys, he is frustrated when she doesn’t let him play with them. His solution is to drug the woman so she falls asleep and he is able to play. 

1 Spying On A Neighbor-One of the funniest and most infamous episodes of the series is “The Contest” which helped cement Seinfeld as something truly special on television. However, fans might not remember a subplot in the episode that is quite unsettling.

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

Vanessa Minnillo is 41.  Former MTV VJ who’s married to Nick Lachey.  It’s his birthday today too 

Thong song guy Sisqó is 43. 

Nick Lachey is 48. He was in the boy band 98 Degrees. 

Wrestler Chris Jericho is 51. 

Pepa from Salt N’ Pepa is 52. 

Screenwriter Ryan Murphy is 56. He does all those American Horror shows. 

The OG Hulk, Lou Ferrigno is 70.

Porn B

Mickey G.

Today’s birthday he-whore has been in 740 fine films, including:

  • 18 and Confused 5
  • Anal Avenue
  • Best Butt in the West 7
  • California Sex Patrol
  • Chrissy the Campus Slut
  • Gutter Mouths 20
  • Missionary Impossible
  • Three’s Humpany
  • And who can forget his role in 2006’s Down With the Brown

Mickey G is 62 years old.


Tonight the Blues are in Winnipeg to take on the Jets to wrap up their west coast road trip.  The Blues will be without Brayden Schenn who has an upper body injury, and also will be without Torey Krug, Ville Husso, Kyle Clifford, and Niko Mikkola, all who are on the COVID 19 protocol list.  Puck drop tonight is scheduled for 7:00PM.

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin continues to work his way up the NHL record books. With a goal in the second period of Monday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres, Ovechkin tied Brett Hull for fourth place on the all-time goals list. It was his 11th goal of the season and 741st of his career. Ovechkin now sits behind Jaromir Jagr (766), Gordie Howe (801) and Wayne Gretzky (894).

The Great One will be receiving the Stan Musial Lifetime Achievement Award alongside his wife, Janet, at this year’s Musial Awards at Stifel Theatre on Nov. 20. While Wayne Gretzky played just 18 games wearing the Blue Note during the 1995-96 season, his impact can never be understated. Gretzky’s character throughout his playing career was honored by winning the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, awarded to the League’s best sportsman, an NHL-record five times. Gretzky held over 60 NHL records at the time of his retirement, including most goals and most points all-time, both by staggering margins. Those still stand today. The Lifetime Achievement Award was named in honor of St. Louis Cardinals legend Stan Musial and celebrates sportsmanship and class among quintessential athletes in their playing careers and in retirement. Previous winners include Hank Aaron, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Cal Ripken Jr.

The Las Vegas Raiders have waived second-year cornerback Damon Arnette, a first-round pick in 2020, after video surfaced this weekend of Arnette making death threats while brandishing firearms. Arnette, 25, had been on injured reserve since Oct. 9. He is also facing lawsuits stemming from a Las Vegas car accident last October. The GM for the Raiders said: “There have been a series of bad decisions over the last year or so, but we can’t stand, we cannot stand for the video of Damon with a gun, threatening to take a life. The content was unacceptable, contrary to our values and our owner Mark Davis has been very clear and very consistent that this is not how we will conduct ourselves in this community. The bottom line — the Raiders will not tolerate this type of behavior.  He also added that he had talked with Arnette, his father and others in his life and “from my perspective, he’s a very talented young man with a good heart. He cleans up his life, I know he can make a living in the NFL. But not now, not with the Raiders.”

Earlier this season, former Giants quarterback Eli Manning infamously gave the double bird to a national audience during his, and his brother’s, telecast of a Monday Night Football Game. His viral moment did not sit well with three viewers.  The FCC received three complaints after the incident. Although both the Manning brothers apologized for the gesture, TMZ obtained some written complaints from the disgruntled viewers.   “On ESPN ‘Monday Night Football’ Eli Manning used profane gestures that were despicable and unacceptable and fines should be levied. Young Americans should never be exposed to something like that, it was disgusting.” Another viewer called for Manning to be removed from broadcasting, and the third wanted the FCC to think of the children. “Mr. Manning’s actions are offensive to me as a viewer. It was also offensive as a Philadelphia native and sports fan. There was young children watching that broadcast last evening.” Ironically, Manning was imitating who he described as a “nine-year-old kid” when he flipped off the country—something standard among children at Eagles games who greeted the Giants, per Manning.  It’s unlikely either Manning brother faces any serious repercussions, though.

After being officially placed on waivers by the Cleveland Browns on Monday, Odell Beckham Jr.’s next destination is not yet known. But one team may have already tipped its hand. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll added fuel to the speculation that his team will put in a claim for the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver. “We’re aware of what’s going on and we’ve been involved to understand it and compete, to know what’s happening,” Carroll told reporters. “We’ll let you know as it all happens. I got to wait. So, I didn’t say yes or I didn’t say no. That’s because …  you’ll see.” If claimed on waivers, Beckham will be owed $7.25 million from his new team and the Seahawks have the cap space to take on his contract. Seattle is ninth in the waiver-claiming order. If Beckham goes unclaimed by 3PM today he will be able to sign with any team he chooses.

Yesterday the MLB announced the nominees for their year end awards.  And here are some highlights.  As far as the American League is concerned….for MVP you have Vlad Guerrero Jr, Shohei Ohtani, and Marcus Semien.  For CY YOUNG you have Gerrit Cole, Lance Lynn, and Robbie Ray.  Manager of the Year honors will go to Dusty Baker, Kevin Cash, or Scott Servais.  Rookie of the Year is between Randy Arozarena, Wander Franco, and Luis Garcia.  In the NL,  Bryce Harper, Juan Soto, and Fernando Tatis Jr are all up for MV while Corbin Burnes, Max Scherzer, and Zack Wheeler are up for Cy Young.  Craig Counsell, Gabe Kapler, or former Cards manager Mike Shildt are up for manager of the year while Rookie of the Year will go to either Jonathan India, Trevor Rogers, or St. Louis Cardinal Dylan Carlson.   Rookie of the Year is announced first on the 15th