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Lions Not Sheep founder speaks out about FTC ‘Made in USA’ order, alleging political motivations – LINK

Florida man sentenced to 9 years in federal prison for swindling $1.3 million from women by pretending to be a doctor on dating sites – LINK

A Guy Left a Dead Fish at the “Goonies” House, Then Stole a Boat and Had to Be Rescued (HERE’S THE VIDEO) – LINK

Seattle woman returns home to find smashed window, burglary suspect taking bath fully clothed: police – LINK

Florida Councilman Accused of Carrying Cocaine in Shoe During Motorcycle DUI – LINK

Teen shoots self in toe, then friend fires at clerk in mistaken retaliation, police say – LINK

A Thief Stole a Whole Rack of Chips, Then a Random Guy Opened Two Bags and Got Arrested – LINK

A Thief’s Getaway Vehicle Is a Stolen Semi with $140K Worth of Poultry – LINK

An Ice Cream Truck Was Also Selling Meth – LINK

Fresno man’s 10 arrests in 1 month explained by Sheriff’s Office – LINK

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Fruit Roll-Ups Had to Tell People Not to Eat the Plastic Wrap – LINK

Screw Instant Coffee: Powdered Beer Now Exists! – LINK

You’ll Now Be Able to Buy Wendy’s Famous Chili . . . in a Can – LINK

Red Lobster is launching its first-ever line of frozen entrées, which are also headed to grocery stores nationwide . . . and the options include Cheddar Bay Biscuit Shrimp.

The Most Popular Cuisine in the World Is . . . Korean? – LINK

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Screams for help: 5 kids stuck in NYC sewer can be heard in 911 call – LINK

Rare EF1 tornado touches down east of Los Angeles – LINK

Where you can and can’t smoke pot in St. Louis County could change – LINK

North County boy’s quick thinking saves grandmother’s life during medical emergency – LINK

A Woman Reapplied for Her Own Job, After Seeing It Posted Online for a Much Higher Salary – LINK

Here’s When to Shop at Thrift Stores to Find the Best Stuff – LINK

People in L.A. Were Freaking Out Over a Tornado – LINK

Five Things Your Landlord Isn’t Required to Fix – LINK

12 Things People Never Thought They’d Do as Adults . . . But Ended Up Doing Anyway – LINK

Coffee Drinkers Get 1,000 More Steps Per Day, but Lose 36 Minutes of Sleep – LINK

Happy National Cocktail Day! There’s a Tequila Shortage Coming – LINK

A Guy’s Bungee Cord Broke During a Jump, but He Didn’t Die – LINK

Is Peanut Butter a Liquid? The TSA Says Yes, But the Internet Isn’t Sure – LINK

A Southwest flight out of Vegas had to turn back on Wednesday after the captain had a medical emergency.  But luckily, a pilot from another airline happened to be on board and filled in.  The co-pilot was also fine to help – LINK



Here’s some Elton John classic rock trivia that ELTON himself didn’t even know.  He posted this interview clip of him, and his longtime writing partner, Bernie Taupin, discussing their song “Rocket Man”.  Bernie explains how he came up with the idea for the lyrics.  Listen to Elton’s ah-ha moment.

Last year, the people behind the latest “Halloween” trilogy announced they were giving the same treatment to “The Exorcist”. And pretty early on, they announced that Ellen Burstyn was returning to play Chris MacNeil.  But nobody said anything about Linda Blair coming back to play her daughter Regan. Until now.  Sources say that Linda did show up to reprise her role.  But she was reportedly only on the set for a few days, so she doesn’t have a huge part. The producers won’t confirm that Linda’s in the movie.  All they’ll say is that she, quote, “served as an advisor.” We don’t talk Country music too much but I wanna play a newer song and you guys tell me who this is singing it ok?

Someone realized that if you pitch Morgan Wallen’s voice up, he sounds exactly like Miley Cyrus.

Lots of guys would love to marry Rihanna.  But only one guy had the STONES to try to turn that dream into a reality.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way he planned. The man actually traveled from South Carolina to Rihanna’s home to pop the question.  He was met by her security, who called the cops.  When they showed up, they put him in handcuffs and had a chat with him. They didn’t arrest him though, because he didn’t break any laws.  They just told him to leave and not return. (Check out some pictures here.)

Tommy Wiseau is back behind the camera again. The director and star of “The Room” has debuted the trailer for “Big Shark,” his first follow-up feature to his trademark 2003 cult melodrama. “Big Shark” follows three firefighters, Georgie, Patrick and Tim, as they work to save New Orleans from an attack by — you guessed it — a very big shark. While this first look at “Big Shark” is only now being debuted online, the trailer has already been playing for audiences at theatrical screenings of “The Room” over recent months. Saturday Night Live alum Kyle Mooney will step behind the camera for Y2K, an upcoming disaster comedy from A24 starring Rachel Zegler and Alicia Silverstone among its ensemble cast.

The film takes place on — you guessed it — New Year’s Eve 1999, when “two high school nobodies decide to crash the last big party before the new millennium,” according to the official logline. “When the clock strikes midnight, the night gets more insane than they ever could have imagined.”

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon started sharing a bank account in high school so they’d have money for auditions. Matt admitted that it was unusual in retrospect, but as long as one of them had money, they knew the power wouldn’t get shut off. He said, quote, “I remember after doing ‘Geronimo’, I probably had like 35 grand in the bank.  I was like ‘We’re good!  We’re good for a year!’ . . . “You were allowed to take out $10 and get quarters and go to [the arcade] and play video games.  Eventually we were allowed to try to buy beer, which never worked.” Ben said their positive attitude is what helped them.  Quote, “Matt and I always felt like we’re in it together.  Like, ‘Hey, I want to get the part, but I want you to get the part [too].”

Is Chris Martin taking a page from Gwyneth Paltrow’s playbook?One week after his ex-wife’s controversial diet went viral, the Coldplay frontman told “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast listeners that he does not “have dinner anymore.” Martin explained, “I stop eating at 4, and I learned that from having lunch with Bruce Springsteen. “I was lucky enough to go over there to lunch the day after we played Philadelphia last year,” the singer, 46, continued in Monday’s episode, noting that he “was on a really strict diet anyway.” Martin shared that he was inspired to make Springsteen’s habits his “next challenge” because the 73-year-old rocker looked “more in shape” than he did at the time. When Springsteen’s wife, Patti Scialfa, told Martin that her husband “only eat[s] one meal a day,” the “Fix You” singer thought, “Well, there we go.”