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Van Crashes Off Highway 101 in Northern Mendocino with Seven Tanks of Nitrous Oxide – LINK

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Mizzou suspends all fraternity activities after freshman sent to hospital following party – KSDK

Back to the Future Day – LINK

Suspected human remains and items belonging to Brian Laundrie found in Florida park, FBI says – LINK

A Museum’s TikTok Is Banned for Posting Nudes, So They Launched an OnlyFans – LINK

Bud Light Is Selling an Eggnog Hard Seltzer for the Holidays – LINK

In ‘Alarming’ Trend, More People Than Ever Are Trying to Carry Guns Onto Planes – LINK

Here’s a Trick That Lets Couples Get a Whole Row of Airplane Seats to Themselves – LINK


That stuntman who nearly died during the filming of “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” posted a picture from his hospital bed.  He’s in good spirits and looks better than a guy who got crushed between two exploding cars has any right to. 

ALEXA PENAVEGA, was Carmen Cortez in the “Spy Kids” movies is 33 now. She has a 2 year old son who apparently will never be a finger model.  She accidentally slammed her 2-year-old son fingers in the hinge of the bathroom door. And his middle finger was SEVERED from the first knuckle near the tip.  Sadly, doctors were NOT able to reattach it, but Alexa says he’s handling it “like a champ.” Obviously, Alexa’s feeling some serious mom guilt, and says this is, quote, “the most traumatic thing we’ve had go through as a family.”  But she added, quote, “If anything, it made us all love each other even more and humbled us completely. “Thankfully, Kingston is already doing flips like nothing happened.  Gosh, I love my babies.” (LINK)

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a famous parent?   ZACH GALIFIANAKIS has 2 sons and they don’t know Dad is famous. Zach has them convinced he is an assistant librarian. They are four and seven so that makes it a bit easier. .  as far “The Hangover” movies he will deny deny deny until he can. Oh and to those who have told him their kids love the hangover? You’re a terrible parent he says (LINK)  

On Monday, Dr.Dre was at a Los Angeles cemetery for his grandmother’s funeral.  After the service was over and he was walking back to his car, a process server approached and tried to lay some legal paperwork on him.  Witnesses say Dr. Dre “recoiled in anger” and wouldn’t take the documents, so the server just let them drop to the ground. The papers have something to do with Dre’s payment of his estranged wife’s legal fees.  Not surprisingly, they’re fighting about how much he should be on the hook for (LINK)

RUBY ROSE went off yesterday on Warner Brothers, the CW, and the producers of “Batwoman”, calling the set a toxic environment and saying she didn’t quit the show, she was FIRED. She says she was forced to return just 10 days after having surgery for an injury she suffered on the set.  She also claims working conditions were unsafe, and says her co-star DOUGRAY SCOTT was abusive to women, and even injured a stuntwoman one time. And she says after they let her go, the producers had a private investigator watching her.  Warner Brothers issued a statement denying all of Ruby’s accusations . . . except for the fact that they fired her.  They admitted that part, and said it was based on, quote, “multiple complaints about workplace behavior.”  (LINK)

Mental Floss put together a decent list of most memorable talk show moments (LINK) Here is a few. 

  1. “Oprah”:  Everyone gets a car.  (2004)
  1. “Oprah”:  Tom Cruise jumpson the couch.  (2005) 
  1. “Dr. Phil”:  The “Cash Me Ousside” girl.  (2016)
  1. “The Jay Leno Show”:  Jimmy Kimmel roastsJay about the Conan situation.  (2010)
  1. “Ellen”:  Kristen Bell has a meltdownover her love of sloths.  (2012) 
  1. “The Arsenio Hall Show”:  Magic Johnson talks about his HIV diagnosis.  (1991) 
  1. “Geraldo”:  Geraldo gets his nose brokenby a chair.  (1988)  
  1. “The Jerry Springer Show”:  Jerry interviews a man who married his horse.  (1998)  
  1. “The Late Show with David Letterman”:  In order to head off a blackmail attempt, Dave admits he’s had sex with staffers.  (2009) 
  1. “Larry King Live”:  Larry and Marlon Brando sing a duet, then kiss on the lips.  (1994) 

From now on when you smell creamy vanilla, rich cocoa, and soft spices you will think Eillish…as in Billy Eilish has her first fragrance out and shockingly “Perfumes have been one of my greatest joys in life, and I’ve always wanted to make one. The packaging is a that of a female bust but relax it isn’t her. It’ll be sold exclusively on BillieEilishFragrances.com for $68.  You can sign-up on the website so you’ll be the first to know when it goes on sale (LINK)

Filmmaker David Ma posts behind-the-scenes videos explaining TV and movie hacks.  Here he is explaining why actors sip from empty coffee cups. Here he is explaining why Hollywood uses prop cigarettes that contain herbs instead of tobacco. 

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

Singer Doja Cat is 26. 

Country singer Kane Brown is 28. 

Amber Rose is 38. Kanye’s ex. 

Kim Kardashian is 41. Also, Kanye’s ex. 

He played Ben on the show Growing Pains, Jeremy Miller is 45. 

Steve Lukather, badass guitarist from Toto, is 64. He has performed on over 1,500 records spanning 36 years as a session musician. Been on records from everybody from Lionel Richie to Richard Marx to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” 

Today should be a holiday. My dear Judge Judith Sheindlin is 79.


Leanna Heart

Today’s birthday girl has been in 168 fine films, including:

– Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra

– Barbie And Kent Do Cancun

– Beachside Bitches

– The Doctor is In

– Mr. Holland’s Orgy

– Sleazy Rider

– And who can forget her role in 1998’s Gettin’ Sticky With It

Leanna Heart is 48 years old.

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Last night the Blues were in Vegas to take on the Golden Knights, and, after goals from Brandon Saad, Vladi Tarasenko, and Ivan Barbashev….the Blues have their best start in 3 years.  Opening the year with three consecutive road wins for the first time ever, the team now will head home for a game against the Kings on Saturday.  Puck drop is scheduled for 7PM.

Tonight on Thursday Night Football we have the VERY injured Cleveland Browns taking on the Denver Broncos.  It was announced yesterday that the Browns starting QB – Baker Mayfield – will NOT be playing in tonights game because of a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder.  Case Keenum will get the start.  Kick off from Cleveland is scheduled for 7:20PM.

The NFL trade deadline normally doesn’t feature a number of big moves, though one notable player could be on the move before the Nov. 2 deadline. The Texans and Dolphins are in discussion to send quarterback Deshaun Watson to Miami. Watson has not played for the Texans after requesting a trade from the organization in January. Watson appeared at Houston training camp and is currently on the 53-man roster, though he has not played in 2021.  Houston’s quarterback also faces 22 civil suits and 10 criminal complaints alleging sexual assault or sexual misconduct during sessions with various massage therapists in the Houston area. The NFL is currently investigating Watson’s conduct, as is the local police. The Texans enter Sunday tied for last in the AFC South at 1–5. The Dolphins have similarly struggled this season, with a loss to the Jaguars in London on Sunday dropping them to 1–5 as well.

The Braves are one win away from making it to the World Series.  Last night they beat the Dodgers in LA 9-2.  Eddie Rosario had 4 hits – two of them homers – in the win.  Game 5 is tonight in LA – first pitch is scheduled for 7:08PM.  Yesterday, the  Astros DESTROYED the Red Sox.  It wasn’t close.  At one point the Astros were up 7-0.  Final score ended up being 9-1.  The Astros are now also one win away from the World Series.  Game 6 from Houston is tomorrow night at 7:08PM.

The next time point guard TyTy Washington pulls up to Kentucky’s campus, the freshman standout will be driving a luxury vehicle that’s worth nearly six figures. Washington — a projected first-round pick in the 2022 NBA draft and the No. 14 recruit in this season’s freshman class — announced Wednesday night that he’d signed a deal with a Porsche dealership in Louisville, Kentucky. The newest model of the Porsche Cayenne SUV that Washington is driving in his Instagram photos sells for more than $80,000.  At his team’s media day Wednesday, coach John Calipari said players are not coming to Kentucky for NIL opportunities, but he also added that his team has taken advantage of them.

If Novak Djokovic wants to defend his Australian Open title this January, he will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Australia’s Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said that all visitors, tennis players included, needed to be fully vaccinated to enter the country. More than a third of players on the men’s (35%) and women’s tours (40%) had not been fully vaccinated by the start of last week. The season’s first Major begins January 17. Djokovic would not confirm if he had or had not been vaccinated in an interview earlier this week.  Tennis Australia, which organizes the grand slam, said in a statement it was still working with authorities on conditions for players, fans and tournament staff. Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, has been in lockdown since August due to an outbreak of the Delta variant. It will begin to open up on Friday, though, non-citizens are not expected to be allowed into the country until early-2022.

And finally — Former NBA guard Delonte West was arrested on Tuesday night following an encounter with police in Florida. West was screaming profanities and banging on the glass doors of the police department’s lobby while holding an open can of Icehouse beer and an open bottle of Mango Vodka. West eventually put the drinks on the sidewalk but began to place his hands inside the waistband of his pants in front of officers. One officer later initialized a Taser on West. The police report reportedly said West smelled of alcohol and his speech was slowed and slurred. When they tried to arrest him, he “continued to be belligerent and screaming profanities and obscure rants.” West is reportedly facing charges of resisting an officer without violence, disorderly intoxication and having an open container.