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Sky Zone trampoline park in Chesterfield announces closing – STLToday

American Airlines is not denying that one of its planes encountered a UFO on Sunday . . . and they say any questions need to go to the FBI.  (Full Story)

Today is both National Clam Chowder Day and National Chili Day.  Haven’t the people who make up these holidays ever heard of strategic counterprogramming?  How could both of those be on the same day?

Asteroid Twice As Big As Empire State Building to Fly Past Earth Next Week – NewsWeek

A Woman’s Kids Have Been Kicked Out of Catholic School Because of Her OnlyFans Account – CBSLocal

A state representative in Illinois wants to ban the video game “Grand Theft Auto” because he believes it’s inspiring teenagers to carjack people.  (Full Story)

Tooth Fairy Payouts Hit an All-Time High of $4.70 Per Tooth – PrNewswire

Here’s a good breakdown from “The Atlantic” on how much we can expect life to return to normal in the upcoming seasons.  Basically, it looks like we’re actually on track toward a summer that’s close to normal.




BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN pleaded guilty yesterday to drinking in a federal park, but the charges of drunk and restless driving were dropped, because his blood-alcohol level was so low. Bruce was fined $540 . . . and the judge actually asked him how long he needed to pay it.  He said, quote, “I think I can pay that immediately.”  The hearing took place on Zoom. Oh, and by the way . . . Bruce’s Jeep commercial is BACK ON.  Jeep said, quote, “As we stated previously, we paused the commercial until the facts were established. “Now, that the matter has been resolved, we are unpausing the film.” And oh by the way part 2…of course this is low hanging fruit but the end is the best part

Michael Bolton pimped out “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” to the brokerage firm Public. “How am I supposed to ___ without you”???

Also you saw this coming…breaking up was good business for DAFT PUNK. Streams for their catalog shot up nearly 500% . . . with song sales jumping by 1,335%, and album sales spiking by 2,650%. (Their best-selling album right now is “Discovery” from 2001.  2013’s “Random Access Memories” . . . the one with “Get Lucky” on it . . . came in second. “Get Lucky” is their most-streamed song, followed by “One More Time” and “Harder Better Faster Stronger”.) If you like Get Lucky check out a band called Love Jones a song called You Don’t Know Me 

The Offspring not only announced that their new album, Let The Bad Times Roll, will arrive April 16th, they dropped a new title track, too! We haven’t had a new Offspring album since 2012. Days Go By – The Offspring

When you heard the name GARTH BROOKS you normally hear his wife’s name TRISHA YEARWOOD. They are attached at the hip. They tour together. They podcast together. They have been quarantined together this whole time. But garth finally turned his back on one of her projects he wants nothing to fo with. Tricha got the covid. Somehow he hasn’t so far.  You may recall that someone on their team test positive a couple of weeks ago, so the two of them went into quarantine together.  But people who live together don’t always get COVID-19 together.  

Wanna feel old?  This year marks the 40th anniversary of RICK SPRINGFIELD’s classic album, “Working Class Dog”.  Yes, that’s the one with “Jessie’s Girl”.  Ive Done Everything For You. Cool article about the recording of that record. They recorded at now legendary Sound City. Rick’s friend, Joe Gottfried, was the manager and he let Rick record when no one was using the studio. He’d get a call at 2am saying Tom Petty just left get down here. Never saw Petty there BUT Rick did a movie called Ricki and the Flash with Meryl Streep, and he’d done a version of “American Girl.” Rick was at the pharmacy, and this guy walked in with a cowboy hat and dark glasses and he leaned over and said something to me. I said, “God, I’m hard of hearing. Sorry, what’d you say?” He said, “I’m Tom Petty. I just wanted to say I really like what you did with ‘American Girl’ in the movie.” 

If you are a fan of the daughter on Schitt’s Creek” …actress Annie Murphy, she has a new show and it looks good. A bit Wanda Vision like.  Its called Kevin Can F*** Himself“. It looks like a typical family sitcom with the husband being a dbag to the wife in front of his friends. Then it morphs into her in real life hating everything about him.   

In December, someone Tweeted that they wanted to see, quote, “a ‘Die Hard’ where CHARLIZE THERON goes on a rampage to save her wife.” Charlize saw it and replied, quote, “Where do I sign?” And in the new issue of “Vanity Fair”, Charlize says she’s still into it.  Quote, “That’s a great idea.’  And the fact that it would be two women, I was like, ‘Yeah, sign me on.'” So Twitter had other suggestions…Rambo? Charlize Theron Predator? Charlize Theron Aliens? Ok…Charlize Theron AND Sigourney Weaver…and ALL Tom Clancy movies 

On “The Dan Patrick Show” yesterday, ADAM SANDLER and CHRIS MCDONALD discussed the possibility of bringing back Happy and Shooter to do battle on the SENIOR TOUR in “Happy Gilmore 2”. 

Paramount+, which will launch on March 4th.  It’ll cost $5 a month, or $10 for the premium version with no commercials. By the way, you may already be subscribed.  Paramount+ is currently “CBS All-Access.”  They’re just re-branding it next week, and beefing it up. This will be reboot reimagine etc heaven for some… The revival of “Frasier”.  It will star Kelsey Grammer . . . but there’s no word on the other cast members yet. There will be a new “Rugrats” CG-animated series . . . a new show set in the universe of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” . . .  an animated series called “Star Trek: Prodigy” . . . an “iCarly” reboot . . . and live-action versions of “Dora the Explorer” and “The Fairly OddParents”. There’s adult stuff too.  Revivals of MTV’s “Behind the Music”, “Yo! MTV Raps”, and “Unplugged” . . . plus a reunion of “The Real World’s” New York cast. There’s also “6666”, which is a “Yellowstone” spinoff . . . a “Criminal Minds” reboot . . . a “Halo” show based on the Xbox game franchise . . . shows adapted from the movies “The Italian Job”, “Love Story”, “Fatal Attraction”, “Parallax View”, and “Flashdance” . . .New seasons of “Star Trek: Discovery”, “Star Trek: Lower Decks”, and “Younger” . . . the return of “Inside Amy Schumer” . . . spinoffs of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and “Reno: 911!” . . .Plus movies based on “Workaholics” and “Beavis & Butt-head”. Of course, a lot of this won’t be there on Day One . . . but Paramount+ will launch with “a library of 30,000-plus TV episodes and more than 2,500 movies,” and in the first year they will premiere 36 original shows. Also, they will put new releases on the service within 45 days of theatrical release, including the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick,” “A Quiet Place 2” and “Mission: Impossible 7.” Original films from the studio for Paramount Plus include a new “Paranormal Activity” and a “Pet Sematary” prequel. 

The Mighty Ducks are the BAD GUYS in the new Disney+ reboot, “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers”.  

TOM HOLLAND auditioned for the part of Finn in the last “Star Wars” trilogy . . . and he BLEW IT, because he couldn’t work alongside the robot BB8.  It didn’t help that a woman was doing the “dialogue” for it. Tom says, quote, “I remember doing this scene with this lady, bless her, and she was just a drone.  So I was doing all of this, like, ‘We gotta get back to the ship!’  And she was going, ‘Bleep, bloop bloop, bleep bloop.’ “I just couldn’t stop laughing.  I found it so funny.  And I felt really bad, because she was trying really hard to be a convincing android or drone or whatever they’re called.  Yeah, I obviously didn’t get the part.  That wasn’t my best moment.” The part went to JOHN BOYEGA.




The Kings started off the scoring when they netted a goal in the second period at the halfway mark.  They scored again just 6 minutes later.  The Kings spent most of the 3rd leading 2-0 when Oskar Sundqvist scored to make things 2-1 with just over a minute left.  Unfortunately, too little…too late.  2-1 was the final.  The win for LA was their 6th straight.  It was the Blues 3rd straight loss.  Up next, a game against the Sharks in San Jose…that game is Saturday at 9:30PM. HOWEVER – Today’s game between the Sharks and Golden Knights has been postponed. This news came shortly after a San Jose player entered the league’s COVID-19 protocol. This is the 37th game that the NHL has postponed this season as a result of issues related to the coronavirus.

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker was selected Wednesday to replace injured Lakers forward Anthony Davis in the NBA All-Star Game. Commissioner Adam Silver chose Booker to take Davis’ spot a day after Booker was snubbed by the league’s head coaches for a reserve spot in the March 7 game in Atlanta. Booker received a big ovation from the home crowd Wednesday night when the sixth-year guard was announced as a two-time All-Star during the starting lineup introductions. His coach said that the honor was well deserved.

Tennessee Titans player is reportedly “done” with the team . . . partially because they didn’t wish him a happy birthday on social media. Offensive tackle ISAIAH WILSON turned 22 on February 12th . . . and according to reports, Isaiah had, quote, “begun to sour about his situation in Tennessee” after the Titans didn’t wish him a happy birthday. Earlier this week, he Tweeted, quote, “I’m done with football as a Titan.  No further comments.”  He’s since deleted the Tweet. Regardless of the birthday situation, the Titans GM also put Isaiah on blast last week, saying that the player they drafted last year was not the player they got, and that he needed to re-dedicate himself to being a pro football player. Isaiah was drafted #29 overall, and signed a four-year, $11.6 million contract in August.  For now, the Titans say they’re still committed to working with Isaiah, and that the situation is, quote, “on him.”

The U.S. women’s national team has won consecutive SheBelieves Cup titles for the first time after a 6-0 ass kicking over Argentina last night. The U.S. had won in 2016, 2018 and 2020. Argentina, tied for 31st, was a substitute for Olympic host and 10th-ranked Japan, which had withdrawn due to COVID-19 concerns at home. Megan Rapinoe, Carli Lloyd, Kristie Mewis, Alex Morgan, and Christen Press all scored for the US.

Official Angie Enlund was hurt at the end of the Rutgers-Michigan State women’s basketball game Wednesday and taken to a hospital. After the final buzzer, Rutgers player Tekia Mack was heading back to the Scarlet Knights bench when she inadvertently ran over Enlund at center court, hitting her hard. Enlund was on the ground for a few minutes and taken off on a stretcher. She did have mobility and movement of her extremities and went to a hospital to be further evaluated. A Michigan State spokeswoman said Enlund would be kept overnight at the hospital with a concussion but that she had no fractures.

5th ranked Illinois is back in action tonight as they take on Nebraska.  SLU is off until tomorrow and Mizzou is off until next Wednesday.

And finally —  If I asked you who the highest paid player in the NFL was, who would you guess?  All excellent guesses . . . and technically correct right now . . . but the answer might end up being Carolina Panthers offensive tackle RUSSELL OKUNG.  Russ is huge proponent of Bitcoin, and a while back he tried to convince the NFL to pay half of his $13 million salary in Bitcoin.  The Panthers didn’t . . . so Russ took matters into his own hands and converted 50% of his checks into Bitcoin the minute they hit his bank. Bitcoin has been up and down over the years, but when he decided to do it, one Bitcoin was down around $27,000 . . . and now it’s worth more than $50,000. That could make Russ one of the highest paid players in the NFL, but he’s not interested in cashing out now.  He’s going to hold, just like he did when the price plummeted back in 2018