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Durango woman cited for allegedly attacking mattress mascot – LINK

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Missing macaw stirs up sights and sounds in O’Fallon, Missouri – LINK


Taco Bell employee gave haircut in restaurant’s kitchen, ex-worker says – LINK

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In an interview done specifically for Metallica.com, the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich addresses a question he says he gets asked a lot in interviews — “What’s left to accomplish?” He answers that “the thing that’s left now is just sticking around.” He says it’s almost like the band is “on borrowed time now,” because when they started out “nobody could fathom that that you would be doing this 40 years into your run.”

James Hetfield has busted open his vault and is sharing photos and stories about his personal collection of guitars in Messengers: The Guitars of James Hetfield, the 400-page coffee table book that hits the streets on November 21. If you’ll be in the St. Louis area the weekend the M72 World Tour rolls through town, you can get your hands on a copy early and have James sign it on Saturday, November 4, at Left Bank Books between 2 and 4 PM – LINK

System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian announced that he’s got a new book coming out next May 14th. It’s titled Down With the System and he describes it as an “accidentally hatched philosophical memoir” that’s given him “the unique opportunity to deep dive into my family history, my own motivations from a young age and lessons I didn’t know I had learned.” Tankian’s two previous books, 2001’s Cool Gardens and 2011’s Glaring Through Oblivion, are both poetry – LINK

Acclaimed Beatles biographer Philip Norman has released a biography on George Harrison “based on decades-long research and unparalleled access to inside sources.” according to ‘Best Classic Bands’. ‘The Reluctant Beatle’ examines Harrison’s contradictions, like the fact that even though his talent was considered “minor” against Lennon and McCartney, Harrison produced masterpieces like “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” or his solo album, ‘All Things Must Pass’ – LINK

Shinedown are the latest musicians to team up with artist Tim Wakefield, who creates artwork that incorporates the sound waves of iconic songs, then sells it to raise money for charitable causes.

Three limited-edition versions made from “Second Chance” are available that range from $75 for an unsigned print to $2500 for the originals. Head to comto check them out, along with hundreds of other artworks. To date, music fans in 91 countries have helped Wakefield raise over $7.5 million for dozens of charities.

Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna will sing the national anthem ahead of Sunday’s Denver Broncos – Kansas City Chiefs at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

Will Smith hip-hop podcast Class of ’88 debuts.

Trisha Yearwood, the late John Prine inducted into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame.

Pucifer livestreams their show tonight at PusciferTV.com.

Eminem is capitalizing on his “Mom’s Spaghetti” line in the song, ‘Lose Yourself’ by turning it into a brand of sauce. The line has been turned into restaurants in Detroit and New York, and now, you’ll be able to get “Mom’s Spaghetti” sauce to use at home. It drops today at shop.momsspaghetti.com – LINK


  • Jimmy Fallon has Tracy Morgan, Tim Grover, music by Jorja Smith
  • Stephen Colbert has Keegan-Michael Key, Elle Key, John Carpenter
  • Jimmy Kimmel has  Tiffany Haddish, Jeff Ross, music by Tate McRae
  • Seth Meyers has Morgan Freeman, McKay Coppins, Neal Daniels
  • Who’s ready to laugh?

Matt Rife‘s first Netflix special, Natural Selection, will premiere on Nov. 15. The standup was filmed during the Sept. 22 and 23 stops of his ProbleMATTic World Tour at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. His previous specials, Only Fans and Matthew Steven Rife, ran on YouTube this past April. 

After finalizing his nasty divorce and cutting ties with Yellowstone, Kevin Costner got his band back together! Kevin Costner & Modern West, the country-rock band he’s been in since 2007, came back together last week for a pair of sold out shows in Jackson Hole, Wy. This is said to be the only gig for 2023 – LINK

Some celebrtities are claiming they’ve had sexual encounters with ghosts…

Kesha:  “I don’t know his name, but he was in my house . . . and he just started, like, caressing me.  It was a sexy time, but it wasn’t, like, sex.”

Anna Nicole Smith:  “A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. I was freaked out about it, but then I was, like, ‘Well, you know what?  He’s never hurt me and he just gave me some amazing sex so I have no problem.'”

Bobby Brown:  “One night I woke up to the sensation of a woman on top of me.  I looked up and in the mirrors I could actually see a white woman straddling me on the bed. “The sensation felt exactly like sex.  I could feel my penis inside of her and everything.”

Lucy Liu:  “Some sort of spirit came down from God knows where and made love to me.  It was sheer bliss.  I felt everything.  And then he floated away.”

Coco Austin (Mrs. Ice-T):  “I was watching TV, I was sitting on the couch and I was wearing a nightie and I felt my dress move up my leg.  I looked down and got freaked out. “I pushed it down, watched TV, felt it again and I could see it being pulled up.  And then I felt a guy breathing in my ear.”

Dan Aykroyd:  “Somebody crawled in bed with me once.  And I thought, I’m just going to roll over and snuggle up next to it. “Maybe that guy was gay and he wanted to have some fun.  I’d be surprised if I was his type, but when you’re dead, you’ll take what you can get.”

Wanna plan your next trip around an actual movie or TV location? Here are several that you can actually book on Airbnb:

  • The Tuscan villa from “Succession”:  Located in Sovicille, Siena, Italy.  It was rented by the Roy family for Logan’s wedding.  $7,000 a night.
  • The Swan house from “Twilight”:  The home of Bella and her dad Charlie.  Located in St. Helens, Oregon.  $400 a night.
  • The Byers house from Season 4 of “Stranger Things”:  Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  $320 a night.
  • Tony Stark’s lakeside cabin from “Avengers: Endgame”:  Stands on a 2,000-acre equestrian estate in Fairburn, Georgia.  $929 a night.


21 Of The Most Famous Singers Of The 1990s


  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Elton John
  3. Prince
  4. Madonna
  5. Whitney Houston
  6. Tupac Shakur
  7. Shania Twain
  8. Mariah Carey
  9. Celine Dion

Janet Jackson

Porn B

Karen Fisher

Today’s birthday girl has been in 337 fine films, including:

– 2 Chicks Same Time 16

– Ass Parade 39

– Big Ass Car Wash

– Big Honkers Drive Me Bonkers 3

– Caged and Cucked

– Double Air Bags 9 & 12

– Mom’s Dirty Laundry

– That Girl Got A Nice Butt 1 & 2

– Thick and Juicy 1

– Yummy

– And who can forget her role in 2011’s School’s Out, Ass Is In

Karen Fisher is 47 years old

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The MLS is just rubbing its hands together because this couldn’t be more perfect. The rivalry in the midweat heats up for STL CITY SC’s first season as Sporting Kansas City beat San Jose 4-2 in a penalty kick shootout on Wednesday night in Kansas City in the Western Conference wild-card game. That sends SKC in to the first round to face St. Louis City SC on Sunday at CityPark for our first playoff match. Game 2 will be the following Sunday in Kansas City with Game 3, if necessary, in CityPark. City SC and Sporting KC met three times during the regular season, twice at CityPark and once at Children’s Mercy Park in Kansas. City SC won the first meeting, on May 20 at CityPark, 4-0. We lost the second match 2-1 with a bad offsides call in the meeting and the third match up this year was another CITY SC win 4-1. KC has been on a run. The first round of the playoffs is best-of-three, with no overtime and games going directly to penalty kicks if tied after regulation. St. Louis City SC will face Sporting Kansas City in first round of playoffs – LINK

The National Basketball Association could be in some trouble as it kicks off its season. Sources report the league is being investigated by U.S. Government officials.TMZ said the Justice Department started probing the NBA for possible anti-trust violations in connection with attempting to kill off Ice Cube’s BIG3 summer league. Cube has been sounding the alarm for a while. He claims the NBA has discouraged sponsors and television networks from associating with the BIG3. An NBA spokesperson said, “Those claims are not true. We have been supportive of the BIG3 since its inception, but we declined to invest.”

Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors is one of the most successful athletes in the world.  So you’d think he’s already got his kids on the fast track to sports dominance. And you would be WRONG.  Steph has two daughters, ages 11 and 8, and a 5-year-old son.  And he’s not pushing them AT ALL. He says, quote, “We’re all backyard sports right now.  Nothing too organized . . . It’s more just confidence building and their ability to find joy in everything they do. “I think that’s a huge part of kids these days, not feeling too much pressure on having to be successful or keep up with their counterparts . . . I’m trying to make sure they enjoy being a kid and finding joy in everything they do.”