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Man stole $1,100 in king crab legs from Roseville Costco, police say – LINK

A Restaurant Is Suing After Someone Took Back a $3,000 Tip – LINK

Some Perv Is Posing as a Reflexologist and Offering Random Women Foot Rubs – LINK

A Study Found Foot Massages Are a Good Treatment for Menopause – LINK

The Average Pumpkin Will Cost $5.68, Up 15% from Last Year – LINK

Here’s how the ‘Waffle House Index’ measures a hurricane’s potential impact – LINK

Ian weakens to tropical storm as Central Florida slammed with flooding rains – LINK

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Rapper Coolio was found dead yesterday on the bathroom floor of a friend’s house in L.A.  He was 59. The cause of death is unknown.  Coolio’s manager said the paramedics think it was a heart attack.  And law enforcement said they didn’t find any drugs or drug paraphernalia. Coolio was known for the song, “Gangsta’s Paradise”.  It won a Grammy in 1995 for Best Rap Solo Performance. His other hits include the theme song for Nickelodeon’s “Kenan & Kel” called “Aw ,Here It Goes”“Fantastic Voyage”, and “1,2,3,4 (Sumpin’ New)”. 

“Time” released their “100 Next” list yesterday.  It recognizes 100 people they consider to be rising stars in different industries.  Here are some of the names you’d recognize:



Jonathan Majors from “Lovecraft Country”

Jennette McCurdy from “iCarly”

Jack Harlow

Sadie Sink from “Stranger Things”

Yahya Abdul-Mateen the Second from “Aquaman” and HBO’s “Watchmen” series

Lily Collins

Machine Gun Kelly


Sydney Sweeney from “Euphoria”

Simone Ashley from “Bridgerton” and “Sex Education”

NBA player Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies

Finneas . . . Billie Eilish’s brother

Professional soccer player Trinity Rodman, she’s also Dennis Rodman’s daughter


Keke Palmer

FKA Twigs

Hailey Bieber appeared on the podcast “Call Her Daddy” yesterday, and she gave up some person info.  For instance, she claims that neither she nor Justin are into threesomes. Quote, “We’ve worked very hard to be in this space that we’re in now and like, trusting each other, and there’s like such a beautiful trust and bond that I just don’t think that’s something I would be comfortable with.  Or him, for that matter.” She also admitted that her favorite position is THE CANINE WAY.  And she attempted to put to rest the rumor that she stole Justin from Selena Gomez.  Quote, “I can say, period, point blank, I was never with him when he was in a relationship with anybody.  That’s the end of it.”

Barney the dinosaur wasn’t supposed to inspire the pure, visceral HATRED that it did.  But it happened. It was such a real phenomenon that somebody made a documentary about it.  It’s called “I Love You, You Hate Me”, and it’s hitting Peacock on October 12th. In the new trailer, one of the guys who played Barney reveals that he even got DEATH THREATS.  Quote, “They were violent and explicit, death and dismemberment of my family.” Another guy says, quote, “They were gonna come and find me, and they were going to kill me.”

The famous house from “Stranger Things” has a new owner who’s going to bring in new tenants … ’cause it’s been sold, and is about to become a cash cow. Of course, we’re talking about the Byers’ house — where Winona Ryder and her sons lived for the early part of the series, and which featured some iconic scenes. We’re told the buyer who bought it isn’t famous, dude’s an investor, and as soon as he heard the Byers’ home was for sale in Georgia … he jumped. They made a cash offer, above the $300k asking price. The house only spent a week on the open market. As for what this new owner plans to do with the property — which is relatively modest and just 1,846 square feet on 6 acres of land — we’re seeing he’s actually doing what investors do best … make money. The owner plans to turn it into a top-of-the-line Airbnb. The new owner, we’re told plans to recreate the Byers’ home from the show to a T … with different parts of the house made to look like “The Upside Down.” They also plan to recreate other places and scenes from the series on the six acres of land.

Snoop Dogg was on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” earlier this week, and it was a beautiful disaster.  A video of his wrong answers started going viral yesterday, and it’s glorious.  They included:

“Baking Onions”  (Baking Brownies)

“Toilet Atlas”  (Talented Artist)

“Swallowing the Knot”  (Sweetening the Pot)

“Airport Teacher”  (Acting Teacher)

“Underwater Stunt”  (Publicity Stunt)

But he did finally get one right:  “Sun’s Out, Buns Out”.

Paramore just released their first new song since 2017.  It’s called “This Is Why”, and it’s the title track off their upcoming album, which is coming out February 10th. In a message to fans, Hayley Williams explained that the band needed some time off to relax and spend time with friends and family. She said, quote, “The lessons have been endless and they’ve been so different than any of the lessons I learned from living on the road, doing Paramore 24/7/365 . . .I know that I would not be ready to give myself back to the band and the music and the life that I love so much had we not voluntarily given it up for a season.”

Speaking of new music… Godsmack has delivered a new single, “Surrender”, the first new tune from the band in four years. The song gives fans a taste of what to expect from the band’s upcoming eighth studio album, which doesn’t have a title or release date at this time. Godsmack front man Sully Erna says “Surrender” is “a very cut and dry song. It’s simply about the exhaustion we can all feel in relationships at times from the redundancy of fighting with each other.” Erna also said last April that this new album could be the very last one from Godsmack.

Queens of The Stone Age are reissuing three of their albums on vinyl with custom colorworks and restored artwork. Their 1998 self-titled debut will be re-released on black or limited-edition orange vinyl on October 21st. Queens of The Stone Age are also reissuing their 2013 LP. ‘Like Clockwork’. and their most recent album, ‘Villains’ on December 9th.  ‘Like Clockwork’ comes on either limited aqua or red vinyl with new artwork. ‘Villains’ comes in a special fifth anniversary package on leaf-green transparent or white vinyl.

Stevie Nicks appears on the upcoming Gorillaz track “Oil”. . . but before she agreed to do it, she had one condition. She says, quote, “Because of all their crazy cartoon videos . . . I want to be a Gorilla, and I want to have big, false eyelashes, and I want to have blonde hair, right?  So that’s what I said.  And so they’re doing it as we speak.” She adds, quote, “I was an honorary Heartbreaker.  I was an honorary Foo Fighter.  And now I’m an honorary Gorilla.  I’m so happy.”

Jimmy Buffett canceled his remaining tour dates after experiencing undisclosed health issues that briefly landed him in the hospital. An Instagram message said, quote, “Jimmy will need to refrain from touring for the rest of the year.  On doctor’s orders, he must take this time to recuperate and heal.  Jimmy looks forward to getting back on stage next year.” Three shows were postponed and rescheduled for March, but two were canceled with ticket refunds.

Megan Thee Stallion launched a website called Bad [B-words] Have Bad Days Too to provide her fans with mental health resources.  The name comes from a lyric in her song “Anxiety”. Megan said, quote, “Hotties!  You know how much mental wellness means to me, so I created a hub with resources that can help when you might need a hand.  Love y’all so much.” Her site has links to free therapy organizations and hotlines for suicide, crisis, and substance abuse.  There are also links to resources specifically for the black and LGBTQ communities.

Buzzfeed asked its readers to name their favorite movie monologues.  Here are some of the answers they got:

  1. Quint’s U.S.S. Indianapolis speech from “Jaws”.  This one is so obvious, it would have been a CRIME if they left it out.
  1. Lupita Nyong’o in “Us”.  This is the speech where the “tethered” version of her character explains who she is and what she went through.
  1. The father / son scene in “Call Me By Your Name”.  Timothee Chalamet’s dad tells him he’ll always be there for him.
  1. Sally Field’s speech at the funeral in “Steel Magnolias”.
  1. Julia Stiles reads her poem to the class in “10 Things I Hate About You”.
  1. Sylvester Stallone’s big speech at the end of “First Blood”, about how he’s still haunted by Vietnam.
  1. Bill Pullman, as the president of the United States, rallying the troops to take on the aliens in “Independence Day”.
  1. Taraji P. Henson complaining about the lack of “colored” bathrooms in “Hidden Figures”.
  1. Laura Dern in “Marriage Story”, explaining why people can accept the idea of a bad father, but NOT a bad mother.
  1. Whoopi Goldberg giving Danny Glover a legit verbal thrashing in “The Color Purple”.


Singer Halsey is 28.

Former Oklahoma City Thunder forward who’s won four NBA scoring titles. He’s on the Brooklyn Nets now. Kevin Durant is 34.

The star of “Shazam!” and Kurt Warner in “American Underdog”, Zachary Levi is 42.

Singer and bassist for Primus, Les Claypool is 59.

Andrew “Dice” Clay is 65.

Bryant Gumbel is 74.

Al Swearengen on “Deadwood” and Blackbeard in the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, “On Stranger Tides”.  He was also Brother Ray in the sixth season of “Game of Thrones”, Ian McShane is 80.

Rock n roll pioneer immortalized by the jams “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On” and “Great Balls of Fire”, known as The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis is 87

Porn B

Ariana Jollee

Today’s birthday girl has been in 802 fine films, including:

– 2 Scoops Double Dipped

– Angels of Debauchery 2

– Blame It on Daddy 3

– Gaga For Gang Bangs

– High Society Whores

– The Lucky Bastard Named Rico Shades

– Sodomy Sandwiches

– And who can forget her role in 2007’s Trollin’ For Trouser Trout

Ariana Jollee is 40 years old

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Aaron Judge has written his name alongside Roger Maris in baseball’s record books.  Here’s the Yankees player’s big swing (LINK) last night. Here is the call:

Of Note:  It’s been 61 years since the American League record of 61 homers was made, in ’61.  Final Score: Yankees beat the Blue Jays, 8 to 3. Which adds up to 61. Weird.

Three players have hit more (LINK) than 61 in the National League.  Sammy Sosa (66), Mark McGwire (70), and Barry Bonds (73). Here’s what Aaron Judge said after the game, about his record-tying moment. Aaron Judge had a moment with Roger Maris’s son after the game.  Here’s what Aaron said about the exchange with Roger Maris, Jr.

Trivia: What well-known celebrity was the Director, and Executive Producer of the movie “61*“, about Roger Maris beating Babe Ruth’s record?

Answer:  Lifelong Yankees fan, Billy Crystal.

Roger Maris Jr. has been asked for a while about his opinion if Aaron Judge were to break his dad’s record.  Here’s what he said last night.

(Could he be implying that Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa were on the juice when they beat 61?  Discuss.)

Of Note:  Roger Jr. was sitting next to Aaron’s mom last night.  They hugged each other when Judge hit number 61.

The Brewers were eliminated from a second consecutive division title by losing to the Cardinals on Tuesday but they are still in the thick of a wild-card race and have a chance to create a rematch with the Cardinals in the playoffs. Setting up their chances was their win over the Cardinals last night with a score of 5-1. The win moved Milwaukee a half-game behind Philadelphia for the third and final wild-card berth into the NL playoffs. The team that claims the third wild card will travel to St. Louis a week from Friday to play a best-of-three playoff series, all at Busch Stadium. Cards play the Pirates tomorrow at Busch with a 715 start (LINK)

This was wild. Miami Marlins pitcher Richard Bleier went seven seasons in his MLB career before committing his first balk. The wait for his second, and third, balk was more than a little shorter. A game between the Miami Marlins and New York Mets on Tuesday abruptly devolved into an ump show when first base umpire John Tumpane called not one, not two, but three balks on Bleier in a single at-bat during the eighth inning. Bleier questioned the first balk call, but became visibly baffled when Tumpane hit him with the same call two pitches later. He argued his case with Tumpane before teammate Lewin Díaz stepped in to end the confrontation, at which point Marlins manager Don Mattingly arrived at the mound for a quick conference. Mattingly’s mustache then took over negotiations to no avail since it wasn’t on his face any more now Balks are among the umpire calls that are illegal for players and managers to argue, so ending the debate was probably the right move for the Marlins. Get this, another balk is called and the guy that was on first now comes home and scores and never had to jog to second, third or home. After the third one Mattingly did come back on the field and argue and was promptly ejected. Bleier stayed in and finally ended the inning with a groundout from Alonso, but was ejected after the inning was over.The video is wild and frustrating and I couldn’t care less about the Marlins (LINK)

Make Your NFL picks! Tonight Miami at Cincinnati streams on Amazon Prime.

We talk about a lot auctions and rookie cards. Well the latest rookie card of what we know by all means a terrible baseball player just sold for a ton of money. Yes,  Mark Zuckerberg‘s Little League “career” is worth a lot of money to some folks … because a baseball card from when he was a kid sold at auction for six figures!!!

The Facebook honcho’s autographed Little League card from back in the day hauled in $120,750 in a fierce, five-day long auction. The anonymous buyer told the auction house the Zuckerberg card would join a collection already featuring rookie cards for MLB legends Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, plus an Action Comics #1 … summing up Zuck as “the Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Superman of social media rolled up into one.”

The signed card — which is from 1992 — was also sold as an NFT, and that went for $1,345.

Mark played Little League in Westchester County, NY … where the trading cards were a novelty offered to families. Who had it and sold it you wonder? The card previously belonged to Mark’s former camp counselor, Allie Tarantino, and Zuckerberg signed it when he was 9 years old. Allie says he sold the card to help pay for his kids to go to college. The $120k sale price is pretty eye-catching, and here’s some other interesting numbers … Zuck had a .920 batting average in his 1992 Little League season, with 23 hits and one home run. So maybe he wasn’t so bad at baseball