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Florida principal resigns after sending $100K to scammer posing as Elon Musk – LINK

Guy Transforms Man He Thought Was Online Scammer into Village Saint by Sending Him $30 Camera – LINK

New census estimates show more population loss in St. Louis – LINK

Scientists made a woolly mammoth meatball, but don’t grab your fork yet – LINK

Panera Bread will use palm-scanning technology for its loyalty program – LINK

The Mandatory In-Car Breathalyzer Is Only a Few Years Away – LINK

Opioid overdose antidote Narcan will be available over-the-counter by late summer after FDA approval – LINK

Sniffing a Stranger’s B.O. Can Help with Social Anxiety – LINK

Botox in Your Forehead Makes You Worse at Reading People’s Emotions – LINK

Man claiming to be ‘Baby Danielle’ breaks into day care and asks staff to ‘play along’ as he steals diapers: police – LINK



Details are going to be released later today about this Power Trip festival coming out in October. Bands that are rumored to be on the bill include:

Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden on Friday, October 6th;
AC/DC and Ozzy on Saturday, October 7th;
Metallica and Tool on Sunday, October 8th.

Sharon Osbourne, appearing on Piers MorganUncensored last night, confirming the line-up, saying her husband is “good. He’s doing so much better… He’s doing a show in October in America. It’s at the Coachella 

It’s the same format as 2016’s Desert Trip – that was also known as ‘OLD Chella’ which featured Bob DylanThe Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, The Who and Roger Waters

Power Trip, like Desert Trip, will be held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, home to the Coachella and Stagecoach festivals. However, no word if it will also be held over two consecutive weekends.

Complete details will be announced later this morning.

RAGE Against the Machine’s future:

Tom Morello finally opened up about the fate of Rage Against the Machine since they band scrapped the rest of their reunion tour so Zack de la Rocha could recover from Achilles surgery. Unfortunately he spent most of the interview trying to dodge questions.

Rolling Stone  magazine asked RAGE would reschedule the almost 40 shows they canceled. Tom Morello responded: “If there is to be any more shows, we will announce it as a band. I don’t know. I know as much as you do, honestly. Right now we’re in a time of healing. I’m in a time of making music and doing a bunch of stuff.”

When asked if the band was on hiatus, Morello responded, “Rage Against the Machine is like the ring in Lord of the Rings. It drives men mad. It drives journalists mad. It drives record industry people mad. They want it. They want the thing, and they’re driven mad. If there are Rage shows, if there are not Rage shows, you’ll hear from the band. I do not know. When there is news, it will come from a collective statement from the band. There is no news.”

One item that Morello came close to a real answer on was if the band would show up at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony is they were voted in this year. He said, “I will definitely be there. Beyond that, we haven’t discussed that. That’s really putting the cart before the horse. I would hope so, though.”

 George Michael’s 1984 hit ‘Careless Whisper’ Tops 1 Billion YouTube Views

“Careless Whisper,” originally released on Wham!’s album “Make It Big,” has averaged more than 400,000 daily views globally on YouTube in 2023, making it the 8th song from the 80’s to join the YouTube Billion Views Club,
The official music video was uploaded to YouTube in October 2009.
The first to do so was Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine”; the others are A-ha’s “Take On Me“; Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”; Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up“; Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun“; Europe’s “The Final Countdown”; and the Police’s “Every Breath You Take.

Dolly Partonand Garth Brooks are co-hosting the “58th Academy of Country Music Awards”. It’ll be the FIRST time Garth has EVER hosted a major awards show, and it took someone special to get him to do it. Dolly hosted alone in 2000, and with Jimmie Allenand Gabby Barrett last year. The show is being held at the Ford Center in Frisco, Texas on May 11th, and will stream live on Amazon’s Prime Video.

Christina Aguilera loves LUBE. Christina Aguilera is the co-founder and chief wellness advisor of Playground, a company specializing in personal lubricants.  She says, quote, “Even when I was 21, lube was just part of the conversation.”  (Full Story)

Ron Howard is proud of his daughter’s acting talents – even in the buff.  Ron Howard was askedrecently about his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard’s acting talents. He recalled seeing her act in a play in college where she was completely nude and that really impacted his opinion of her acting skills. HERE IS THE AUDIO: Her grandfather, Ron’s dad, Rance Howard was there, too.  Here’s what Ron said about it.

Will there be a GOOD WILL HUNTING 2? A screenwriter is hoping to reunite America’s sweethearts Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for the Oscar Winning Screenplay sequel but that’s not going to happen. “Someone just tried to pitch Ben Good Will Hunting 2,” Damon said. “That happened. (Ben) told me today. He was like, ‘You’re not going to believe what I heard.’ This was a flat-out sequel. I don’t get it.” Affleck was asked about the sequel pitch as well. He reluctantly confirms the pitch, but says he would have preferred if Damon hadn’t made it public. “Matt is always telling stories that he should not be telling”.

Bam Margera arrested for public intoxication Bam allegedly made a scene at a restaurant where his estranged wife and son were eating and the cops say he was drunk in public. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … police in Burbank got a call around 3:45 PM Wednesday for a disturbance at a Thai food restaurant, and when officers arrived they found the “Jackass” star arguing with a woman, with the dispute getting louder and louder and Bam was unable to take care of himself and was arrested and booked for misdemeanor public intoxication. There’s video on social media showing Bam at the restaurant, and he’s clearly upset. The footage shows Margera walking in and out of the restaurant while cops look on. At one point, in the clip posted to Instagram Live by comedian Evan Breen, you see Bam take a seat on a curb while he speaks to officers.

Nicolas Cage called on a variety of influences to play Dracula in “Renfield”. One of them was Anne Bancroft’s portrayal of Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate”.  He says, quote, “[She was] very seductive and Dracula-esque.” But his biggest inspiration was his father, August Coppola.  He says, quote, “He always spoke with distinction, he was always very elegant and eloquent, he was always the smartest man in every room he walked in . . “I think Dracula, being around for so many years, would have some of that aura.” Cage also used some classic Draculas as a jumping-off point . . . including Bela LugosiChristopher LeeFrank Langella from the 1979 version of “Dracula”, and Gary Oldman from “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”.

Owen Wilson had a lifetime Rolling Stones concert pass for 24 hours. During an appearance on “The Late Late Show” Owen explained that he was at a show in Argentina with a friend who was close to Mick Jagger when they got the passes. Owen wandered around backstage, and ended up accidentally ON the stage during “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”.  Then he got yelled at by workers to get OFF. The next morning he got a call from Mick’s security team asking for the pass back.  Owen said, quote, “I was also dressed in a white T-shirt and white pants, and if you are at this part of the stage . . . where you’re not supposed to be . . .”You should be in like dark colors where you blend in.  So I get it, you know?  He’s got a show to do.  He doesn’t need some kind of bozo just cruising around distracting him.”  (EW)


Who do you think were the highest-paid entertainers of 2022 according to Forbes magazine.

Genesis topped the list with $230-million after selling their music rights.

Sting was second with $210-million, after he also cashed out.

And The Rolling Stones took in $98-million from touring and royalties.

Others in the Top 10 who earned extra pocket change include:

  • Tyler Perry – $175-million
  • Matt Stone & Trey Parker – $160 million
  • Matt Groening & James L. Brooks – $105-million
  • Brad Pitt – $100-million
  • James Cameron – $95-million
  • Taylor Swift – $92-million
  • Bad Bunny – $88-million

The list is compiled from pre-tax earnings and took into consideration representation fees.