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A Man Accidentally Ate a Cadbury Creme Egg That May Have Been Worth $13,000 – LINK

A Man Pleaded No Contest to Hatching a Plan to Steal a Helicopter to Free Covid Patients from a Hospital – LINK

New York City Man Rescued Twice in 2 Days on Arizona Hikes – LINK

A Guy Stole $800 from a Lost Wallet, and It Got Him Busted for Drugs – LINK

A Realtor Went to the Wrong House . . . Got In . . . And Showed It to Prospective Buyers – LINK

A Florida Man Got Pulled Over for Speeding and Blamed Russia – LINK

A Fake Cop Was Driving Drunk and Accidentally Pulled Over a Real Cop – LINK

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Two-Thirds of Americans Refuse to Poop at Work – LINK

Hidden Valley Made a Diamond Out of Ranch Dressing, and It’s for Sale on eBay – LINK

It’s National Ranch Day, when we’re supposed to celebrate ranch dressing.  Did you know Hidden Valley Ranch was a real place?  A guy named Steve Henson invented the stuff while living at a place called Hidden Valley Ranch near Santa Barbara, California.  And for a while, you could only order it through the mail.  (Full Story)

A Poutine Restaurant Is Being Threatened Because People Are Confusing “Poutine” with “Putin”? – LINK

Nine Eating Habits, Like 18% of People Do Not Alternate Foods While Eating – LINK

Felony Charge For Leaf Blower Rage Incident – LINK


A member of the Sesame Street family for about 45 years has past away. Emilio Delgado, Luis From Sesame Street died at 81.  He had recently been in hospice after being diagnosed with a form of cancer (Multiple myeloma)  in 2020. Emilio proudly laid claim to the ‘record for the longest-running role for a Mexican-American in a TV series.’ We are so grateful he shared his talents with us and with the world.” Emilio began playing Luis on Sesame Street in 1971.  

JUSSIE SMOLLETT and possibly his grandma was sentenced to 30 months of felony probation for lying to police when he faked a hate crime against himself in Chicago back in 2019. That probation includes 150 days in county jail.  He was placed in custody immediately.  He was also ordered to pay $120,106 in restitution to the city. He was facing up to three years on all five felony counts he was charged with. Here is what the sentencing sounded like. Here is Jussie’s statement. Before Jussie was sentenced, his 92-year-old grandmother Molly Smollett told the court, quote, “I ask you, judge, not to send him to prison.  If you do, send me along with him, OK?” (LINK)

PETA is all over Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. They got a kitten named Whiskey and posted on socials. Its not a rescue I guess. It’s a pure bred I assume. PETA mentioned the 10’s of thousands of homeless cats in LA shelters. Shockingly the couple have not responded.

AMANDA BYNES has a court date concerning her conservatorship in two weeks (LINK). And I believe I saw a post that she is getting the heart tattoo on her face removed 

Guitarist JOHN FRUSCIANTE rejoined the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS for the THIRD time in 2019, after a 10-year absence. Apparently he has never revealed why he left. The reason? Witchcraft. The occult.  And he says it was witchcraft that caused his departure in 2009. He told “Classic Rock Magazine”, “As the tour went on, I got deep into the occult, which became a way of escaping the mindset of tour life. “The occult tends to magnify whatever you are, and I was an imbalanced mess.” The band could see what it was doing to him, so when he told them he had to leave, they didn’t try to stop him.  ANTHONY KIEDIS says, quote, “We were like, ‘We understand, it’s obvious it’s not where you want to be.'” (LINK)

Many people have found Judge Judy’s new home since she left daytime TV. Judy Justice is the new show on IMDb TV, and the network has renewed the series for a second season. Judy Justice is the IMDb TV’s top original program. NICK CANNON’s talk show has been canceled.  So has “Judge Jerry“. 

Who is excited to see ‘Aquaman 2’, ‘Black Adam’, and The Flash? Cool sit over there and wait. Warner Brothers has delayed their release. Black Adam has been pushed back three months to be released around Halloween on October 21st. The Aquaman sequel puches until March 17th, 2023. The Flash has also been pushed back eight months for a June 23rd, 2023 premiere date. Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom and The Flash have been delayed because their “visual effects have suffered delays contributed to the pandemic”. Shazam and The Fury of The Gods’ premiere is moving from June 2023 to December 16th of this year.

It’s taken almost 35 years, but the 1987 classic “The Princess Bride” finally is getting an OFFICIAL cookbook.  It includes over 50 recipes for dishes seen in and inspired by the movie. Some examples of dishes include:  the Grandson’s Soup and Sandwich . . . Bread Pirate Roberts . . . Inigo Montoya’s Taste of Revenge . . .Twu Wove’s Kiss Cookies . . . Fezzik’s Stew . . . and Vizzini’s Sicilian Meatballs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come out until December 6th, BUT it is available for preorder on Amazon for $24.95 (LINK)

I don’t care because I am 100% team Maine Cabin Masters but…CHRISTINA HAACK and TAREK EL MOUSSA announced yesterday that their HGTV series “Flip or Flop” will be coming to an end next week after 10 seasons.  It first aired in 2013. It started the series as a married couple, but separated in 2016 and finalized their divorce in 2018.  They still have their own solo HGTV shows that they’ll be doing.  There’s “Christina on the Coast” and “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa”  (LINK)

In a new “Vanity Fair” interview, GRIMES revealed that she and ELON MUSK have a newborn daughter via surrogate.  And they call her “Y”. It’s a nickname, obviously.  Like how their son’s name is a bunch of symbols, and they call him “X” for short. Something even more interesting that came up is the fact that Elon is far from the greedy money hoarder he’s made out to be.  According to Grimes, he’s spending all his money on Mars research for, quote, “the benefit of humanity.” She adds, quote, “Bro might say a lot of stupid [stuff], but he does the right thing . . . Bro lives at times below the poverty line. “To the point where I was like, ‘Can we not live in a very insecure $40,000 house? Where the neighbors, like, film us, and there’s no security, and I’m eating peanut butter for eight days in a row?'” As for the status of their relationship, she says, quote, “I would probably refer to him as my boyfriend, but we’re very fluid” (LINK 

Here is a list of famous people who you might not know have a chronic illness: (LINK)

  1. Selena Gomez. . . She has lupus, which led to her having a kidney transplant in 2017.  She also has bipolar disorder. 
  1. Bono. . . He has glaucoma, which is why he wears sunglasses to help with the light sensitivity. 
  1. Will.i.am. . . He has ADHD, but said he’s used his condition to help him creatively. 
  1. Bella Hadid. . . She has Lyme disease.  This pain caused her to give up her dream of being a professional horseback rider and a chance to go to the Olympics. 
  1. Lil Wayne. . . He has epilepsy and has suffered multiple seizures. 
  1. Nick Jonas. . . He’s had type 1 diabetes since he was 13.  He was a founder of the organization Beyond Type 1. 
  1. 7.   Alec Baldwin has had chronic Lyme disease for decades 
  1. Kim Kardashian. . . She has psoriasis. 
  1. Pete Davidson. . . He has Crohn’s disease and also borderline personality disorder. 

10. Sarah Hyland was born with kydney displasia — a condition where the kidneys don’t develop as they typically would in the womb

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

LA Laker Anthony Davis is 29. He’s the one with the unibrow.

Former Pittsburgh Penguin and Arizona Coyote and host of the Spittin’ Chicklets podcast, Paul Bissonnette is 37.

Joel and Benji Madden from the band Good Charlotte are 43.

Johnny Knoxville is 51.

Terrence Howard is 53.

Singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb is 54.

Don’t Worry Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin is 72.

Sam Donaldson is 88.  ABC news legend.

On Saturday

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth turns 54.

The great Darryl Strawberry turns 60.

James Taylor turns 74.

Liza Minnelli turns 76.

And on Sunday 

David Draiman from Dee-sturbed turns 49.

Rapper Common turns 50.

U2 bassist Adam Clayton turns 62.

William H. Macy turns 72

Porn B

Nina Hartley

Today’s birthday girl has been in 1,445 fine films, including:

  • Adventures of the Fart Bitches
  • Barnyard Babes
  • Bomb Ass White Booty 2
  • Bring on the Virgins
  • Buns ‘n Roses
  • I Married A Bimbo
  • Little Red Rides The Hood 4
  • Who Shaved Lynn LeMay
  • Your Granny’s a Whore 2
  • And who can forget her role in 2010’s No Use Crying Over Spilled MILFs

Nina Hartley is 63 years old

Sports Report 1

The Blues were in action last night for a game against the Rangers at Enterprise Center.  Last time the two teams met was in New York and the Rangers got the win.  Well, the Blues made sure that didn’t happen last night.  Without even scoring in the 3rd, the Blues still beat the Rangers 6-2.  Ville Husso was ON IT last night making a couple HUGE saves including one that set up on of the prettiest tic tac toe plays this year.  Robert Thomas had a pair, and he was joined by Barbashev, OReilly, Walman, and Perron all netting goals in the win.  Up next, a game against Predators in Nashville tomorrow at 11:30AM.

Major League owners and players reached a new collective bargaining agreement yesterday, meaning that the 99-day lockout is OVER.  Opening day has been rescheduled to April 7th . . . one week later than it was supposed to be . . . but teams will still play a full, 162-game season. Commissioner Rob Manfred said, quote, “I want to start by apologizing to our fans.  I know the last few months have been difficult.” In addition to the economic aspects, the deal also includes:  A draft lottery to discourage teams from intentionally tanking . . . the National League adopting the designated hitter . . . expanded 12-team postseason .  . . the return of nine inning double-headers . . . and they’re scrapping the runner on second in extra innings. The players also signed off on the league making future changes, such as the implementation of a pitch clock . . . banning the shift . . . and making the bases larger.  Those changes COULD be made as soon as NEXT season.

The Chicago Bears are finalizing a trade that will send six-time Pro Bowl defensive end Khalil Mack to the  Chargers. The Chargers are expected to send a 2022 second-round draft pick and a 2023 sixth-rounder to the Bears in return for the 31-year-old Mack. The deal marks the first major move for the new Bears general manager, who was hired in January. It also reunites Mack, the Defensive Player of the Year in 2016, with Chargers coach Brandon Staley. Staley was Mack’s linebackers coach when the Bears acquired him from the Raiders in September 2018.

Yesterday we talked about how Antonio Brown and Kanye West were interested in buying the Denver Broncos.  If that DID happen, it would be tough for the following to happen.  Brown was recently interviewed and expressed his desire to play next season for one specific teams – and its NOT the Broncos.  Brown said that he would hope that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is impressed and inspired by Brown’s motivation and hard work.”  The only thing AB has going for him is that Jerry Jones has a history of signing or trading for players with real crappy attitudes and horrible off-field decision making skills.

Its over for the Mizzou Tigers as their season comes to an end after a 76-68 loss to LSU in yesterdays SEC tournament action.  With a 12-22 record, its unlikely the Tigers will be in the main tournament come selection Sunday in a few days.  SLU made easy work of La Salle yesterday.  Their next game is today against St Bonaventure.  Tip off is at 1:30PM.  Illinois starts their Big 10 tourney action as they take on Indiana at 10:30 this morning.

The Players Championship, one of the biggest events of the golf season, kicked off Thursday at TPC Sawgrass in Florida, and things certainly didn’t go according to plan thanks to heavy rain and high winds.  The start of Thursday’s opening round was delayed for about an hour because of overnight rain, and play was suspended again around noon.  The second delay lasted more than four hours.  It was smooth sailing after that until another suspension at 6:30, this time due to darkness, which concluded the first day of play. Tommy Fleetwood and Tom Hoge were on it on Thursday, finishing six under par to lead the first round.

Former MLB pitcher Odalis Perez died Thursday at his home in the Dominican Republic. Perez had fallen from a ladder. Perez made his major league debut in 1998 with the Braves. He was eventually traded to the Dodgers in 2001 and earned his lone trip to the All-Star Game the following year. The Dodgers traded Perez to the Royals in 06. The lefthander later joined the Nationals on a minor league deal with an invite to spring training in 2008. The Nationals then elevated Perez to their Opening Day starter that season. It was the first game in Nationals Park, making Perez the first to ever throw a pitch in the stadium. The 2008 season would be his last, as Perez was released the following year after failing to report to spring training. He was 44 years old