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Cameron Currier charged with putting large rocks on Kingston road for months to damage cars – LINK

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The Top Tourist Traps in Every Country, Based on Visitor Reviews – LINK

Missouri Man Charged After Exposing Himself in Hotel’s Breakfast Area – LINK

Gun fired at White Sox game was snuck in via woman’s ‘belly fat’ – LINK

Man admits peeing in sink with system to cover tracks – even when visiting pals – LINK

Americans everywhere will receive a loud emergency test alert in October. Here’s why – LINK

Pointing Your Window Blinds Up Keeps Your Place Cooler – LINK

20% of Americans Still Answer Calls from Unknown Numbers? – LINK

Apple Sends Invites for Sept. 12 Event, Where New iPhones Are Expected – LINK



Dolly Parton has been in England promoting her Rockstar album.  And she’s not goofing around.  Her schedule is packed so tight that she turned down a visit with Royalty.  It came up during an interview with the BBC. Quote, “This time, Lordy, I even got invited to have tea with Kate [Middleton].  And I felt so bad that I couldn’t go because they had all this stuff set up . . . but I thought that was very sweet and nice of her to invite me to tea. “One of these days I’m gonna be able to do that.  That would’ve been great.  But she wasn’t gonna promote my rock album, so I had to say no.  [Laughs]  I hope she hears [the record] though.” – LINK

Late-night talk shows have been dark since the start of the writers’ strike.  Now, the late night hosts are teaming up to make us laugh and help their staff.  Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver have formed Strike Force Five. The hosts will collaborate with Spotify for a podcast where they discuss the strike. The proceeds from the limited series will go to staffers from each of the hosts’ shows. The podcast debuts today on all streaming platforms – LINK

Bob Barker’s legacy will be celebrated with CBS presents The Price is Right: A Tribute to Bob Barker in primetime. A statement from CBS said, “This tribute to the legendary Bob Barker will bring back great memories for generations of ‘The Price is Right’ fans who loved Bob, his humor, his ability to connect with contestants, and his innate talent for making the most out of every moment.” The special will air on CBS and Paramount Plus at 7:00 pm Central on Thursday and will re-air on Labor Day during the daytime slot for the game show – LINK

Cruel hackers are on the loose and toying with fans emotions: First it was that Lil Tay  and now it’s Josh Seiter from “The Bachelorette”. Earlier this week, a statement was posted to his Instagram, saying he had passed away.  But Josh posted a video yesterday saying he’s ALIVE AND WELL, and his account was hacked.  He doesn’t know who did it. He said, quote, “Somebody was playing a cruel joke and mocking my mental illness and the struggles I’ve gone through with depression and suicide attempts and I’m sorry for all the pain they caused when they made that post.” – LINK

According to Hugh Hefner’s widow, Crystal Hefner, Hef was deaf in one ear because of how much Viagra he was taking towards the end. She wrote a memoir called, “Only Say Good Things,” and she spills the beans about it, according to Page Six. “Hef always said he’d rather be deaf and still able to have sex,” – LINK

Meg Ryan returns to theaters in October in her first romantic comedy in years.  It’s called “What Happens Later”, and it co-stars David Duchovny.  Meg also co-wrote and directed it. “What Happens Later”, which hits theaters October 13th.  They play exes who get snowed in together at an airport.  And something tells me things go okay for them – LINK

Ranker listed the MOST AWKWARD MOVIE SCENES OF ALL TIME… here are the top 10:

  1. “There’s Something About Mary” – The pre-prom bathroom scene
  2. “Spider Man 3” – the Peter Parker emo tango
  3. “Meet the Parents” – first dinner scene
  4. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” – the bathroom scene
  5. “Bridesmaids” – the best friend engagement ‘toast off’
  6. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” – the nude break up scene
  7. “Wedding Crashers” – the bedroom/closet scene
  8. “Swingers” – the voicemail scene
  9. “Fargo” – the Mike Yanagita Scene
  10. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” – ‘You’re So Vain’ scene – LINK

Sports Report 1

St Louis City SC are still a top the western conference and as the season winds down a bit wants important are wins and points for home advantage in the playoffs. Speaking of at home matches CITY SC takes on FC DALLAS tonight at City Park.

Willson Contreras hit two home runs and helped get the Cardinals to an actual win. They were playing catch-up all game, then in the 10th inning Richie Palacios dropped a two-strike bunt to put Masyn Winn at third base, and Tommy Edman drilled the only pitch he saw all night for a game-winner. As Pinch-hitting for Nolan Gorman against Padres lefty Josh Hader in the 10th inning, Edman hammered that first pitch into the left-field corner for what Billy Zane in Zoolander would say… It’s a walk-off, a walk off for a 6-5 victory at Busch Stadium. How bout some Day baseball to try for another today at 1:15 against the Padres here at Busch. Willson Contreras powers Cardinals back from brink, sets up a walk-off winner vs. Padres – LINK

Former Cardinal Harrison Bader was in the kitchen inside the Yankees’ clubhouse about 10-15 minutes before Tuesday’s game when he looked up at the TV that was tuned into ESPN and learned he had been placed on waivers.

His first reaction was, “What does waivers mean?” Then after finding out, the pending free-agent center fielder had to go play a game.

The Yankees placed Bader on irrevocable waivers Tuesday, The Post’s Joel Sherman reported, giving contending teams the chance to claim him and have him on their roster by Friday, which would make him eligible for their postseason roster.

If Bader is not claimed during the 48-hour waivers period, he would remain on the Yankees’ roster. Harrison Bader learned Yankees fate from clubhouse TV: ‘What does waivers mean?’ – LINK