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A guy in Florida was arrested for bringing his eight-year-old along on a burglary spree because he was, quote, “trying to toughen him up.”  (Full Story)


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Watch out for the “Secret Sister” gift exchange that’s going around online . . . the Better Business Bureau says it’s a scam . . . quote, “an illegal pyramid scheme in holiday wrapping.”  (Full Story)

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’90s country star DOUG SUPERNAW lost his battle with cancer and passed away on Friday.  He was 60.  He was diagnosed with Stage IV lung and bladder cancer in 2019 and it spread to his brain and spine earlier this year. Doug released four albums between 1993 and 1999 and had 11 songs on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.  One of his biggest hits was “I Don’t Call Him Daddy”. 

It’s easy to start forgetting how deadly COVID-19 can be . . . but here’s a reminder: rapper JEREMIH has been infected, and he’s on a ventilator “fighting for his life” at a Chicago hospital and his “prognosis is bleak,” and adds, quote, “It’s unclear how long he’s been admitted, or how long he’s had the virus . . . but he is not doing well.” Jeremih is 33 . . . and he’s best known for the songs “Birthday Sex”. He has done work with 50 Cent and a bunch more and the rap community is wishing him the best.   

The most hated and wanted man in New York was captured over the weekend. 35 year old Marquis Ventura, described as homeless, was arrested Saturday afternoon in connection with the unprovoked assault on national treasure Rick Moranis. Mr. Moranis was walking near Central Park Oct. 1st when he was sucker punched by a man wearing a black “I (heart) NY” sweatshirt hit Moranis with a sucker punch and knock him to the ground.

Last week, I mentioned Ticketmaster was considering future concert-goers to have a negative COVID test 3 days before the show or get a potential COVID vaccine. Ticketmaster has confirmed that’s not true. They said rules like that could only be set up according to local health mandates or by the event organizer.  

Remember I mentioned Marvel MAY use a digital version of Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther 2? Marvel now has confirmed that that is indeed not true. They are taking time to figure out what if anything they will do. By the way, a sequel hasn’t even been confirmed or even really discussed much. 

It’s time for the annual Forbes.com list of the 13 top-earning DEAD celebrities.  The same person topped the list in 10 of the 12 years since his death in 2009. The list is along with their estimated earnings over the past 12 months:

  1. Michael Jackson, $48 million.  Dead since 2009.  Even the documentary “Leaving Neverland”couldn’t stop Michael’s estate from raking in the dough. 
  1. Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel, $33 million.  Dead since 1991.  He’s up a little from previous years thanks to a series of TV and movie deals.  Not to mention the fact that he’s STILL selling books . . . nearly six million in the U.S. this year. 
  1. “Peanuts”creator Charles Schulz, $32.5 million.  Dead since 2000. 
  1. Arnold Palmer, $25 million.  Dead since 2016. 
  1. Elvis Presley, $23 million.  Dead since 1977 . . . or so some people would have you believe.  (???) Elvis is down a little this year thanks to the coronavirus.  Graceland was closed for two months, and it’s now operating at reduced capacity. 
  1. Kobe Bryant, $20 million.  Dead since this past January.  Nike has sold out of Kobe’s merch, and his autobiography has sold more than 300,000 copies this year. 
  1. Juice WRLD, $15 million.  Dead since last December. 
  1. Bob Marley, $14 million.  Dead since 1981. 
  1. John Lennon, $13 million.  Dead since 1980. 
  1. Prince, $10 million.  Dead since 2016. 
  1. Freddie Mercury, $9 million.  Dead since 1991.  His estate got a small portion of the nearly $1 billion that “Bohemian Rhapsody”made at the box office . . . and the movie also led to a spike in Queen’s music and merchandise sales. 
  1. George Harrison, $8.5 million.  Dead since 2001. 
  1. Marilyn Monroe, $8 million.  Dead since 1962. 

Three people from last year’s Top 13, didn’t make the cut this year:  Nipsey Hussle, XXXTentacion, and Whitney Houston. 

The “E! People’s Choice Awards” went down last night. The most remarkable thing was ELLEN DEGENERES winning Daytime Talk Show of 2020, and her acceptance speech was pretty interesting. Because she went out of her way to thank the staff she’s been accused of mistreating.  JENNIFER LOPEZ got the Icon Award . . . and TYLER PERRY received the People’s Champion Award. “Bad Boys for Life” won Movie of the Year, “The Kissing Booth 2” won Comedy Movie of the Year, “Mulan” won Action Movie of the Year, and “Hamilton” won Drama Movie of the Year. Will Smith won Male Movie Star, and Tiffany Haddish won Female Movie Star. “Grey’s Anatomy” was the TV Show of 2020. Justin Bieber won Male Artist of 2020, Ariana Grande won Female Artist, Blake Shelton won Country Artist, and “Dynamite” by BTS was the Song of 2020. 

The “Fresh Prince” reunion special hits HBO Max November 19th.  Check out a new trailer. 

Sylvester Stallone has joined the cast of The Suicide Squad with James Gunn directing. Margot Robbie is back along with Idris Elba, Joel Kinnaman and Taika Waititi. Gunn wrote the screenplay. The movie is set to release into theaters on Aug. 6, 2021. Stallone was also in Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. 

Universal Pictures and Dwayne Johnson  are looking to relaunch a new Scorpion King movie. Johnson will produce. With Johnson booked through 2022, the studio will look to tap a new actor to play the action hero as well as a director. It’s likely he won’t appear in the movie but given how important the property is to Johnson and the studio, there is always a possibility he could make an appearance when this film does finally get into production. 

Anyone still watching 13 Reasons Why? Season 4 I guess wrapped this past summer. That is produced by Selena Gomez. Ms. Gomez now will make whats probably her biggest movie so far. She is going to play mountaineer Silvia Vásquez-Lavado. Its based on Silvia’s memoir after  she became the first openly gay woman to scale all Seven Summits, the highest points on every continent, and the first Peruvian woman to climb Mt. Everest. She is a respected survivor of abuse as well. She is the founder of Courageous Girls, a nonprofit, which helps survivors of childhood sexual violence heal through mountain climbing. 

CBS is taking a big step toward diversity.  From here on out, all of its unscripted shows have to have casts that are 50% NON-WHITE. That includes “Survivor”“Big Brother”, and “Love Island”. Also, CBS will commit at least 25% of its annual unscripted budget to projects created or co-created by minorities . . . and they want at least 40% representation in writers’ rooms. 

“Bad Boys” became a huge franchise thanks to WILL SMITH and MARTIN LAWRENCE.  But it almost went in a completely different direction. Before they were cast, a version of the movie was kicking around with JON LOVITZ and DANA CARVEY in the starring roles. But producer Jerry Bruckheimer says it fell apart because Carvey backed out. FYI:  Bruckheimer couldn’t get the movie made with just Will Smith attached.  It wasn’t until they added MARTIN LAWRENCE that he got the green light, because Lawrence was the bigger star at the time. 

Again trying to glam on to something positive from 2020 I mentioned recently that Creed have talked reunion. Lead singer Scott Stapp had this to say about it  

Ever hear of the band Suspect208? They have a new single out called Long Awaited. No pressure or anything when the members of the band are as follows: Slash’s son London, who obviously plays the drums. Metallicas bassist Robert Trujillo’s son Tye is on yep bass and Stone Temple Pilot’s Scott Weiland’s son as the singer.

12 Rock + Metal Bands Featuring Kids of Rockstars

The Wallflowers-Jakob Dylan, frontman for the Wallflowers, is iconic singer-songwriter Bob Dylan’s son.

Slipknot-Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg is the son of iconic drummer Max Weinberg from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

The Pink Slips-Grace McKagan, daughter of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, is singer

The Raven Age George Harris of the English band The Raven Age, and he is the son of bassist Steve Harris from Iron Maiden    

Vended-Vended features Griffin Taylor, son of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, on vocals, and Clown’s son Simon Crahan on the drums.

SWMRS-Joey Armstrong is the dummer for SWMRS. He’s also Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s son.

Ultra Q Jakob Danger, aka Jakob Armstrong, is the son of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. Danger is the frontman of rock band Ultra Q.

As Lions-The frontman of As Lions, Austin Dickinson, is the son of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson.

Inhaler-Elijah Hewson, frontman of Inhaler, is son of Paul Hewson — better known as Bono.

Celebrity Death Hoaxes: 48 Famous People Who Were Reported Dead… but Weren’t – TheWrap


Pete Davidson is 27.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is 43.

Lisa Bonet is 53.

Dwight Gooden is 56 

Terry Labonte is 64.

And TODAY’S BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…you may know him as Charley from the show Empty Nest…you may also know his as the amazing super-liar Joe Isuzu….and most notably…his role as Hole In The Head Elvis in whatever the hell movie Elvis Has Left The Building was….David Leisure is 70 years young. 




Today’s birthday girl has had more men score on her than a blind goalie with no arms in 149 fine films including:

  • Analtown USA
  • Bobs Video 146: Yummy
  • Every Kind Of Sex Your Parents Never Taught You
  • Gasping For Air
  • Stomp Him Hard
  • Walk All Over Me
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Crush. Destroy!



What is the latest on Yadier Molina?  Well..nothing really.  All we know is that it looks like the Yankees are interested, the Met’s are interested, and the Cardinals are interested.  There are a few other teams but those are the front runners.  And Jon Heyman from the MLB Network had this to say: “St. Louis looks to be the favorite, as long as they will give Yadi the deal he seeks which is a 2 year deal.”  So, that’s at least some good news.

The Masters golf tournament finally wrapped up yesterday, after being delayed seven months due to COVID-19. DUSTIN JOHNSON won . . . finishing an incredible 20 shots under par.  That’s a new Masters record, by TWO shots.  It was also five strokes ahead of second. Dustin’s younger brother Austin is his caddy, and he started CRYING on the 18th hole.  Dustin said, quote, “I had to jab him a little bit on 18 because he was tearing up and made me tear up.  I’m like, ‘I still gotta finish this off, I can’t be crying.'” TIGER WOODS wasn’t really in the running yesterday . . . and he blew up on the 12th hole, hitting THREE shots into the water, and notching a 10 for the hole.  Even worse:  It’s a Par-3.  It was his first-ever 10 as a pro, and to his credit, it took him 23,789 holes on the PGA Tour before he made his first 10.

Drew Brees said he doesn’t know if he will be able to play in Week 11 after he was sidelined by an injury to his ribs at halftime of the New Orleans Saints’ 27-13 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Coach Sean Payton said Brees will have an MRI and X-rays to determine the extent of the injury.

The Packers signed offensive tackle David Bakhtiari to a four-year contract extension on Sunday. Bakhtiari’s extension is reportedly worth up to $105.5 million. His $23 million average annual salary is a record for NFL offensive linemen. The 29-year-old was drafted by Green Bay in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL draft. Bakhtiari is a two-time Pro Bowler, and he earned All-Pro honors in 2019.

The scene: Cleveland Browns had a 10-7 lead over the Texans with 1:07 remaining in regulation. Running back Nick Chubb, in his first game back from a knee injury, took his final carry of the game, running 59 yards down the sideline as no Texans defender could catch him. The issue? The end zone was 60 yards away. Chubb intentionally stepped out of bounds at the 1-yard line with 56 seconds remaining despite zero Texans defenders standing between him and his second rushing score of the afternoon. Houston was out of timeouts and Baker Mayfield was able to kneel twice to run out the clock. Chubb’s selfless decision will cost someone a Fantasy win in Week 10 — the Browns had been 3.5-point favorites over the Texans for most of the week. Had Chubb stepped into the end zone as most running backs would have been apt to do, Cleveland would have easily covered the spread. Five of eight CBS Sports experts projected the AFC North franchise to cover a 3-point spread early this week, so they pushed.

Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda has been hospitalized in Southern California.  The Los Angeles Dodgers said Sunday that their 93-year-old former manager was in intensive care and resting comfortably at a hospital in Orange County. He attended the team’s Game 6 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Oct. 27 in Texas that clinched the Dodgers’ first World Series title since 1988.

Fresh off a championship in his first season as a member of the  Lakers, Anthony Davis has declined to pick up the final year on his contract and will enter free agency this week. Davis averaged 27.7 points, 9.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.4 blocks per game in the postseason during the Lakers’ title run.  The fact that Davis is not picking up the final year on his deal, worth $28.7 million, is viewed merely as a business decision to ink a longer deal with more security than one season guaranteed. It also will allow him to reenter free agency as a 10-year veteran, when his maximum salary potential will increase.

Tennessee-Martin men’s basketball coach Anthony Stewart died suddenly Sunday, the school announced. He was 50. The school put out a statement saying: “We are stunned to hear this tragic news. Coach Stewart was a true leader to every one of the young men he coached. He emphasized the meaning of a college degree and instilled professionalism in each of his student-athletes. We ask for privacy during this difficult time.” No cause of death was given.