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Drought conditions in L.A. are so bad right now it’s scary.  But not everyone cares. The “Los Angeles Times” reports that Kim Kardashian, her sister Kourtney, Kevin Hart, Sylvester Stallone, and Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are among the area’s biggest water wasters. They’ve all received notices that they have surpassed 150% of their monthly water budget at least FOUR TIMES since restrictions were put in place. Kevin went 519% over in June . . . while Dwyane and Gabrielle were 1,400% over during that same month. Kim was also named one of the biggest offenders when it comes to private jet emissions.  She has reportedly expelled more than 4,200 tons of carbon emissions over 57 flights so far this year.

On Monday, Netflix set a date for the Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. The murder mystery will debut on Netflix on Dec. 23, after hitting select theaters on a date to be announced. Along with the release date, Netflix shared first-look photos from the film, which stars Daniel Craig as detective Benoit Blanc.  Although plot details remain under wraps, Craig’s character private detective Blanc travels to Greece and becomes embroiled in a mystery alongside new characters played by Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Kate Hudson and Dave Bautista.

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman‘s Marvel movie, Thor: Love and Thunder finally has a release date on Disney+! The Marvel film will be released on Disney+ Day, which falls on September 8, 2022. Other titles heading to Disney+ on September 8 are Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi’s Return, the Frozen, and Frozen 2 Sing-Alongs, and Welcome to the Club, a new short from The Simpsons.  Also Pixar’s new Cars spinoff series Cars on the Road, a new episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and more!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is coming back to the big screen.  The special release is titled The More Fun Stuff Version and will have 11 minutes of new footage.  Sony picked the right time to put the blockbuster back in theaters. Labor Day weekend should bring in the crowds looking for something to do over the holiday.  Pre-sale tickets are available starting today at fandango.com.

Keanu Reeves really IS John Wick.  A producer for the franchise said Keanu has done 90% of his own stunts in the first four movies. This statistic comes from a new book all about the series called “They Shouldn’t Have Killed His Dog”. To put Keanu’s badassery into perspective, he turns 58 next week.  The first “John Wick” came out in 2014, making him like 49 or 50 when he started the series.  So yep, he’s been doing all this stunt work throughout his 50s.

Sunday night’s premiere of House of the Dragon drew in nearly 10 million viewers across all platforms for its series debut. Many believed a new Game of Thrones series would never be a major ratings draw after what was widely perceived as a disappointing final season, prequel series House of the Dragon has just given HBO its biggest premiere ever. Almost 10 million viewers (9.99 million, to be exact) tuned in to witness the beginning of the end of House Targaryen, officially making the episode the network’s most-watched series premiere of all time. The House of the Dragon premiere was also a hit on social media, where fans showed up to celebrate the return to Westeros.  On premiere day, House of the Dragon was the longest trending topic on Twitter, ranking No. 1 for 14 hours straight, and trended No. 1 on Google Trends.

Remember when Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed in a Paris hotel back in 2016?  Well, Vice News spoke to one of the 12 elderly men who was arrested for that crime, and he’s not sorry. Yunis Abbas says Kim was kind of asking for it, the way she was constantly showing off her wealth on social media. Quote, “I saw one of her shows where she threw her diamond in the pool in that episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.  I thought:  “She’s got a lot of money.  This lady doesn’t care at all.’

Since she was throwing money away, I was there to collect it, and that was that.  Guilty?  No, I don’t care.  I don’t care.” He added, quote, “[Celebrities] should be a little less showy towards people who can’t afford it.  For some people, it’s provocative.'”

If you ever met a Sasquatch, would you expect it to look like a hairy Jesse Eisenberg?  Apparently, that’s how some people imagine him. Because Jesse isgoing to play a Sasquatch in a live-action movie from some filmmakers who actually won an award in 2011 for a four-minute short about a Sasquatch giving birth.  It’s called “Sasquatch Birth Journal 2”.  Jesse said he’s going to be in full makeup and full body hair.  Quote, “No lines . . . I grunt, but no lines.  I’m so looking forward to this.” A movie title and plot details haven’t been announced yet.

Tommy Lee finally explained why he posted a picture of his penis all over social media.  And it’s exactly what you already figured:  He was WASTED. During Motley Crue’s show in San Antonio on Sunday, he told the crowd, quote, “Couple weeks ago, we had like a two-week break off the tour, and I went on a mother[effing] bender, bro.  A bender. “I got [effing] sideways as [eff] and got naked and posted pictures of my [penis].” Then he tried to get guys in the audience to expose themselves.  One looked like he was about to, but his wife wouldn’t let him.  Tommy said, quote, “The wife says no?  Divorce!”

The new issue of “Rolling Stone UK” has Harry Styles on the cover, and it crowns him the, quote, “New King of Pop”.  As you might expect, that isn’t going over well with Michael Jackson fans. Michael’s own nephew Taj Jackson Tweeted, quote, “There is no new King of Pop.  You don’t own the title Rolling Stone, and you didn’t earn it, my uncle did. Decades of dedication and sacrifice.  The title has been retired.  No disrespect to Harry Styles, he’s mega talented.  Give him his own unique title.” Someone else said, quote, “This title belongs to the black man who worked his ass off since the age of 5, who was a veteran by the age of 15, broke racial barriers and revolutionized the music industry.  Michael Jackson is THEE King of Pop of EVERY generation.

Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” debuts at #1 on the Hot 100 this week.  And it’s the first song by a SOLO female rapper to do that since 1998.  That’s when Lauryn Hill did it with “Doo Wop (That Thing)”. Cardi B is the female rapper with the most #1 singles.  She has 5.  Only two of them were unaccompanied:  “Bodak Yellow” and “Up”.  And they didn’t DEBUT at #1.

Fetty Wap might be in jail for the next five years or more. On Monday, the rapper (real name William Maxwell) appeared in court and pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to possess and distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine. TMZ reports that the minimum sentence is five years, and the max is forty. It’s estimated that Fetty could stay in jail anywhere from 87 and 108 months. Last year, Fetty was arrested on charges of smuggling and distributing drugs like cocaine and fentanyl. Authorities confiscated $1.5 million in cash, drugs, and guns during their investigation. A sentencing date has not been set.

At this point, there can’t be too many people still holding out hope for a Led Zeppelin reunion.  But just in case you are, here’s Robert Plant putting yet another nail in that coffin. He says, quote, “Going back to the font to get some kind of massive applause, it doesn’t really satisfy my need to be stimulated. “I know there are people from my generation who don’t want to stay home and so they go out and play.  If they’re enjoying it and doing what they need to do to pass the days, then that’s their business, really.”

Included is Metallica, My Chemical Romance, and the time Alice Cooper was on the Muppet Show

Drake lost nearly $500k after betting on Kamaru Usman and Jose Aldo to win their UFC fights on Stake. Both fighters lost.  Based on several posts Drake shared on his Instagram Story on Saturday night, he went on the crypto casino and betting platform Stake to place substantial bets on two fights. The first bet arrived at 11:34 p.m. when he put $238,000 on Jose Aldo to win his fight against Merab Dvalishvili. According to Vegas Insider, Aldo was a slight underdog heading into the matchup. Aldo and Dvalishvili battled for three rounds, with Dvalishvili winning it via unanimous decision. Drake’s first loss of the night. He then placed several wagers on the main event, putting over $200,000 on UFC Welterweight Championship Kamaru Usman, the favorite against Leon Edwards.  Drake bet for Usman to win the fight in four rounds and then placed another bet that he’d win by knockout. “I need a big bag off this one going all in,” Drake wrote on one of his IG Story slides showing the bets. Unfortunately for Drake, luck was not on his side as the champ fell to the challenger in the final minute.  Per ESPN, Edwards stunned Usman and most of the world as he delivered a head-kick TKO to win the championship.

Now – we are learning that Drake is either a BIG UFC fan or a BIG FAN of gambling.  But one thing we do now – he is a HUGE Toronto Raptors fan.  That led us to this list.  A list of the Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Sports Fans.  I will give you the team, you give me the super fan?

10 – Jerry Seinfeld (New York Mets)

9 – Vince Vaughn (Chicago Blackhawks)

8 – Billy Crystal (New York Yankees)

7 – Ben Affleck (New England Patriots)

6 – Margot Robbie (New York Rangers)

5 – Drake (Toronto Raptors)

4 – Ashley Judd (Kentucky Wildcats)

3 – Jack Nicolson (LA Lakers)

2 – Bill Murray (Chicago Cubs)

1 – Spike Lee (New York Knicks) You can see a breakdown of all the celebs and their love for sports on today’s show blog (LINK)



Rapper Lil Yachty is 25

Cardinals pitcher Miles Mikolas is 34

Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas is 44

Scott Caan is 46

Darth Maul in “The Phantom Menace” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, Ray Park is 48

Comedian Jay Mohr is 52

Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dan DeLeo is 61

She played Diane Chambers on “Cheers”, Shelly Long is 73

Rick Springfield is 73

She played the Jeanie on the show “I Dream of Jeanie”, Barbara Eden is 91

Porn B

Joanna Storm

Today’s birthday girl has been in 132 fine films, including:

  • Ball Busters
  • Crazy with the Heat 1
  • Debbie Does Dallas 3
  • Devil in Miss Jones 2
  • Flaming Tongues 2
  • Inches For Keisha
  • Splatterhouse 2, 3 & 9
  • Yiddish Erotica 1
  • And who can forget her role in 1985’s Looking for Mr. Goodsex

Joanna Storm is 64 years old!

sports_report_2.jpg 140016

Last night, Albert Pujols led off the 7th with a solo shot and gave Cardinals lefty Jordan Montgomery the only run he’d need to try for a complete-game shutout at Wrigley in Chicago last night. That is Pujols’ 693rd career home run and a first in Montgomery’s big-league career. Montgomery had never pitched in the ninth inning of a game before and last night got the 1-0 one-hitter for the win. And check out this stat: Montgomery faced one batter over the minimum, that’s 27 outs from 28 Cubs. Montgomery has won all four starts he’s made for the Cardinals, and he’s yet to allow more than a run in any of them. Dude retired 19 batters in a row to end the game. That’s the Cards 8th in a row btw. Now back to Pujols for a second, the homer was his sixth in his past seven games, and every one of em has people talking that he could reach and surpass 700 for his career. He is within three of tying Alex Rodriguez’s 696 for the fourth-most all time, and with seven more, he’ll become the fourth player in Major League Baseball history to reach 700.

We talked yesterday about Molina leaving the team over the weekend to attend “business” in Puerto Rico. Molina left the Cardinals for two days to be present Saturday as the professional basketball team he owns in Puerto Rico, Vaqueros de Bayamon. They won and celebrated a league championship. He answered questions about his departure, and said this, “It was tough,” “Obviously you want to be here with the team and doing your job. On the business side, you’ve got to be there with the team. And you’ve got to be there for the people over there. … To be there with the people, with the team — it’s good for the people — so I did what I had to do.” By the way, He went unpaid for two days. Cardinals play the Cubs today at 120 at Wrigley for a little what Rizz?….

Tom Hardy took home two gold medals from a charity jiu-jitsu tournament in England over the weekend.  He won in a traditional gi uniform category and in a non-gi category.

The tournament was to support an organization called REORG, which Tom is actually a board member of.

It’s a U.K.-based charity that supports veterans, and members of the military and emergency services, who battle depression, PTSD, and life-altering injuries.  They teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a form of therapy.

Let’s talk about another Tom. Earlier this month, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback known as Tom Brady announced he was taking time away from the team (LINK) to deal with a “personal” matter. During an August 11 press conference, Bucs head coach Todd Bowles said that Brady discussed his temporary departure with the team before training camp started in July, noting only that the reason for the leave was “something he needs to handle.”

While he himself hasn’t offered any further information about his break, fans have been coming up with theories about what might have inspired the California native to take some time off. Football analyst Kendall Valenzuela detailed her Masked Singer idea last week in a Twitter video (LINK) that has since gone viral.

Valenzuela noted that Masked Singer contestants must keep their participation secret, which explains why Brady and the Buccaneers have offered no explanation for his leave of absence. The commentator also pointed out that the NFL star signed a $375 million deal with Fox Sports in May to become their lead football analyst whenever he decides to retire from the league — and The Masked Singer airs on Fox.

The show’s official Instagram account (LINK) also weighed in on the rumors, sharing an Instagram video that included a screenshot of a Brady headline followed by footage of various sports trophies and a live goat. So if there is a goat on that silly show send him back to work. Fantasy players are gonna be bummed if he’s a decent singer.

Horace Grant’s rings are up for auction from the Chicago Bulls’ first three-peat with Heritage Auctions, according to TMZ Sports (LINK). Grant played seven seasons with the Bulls. Not only did he rack up three championships with the team, he was selected to the NBA All-Star game in 1993-94.

The rings are size 12s and have “14k Jostens” engraved on the interior of the bands. According to TMZ sports, each ring could go for $100,000.

Grant’s ring from the Lakers championship in 2001 is also up for auction. It’s predicted the Lakers ring could go for $40,000.

Teachers will be calling on a lot more Kobes in about five years. As KTLA reports, the name “Kobe” tops the list of baby names presumably inspired by sports stars between 2000 and 2021. The list, compiled by Betsperts, found that more than 17,000 infants born in the US in that time period were given the same name as the NBA great, who was killed in a helicopter crash (LINK) in January 2020. After his death, parents’ selection of “Kobe” saw a whopping 201% spike from the previous year. That percentage increase was topped by none other than “Tiger” (for Tiger Woods), which experienced a 225% jump between 2009 and 2010. Here are the top 10 names:

  1. Kobe Bryant, “Kobe,” 17,071
  2. David Beckham, “Beckham,” 12,211
  3. Serena Williams, “Serena,” 10,620
  4. Sidney Crosby, “Crosby,” 4,397
  5. Carli Lloyd, “Carli,” 4,102
  6. Floyd Mayweather, “Floyd,” 2,144
  7. Venus Williams, “Venus,” 1,876
  8. Marshawn Lynch, “Marshawn” 1,719
  9. LeBron James, “LeBron,” 1,112
  10. Tiger Woods, “Tiger,” 810