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Man Suffers ‘Scrotal Necrosis’ After Being Bitten by Snake in Toilet – LINK

The Perfect Time to Fall Asleep . . . According to Your Heart – LINK

Millionaires Are Worried About Leaving “Too Much” Money to Their Kids – LINK



“People” magazine announced yesterday that this year’s Sexiest Man Alive is PAUL RUDD.   Paul is going to embrace it (LINK)

One of the moments from the Astroworld tragedy was the news about a security guard being poked in the neck with a needle possibly containing drugs. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner put the brakes on the rumor on Wednesday.  Saying the guard was hit in the head. He woke up in the security tent. He said no one injected drugs in him. He said that once someone started receiving CPR on site, Houston Police told production officials to shut the show down.  Finner continued, “The ultimate authority to end a show is with production and with the entertainer, and that should be through communication with public safety officials.”

KELLY’s cellmate is having so much fun, he wrote a COMIC BOOK about the time they’ve spent together. The guy’s name is Brendan Hunt.  He’s 37 years old, and he’s serving time for threatening to kill government officials.  He’s trying to convince the court to sentence him to “time served” and let him go, and he thought these drawings would help. In the comic, Brendan reveals that he didn’t even know who R. Kelly was when they first started bunking together.  Kelly asks him, quote, “I’m the greatest R&B star in human history!  How can you not know of R. Kelly?” It seems Brendan is more of a Megadeth/ Slayer/ Dying Fetus kinda guy. But that doesn’t stop them from doing yoga and aerobics together, and getting SUPER SWOLE (LINK)

Finish this sentence Andy Dick was just was given an honorary degree from Harvard, was added to the cast of the latest Matt Damon movie OR got arrested after he hit his boyfriend in the head with a liquor bottle. Cops went  Monday to Andy’s home in the L.A. area, where he and his partner got into an argument that escalated, and allegedly got physical. Cops saw enough evidence to arrest Andy for felony domestic battery. He was back on the streets about 3 hours later … once he posted $50,000 bond. This is the 2nd time in 2 months police went to Andy’s place for alleged domestic issues — he was also busted in October when he allegedly weaponized hit the boyfriend in the face with a frying pan! 

The sixth and last season of the Better Call Saul will be split into two parts. I don’t have details about how long the break will be between the two chapters, I DO know that the final season has 13 episodes and is scheduled to begin sometime in the first quarter of 2022. 

After less than a week of teasing with Instagram filters, Spotify visualizers using the word’s “requiem” and a mysterious livestream, Korn has dropped a new single called “Start The Healing”. Korn also announced that a new album, Requiem, will arrive on February 4th.  This will be Korn’s 14th studio album and the follow-up to 2019’s The Nothing. Korn already has a line of merch on their website promoting the upcoming album.  If you check out the merch, you can also get ticket details on their two-night run at LA’s Banc of California Stadium beginning February 4th.

Metallica has once again teamed up with clothing-maker Wolverine for a new merch line to help community colleges better their trade and technical programs. It has three Metallica-branded pairs of boots, as well as a hoodie, beanie, and graphic tee. Metallica’s Scholars Initiative has partnered with Wolverine since 2019; raising more than $300.   The boots start at $150 with the rest of the merch running between $10 and $35. To see the merch, visit Wolverine.com. 

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH really went for realism when he filmed his upcoming movie “The Power of the Dog”. In the movie, his character smokes hand-rolled cigarettes.  A lot of them.  Benedict decided NOT to fake it with the herbal cigarettes actors often use.  And gave myself nicotine poisoning three   He also did other things to become one with the character.  He learned Western skills like roping, hay-stacking, whittling, playing the banjo, and . . . castrating bulls.  Oh, and he refused to bathe. He says, quote, “I wanted that layer of stink on me.  I wanted people in the room to know what I smelt like” (LINK)

SYLVESTER STALLONE encouraged DOLPH LUNDGREN to really go for it when they filmed their fight in “Rocky 4”. How’d that work out and apparently that was on DAY ONE.    

I don’t want to get anyone too excited but here we are again… There’s a “Road House” remake in the works.  And who MAY be your new Dalton? Who might be able to pull off this iconic scene with such raw emotion as Patrick Swayze might very well be . . . JAKE GYLLENHAAL. He’s in talks.  The big question is, who will play Wade Garrett?  SAM ELLIOTT is almost 80. Sam was 45 when shooting the original. Here are some names that have been mentioned.  Ryan Reynolds, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Farrell, Ryan Hurst from “Sons of Anarchy”, Joe Manganiello, and Danny McBride. Although it would be hard to argue with this guy:  Jon Bernthal from “The Walking Dead” and “The Punisher” (LINK)

Stacker looked over IMDB and Metascores ratings of Hollywood’s biggest films.  English language films that had been released in the US.

#10. Vertigo (1958)

 #9. Citizen Kane (1941)

 #8. Schindler’s List (1993) 

#7. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

#6. Pulp Fiction (1994)

 #5. City Lights (1931)

 #4. Rear Window (1954)

 #3. Casablanca (1942)

 #2. 12 Angry Men (1957)

 #1. The Godfather (1972)

#100. Amadeus (1984) #79. Back to the Future (1985) #68. Platoon (1986) #62. The Lion King (1994) #61. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) #52. The Dark Knight (2008) #48. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) #47. Beauty and the Beast (1991)#45. Toy Story 3 (2010) #37. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) #34. Taxi Driver (1976) #33. Goodfellas (1990) #30. Gone with the Wind (1939) #28. Toy Story (1995)  #19. The Wizard of Oz (1939) #18. The Godfather: Part II (1974) #12. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

Vinny from Jersey Shore is 34. 

The “Sanchize” Mark Sanchez is 35. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is 47. 

Calista Flockhart is 57. 

Demi Moore is 59. 

Actor Stanley Tucci is 61. 

Double Dare host Marc Summers is 70. 

Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller is 70. 

Dick Cavett is 85.


Paula Price

Today’s birthday girl has been in 105 fine films, including:

  • 18 and Eager to Please
  • Behind the Back Door 4
  • Boobs Butts and Bloopers 1
  • Butt Naked
  • Hooters
  • Operation Anal Storm
  • And who can forget her role in 1990 classic Famous Anus

Paula Price is 50 years old


Tonight the Blues are in action at Enterprise Center against the Coyotes.  The Blues will be honoring veterans at today’s game.  The Schmitz family from Wentzville, whose son was one of the 13 that lost their lives earlier this year, will be dropping the puck.  Puck drops is scheduled for 7PM.

Bob Murray has resigned as executive vice president and general manager of the Anaheim Ducks. The move is effective immediately, and Murray will enroll in an alcohol abuse program. The decision was made one day after the Ducks placed Murray on administrative leave pending an internal investigation into allegations of improper professional conduct. Anaheim has not specified when these complaints were made, or how many people have come forward. Anaheim’s owner met with Murray prior to news of Murray’s departure becoming public. “First and foremost, we apologize on behalf of the organization to anyone affected by misconduct from Bob. We expect every member of our organization to be treated with respect and will not stand for abuse of any kind.”

So earlier this week we talked about how FIVE St. Louis Cardinals received Gold Gloves…and now…the honors continue.  Tyler O’Neill, Adam Wainwright, Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt, and Giovanny Gallegos are all up for the All-MLB team.  This is fan voted and you can vote through the 19th.

NFL Thursday Night Football tonight…the Ravens will take on the Dolphins in Miami.  Kick off is scheduled for 7:20PM…make sure you get your picks in by going to 1057thepoint.com/picks (LINK).

Odell Beckham Jr is now looking at THREE teams that he could be joining this week.  First, rumor is OBJ has offers from EIGHT different teams.  His people say he is considering THREE of those offers.  And those teams are, the Chiefs, the Packers, and the Saints.  Lots of folks are saying since the Saints do not have a QB right now, it’s tough to see him picking them but anything can happen.  The Packers look to be a great fit especially because of Aaron Rodgers and the squad there.  However – many folks are saying the most likely destination is the Chiefs.  He’d be the clear #3 threat and could see many opportunities.  Now – we wait…

Little bit of a whoopsy earlier this week for one NFL insider.  We talked earlier how Dalvin Cook is facing some allegations of domestic abuse of his girlfriend.  And that’s the true story.  But Adam Schefter tweeted earlier this week that DALVIN was the VICTIM of domestic abuse from his girlfriend.  Pretty quickly that report was torn apart and people jumped on Schefter.  Yesterday he apologized as told people that this mistake is a good reminded for people to “slow down.”

Not a lot of info here but interesting.  Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer told reporters one of the team’s players went to the emergency room Tuesday night because of symptoms from COVID-19. Zimmer explained the player, who is vaccinated, remains hospitalized but is in stable condition. He also said 29 members of the organization are now in close-contact protocol as a result. Zimmer is one of those 29 as Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers approaches.

Kyrie Irving is not vaccinated and because he plays in New York, he is not allowed to practice or play in any home games.  Now, when the team is on the road, it’s up to whatever city he is in and their mandates as to if he would be able to play or not.  The Nets announced before the season that until he follows their rules in NY, he’s not playing.  So he hasn’t played.  However – his name is on the all-star ballot. And since the game will be in Cleveland, he could play.  His first, and possibly last game this year, could be the All-Star Game.

Georgia is the #1 college football team in the country and could be a strong contender for the national title.  So, this isn’t great news for anyone….Police charged Georgia linebacker Adam Anderson with felony rape on Wednesday after a 21-year-old woman accused him of raping her in a house in Georgia, on Oct. 29. Anderson voluntarily turned himself in to police on Wednesday and was being held without bond. Anderson has denied the allegation through his attorney: “Adam is innocent of the charge brought against him and intends to vigorously defend himself in court. He will seek release on bond. Once again, Adam hopes and prays that the UGA community and the public keep an open mind and afford him the presumption of innocence that the law demands.” Anderson, a senior from Rome, Georgia, was indefinitely suspended from the football team when the athletic department was notified of the allegation on Nov. 2.

Paige Bueckers (Beckers) a sophomore at UCONN has just signed a pretty incredible NIL deal.  She signed with StockX (which is a shoe company) and if things all work out – including the bonuses that are in the contract – she could make up to a MILLION DOLLARS.  Yes – a sophomore in college has the chance to make a million dollars with her NIL deal.

YouTube star Jake Paul is angling to become the biggest draw in boxing as he prepares for his fifth career fight, a clash with Tommy Fury on Dec. 18 in Tampa, Florida. Paul owns a 4-0 career record with wins over a YouTuber, former NBA guard Nate Robinson and two former UFC fighters, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. The 24-year-old said his lack of fear when he enters the ring gives him an advantage and what he believes is unlimited potential within the sport: “I think you’re just born with it or something. I just can’t lose. It’s not an option. I have won my whole life at anything I decided to do. I don’t see why I can’t take over the sport of boxing and become one of the biggest prizefighters in the world. I am not afraid of anything and nothing can stop me.” Fury is 7-0, but the matchup with Paul is his most high-profile bout to date. The British star is the half-brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury