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A Woman Caught Pleasuring Herself at a Car Dealership in Minnesota Told Cops She Thought She Was in Florida – TheSmokingGun

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Gillette’s New Ad Features a Singing Pubic Hair

Mega Millions Jackpot Jumps To $515 Million After No Winner In Latest Drawing – CBSLocal

Parkway, Rockwood among districts dealing with bus driver, staff shortages – Fox2Now

McDonald’s raises hourly wages for company-owned restaurants – CNBC

Women attacked by groper along Creve Coeur trail – Fox2Now

Man Who Allegedly Chased Woman Naked Through Woods Says It Was Misunderstanding – Newsweek

Goodwill Politely Asks That You Stop Donating Garbage – APNews

A driver appeared to be sleeping behind the wheel of an autonomous Tesla, authorities say. So deputies pulled him over – KMOV

In-Car Ads That Pair with Billboards Might Become a Thing – Gizmodo

Teenagers Can Now Play the Stock Market with Fidelity’s “Youth Accounts” – WSJ



Comedian  Paul Mooney has died of a heart attack on Wednesday morning. He was 79. Mooney was well known for his own stand-up plus his work writing for Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle on Chappelle’s Show. On Chappelle’s Show  He said, “White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.” Brady would appear in a memorable sketch with Chappelle showing off his street cred. Here is Dave Chappele 

Marilyn Manson’s former assistant, Ashley Waters, filed a lawsuit in L.A. Tuesday, accusing the singer of sexual assault, battery, and harassment. Waters detailed in the lawsuit that Manson pinned her to his bed and bit her the first night they worked together, but kept working with him since he eventually stopped and let her go. They continued working together but Waters claims things were no better afterward, with Manson forcing her to work 48 hours straight while he was on a coke binge.  She always says Manson had violent outbursts, threw dishes at her, and offered her up to his industry friends, telling an actor he “could have” Waters. Waters also mentioned the obsession with Nazi memorabilia, which other Manson accusers have brought up in interviews or legal suits. Manson’s team is denying Waters’ allegations.

National Rescue Dog Day is observed annually on May 20. A small sample of a favorite bit from Bill Burr about rescuing dogs  

The cast of “Friends” sat down with “People” magazine to talk about their upcoming reunion special . . . and there was something very OFF about MATTHEW PERRY. He was hunched forward most of the time, and when he spoke, he seemed lethargic and a little slurry.  He also had a bit of a vacant stare at some points. Still, he did NOT look good. Obviously, we don’t know if this had anything to do with it, but Matt’s had his issues with substance abuse over the years.  There’s no word yet from his people. Perry has long been open about his struggles with addiction. Perhaps it’s all just taken a toll on him. He is now happily engaged to literary manager Molly Hurwitz, who accompanied him to the reunion show. It’s been said that Perry has a big supporter from castmate Courteney Cox as well as a sober coach who lives close to him in Malibu. 

Friends was based in New York. New York gets a bad wrap at times in the movies and TV…News Flash:  Not everything you see on TV and in the movies is accurate.  Here’s a list of things they always get wrong about famous cities:

  1. Everyone travels by taxi in New York.  Most people use public transportation like buses and trains. (ALSO, New York: The City Is Overrun With Garbage. One example happens in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, when Jason Voorhees kills one of his victims by drowning him in a barrel of toxic waste, which is just sitting in an alley. While New York City may have been filthy in the 19th century, or during the 1968 garbage workers’ strike, the city is not piled high with uncollected trash. At least not every day.
  1. Detroit is dying, decaying, and falling apart.  There’s been a lot of renewal and revitalization in recent years.  Visitors are often surprised at how NOT rundown it is.
  1. The Las Vegas economy is entirely based on gambling and tourism.  Vegas has been diversifying its economy into areas like health care and infrastructure, and has grown in popularity as a location for corporate headquarters.
  1. It’s always sunny and dry in Miami.  It has a tropical monsoon climate, with a pretty serious rainy season.  Oh, and it’s not a coincidence the University of Miami is the home of the HURRICANES.

5.    In L.A., everyone goes to the beach all the time.  The beaches are popular tourist attractions, but the locals really don’t visit that often. 

  1. Dallas is just cattle and oil fields.  You won’t find either near the actual city.  And oil and gas are only the fifth largest part of the economy, behind finance, manufacturing, professional and business services, and “other.”  Livestock isn’t even in the Top 10. 
  1. Chicago is called the Windy City because of its blustery weather.  The name actually came from a 19th-century newspaper editorial criticizing city officials for being “full of hot air.”   
  1. Everyone in Boston is either a cop, a lawyer, a criminal, or a college student.  Obviously that can’t be true . . . none of the people on “Cheers”were any of those things.  
  1. Everyone in Houston wears cowboy boots.  It’s actually the fourth-largest city in the U.S. and the most diverse of the Top 10.  Not everyone has a fist-sized belt buckle. 
  1. In Philadelphia, all the major landmarks are within walking or jogging distance from each other.  Rocky’s famous jog would have actually been 30 miles.

11.  Seattle: Every Apartment Has A View Of The Space Needle Frasier is probably the biggest offender here, but many movies and TV shows set showcase the Space Needle. In truth, not all of Seattle’s nearly 750,000 residents can see it from their homes.  In the case of Frasier, Frasier Crane’s apartment doesn’t physically exist, as there are no luxury apartments where the Space Needle is visible from that angle. 

I don’t know this for a fact but I believe for the first time in music history Bruce Springsteen and the poor man’s Bruce Springsteen have recorded together. John Mellencamp (link)‘s upcoming album will feature an assist from Bruce Springsteen (link). “Bruce is singing on the new record and is playing guitar,” Mellencamp said Saturday during the second installment of Clive Davis’ virtual 2021 Grammy gala, Billboard (link) reported. “I finished the record a week ago today.” They were seen eating together! So they are either recording or riding the hobby horse because we are talking celebrities. The album will be out later this year is all he said but if youre a Mellencamp fan heres a gift : a new live LP and documentary, both titled The Good Samaritan Tour, which chronicle a free 2000 trek where he performed on street corners and public parks throughout the U.S. Matthew McConaughey (link) was set to narrate the film.

Lollapalooza (link)  announced yesterday that Miley Cyrus (link)Foo Fighters (link), Post Malone and Tyler, the Creator, will be headlining the 2021 festival held July 29 to Aug. 1 at Grant Park in Chicago. Other big names include Megan Thee Stallion, Limp Bizkit, Modest Mouse. More than 165 bands are set to perform on eight stages during the four-day event. Four-day general admission tickets and other ticket packages go on sale at noon Central today. Single-day tickets will be available at a later date. They said it’s full capacity this year.  Lollapalooza attendees will need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. For those who aren’t fully vaccinated, they’ll need to provide a negative test result within 24 hours of attending Lollapalooza each day.  

Paul McCartney and producer Rick Rubin are giving us McCartney 3, 2, 1, a six-part Hulu docuseries. Rubin will sit down with the 78-year-old icon to learn more about his time in The Beatles, in Wings, and hear stories from his over 50-year solo career Hulu’s President promises “Never before have fans had the opportunity to hear Paul McCartney share, in such expansive, celebratory detail, the experience of creating his life’s work – more than 50 years of culture-defining music.” McCartney 3,2,1 will premiere on Hulu on July 16th.

ABC unveiled its Fall schedule yesterday, and not much is changing until midseason.  One of the new shows they’re rolling out is the “Wonder Years” reboot, which is about a black family in Alabama in the late ’60s. here is the teaser I’ll assume you can tell who is narrating it this time around. It’s narrated by DON CHEADLE.  

CBS unveiled its Fall schedule yesterday, and it FINALLY includes the 41st season of “Survivor” . . . which had been effected by the pandemic. Speaking of returns, “CSI: Vegas” brings back all from the original “CSI”, along with some new faces. And “FBI: International” joins “FBI” and “FBI: Most Wanted” on Tuesday nights. CBS is also moving in on Lifetime and Hallmark’s territory, with two romantic Christmas movies:  “A Christmas Proposal” and “Christmas Takes Flight”.  The rest of the schedule includes “NCIS: Hawaii”, starring Vanessa Lachey . . . and a sitcom called “Ghosts” starring Rose McIver from “iZombie”.


The kid who played King Joffrey in Game of Thrones, Jack Gleeson is 29.

Rachel Platten is 40.  “Fight Song”.

Busta Rhymes is 49.

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is 50.

Actor Timothy Olyphant is 53. Great, underrated actor who plays Drew Barrymore’s husband on the Netflix horror comedy “Santa Clarita Diet”.  He was also Seth Bullock on “Deadwood”, and the star of the FX show “Justified”.

Mindy Cohn from Facts of Life is 55.

One of the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guys, Ted Allen is 56.

Cousin Balky from Perfect Strangers, Bronson Pinchot is 62.

Jane Wiedlin is 63.  Go-Go’s guitarist.

Dave Thomas is 72.  The guy who did the Bob & Doug McKenzie bit with Rick Moranis.  Not to be confused with the dead Wendy’s guy.

Cher is 75.


                         Cherry Poppens

Today’s birthday girl has been in 277 fine films including:

                   – American Gunk

                   – Army of Ass 4

                   – Bad News Bitches 1 & 2

                   – Double Parked 4: Loading Zone

                   – Hair There and Everywhere

                   – Toe Jam 2

                   – White Bitch Sandwich 2

                   – And who could forget her role in 2011’s Dad’s Gonna Be Mad

Cherry Poppens WOULD HAVE BEEN 39 years old. 

Sadly, she passed away in 2018 from a drug overdose.

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After being down 3-0 late in the second, the Blues made their best efforts for a push but – it was just too little too late.  Sammy Blais, Brayden Schenn, and Mike Hoffman all scored for the Blues to at one point make the score 4-3.  However, two empty netters iced things for the Avs.  Tomorrow is Game 3 at Enterprise Center. Puck drop is scheduled for 8:30PM.

The Blues were among the playoff teams retested for COVID-19 on Wednesday after the league received potential false positive tests on Tuesday. Blues president of hockey operations and general manager Doug Armstrong released a statement: “We have discovered discrepancies in test results relating to multiple players. We have been in touch with and are working with the league to address these discrepancies with additional testing and expect to have further information later this afternoon. The league will provide a further update when we have more information.” The Blues were one of two playoff teams impacted by the potential false positives, alongside the Vegas Golden Knights. The NHL released a statement of its own later on Wednesday basically saying the test were bad and the players in question can play.  Goalie Jordan Binnington, defenseman Marco Scandella and forwards Vladimir Tarasenko and Jaden Schwartz did not participate in Tuesday’s practice or Wednesday’s morning skate.  Not saying those were the players that had the bad test but…it looks like those may be the players that had the bad test.

Other games last night, the Bruins beat the Capitals 3-2 after their game went into DOUBLE OT!  The Hurricanes made easy 3-0 work of the Panthers.  And the North Division playoffs opened with the Jets beating the Oilers 4-1.  Tonight – the Lightning try and go up 3-0 against the Panthers, the Islanders take on the Penguins with that series tied at 1.  The Leafs and Canadiens play Game 1 of their series as the Golden Knights look to break the tie with the Wild.

So not only did we learn that Busch Stadium will be full capacity starting on June 14th, but we also got to watch something pretty incredible happen.  Jack Flaherty has joined the company of Bob Gibson as the only other Cardinals to have 8 wins in his first 9 starts.  Flaherty was solid again last night as the Cards bats helped him out as they went on to win 8-5.  Carlos Martinez gets the start tomorrow as they kick off a series with the Cubs.

24 hours ago it happened…and now we can say that we have the 6th.  That’s right, SIX no-hitters in baseball after Yankees pitcher Corey Kluber threw the 2nd no-hitter in less than a day.  The Yankees beat the Rangers 2-0.  Also – there has been 6 no hitters this year….the teams on the losing side?  The Indians – twice….the Mariners – twice….and the Rangers…twice.  First time in MLB history that three teams have been no-hit twice.  Yikes.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ postseason run opened with Wednesday’s win-and-you’re-in play-in game against the Golden State Warriors. And it took everything the defending champions had to win it, 103-100. LeBron James’ 34-foot 3-point heave to beat the shot clock buzzer fell through the net with just under a minute remaining, breaking a tie at 100 and giving L.A. the lead for good.   Lebron finished with 22 points in the win and Steph Curry finished with 37 in the loss.  In the early game, the Grizzlies beat the Spurs.  So, the Spurs are out.  Lebron and the Lakers take on Phoenix.  And the Grizzlies will now take on the Warriors for the last spot in the West.  Tonight the final play in game for the East goes down.  The Pacers will take on the Wizards at 7PM.

Gwen Inglis, one of the best cyclists and a national racing champion, was struck and killed on a training ride by a driver suspected of being intoxicated. Inglis was hit Sunday morning near Denver while riding by a car that drifted into the bike lane. She was taken to a hospital, where she died. Police arrested the driver on suspicion of vehicular homicide involving driving under the influence of drugs. The 29-year-old driver was booked into jail on multiple drug-related charges. Inglis was the road race national champion for women in the 45-49 age group.

The Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association has called for the cancelation of the 2021 Olympics as COVID-19 cases surge in Japan’s largest city. The group representing 6,000 primary care doctors noted hospitals in Tokyo “have their hands full and have almost no spare capacity,” amid a surge in infections,”. In a poll released Monday, 83% of voters in a nationwide survey said the Olympics should be postponed or canceled. Only 14% of respondents believe the Olympics should be held in Tokyo this summer.  The IOC president said the Olympics will be a “safe and secure,” event despite the surging COVID-19 cases. He also noted more than 80% of Olympic athletes will be vaccinated. However, less than 2% of Tokyo’s population is currently vaccinated.