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A Patient Got Fully Naked and Pleasured Himself in the Back of an Ambulance – LINK


17% of Adults Say They’ve Had a Rivalry with Their Siblings Since Birth – LINK

[TEAM RIZZ #1] Ellisville police officer nabs another game-show appearance – STLToday

Amazon plans to hire 150,000 seasonal workers as it ramps up for the holidays – CBSNews

Fisher-Price’s Iconic Toy Telephone Can Now Make Real Phone Calls – LINK

Half of America Would Travel to Space . . . If They Could Do It for Free – LINK



We all recall Cuba Gooding, Jr. has been accused of groping several women in New York.  Mr. JR  will stand trial in February on the misdemeanor charges for attacking three women over the years. In 2019, Gooding was arrested for groping a 29-year-old woman’s breast at a bar.  He was charged with that incident and two others where he allegedly squeezed one woman’s breast and grabbed another woman’s butt. His trial was supposed to begin in 2020, but the pandemic set in.  

KATE BECKINSALE has revealed the cause of the back injury that sent her to the hospital last month and it’s . . . lame.  She threw her back out trying to put on leggings. On “The Late Late Show” on Monday night, Kate said, quote, “It felt like a sort of guitar string snapped and everything was horrible . . . I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t lie down, I couldn’t sit down . . . I couldn’t do anything.” Since Kate couldn’t take herself to the ER, an ambulance had to be called.  Quote, “They sort of rolled out a sheet and picked me up in it like a sort of sausage, and put me on a gurney.” She said she was given a lot of drugs that taught her what type of drunk she’d be . . . since she doesn’t drink. Quote, “I’m not a ‘Do you know who I am?  Have you seen all my films?’ type, which is a huge relief . . .But I am a ‘Everybody’s trying to steal my [effing] ovaries.'” (LINK)

ADRIAN HOLMES plays Uncle Phil in the upcoming “Fresh Prince” reboot.  And on Monday, he was involved in a fatal traffic incident. Holmes was driving near Sunset Boulevard in downtown L.A. Monday evening, when he hit a guy who was just lying in the road.  The car behind his also hit the guy, who was pushed into the next lane, where he was hit AGAIN. The man died from his injuries. This was all just a crazy accident.  As far as police know, none of the drivers were under the influence.  What cops don’t know is why the man was lying in the road (LINK)

It’s the beginning of the end for “Ozark,” as Netflix has revealed the premiere date for the first half of the show’s fourth and final season. The streaming service also unveiled a new teaser for Part 1 of Season 4, giving us some insight into where Marty Byrde’s dark journey will ultimately lead him. “Ozark” will be released in two parts, each consisting of seven episodes. On Tuesday, it was revealed that Part 1 of Season 4 will debut on Jan. 21, 2022 (LINK) 

FLORENCE PUGH would like to know why her “Black Widow”character Yelena Belova didn’t get a Halloween 

Thanos is one of the biggest, baddest villains in the Marvel Universe . . . and JOSH BROLIN is/was perfect. So what bad-ass did they get to portray Thanos’ brother in “The Eternals”?  HARRY STYLES. To be fair, Thanos’ brother is really nothing like him.  His name is Eros, and he’s described in his Wikipedia entry as, quote, “a fun-loving, carefree womanizer and adventurer.” His powers include being able to STIMULATE PEOPLE’S PLEASURE CENTERS.  He’s also known as Starfox. And he’s a GOOD GUY.  Oh, and have you ever heard of She-Hulk?  Yeah, he hit that in the comics.  In fact, he went on trial for sexual assault, for allegedly using his powers to manipulate her into sleeping with him.  But he DIDN’T, so he was cleared (LINK)   

Here is a new song called “Grow”. It is not Blink 182 with a new singer. Shockingly that is Travis Barker on drums.  Vocals by WILLOW and AVRIL LAVIGNE. 

Adele’s choice for her last meal ever is a meal she says she eats it at least once a week. I read that Adele and Taylor Swift are only 1 year apart in age (LINK)  

1 Paul Giamatti and Vin Diesel: 53

2 Gwen Stefani and Cate Blanchett: 51

3 Jay-Z and Matthew Perry: 51

4 Kim Kardashian and Christina Ricci: 40

5 Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin: 40

6 Serena Williams and Paris Hilton: 39

7 Whoopi Goldberg and Kris Jenner: 65

8 Shaquille O’Neal and Eminem: 48

9 Kate Upton and Selena Gomez: 28

10 Jamie Lee Curtis and Ellen DeGeneres: 62

11 Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Lawrence: 30

12 Eddie Murphy and Forest Whitaker: 59

13 Michael J. Fox and George Clooney: 59

14 Michael Gambon and Chuck Norris: 80

15 Ed Helms and Seth Green: 47

16 Nicolas Cage and Keanu Reeves: 56

17 Cher and Sally Field: 74

18 Russell Crowe and Rob Lowe: 57

19 Julia Roberts and Pamela Anderson: 53

20 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Lopez: 51

21 Mel Brooks and Queen Elizabeth II: 94 

Jack White has finally given us some new music! His new song, Taking Me Back, is the first piece of solo work from White since 2018. If you’ve seen the game trailer for Call of Duty: Vanguard then you’ve already heard a sample of the song. There are actually two versions of “Taking Me Back”, the other version is scaled-down using more acoustic instruments.

Don’t know who to be for Halloween?  How about dressing like one of your favorite rock or metal icons?  

  1. Slashor Axl Rose. 
  1. David Bowie. 
  1. Alice Cooper. 
  1. Any member of KISS. 
  1. Any member of Slipknot. 
  1. Stevie Nicks. 
  1. Ozzy Osbourne. 
  1. Kurt Cobain. 
  1. Angus Young.
  2. Jimi Hendrix.

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

John Krasinski is 42.

Snoop Dogg is 50.

Billy Zabka, Johnny from Cobra Kai and the Karate Kid movies, is 56.

Vice President Kamala Harris is 57.

Viggo Mortensen is 63.

Wrestler Scott Hall is 63.

St. Louis Cardinal Hall of Famer Keith Hernandez is 68

Porn B

Jack Napier

Today’s birthday he-whore has been in 579 fine films, including:

– Anaconda Mama

– Assiliciously Delicious 7

– Booty Talk 10: Hot Buttered Sex

– Double Bubble White Booty 1

– Gettin’ Freaky With It 1 & 3

– It’s Big It’s Black It’s Jack 1 through 10

– Thick Tricks And Magic Sticks

– And who can forget his role in 2009’s Mom’s Baking Brownies


Jack Napier is 45 years old.

sports_report_1.jpg 134551

The Dodgers too game 3 of the NLCS last night getting the 6-5 win against the Braves.  That series is now at 2-1 in favor of Atlanta.  Game 4 is tonight in LA.  First pitch scheduled for 7:00PM.  Over in the AL – the Astros woke their bats up and picked up a 9-2 win over the Red Sox.  Today, Game 5 with the series tied at 2 a piece – has a 4PM first pitch start.

Jayce Tingler….Mike Schildt….Aaron Boone?  It’s the name people were talking about who would be the next to get the ax as a big league manager.  And the Yankees announced yesterday that he will be returning as their head coach on a 3 year deal.  Some folks are STOKED about it as many have said that Aaron Boone brings that “old school Yankee feel” back into the ballpark.  Others are NOT happy because they say he just isn’t getting the job done.  Regardless – 3 year deal done and signed with a club option for 2025.

The 75th season of the NBA kicked off last night.  The defending champion Bucks picked up a 127-104 win against the Nets to kick things off.  Then in the late game, a triple-double from Steph Curry gave the Warriors a 121-114 win.  Tonight, the rest of the teams get going with the Suns and Nuggets wrapping things up tonight at 9PM.

The high-powered agent who represents Sacramento Kings forward Marvin Bagley issued a rare public rebuke Tuesday of the team’s treatment of his client on the eve of his final season under contract. “Sacramento has informed Marvin Bagley he is not in the opening night rotation, which is completely baffling. It’s clear they have no plans for him in the future, and yet, passed on potential deals at last year’s deadline and this summer based on ‘value.'”  The statement stopped short of demanding a trade, which would’ve likely drawn a fine from the NBA.

The 76ers have suspended All-Star guard Ben Simmons for one game for conduct detrimental to the team. Simmons will miss the team’s season opener against the Pelicans on Wednesday as a result of the suspension. Head coach Doc Rivers threw Simmons out of practice, leading to the eventual suspension.  Rivers asked Ben Simmons to join a defensive drill today multiple times but Simmons refused and Rivers told him to “go home.” Since re-joining the team for practice on Sunday, Simmons has routinely ignored 76ers staff and engages more with the team’s G-League coaches than his own. Everyday he has trained by himself and completed just a handful of defensive drills on Sunday and Monday. Simmons has four years and $147 million remaining on his max contract. He would next be eligible to play on Friday vs. the Nets.

Five-star wide receiver Luther Burden committed to Missouri on Tuesday. The 6’2″ pass-catcher is one of the top players in the 2022 recruiting class. He’s the second-best wideout and No. 6 player overall. Burden originally committed to Oklahoma but announced Aug. 17 that he was opening his recruitment back up. Burden’s size doesn’t make him stand out, but he’s excellent at getting his body in a position to snatch the ball out of the air. Burden’s decision is a major endorsement of head coach Eliah Drinkwitz.

Dallas Cowboys safety Damontae Kazee was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with a DWI.  He was pulled over for a traffic violation and failed a sobriety test after police observed physical indications that Kazee was under the influence of alcohol.  Kazee reportedly told the officer he had been drinking before failing his field sobriety test. Kazee has served as the starting free safety for the 5-1 Cowboys, posting 17 tackles, an interception and a forced fumble. He is currently playing on a one-year, $1.1 million contract signed in March after recovering from an Achilles tear in Oct. 2020.  The Cowboys have not yet commented on Kazee’s arrest.

Get ready to embrace debate, folks. The NBA 75 list is here. As part of its 75th anniversary celebration, the league will be releasing a list featuring the 75 greatest players in NBA history during the first week of the 2021-22 season. A similar list was compiled ahead of the 1996-97 season to honor the 50 greatest players of all time, but given the amount of talent that has come through the league since then, it’s possible a few players from the original top 50 will lose their spots. Last night, the first 25 players were announced (not in order) … and some big names were…Dirk Nowitzki, Oscar Robertson, Giannis, Kevin Durant, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, John Stockton, Steve Nash, Charles Barkley, David Robinson and more.  The next 25 will be released today, and then the final 25 tomorrow.